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avengers roster characters iron man thor captain america Comic Con: Avengers Roster & Future Marvel Movies

Marvel Studios had a big presence at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday by providing fans with one of the most entertaining panels of the event. That presentation was of course, for Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2, which he delivered to the loyal Hall H residents in full force.

Screen Rant master Vic and I attended the Iron Man 2 panel and were treated to something amazing. But we’ve already talked about that and while you wait for the trailer we saw to eventually come online, you may be wondering what updates there have been for the other more distant films in Marvel’s production queue.

Find the latest on the Avengers team-up film and other Marvel films in development after the jump.

After the panel, more Marvel movie goodies were revealed in some roundtable interviews where Vic was involved. Participating in the interviews were key cast members Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle and Scarlett Johansson, as well as director Jon Favreau and Marvel President of Production, Kevin Feige.

Feige had the most interesting things to say about the Iron Man sequel and the Avengers movie.

According to Feige, Iron Man 2 is not about cramming in too many characters, the cardinal sin of a sequel. He emphasizes that it’s totally Tony Stark’s story and that it’s going to weave into Thor’s story and Steve Rogers’ story and that it already is in Nick Fury’s and SHIELD. This is about Tony Stark glibly declaring “I am Iron Man” and what that means for him and those around him.

Any character franchise that launches must stand on its own two feet. They have to do the same thing with Thor and Captain America so that when the Avengers movie comes, it’s not just a team movie but has characters that you already care about, understand and empathize with.

If a sequel to The Incredible Hulk is ever made, Feige says it will be after the Avengers. I hope by then Marvel is able to increase their feature film financing capacity to be able to produce four big-budget blockbusters a year. Until that happens, I think Hulk is lower priority than other characters who are more worthy of sequels or origins movies.

On that note, later in the roundtable, Feige explained that after the writers strike, Marvel is back on schedule for two films a year (having none this year and only one next year in Iron Man 2). Feige re-iterated that the less the films cost, the more profit they make and the more films they can make.

As for Ed Norton playing Bruce Banner in Avengers, there’s a “chance” according to Feige, but he didn’t sound very positive. For continuity reasons and to really strengthen Marvel’s impact with this film, I personally find it important the Norton have a role in the movie. The Hulk along with Captain America, Iron Man and Thor are key to me and I think those four should comprise the core of the film and its title roster.

nick fury samuel l jackson and iron man robert downey jr Comic Con: Avengers Roster & Future Marvel Movies

In planning Iron Man 2, Feige explained that they were interested in the villains that would enhance Tony’s character. Justin Hammer is who Stark was before he was ambushed in Afghanistan, the other side of his personality is the inventor/grease monkey side and that is represented by Whiplash. Feige says that it’s fun taking a character no one thinks much of and making him cool (Whiplash).

Feige reveals that at the start of the film, Stark is quite pleased with himself, but over the course of the film the stresses of being Iron Man will be demonstrated and become a crucial part of the story.

What other characters could we see in the future? Well, Kevin’s favorites are Dr Strange, Ant-Man, Black Panther and Iron Fist. All of which, without coincidence, have long been speculated as future Marvel movies in development. He also says that he’d like to break into the cosmic part of the Marvel Universe more (Thor will touch on this).

What kind of Thor can we expect? The Kirby/Stan Lee/Simonson Thor. In the Thor film, it’s based in the scientific, not fantasy – it’s simply science we just don’t yet understand or know about.

Head to the following page for more info and updates on the characters we’re likely to see in the Avengers.

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  1. I personally beleive that the avengers must have IM, thor, Capt Ame. and hulk. I dont think yet that ANT man is a must have character. we have two of these characters already played out with solo movies. by the time they get the Capt and Thor movie out, i am sure they can come up with a kick*** script for the avengers and work some great chemistry among these 4 (not considering we will have Nick, Natasha, and many other supporting characters)

  2. They are clearly on the fence about the hulk.
    I hope he makes the final cut with Norton playing Banner.

  3. Personally I’d like to see a slightly larger roster.
    Just one or two more would round things out well.
    Vision? Wonder Man? Maybe Giant Man?
    I’m sure Black Widow will be in there…I mean, this is hollywood, the team needs to have sex appeal.

  4. Man, I really dont’ understand why they cant’ decide to put Hulk in the Avengers. I personally think that team would be awesome on-screen: Iron Man, Thor, Cap and Hulk. I mean, after all, Marvel did one movie about him last year which I think, like Rob stated above, really fits into the universe and was good enough for fans. I like it a lot, and I really, really hope to see Hulk coming into that film and then having a solo sequel hopefully with The Leader as a villain. Just why did the put Stark at the end if they’re not cross-overing Hulk itself?

  5. I agree with Xigbar – I want a fuller roster! Wonder Man, The Vision, Black Panther and maybe even Hawkeye would be awesome. Nice setup for the possible Black Panther movie as well? I honestly don’t feel that Ant-Man is neccesary, but the Hulk IS in my opinion. Ed Norton or not, I think the Hulk should be in there.

    And maybe this is just my X-Men fangirl coming out, but I’d love to see Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch finally make it into a movie. If not the Avengers then the Magneto Origins movie, if it ever gets made.

    Maybe a fuller roster can be put into the inevitable sequel? I agree that piling on 10 or so team members out of nowhere is a bit much and could subsequently be too Wolverine-ish – you know, 5 minutes allotted to everyone but the star – but a larger group could work if the (again, inevitable) sequels follow the Civil War storyline as I think was at least mentioned once before.

  6. Well, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch did have a cameo in Wolverine.
    They weren’t named, so Marvel might, MIGHT, be able to use them.
    But they couldn’t mention that they’re Magneto’s children.
    And that adds to the characters so much, I’d rather they not use them if they have to omit that detail.

  7. Six Random Points

    * Xigbar-Quicksilver & the Scarlet Witch were not known as Magneto’s kids for years. So it makes no difference for the characters, who their daddy is. The fact that they may be on a quest to discover this, could be interesting.

    * Why does Bruce Banner have to be in the movie? If Norton can’t work with Marvel for any reason, it means nothing. You could even show the Hulk changing to/from a “puny human” in the shadows, which is really a cool vibe anyway.

    * I’m disappointed that Captain AMERICA is not slated for a release date before July 4. I think this is Marvel trying to play it safe (whatever uber blockbuster is released on July 4 week will presumably have lost steam by July 22.)

    * I like how in the graphic above, Avengers Assemble! and the SHIELD logo are central. It’s cool that there is a driving force behind gathering the heroes, and I’m fine with it being set up before the Avengers movie. That force being SHIELD itself.

    * Yeah, what happened with the supposedly certain Ant-Man movie?

    * I’m afraid that Avengers will be reminiscent of the horrible Wolverine movie with too many cameo/characters crammed in, with very little “justice” being given to any of them. Okay, I’ll out myself as one who did not grow up with X-Men: Evolution and hasn’t read an actual comic since the X-Men met Starjammers and Alpha Force. So I could not track the obscure references–like, Wanda & Pietro were in the movie? (It was all so fast).

  8. I would like to see the hulk in some form in the avengers movie, but I dont think it will happen unless they make a substantial amount of profit on IM2 and Thor. I would imagine that the amount of money it would take to produce the movie would go up greatly if they were to have the Hulk a major player in the movie(cgi fight sc =enes and just basic character interaction). The movie is already going to cost a great deal to make with big name actors attached and the amount of polished cgi that will have to go into it. So everybody support Marvel Productions in all the endeavors if we are to see the Hulk again or a well done Avengers.

  9. When Wolverine was freeing mutants on Three Mile Island, you see a white-haired young man with his arms and legs in restraints of some kind, struggling at super speeds.
    Later the same kid is seen with a dark haired, vaguely european girl at his side.

    Most likely candidates are Wanda and Pietro.

    And my Marvel History is rusty. Weren’t Quicksilver and the Witch members of the Brotherhood before signing up with the Avengers?
    Was it not public or known that they were his children?

  10. Open this movie with a huge action sequence of Nick Fury coordinating a battle against THE HULK. In the battle you are introduced to the Avengers one by one as the battle plan is put into action. Ironman, Thor and then Cap. Have Cap go one on one with Hulk, The same way in the Ultimates. During the battle, introduce two more members Giant-man and Wasp. Or if those two are too much effects wise, just bring in Hawkeye and Black Widow. Eventually they stop Hulk, but the sequence is a quick way to introduce the characters instead of a longer way of meeting every character one by one every 20 minutes. It’ll satisfy the audience right off the bat and you won’t even have to see Banner’s face since he’ll revert back at a distance. It’ll serve as a “what the hell were we thinking having that thing on the team, we can’t even control him (an occurence that has happened more than once in the comics to the Avengers,concerning Hulk) and I mention Giant-man(Hank Pym) since Edgar Wright says he is using the Scott Lang version instead. Sorry this post is so long.

  11. Okay. here’s where my X-Men Obsession is actually useful:

    Magneto saves a young Wanda and Pietro from a series of event that takes too long to explain. They feel indebted to him and start out with the Brotherhood, but they leave when they discover he’s their father because they feel abandoned by him. (btw, for other reasons too long to explain, Magneto didn’t know they were related either. So technically? It’s not his fault he abandoned them. He thought the twins and their mother died in childbirth.)After a while Wanda and Pietro wound up joining the Avengers. So they started out in the X-Men Comics, but went to the Avengers.

    Another point is in the House of M arc (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up b/c it’s too long to explain in detail) Wanda basically starts to go insane and loses her ability to control her power, killing several Avengers at one point. And when the remaining Avengers and the X-Men try to decided what to do about her, someone (I think the Cap? I could be wrong) directly states that “She’s an Avenger, not an X-Man”. Basically, “she’s one of us and we should decide her fate” (Again, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it. I’m not going to write out the entire plot here.) That quote’s another reason why I think they belong in an Avengers movie.

    But, on that note, I agree with Xigbar again – If TSW and Quicksilver are going to be in any Marvel movie, I think the dynamic of their relationship with Magneto needs to be a major element of their characters. Otherwise you can’t do any real justice to them. I think in between the Avengers and the very likely Avengers 2, Magneto Origins should finally be made and include the twins. Sorry to obsess, but they’re are my favorite Marvel characters.

    And I saw Quicksilver at the end of Wolverine (and just about had a heart attack, I’ll admit it) but I didn’t assume the girl next to him was TSW. Although if one is present, so is the other, so I guess I should have. Also I thought I saw two white-haired kids, so I didn’t want to be too sure which one was Quicksilver and which one wasn’t.

  12. My thoughts on all this…

    First, I’m a bit worried about what they’re saying about the Thor movie with the emphasis being placed on “science” instead of fantasy. I understand that in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s vision of Asgard, there certainly seems to be plenty of science fiction involved in all the sprawling machinery and futuristic weapons and so on. (Makes you wonder why they never stopped using swords.) But I don’t want the Norse gods be interpreted as something like an Inhumans colony. There’s always been magic present – whether it’s Loki’s mischief or the Enchantress, or Odin’s powerful spells. They need to keep all that intact in the movie.

    Now, for the Hulk’s involvement on the Avengers team. I’m pretty amused at all the fans saying the Hulk absolutely, certianly, positively, MUST be on the team. Why!!???

    Ever read an Avengers issue? Since the second issue, the Hulk has NEVER been a fixture on the team.

    He was recruited, stayed on the team until his temper flared, and he was almost never seen from again! In fact, he was considered as much an enemy by the Avengers as Ultron and Kang the Conqueror. I think the Hulk has FOUGHT the Avengers more than he actually has teamed up with them.

    Now, I haven’t read the Ultimate Avengers stuff yet, and if the Hulk is a constant member on that team, fine. But I personally never saw the Hulk as being a necessary member of the team for that movie to work. He’s an almost mindless and fugitive monster. He’s not going to work very well with a government-endorsed superhero team. Even if he could think rationally.

    I do wish they’d do an Ant Man movie ahead of the Avengers movie, though. I believe Screen Rant reported that the reason that movie is in limbo presently is because of an unexpected writer shake-up. These things happen. Maybe Hank and Janet Pym, at least, will make their first appearance in the Avengers movie.

    Finally, I am STILL a bit irritated that the Iron Man 2 people decided to use an obscure villain, even if they are going to upgrade and improvise on him. Even if Whiplash becomes popular, it’s still breaking away quite a bit from the comics and reminds me quite a bit of what Ang Lee did with the Absorbing Man. I wonder if they must have thought Iron Man’s Rogues were kind of lame to have done something like that.

    At least I’m sure we’ll be able to recognize Mandarin in the next Iron Man movie, but pardon me if I’m not too excited about Whiplash being the villain of this one. (I’m more interested in War Machine, actually.)

  13. And ah yes, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Now that duo, I can definitely understand the movies staying away from – or retconning. They have history present with not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR superhero teams.

    The X-Men, the Avengers, the Inhumans (in that Crystal married Quicksilver), and the Fantastic Four (by virtue of Crystal having been once the Human Torch’s old… flame. Sorry, pun wasn’t intended.)

    That being said…

    I do think Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are best recognized as Avengers than anything else, though.

    And the X-Men movies certainly don’t need them – they have enough characters of their own. Magneto has a rich enough history of his own without Pietro and Wanda.

    For that reason I think they could be part of the Avengers movie, and have their history be altered. In fact, have them gain their powers by other means than being born with them. This is one case where I won’t mind a change, because their comic histories were too complex to ever fully encompass in the movies, anyway.

    But they can add in little things as sort of a nod to the comics… For example, have them be the children of a supervillain as well, or a despot at least. Just don’t mention him by name.

  14. @Phil G – that’s why I understand why the twins haven’t actually been in any of the films. Their history is far too complicated to (in my opinion) do them any justice. My inner fangirl just wants to see some kind of film incarnation of them.

    Maybe I should count my blessings that they probably won’t ever be involved in the movies, seeing as how Hollywood has succesfully managed to ruin all my other favorites …

  15. I want Ant-man and Wasp! They were in the original Avengers, and they deserve to be in this film. Pym sucks, everyone knows that, but he’s a vital member to the forming of the team, and his wife helps create a very tense dynamic for the team-until they learn to work together. I don’t think it’ll be truly an Avengers film without all the original members. Even in the Ultimate universe, they recognized this.

  16. @StuntmanJ

    I’m kinda thinking the opposite.

    If Norton won’t do it, have a shadowy figure in a room (cell, if you will) who whenever he begins to get irritated, or his heart rate hits a certain amount, he is gassed and it knocks him out. Play on that with Betty visiting him and at the end of the movie when the big battle is happening and they need the Hulk he finally is able to break free and join the fight.

    I don’t think Hulk needs to be in it, I would just love to see him kicking butt on the big screen again.

  17. Quicksilver was defenately in the Wolverine film, so he cant be in the Avengers film.

  18. I fear we might be getting too carried away with an obsession to see our favourite comic book heroes and mythos (like we’ve been doing with most superhero movies) on screen to the detriment of what it really should be about … a good movie. And to have a good movie, you need a good story. And from movie antecedents, cramming so many strong, independent characters in a movie is a no-no. Everyone’s fighting for attention, many won’t be done justice. So in the end many viewers will be dissatisfied. I believe it worked in Xmen because they are more or less an entity whose characters are co-dependent and, I daresay, have far less mythos surrounding them individually as Avengers’ characters, many of whom have solo comics.

    So in this light, when u cram such well-defined characters as Thor, IM, Cap and Hulk(?) in a 2-hour movie along with so many other heroes, there will be something missing in the script. There is bound to be someone who’ll be left out. And that’s Failure. If they try to get everyone involved there’s bound to be a cry of ‘shallow storyline and too much action’ eg Xmen 3 (tho I liked the movie) which many disliked.

    So I tend to agree with Feige, four Avengers and some supporting characters is already a handful. Safe to do, safe to write. Safe to character blend. Avengers was my favourite comic because it had my favourite heroes. But I would be the first to say it was not the deepest of comics. However, as much as I’d love to see all of them together, I believe A Good Movie takes priority over all other things.

    Avengers shouldn’t be 2 dimensional and unrealistic. Xmen 2 is one of the deepest superhero movies I’ve seen because personalities were on display and Almighty Script was paramount. Avengers should try and beat that.

  19. Yes, the Avengers film needs the Hulk for sure.

    They made a proper Hulk film after getting the rights back from Universal and even went to the trouble of adding Tony Stark at the end. He’s Marvel’s most popular character besides Spider-Man, they should really take advantage and put him in.

    Even if he’s not on the team proper, at least have the Avengers go after him in the beginning to show their growing pains of trying to work together as a new team.

    Unfortunatly, if Fox has the rights to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, we wont be seeing them in an Avengers film.

    So perhaps for Vision they can have his current romance with Cassie Lang for the film versions. Which will work nicely if they include the Scott Lang version of Antman along with Hank Pym and the creating of Ultron and subsequent creation of Vision there after. Throw in Wasp and you’ve got a twisted family saga enough to rival the Skywalkers.

  20. In the last Hulk movie (the good one), the cameo of Stark at the end made me think the team will form in order to fight the Hulk, since he was talking to the general.

    While Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (YOWSA!! :-) ) are fan favorites, there may be too many legal problems with them, since they are the children of Magneto, a character owned by Fox. Someone mentioned changing their origins; that might work, depending on whether Fox owns the rights or not.

    I’m sure everyone wants to see a movie with their favorite heroes, but Marvel has to think about revenue. The more characters, the more money you have to pay, and if the actors are A-list, even more money comes out of your pocket. Then you have the special effects. Someone mentioned we need to get into the theaters to support Marvel; that goes without saying. If the IM2, Thor, or Capt. America movies don’t perform stellarly, don’t be surprised in Avengers is either delayed, made cheaply, or even scrapped. I know, I don’t like that either but Marvel is a business like any other. Just get your butts in those seats!

  21. yes, i believe that ed norton should be in this film regardless or not the hulk itself appears.
    and yes, everyone must go out to the theaters and support marvel.

  22. Ant-man and Wasp were not founding members of the Avengers from what I remember.

  23. According to the Marvel site, it was Hank and Janet Pym that helped form the Avengers, and even Janet named them The Avengers.

  24. I would like to see Hulk and in a smaller role I would like to see The Vision. Just sort of ended there though start adding to many characters and it starts getting way to crowded. When you get to many characters one of two things will happen either every one will get to little screen time and will piss off the masses or they will give a bunch of time to who ever is the most popular at that moment and ignore the rest.

  25. A lot of folks seem fixated on Hulk being in the Avengers. I would prefer him as a mixed friend/foe, fitting the nature of the character. In the Ultimates, what I’ve seen and read, he fills this role. The fight between Thor and Hulk is just too damn cool in Ultimate Avengers 1 (a decent animation, actually. Ignore #2.)

    I would like to see the Avengers face off against one of their classic foes, something so damn big and powerful that it requires these guys, and I’d like to see hints coming in the films preceding it. These guys aren’t called together to tangle with a few thugs or really even just the Hulk. It’s got to be earth shattering. Hulk’s tough, but the army _can_ bring him down.

    Ultron, maybe?

  26. gotta stop suggesting X-Men characters. Fox has them all and won’t play along. My opinon on the roster. Just adapt the story from the Ultimates book:written by Mark Millar( if you haven’t read it PLEASE check it out)it’s practically already a storyboarded screenplay for a film version for the Avengers.
    I really agree with making Ultron the villian. It’s a great way to introduce characters Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne(Giant-Man and Wasp) and to fill out the roster, add Hawkeye.
    That would make the roster very reasonable. Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk(fighting the team after losing control in the beginning of the film)Black Widow,Giant-Man, Wasp, and Hawkeye. For sheer scale of this movie, I see it being at least 2 hrs 30 minutes, to develop the newly introduced characters. It’s never good to rush in characters without good reason(Gambit in Wolverine)

  27. There won’t be any X-Characters in it and I think Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be in a Fox X-film in the near future.

    I wouldn’t want any in it either since Fox owns the X-Men film rights. If Marvel Studios were to make those movies, then that would be something cool if they made a ‘New Avengers’ sequel with Wolverine, etc.

    I want the core of the Avengers team to feature the main 4 (as discussed in the article) but there will obviously be a plethora of supporting characters.

    Ant-Man, Wasp, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Luke Cage, etc.

    The Ant-Man movie is happening, it’s just delayed :(