Comic-Con: Avengers Roster & Future Marvel Movies

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avengers roster characters iron man thor captain america Comic Con: Avengers Roster & Future Marvel Movies

Marvel Studios had a big presence at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday by providing fans with one of the most entertaining panels of the event. That presentation was of course, for Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2, which he delivered to the loyal Hall H residents in full force.

Screen Rant master Vic and I attended the Iron Man 2 panel and were treated to something amazing. But we’ve already talked about that and while you wait for the trailer we saw to eventually come online, you may be wondering what updates there have been for the other more distant films in Marvel’s production queue.

Find the latest on the Avengers team-up film and other Marvel films in development after the jump.

After the panel, more Marvel movie goodies were revealed in some roundtable interviews where Vic was involved. Participating in the interviews were key cast members Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle and Scarlett Johansson, as well as director Jon Favreau and Marvel President of Production, Kevin Feige.

Feige had the most interesting things to say about the Iron Man sequel and the Avengers movie.

According to Feige, Iron Man 2 is not about cramming in too many characters, the cardinal sin of a sequel. He emphasizes that it’s totally Tony Stark’s story and that it’s going to weave into Thor’s story and Steve Rogers’ story and that it already is in Nick Fury’s and SHIELD. This is about Tony Stark glibly declaring “I am Iron Man” and what that means for him and those around him.

Any character franchise that launches must stand on its own two feet. They have to do the same thing with Thor and Captain America so that when the Avengers movie comes, it’s not just a team movie but has characters that you already care about, understand and empathize with.

If a sequel to The Incredible Hulk is ever made, Feige says it will be after the Avengers. I hope by then Marvel is able to increase their feature film financing capacity to be able to produce four big-budget blockbusters a year. Until that happens, I think Hulk is lower priority than other characters who are more worthy of sequels or origins movies.

On that note, later in the roundtable, Feige explained that after the writers strike, Marvel is back on schedule for two films a year (having none this year and only one next year in Iron Man 2). Feige re-iterated that the less the films cost, the more profit they make and the more films they can make.

As for Ed Norton playing Bruce Banner in Avengers, there’s a “chance” according to Feige, but he didn’t sound very positive. For continuity reasons and to really strengthen Marvel’s impact with this film, I personally find it important the Norton have a role in the movie. The Hulk along with Captain America, Iron Man and Thor are key to me and I think those four should comprise the core of the film and its title roster.

nick fury samuel l jackson and iron man robert downey jr Comic Con: Avengers Roster & Future Marvel Movies

In planning Iron Man 2, Feige explained that they were interested in the villains that would enhance Tony’s character. Justin Hammer is who Stark was before he was ambushed in Afghanistan, the other side of his personality is the inventor/grease monkey side and that is represented by Whiplash. Feige says that it’s fun taking a character no one thinks much of and making him cool (Whiplash).

Feige reveals that at the start of the film, Stark is quite pleased with himself, but over the course of the film the stresses of being Iron Man will be demonstrated and become a crucial part of the story.

What other characters could we see in the future? Well, Kevin’s favorites are Dr Strange, Ant-Man, Black Panther and Iron Fist. All of which, without coincidence, have long been speculated as future Marvel movies in development. He also says that he’d like to break into the cosmic part of the Marvel Universe more (Thor will touch on this).

What kind of Thor can we expect? The Kirby/Stan Lee/Simonson Thor. In the Thor film, it’s based in the scientific, not fantasy – it’s simply science we just don’t yet understand or know about.

Head to the following page for more info and updates on the characters we’re likely to see in the Avengers.

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  1. “And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat. On that day, the Avengers were born — to fight the foes no single super hero could withstand! Through the years, their roster has prospered, changing many times, but their glory has never been denied! Heed the call, then — for now, the Avengers Assemble!”

    The original team line-up for the first issue was Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man, Wasp and Iron Man taking on later issues Hulk leaves and is replaced by Captain AMerica after the Avengers battle Namor..

    The Avengers taking on Namor and the Atlanteans would be awesome for a movie…ATLANTIS ATTACKS!!!

  2. I think Mark Millar is highly, highly, highly over-rated. I fell victim to the hype and bought the Ultimates and Civil War and was seriously disappointed..I think Geoff Johns and Brad Meltzer, just to name a few, are better than Millar…

  3. Is this a joke? If Feige fails to bring the Hulk in the Avengers movie, there will be an uproar. Although he had a limited role in the comics, he is basically the face of Marvel (aside from Spiderman) and would make the Avengers movie that much better. I gather from Tony Stark’s cameo at the end of The Incredible Hulk, the reason they are putting a “team” together is because of the Hulk. But of course it looks as if Zak Penn may completely change that story line. If Banner/Hulk is not a major player in this upcoming movie, many fans will be greatly disappointed.

  4. All this time I thought the Hulk was to be a big part of the Avengers movie. Now it sounds like he may make a small appearance if at all. I think having Ed Norton play Banner in this film would be in their best interest…interacting with Stark and Steve Rogers and putting their heads together. Having Hulk do battle against Thor and the rest of the crew would be a highly anticipated event and possibly save the group from a greater threat towards the end of the film…one can dream. Please put Hulk in this film…even if Banner has a small role…PLEASE!!

  5. I truly hope that Kevin Feige is just trying to throw the fans off track by implying there may be little to no Hulk. I can’t imagine Zak Penn not incorporating Hulk into this film in a big way. I also can’t see how this film would be better off without Hulk. If he is talking about putting a few other characters into this film, I say scrap that idea and focus on putting Dr. Bruce Banner in this movie. Seriously, I hope Kevin Feige was just trying to throw us off.

  6. wow the only thing i can think of is that they have huge budget constraints and they can already foresee this movie’s budget getting out of hand. iron man’s cgi costs will no doubt be high so i’m guessing that they don’t want to double the cost with hulk’s cgi squeezing their wallets. i remember reading feige say that the lower the budget on all these marvel films the more money they will have to spend. that is all common sense but the fact that he even brought it up makes me think that they are being tight with their expenses. too bad because the hulk would have made this film completely badass.

  7. Xtan, if you’re right and Marvel is being tight with their budget, then I say scrap any extra characters that they plan on putting in the movie and use that part of the budget towards the Hulk. To me, removing or reducing the role of any of these four characters (Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America) would be an injustice on the highest level. Zak, please make this movie work will all FOUR of these guys. Kevin Feige needs to see this through!!

  8. Id kind of liek to see the Avengers vs the Incredible Hulk, especially because him and Thor can go back and forth like no one’s business. Id suspect there would be another element possibly manipulating the Hulk though or something where the Hulk is wrongly accused…..

  9. Well, well, well. Thinking about not putting Big Green Fella into the Avengers. Personally, I believe Hulk would make their fight scenes fantastic with the other guys, but I guess the execs have a different vision on this (or at least Zan Penn and/or Kevin Feige do). Even just a small part for him in this movie doesn’t seem good enough. If they give him a bit role for Avengers, they had better make it up with a tremendous Hulk sequel with The Leader and more classic Hulk enemies.

  10. Somewhere down the line I want to see Hulk vs. WOlverine. LOL its good to wish.

  11. Do you think Marvel is having a difficult time getting Norton on board for the Avengers which is why they are limiting the Hulk’s role if not taking him off the movie entirely? I don’t think they need to have Norton to keep Hulk in this movie, but I do think he is a phenomenal actor and pray that Marvel is doing all they can to sign him and give him at least a semi-significant part in this film.

  12. What the??? Then why did Marvel even bother with the Robert Downey Jr. cameo if they are not going to use Hulk in the Avengers????? No one cares to see General Ross in the film if the big guy is not going to be a major part of the plans. Feige says that it’s safe to assume we’ll see “members of the Hulk Universe” in the movie. What the he** does that mean??? There’s only one member of that universe we care about…well 2 really if it’s Banner & Hulk. What is Feige thinking about???

  13. Avengers without Hulk is going to absolutely suck. What more can I say?

  14. I’m probably the only one that’s going to say it or admit it, but I was actually afraid when I heard that Jon Favreau was going to direct. He did a great job with IM and will no doubt do the same with IM2, but I think he has too much influence on Marvel and this Avengers experiment and he’s likely to turn this into Iron Man 3 basically. I’m wondering if he had a hand in persuading the producers to shift away from the Hulk somewhat just to give Stark and IM more airtime. Why doesn’t Marvel consult with Louis Letterrier since they seem to be in constant contact with Favreau, Johnston, and Branaugh?

  15. I need to read another article soon about how Norton is signed for Avengers and Incredible Hulk 2. I also need to hear that Hulk is the one the Avengers try to stop in the beginning, but end up getting his help in the end as they fight off whoever is to play the villain(s). I wish that Marvel had the rights to Juggernaut so that he could fight Hulk in a sequel or even the Avengers.

  16. All they need for the Avengers is: Hulk,IronMan,Captain America,Giant/AntMan and Wasp. Those are not too many characters, thats the core team except for Cap. Nick Fury Black Widow and Hawkeye have to be in it too but for cameos only as members of SHIELD. The most logical budget saving villain would have to be Ultron. I would like to see The Skrull Invasion but it would drain the hell out the budget unless they can find an easy way doing it. The villian definitely can’t be Loki. Like someone said Ultron seems most logical with The Hulk being the antagonist at first before helping the Avengers. With Hawkeye visiting Avengers Mansion or Tony’s house and being a cocky insulting S.O.B,could you imagine how funny it would be with Hawkeye asking a hologrphic version of Jarvis to have a robot make and bring him a cup of coffee then when the robot brings it, it tossess a steaming hot cup of coffee onto Hawkeye’s lap while he’s sitting.

  17. 3 Avengers and Nick Fury? Is that all? Who are they supposed to fight? The triad of Favreau, Feige, and Penn better think long and hard about what they do with the Hulk before making a disastrous mistake!!!

  18. I’m with you Gale Anne! Gimme some good Hulk news so I can sleep better tonight. Damn, if they do away with Norton, at least keep Hulk in the friggin movie already!

  19. some members of the hulk universe?? r u 4 reel with that? how about thee member of the hulk universe to make this story complete. i dont care that he gets banned after issue #2…hulk is by far the most popular marvel hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Todd, I don’t think the Avengers would suck without Hulk per se, but it definitely would be less interesting. I think we can all envision him taking on Iron Man and Cap and having a one on one confrontation with Thor at some point. But I guess that may never happen based on this article. I think we need to sit back and wait for more Avenger news because we still don’t know how the story is going to play out and what superheroes will get thrown into the mix. We may still see Bruce Banner…..

  21. I think it will suck with out Hulk hell it can still be great with out him, but we all expect Hulk and it’s been set up to include Hulk. It would be a bit of a let down, but not a disaster.

  22. Cap, Stark, Odin’s son, and the baddest em’effer in the marvel universe – Hulk!!! And with Nick Fury that’s all we need. No Black Widow, no Vision, no Ant Man, no Wasp. Just give us an incredible villain to deal with and let the 4 heroes save the world.

  23. I agree with Daniel to a degree. We’ve all been led to believe, at this point, that Hulk will be in the Avengers. It would be a major let down if he had a bit part or was not included in the movie. It would be on par with Warner Bros. making the JLA movie and not include Green Lantern (not because he’s green!).

  24. It would still be a decent movie without the Hulk, but why take the chance if you’re Marvel. Having him puts fans in the seats alone nevermind enhance the movie itself. If I’m Feige, I’m calling Zak Penn and ordering the Hulk to be a huge component of this project.

  25. and i thought warner bros was stupid! what’s marvel thinking here anyway. hulk deserves to be here, period. how is your movie better without him. put’em in, put’em in. with that said, i am praying that marvel buys the superman rights in 2013 and puts up a real superman movie the way it was meant to be done!

  26. I hope the guys at Marvel visit this site, and this post in particular so that they can get an idea of how much people want to see Hulk in the Avengers, lol :D. Man, this film has all the chance in the world to really suck… but ironically it also has all the chance to be super awesome…

  27. In my estimation, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense on many levels to keep Hulk off the roster. Having him helps put some extra branches on this tree. Zak Penn wrote the screenplay for The Incredible Hulk, so I would think he has an appreciation for him already. I’d be very surprised if he didn’t write him into the script or kept him as more of a cameo of sorts. I am surprised that Feige seems somewhat receptive to Hulk getting left off and the “chance” comment about Norton seems to be him avoiding the fact that he’s not going to be in the movie which very much disappoints.

  28. It’s too bad that the Ant-Man film couldn’t come to pass. That way we would have had Pym, Wasp and maybe Ant-Man II. Then again, given the fact that Nick Fury mentions it’s called “The Avengers Initiative” Janet Van Dyne isn’t the one to coin the name of the assembly of heroes.

    As for who can cross over from The Hulk and it may not be The Hulk? I’m thinking Doctor Samson here. Or perhaps an experiment regarding Banner’s blood may be connected to his cousin, miss Jennifer Waters. (She-Hulk) Or, if they use the Ultimates version, Waters works for SHIELD and was accidently exposed to Banner’s DNA. Or a combination of both.

    I don’t know where Marvel stands on Man-Thing; if they got the rights back they could do a more faithful adaptation, since it *is* a variation on the Super-soldier program and, in the Inced. Hulk film, there was a military base near The Everglades in Florida. Marv restarted Hulk; they can restart Man-Thing…if they got the rights back. (Next -misunderstood-foe of The Hulk??) Not that I’d want Man-Thing as part of the Avengers, but it’s a thought to have the character later on.

    Hawkeye could be part of the group I suppose.

    Wendell Vaughn aka Quasar would fill Kevin Fiege’s cosmic bill or at least open it up for such. I wouldn’t mind Doctor Druid either.

    Since Cap is getting thawed, should Namor be involved?

  29. I’m right with you, Iron Knight. I truly hope that Marvel does visit this site and reads the blogs because too many fans would be left disappointed if this movie does not include the Hulk. Wow, I’m actually emotionally drained after reading what Kevin Feige had to say. I went from being elated with the Iron Man 2 comments to being deflated about what he had to say about the Hulk and his movie future. Well, at least there’s Planet Hulk the animated movie in Feb. 2010. Hopefully World War Hulk and the Red Hulk series are soon to follow.