Comic-Con: Summit’s New Moon Panel is Topless & Awkward

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new moon twilight comic con Comic Con: Summits New Moon Panel is Topless & Awkward

Summit Entertainment’s panel this morning has been the talk of the convention amongst bloggers, Twilight fans and especially Twilight non-fans.

The movie has a very strong fanbase, so much so that there were literally hundreds of Twilighters camped out from the night before to guarantee access and the best seating in Hall H on the opening day of San Diego Comic-Con.

If you like (and I mean really like) Edward and Jacob, this panel was definitely for you.

Summit Entertainment’s originally-scheduled time slot had to be traded with James Cameron’s Avatar because of fear that the Twilight fans would sit in the Hall H seats during every panel leading up to Summit Entertainment’s one, and this would not allow for the fans of that (and perhaps those of a different demographic) to have access to what they came for.

They were right.

The vast majority of those waiting in line hours before they let people into the largest room of the Convention were there to see the cast of New Moon, and that lovely man, Robert Pattinson.

Come time for the Summit Panel, Twilighters had to anxiously sit through sessions of two of the company’s other projects: the animated Astro Boy and the horror flick, Sorority Row. Then came time for The Twilight Saga: New Moon and the cheerful screaming that ensued.

To moderate the panel and host the Summit Entertainment event was IGN movies/DVD editor-in-chief Eric Moro who did a fantastic job of controlling the flow of questions and introducting the people and videos. Most of all, he did a damn good job of saving certain folks for more embarassment then they were already in.

Introduced in order from Moro were director Chris Weitz, Ashley Greene who plays Alice Cullen (and who couldn’t attend last year’s con for Twilight), Kristen Stewart in what seemed like her Runaways outfit, Taylor Lautner who plays the new-and-improved Jacob Black, and the most popular Robert Pattinson who plays the hero of Team Edward.

To give Twilighters their fix for the upcoming New Moon, we were presented with a clip from the movie that featured Jacob teaching Bella how to ride a motorcycle. The clip really didn’t show much other than the inner conflict of Bella and her seeing Edward stuck in her mind. The main event of this video was leading up to Jacob taking off his shirt to do a terrible job of cleaning up some blood from a head injury Bella got after crashing the bike and that moment brought about some of the most cheering from the crowd.

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  1. I’m gonna step in it,,,
    What’s the draw about Twilight. Are there that many vampire fetish lonely people out there ?

    Bring it !!!

  2. “Are there that many vampire fetish”

    Those were “vampire” in Twilight?!?!?!

  3. If you dont like it, dont say anything. Just ignore it. Alot of us here get made fun of for what we like, why make fun of “twilighters” for liking Twilight?

  4. Here’s a concept image for a planned Twilight crossover movie :) I can’t wait!

  5. NHOJ,


  6. No Kristen wasn’t intoxicated… she is always like that in interviews and it gets much worse if she’s infront of crowds… as a Twilight fan I’ve seen countless interviews she’s done and she’s never very good… it’s a little hard to watch, almost like we feel awkward for her being so awkward… Taylor has always been the best speaker of the main 3, Robert used to be just as bad as Kristen but he’s gotten a little better.

    As to the clips they decided to show, why not appease the fans? They are the ones camped out for 48 hours to see the clips… We don’t need to see action or special effects, Twilight fans want to see book scenes come to life… and the two they showed are almost exactly as described in the books… I’m actually a bit pissed off Summit hasn’t released them online yet for the rest of us to see..

  7. Yay, another lamepire movie

  8. I must disagree… totally.
    Why blame the actors if they get nervous? God, they’re human beings too! Not everyday you get yourself thrown in front of a huge ammount of crazy fans and has to please them in every aspect… It’s not easy, have you thought about that?

    And as for the clips, I think it was a great choice. The first one was obviously chosen because we all wanted to know how Edward would appear in the entire movie. And the second on is the most exciting part of the book, at least I read this pages like a crazy reader… I almost ate the book!

    I’m not a twihard or whatever, I live in Brazil and could never be like a huge fan, but at least I read the book befora going against what I don’t understand.

  9. Haha, I can only imagine Blade making this Edward guy his B!&?#. No sympathy for these devils.

  10. NHOJ,

    Do you know who made that pic?

  11. It would’ve be really nice if ScreenRant actually had a writer who read the books/likes the series to comment here. But that’s the theme here isn’t it? Twilight bashing is rampant.

    Anyways, the screaming was not only for the beautiful physiques of their favorite characters that have come to life in front of them, but for the extremely well done parts that were previewed. This movie, much more than the first (like night and day), is sticking close to the book. Jacob’s teaching Bella to ride was significant because he was touching her hands.

    And by the way? Your blurb about “no personal attacks” is BS. I’ve been personally attacked for giving opinions on this site. Where were you then?

  12. Everyones free to speak there mind. If Twilight fans want to bash Iron Man or Batman go for it.
    I would love to read those comments.
    (Maybe I’m way off base here but,,,,)
    I think one reason Twilight is popular at this time is because there’s a huge disconnect with young women in terms of their family and social relationships.
    I see a lot of young women obsessed with Twilight because it fills a need that they don’t have in real life.
    Camping out 48 hours to see a panel on a movie is evident that these fans all have the same longing and free time.
    Guys (mainly) are always going bash Twilight because to us its a uber-teen angst ridden drama trolley of girl loves vampire…
    Oh the taboo, oh the mystery, the romance… (Yawn)
    This kind of film takes advantage of what young women go through as they develop into women.
    Twilight is channelling that energy into a money making franchise.

    This energetic frenzy of sexual bs is then carried over to tabloids that speculate on the off camera romance between the stars of the film. Go into any supermarket, etc and look at the covers of the trash gossip magazines like Us, People, Twilight is on every cover. Who buys those magazines, “teenage girls and women.”
    Enjoy the film, but when it takes over your life and you find yourself in Hall H after waiting in line for two days,,, ah, I’m not going to call you a redneck but you may have serious mental and psychological problems.
    And I would say the same thing about any Star Wars fan etc. waiting in line for more than 2 days. (Serious obsessive mental issues)
    Its not that they’re bad people, there just going through a strange developmental phase that one day “hopefully” they will look back on and say, “wtf was I thinking?” :-)

  13. 790 thanks for your non-threatening reply (you’d be surprised). The fan base is riddled with adolescent children who probably fit your description, as is any highly popular item in pop culture. The Beatles had theirs but that doesn’t mean their music was s****, does it?

    However, I would like to pose to you that the fan base is not all that you describe. They are just the loud (and sometimes very obnoxious ones). Twilight is not a book that just attracts teens it has a HUGE over 30 following and I’m not remotely joking when I say huge. And guys like it too, btw.

    Movies, books, music all do the same thing you describe here: They fill up a void in our lives with something intrinsic.

  14. ^^^ That’s exactly what an ignorant person would say. You really have no clue what your saying right?
    “I think one reason Twilight is popular at this time is because there’s a huge disconnect with young women in terms of their family and social relationships.
    I see a lot of young women obsessed with Twilight because it fills a need that they don’t have in real life.” My wife loves Twilight, everything you just said is false. To me it just seems that your threatened by Twilight, your scared that more and more things like Twilight will emerge and take over.

  15. (That’s exactly what a ignorant person would say,) or maybe Oscar! I’m looking at it from outside the Twilight bubble?

    Honestly, I’m actually more afraid of obamatrons heath care bill…
    I think I see your point that Twilight isn’t just for teenage girls that spend all they’re free time texting and cell phoning about Twilight and the sequel. (Girl Power) remember the Spice Girls, they were all the rage at one time…

    Sure I get that your wife digs the novel, but afraid it will take over? Take over what Americas youth?
    Sure Twilight will be around for awhile but trust me there will be another huge cinematic event based on a popular novel that will start all this up again in a few years.
    One question I have for Rob, how many guys (besides media) were part of the Twilight crowd? I’m betting it was very low,,,

  16. Just posting my opinion on how I see it. Please I don’t need to read Twilight to have an opinion on it. Just like I don’t need to listen to Rap Music to find it offensive. I can clearly get a taste of what its all about. If its not a romantic escape into forbidden teen love with a new twist on a youthful immortal vampire, please let me know. I’ve watched the trailers. It reminds me of Lost Boys or Buffy the Vampire slayer. (Also heavy teen angst ridden)
    “Movies, books, music all do the same thing you describe here: They fill up a void in our lives with something intrinsic.” I totally agree, however this is Screen Rant and this is my opinion. I’m not hate speeching anyone here. Playing the Beatles card is unnecessary.
    I’m not trying to anger the fans of this franchise I’m merely stating my thoughts on the level of obsession some of these fanatics have at Comic Con, its freakin laughable to hear that fans “mostly young females” have been waiting over 2 days to see the actors/characters of Twilight.
    After reading why the fans dig this novel/movie franchise, I’m still not convinced this is anything other than yet another teen angst ridden love drama divided up into sequel after sequel.

    Oh and please male readers of Screen Rant fans of Twilight don’t be shy let me hear what I’m missing out on?

  17. Okay 790-but your arguments are getting a bit boring because you really are not speaking from any kind of real knowledge of Twilight the book series. The movie is NOT the book series. The fans are NOT only the ones making asses of themselves on tv. Yes, you do need to read them to form YOUR OWN opinion. and YES the Beatles analogy was necessary because people acted just the same way about them back in the day and yes even though the Beatles fans were sometimes fanatical idiots, the music is still epic. The first movie did not capture the essence of the books and the books are not crap. Read them, make an informed opinion.

  18. @BloodSucking Leech, let me get this straight. You feel that the music of The Beatles is on par with the Twilight books?
    (*The films don’t capture the true brilliance of the saga?)
    I will agree that the female Beatles fans of the 60′s were rabid crazy. Your only validating my point BSL.

    My assessment of Twilight is so “way off” that reading the books will change my opinion?
    We should prob agree to disagree on this BSL. Because there’s no way I’m going to waste time reading Twilight. Just like there’s no way in 30 years anyones going to care about Twilight.
    These novel based teen angst cinematic dramas come and go.

  19. 790-I’m really sorry that you will not allow yourself the pleasure of reading Stephenie Meyer’s book series. It is much more than you think it is, really. It’s a love story, and it’s not exclusive to teenage angst. Love is for everyone. It’s also a story of sacrifice and family. And what we are willing to do for the ones we love. Even to die in the place of a beloved family member because you think it’s all your fault. And that’s just the first book.

    Stories about teens have been around forever-you don’t have to be Jane Eyre, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, Emma Woodhouse or Bella Swann to feel along with them.

    This series is already a classic in the world, my friend. They teach it in some schools as part of the curriculum, because it is a well made story.

    And with that, I bid you adieu…may life treat you well.

  20. Not reading Twilight is a sacrifice I’m willing to take BSL.
    Really great that this work of literature is part of the educational system. This would explain some of the behaviour I see in todays youth.

  21. remember, they’re only kids and they’ve been put under a huge amount of pressure, not only professionally but personally as well. give them a break.

  22. BloodsuckingLeech: If you want a truly GREAT piece of vampire literature, read ‘Let the Right One In.’

    Twilight (no offense) is like something that’s been put together by a fangirl that has no inkling of how a vampire story is supposed to be written (sparkling vampires? Yeesh). I get that there’s a huge market for such stories but just because a crap-load of people read it doesn’t make it high art.

  23. So you’ve read the books NHOJ?

  24. I don’t understand why people feel the need to attack the Twilight series just because it is very successful and their fans are really passionate..if you don’t like it that is fine…Just let people who do love it enjoy it and have a bliss with Rob Pattinson…Because in the middle of all this..HE is the main reason this series have so many fans…your analogies are not taken…so keep them WE DON’T CARE!! WE ARE HAVING A GOOD TIME….SO LET US BE!!!!

  25. No offence Reader/order 66, but if my niece were to get hooked on “Twilight” I would try to educate her on other creative avenues.

    I don’t believe the life lessons in “Twilight” are valuable or redeeming in any way. If you can prove me wrong go for it !!!

  26. The arguments in the comment sections are so old and redundant.. this is crap, no it’s not, this is unhealthy, no it’s not, read the book, no I don’t want to/have to, bla bla bla BLA.

    As an actual fan of the series I have to say everyone is entitled to their opinion… I personally don’t see anything wrong with us having our little fantasy world within the Twilight books or movies or whatever we choose to love… I certainly don’t insist you all should go read the books to understand us. If you have no interest in it, that’s great.. what I don’t get is why do you keep commenting on these stories then??

    I personally have NO interest in American Idol… I have never seen an episode, and that is huge and popular too… but yet somehow I manage to not click on blogs/stories that talk about it and don’t waste my time reading about it/commenting on it/and arguing with the fans of it about why it is a valid way to spend ones time or why it is not.

    Bottom line, I don’t personally care if you ‘get it’ or not… But shouldn’t you be happy that a book has come a long with the power to get the younger generation READING again?? All this passion you see, this is based on a bunch of novels. How often does something like this stir the passions of the younger generation, especially these days when reading has become kind of ‘uncool.’ These stories have inspired creativity and entrepreneurship, internet sites, youtube videos,and so much more… I personally have 2 younger cousins that these are the only books they have ever actually read all the way through… So I for one am happy that the movies are generating so much enthusiasm…. Maybe more people will actually become curious enough to pick them up and see why we like it… (hint it is NOT the first movie for most of us… that was kind of embarrassing…)

    But I’m not here to say ‘read the books and then you can talk to me’ I’m just hear to say… if you’re not interested, why even waste your time making the same arguments over and over?

    I have high hopes for this film, as it is based off my favorite book in the series… And Chris Weitz seems like a much more talented and focused director than Twilight had the first time around…

  27. @Leech

    If you’ve been attacked I apologize. We’re BURIED with covering Comic-Con right now and I haven’t had the time to monitor comments as closely as I usually do. We get hundreds a day and I generally go through them all to look for anything out of order, but for the past few days I haven’t had the time.


  28. Vic: thank you, I appreciate your response.
    Melissa: Unlike you, I do care whether or not the haters/naysayers are giving informed opinions. I think it’s important in a crazy world that thinks what’s on the internet is God speaking that these people be exposed not as having not well thought out things to say, but that they are basing their loud opinions on gossip and heresay. Yes, i think they do need to read the books to have an opinion of their own, not spread the lies.

    790 is still spouting the woes of reading Twilight when he has yet to pick it up and read it! I am at a loss as to why ppl insist on putting the series/fans/movies down from a purely ignorant point of view. I liken it to the person who feels left out at recess.

  29. Good points Melissa,,, finally a rational Twilight fan… ;-)

    BSL, sorry if you can’t deal with the fact that I have an opinion on a book series I’ve yet to read. I have similar opinions on the fans/followers of Islam and $cientology yet I still haven’t read Dianetics or the Koran. Do you think after reading the Koran I would get into Islam? Prob not, so you see I can base an opinion on a topic from fans behaviour and the subject matter. Your point of view is bordering on Twilight fanatical extremism. I’ve seen it before.

    I guess Vic should add, “No negative comments on Twilight” to the list of terms for posting comments. I haven’t used any hate speech on this thread. Sheesh.