Comic-Con: Summit’s New Moon Panel is Topless & Awkward

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new moon twilight comic con Comic Con: Summits New Moon Panel is Topless & Awkward

Summit Entertainment’s panel this morning has been the talk of the convention amongst bloggers, Twilight fans and especially Twilight non-fans.

The movie has a very strong fanbase, so much so that there were literally hundreds of Twilighters camped out from the night before to guarantee access and the best seating in Hall H on the opening day of San Diego Comic-Con.

If you like (and I mean really like) Edward and Jacob, this panel was definitely for you.

Summit Entertainment’s originally-scheduled time slot had to be traded with James Cameron’s Avatar because of fear that the Twilight fans would sit in the Hall H seats during every panel leading up to Summit Entertainment’s one, and this would not allow for the fans of that (and perhaps those of a different demographic) to have access to what they came for.

They were right.

The vast majority of those waiting in line hours before they let people into the largest room of the Convention were there to see the cast of New Moon, and that lovely man, Robert Pattinson.

Come time for the Summit Panel, Twilighters had to anxiously sit through sessions of two of the company’s other projects: the animated Astro Boy and the horror flick, Sorority Row. Then came time for The Twilight Saga: New Moon and the cheerful screaming that ensued.

To moderate the panel and host the Summit Entertainment event was IGN movies/DVD editor-in-chief Eric Moro who did a fantastic job of controlling the flow of questions and introducting the people and videos. Most of all, he did a damn good job of saving certain folks for more embarassment then they were already in.

Introduced in order from Moro were director Chris Weitz, Ashley Greene who plays Alice Cullen (and who couldn’t attend last year’s con for Twilight), Kristen Stewart in what seemed like her Runaways outfit, Taylor Lautner who plays the new-and-improved Jacob Black, and the most popular Robert Pattinson who plays the hero of Team Edward.

To give Twilighters their fix for the upcoming New Moon, we were presented with a clip from the movie that featured Jacob teaching Bella how to ride a motorcycle. The clip really didn’t show much other than the inner conflict of Bella and her seeing Edward stuck in her mind. The main event of this video was leading up to Jacob taking off his shirt to do a terrible job of cleaning up some blood from a head injury Bella got after crashing the bike and that moment brought about some of the most cheering from the crowd.

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Unfortunately, the fun for some in the audience ended here as there was some severe awkwardness with Kristen Stewart’s behavior on stage, not only in her introduction before the video, but how she was presenting herself.

In the Q&A session that followed, all Taylor talked about was his “physical transformation” and how he worked out to look the way he does to please the fans and that he hopes they like the reward of his hard work. Ashely Greene, along with director Chris Weitz were by far the better communicators of the group.

Taylor spoke relatively well, but he wasn’t able to focus on or respond to some questions. As for RPattz and Stewart, they were almost a lost cause with their answers and mannerisms. It all started for Kristen when she walked out on stage after being introduced to very mixed reaction of how she looked. When she spoke she couldn’t finish a sentence before starting two others and her mannerisms and the way she constantly held her head with her hands suggested extreme nervousness or borderline intoxication.

Pattinson tried to be funny with most of his answers, and it worked with his quarky facial expressions and delayed responses for the most part. One question he tried to answer with an analogy that made no sense, followed by laughing at himself for not making sense. For his last few questions, he was lost and kept looking and forwarding them to director Chris Weitz who sat just to his right.

One of the better questions asked was what the cast members looked forward to down the road in the franchise and here are the responses we got:

  • Ashley Greene is looking forward to working with director David Slade on the third installment, Eclipse.
  • Taylor Lautner is looking forward to “the height of the love triangle” and joining with Edward Cullen to protect Bella.
  • Kristen Stewart’s witty response was  “I can’t wait to get pregnant” which earned some laughs from the large crowd.
  • Robert Pattinson’s response was continuing from Stewart’s joke, and he said “being involved with the Cesarean.”
  • Director Chris Weitz praised Summit Entertainment and talked about how good it was to work with them where he has some creative control over the process and how much of an improvement it was from his prior project where the studio re-cut his work and interfered.

Towards the latter half of the Q&A, the host Eric Moro really had to prevent and not allow certain cast members from answering questions for fear of embarrassing themselves. At this point, most of them kept looking confused, delaying, and looking towards the director when a question was asked and Weitz had to answer several of the question on behalf of them.

After the awkwardness that was the Q&A, Chris said he had another clip to show the crowd and this one featured the scene where Alice and Bella are racing in Italy to stop Edward from revealing himself. The entire scene was Bella running through crowds of people dressed in red while we see… you guessed it… Edward (in slow-motion) taking off his shirt about to step into the sun. The scene cut out as she got close.

There you have it, both clips we got to see focused on a man taking off his shirt in front of Bella. If you’re a hardcore Twilighter on Team Edward or Team Jacob, this is probably what you wanted to see.

I felt underwhelmed by this panel and was hoping for some better clips or something for the fans and non-fans. The main focus for Summit was on this film, their prized franchise. And the main focus of this film’s panel was on allowing the stars some face time with the fans so they can ask the cast questions… but that didn’t turn out too well. The talk of the crowd was purely on topless Jacob and Edward shots.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon opens November 20, 2009.

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  1. 790-Hate to break it to you–the world does not revolve around you and your opinions-the thing between me and Vic is regarding another posting. You are obviously here only to be the spokesperson of the ignorant and unread. Your examples of hating anyone whom the media tells you to without doing your own research is one of things that has gone fundamentally awry in this day of instant communication gratification and you should not be proud in stating as such.

    I don’t care what you think of Twilight or me, although I see you’re trying to bait me into your world of hate mongering which I won’t do. I’m not going to respond to you further.

    Forgive me for the sin of asking you to read a book!

  2. You take this Twilight stuff WAY to serious BSL, and THAT is my point.

    I’m going to go enjoy my world of hate mongering now.
    I’m 790,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, good day. :-)

  3. BSL – I am kind of curious reading your posts… what do you hope to accomplish? Your tone is very attacking and I wonder if you think you can get someone to read a book by attacking them like you are. People are ALLOWED to not be interested in our Twilight world…just as you are allowed to not be interested in…oh I don’t know, The Transformers movie for example. People can think they wouldn’t like it based on some extreme fan reactions or just the fact that really, it’s a romance and not everyone is into that. That’s okay.

    You might say something like, I’m sorry you have such a negative opinion but I find it sad that you are missing out on something great… instead of calling people who express disinterest ‘haters’ and ‘ignorant.’

    I don’t mean to attack you, heck I am ONE of you… I just don’t see why you are expending so much energy going on the offensive against people who aren’t interested. You are in no way going to FORCE them to be interested… And a lot of people will argue with you just for the sake of arguing… so it is a WASTE of your time.

    There’s plenty of internet sites out there where you can express your love for Twilight with other fans who will whole heartedly agree with you…

  4. P.S. BSL… I just read the first page of comments and see you weren’t as attacking in the beginning… so I apologize if you felt backed up against a wall before you started lashing out…

  5. For NHOJ & 790:

    This is a movie site, Screen Rant… I fully support your right to have an opinion on the movie Twilight and your interest in the movie New Moon without reading the books they are based on. Movies should and do have to be able to stand alone. The first movie, as most honest Twilight fans who aren’t obsessed with Robert Pattinson would admit, didn’t do a very good job. So I would understand your incredulity at the level of our passion.

    However, suggesting we read another vampire book that is a “true” vampire book doesn’t mean much to us. In all honesty, the vampire element is not why we love these stories. I could care less about Dracula or how vampires are “supposed” to be written. Meyer created her own world – She made it almost believable, in a fantasy sort of way. She came up with new reasons why vampire legends/myths exist (sunlight doesn’t hurt vampires but it exposes them as non-human – made me think of how the moonlight exposes the pirates as ghosts on the pirates of the caribean movies). She did a very cool and unique thing with the werewolves introduced in New Moon… Just the way they communicate with each other is fascinating… and then she wove it into Native American type ‘magic’ and legend…

    But as interesting as all that is, that’s not why we love it. We love the characters, we love the romances, the suspense and element of danger each book holds (and we are all hopeful the next movie gets it right.) We love the family dynamics, the friendships, the sacrifices the characters make for each other… We aren’t really die hard vampire fans.

    Also, don’t dismiss us so quickly. To say no one will remember Twilight in 10 years I believe to be highly inaccurate. (Maybe the first movie or the actors, sure, but not the books). Do you believe that no one will remember Harry Potter in 10 years time? I don’t mean to compare the 2 series, as I hate those arguments as well, but both books are similar in the passion they inspire in their readers.. I for one will certainly introduce my future children to Harry Potter and Twilight… and I know those stories will resonate just as much with them as they do with us. The fandom is not going anywhere.

    All we can do now is hope that this movie will not lose so much in its translation to the big screen as the first one did.

  6. After seeing many other panels over the weekend, the panel members for New Moon (aside from the director) did the worst at presenting themselves, responding to questions and simply being able to communicate :(

  7. Well,as you know, Melissa,I have read the books,and poorly written and unoriginal as they are, I understand the allure.

    After all, Mills and Boon have just as big a following. It is not ‘high art’, but escapism pure and simple.

  8. This is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like the series (I for one can’t stand it), just because someone does not agree with your opinion doesn’t make them ‘inferior’ or ‘ignorant’ or ‘haters’ and if you don’t like it read/watch something else.

  9. In my opinion, no movie will ever live up to the original novel. (Dune, Clan of the Cave Bear, any of the Harry Potters, etc..)

    But yes, like Melissa says, hope springs eternal.

    As for the popularity and longevety of the series, I believe it will endure. I have been reading vampire novels long enough that I remember when Anne Rice released Queen of the Dammed. And I’m a bookseller at a major chain to boot. A day dosent pass that we don’t sell two dozen of one of Meyers books. Recently I have read many of the other teen books revolving around the paranormal and believe me, Meyers is a better writer than most. Unfortunately, they are still just teen novels and I’m getting really tired of all that angsty moody teenage crap.

    And since this is a movie site, yes I will run out to see the New Moon flick. I am a fan (oh horror!) and I am looking forward to it. I don’t bother seeing the Potter films anymore because I’m too tired of being disappointed. Give me a few years, I might burn out on Twilight too.

    Ah, but hope springs eternal. (sigh)

  10. Hi im kiki and im a huge fan of twilight. im going to put out that iam a teen so im reveling in eveything teen right now. any ways ppl who slam twilight have probaly not read it. but just because these vampires glitter doesnt mean it sucks. as some of you may know or not there are several teen vampire novels out right now and the one thing that i have noticed is that evrey vampire IS different and what i mean is one vampire glitters, one vampire drinks true blood to live in society,one is filthy rich living in the upper east side of manhatten(blue bloods by melissa de la cruz, and one is BLADE. Twilight was Stephanie Meyers dream (litterally)so dont bash it. Every1 dreams. MLK had a dream and it came true. No need for example but look around… you are one.