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I’ll be updating this post while the Summit Twilight panel goes on.

Holy cow what an unbelievable frenzy there is for this movie with insane screaming from the females in te audience. I felt like I was at a Backstreet Boys concert. Every actor that came out generated ear piercing screams from the audience.

All the major castmembers are present including the author of the book series Stephenie Meyer. We had Taylor Lautner, Rachelle Lefevre, Edi Gathegi, Cam Gigandet, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The guys on stage were totally feeding into the female fangirl frenzy with their comments.

They showed a clip from Twilight, a scene from near the end of the movie. For the first half of the extended clip it looked to me like it could have come from a CW television series like Smallville or Supernatural. It had Bella being attacked by James (while he videotaped) in order to enrage Edward. Edward swoops in before James does too much damage to protect her, and a pretty intense fight scene ensues that I have to admit looked pretty cool, even if I don’t know if I could stand to sit through this movie. icon smile Comic Con ‘08: Summit Panel   Twilight

Some good questions were asked like what sort of music there would be in the film and whether the author envisioned her book eventually becoming a movie (she actually pictured it as a movie before a book) there was also some dumb stuff like “What was it like to play a super-hot vampire?”


The actors were asked what attracted them to the project. Cam stated that he thought the role would be challenging and also portraying the heartbreak of wanting someone you could never have.

Kristen jokingly said it was because she got to audition with Rob Pattinson.

Rob said he couldn’t concentrate from all the cheers and coments from the audience – then he mentioned he just liked vampires and that he was attracted to playing character that was the hero of the book.

Edi said it was because he thought the book was awesome.

I guess the resident heartthrob Rob is involved in writing the music for the film since that came up as a question.

It was asked why all cute guys were selected to play vampires and the author replied “because I wrote them that way.”

Someone asked Rob what it felt like to be one of the most wanted guys in America and he said “it’s filling a void in my life” (which I thought was a pretty odd answer).

Apparently they made an exception to the “don’t ask stupid or personal questions” rule since they let someone as Robert whether he wore boxers or briefs. (He didn’t answer, ladies)

Kristen talked about how she found it difficult to play “clumsy” since she’s not.

Robert’s favorite scene to shoot with Kristen was where he first met her and tried to intimidate here and she wouldn’t be intimidated.

Kristen’s favorite scenes included one where she sticks her finger in Robert’s mouth and asks challengingly whether he “wants a taste.”

I am SO not the target audience for this flick. icon smile Comic Con ‘08: Summit Panel   Twilight

Twilight opens on December 12, 2008.

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  1. puts her finger in his mouth?! thats hilarious!

  2. Um…if you’re going to write an article about something with fans as rabid as us Twilighters, at least get your facts straight. STEPHENIE MEYER is the author of the books, and CATHERINE HARDWICKE is the director of the movie.

  3. Hanako,

    My apologies, I’ll correct that. I’m not familiar with the book and I was blogging this panel live.


  4. i wish i was there -_- but i live in Canada soo :(
    and aha i bet you will end up watching the movie just to check it out :P

  5. Did anyone see the extended scene?? I”M SO FRICKIN JEALOUS that I’m CRYING RIGHT NOW!

  6. @Faith LOL, you’re probably right, just because it’s going to be so massively popular, I’ll have to review it. :-)


  7. The Director is Catherine Hardwicke, the author of the book is Stephenie Meyer

    ANYONE PLEASE!!!!!!!

  9. Possibly the target audience for this for this flick is not the audience for this flick. I was in the booth where they were selling Little, Brown and Company Books and giving away Twilight card things and the the booth person asked a group of teenage girls what they thought of the Hall H preview. Their response was polite but tepid.

  10. You didn’t belong there. Someone with real interest would have died to cover it. Too bad you wasted your time. I, for one, will be among the first to see the movie. I can’t wait. The books are amazing and addicting, and the movie will be awesome. As for the cast, they are perfect.

  11. I was there. I was one of those insane fan girls screaming at the top of their lungs. Oh boy. So much fun…. Cam Gigandet… what a sexy beast :)

    And he did answer ladies. It’s breifs =]

  12. @susan Trust me, the audience was full of young women and they went bonkers over it.

    @Dee LOL, it’s a fantasy film and that’s the type of movie I cover here on Screen Rant. And I didn’t do this post for myself…. I did it for YOU. So, you’re welcome. :-)


  13. Vic,

    Hey thanks for covering this!! There is probably a lot of other cool stuff you would be seeing there. Twilight fans thank you for the blog!! We appreciate it.


  14. hey Vic thanks for covering this =]
    I hope your ears don’t hurt too bad! :D

  15. Thanks so much for this coverage! I personally love the Twilight series and it is definately more female targeted but thanks for sitting through what I can only imagine would be boring for most guys.. I definately won’t be able to get my boyfriend to watch this with me! Haha :]

  16. I’d sit through a storytelling of “War and Peace” by Carrot Top before I went to see this garbage.

  17. Thank you so much for covering this film! I’m sorry that you are being “beat up” by Twilight fans, I am a huge fan, but I understand not everyone is.. sorry people are being rude. I really do appreciate your time to write about it for those who could not go!

  18. @EdwardDazzlesMe:

    In that youtube link, i think he says, “who weres briefs? Does anybody were briefs anymore?” and the host lady says, “Haha, I don’t know”.

  19. Holy cow!
    Why would they have Bella stick her finger in Edwards mouth, and say something stupid like “Do you want a taste” Gee, i’m a huge, total over weight elephant huge, fan of the books. But some scenes in this movie seem to be disapointments! :(

  20. Hey Vic – I don’t want to offend because I respect you; however your article came off a little sarcastic. I realize you don’t know a lot about the film. I’m a fan of the books and I’m not going to say the trailers are perfect cause they aren’t; in fact, the books have their own flaws. All the same it’s a well told story that is loved by many and while you’re not the demographic it would have been cool to read a less patronizing post. I know you may not have meant it to sound that way, but it kind of does…just saying…

  21. Hey Vic,
    I really apreciate you writing this article but some of the stuff were really taken out of context. The thing about rob and his comment about”filling a void in my life” that wasn’t his full answer. He was being sarcastic a lot like you were while writing this article. Besides that i really liked this article, and the movie is going to be great maybe you should check it out when it comes out. I think you’ll change your mind.

  22. Mckayla Hogan ~ Um i’m pretty sure Bella sticks her finger in her own mouth. Ya!! It’s a joke!! Just like in the book when she and edward are in the kitchen, and she’s eating cereal and she asks if she can get him anything?? lol

  23. Thanks for the update. Much appreciated! I am over inthe UK and can’t get to all these cool Twilight things happening in the states.

  24. Totally wish i could have been there. I even planned what i would wear if i could have gone… This shirt:

  25. Vic, you should be careful what you say about Twilight, ’cause, as you wonderfully expressed it, the rabid fans will not let you get away with it.

    I’m a fan of the book, and I’m looking forward to the movie, but I just get so embarrassed when I read that a fan asked him what was it like to play a super-hot vampire… I mean, honestly, there were a lot more interesting question they could’ve asked.

    *shakes head* I think this fandom is worse than the Harry Potter fandom, hands down!!

  26. Ladies, I really appreciate your comments and I realize this is your first time here at Screen Rant, but being “snarky” is my writing style here on the site. Your take away should be how the movie scenes and panel came across to a “regular person” who is not familiar with the material.



  27. Vic, I totally agree with you, man. I’m a guy and I actually like the Twilight books, but the movie does in fact look like an episode of Smallville – the special effects are just not what it should be, given the type of movies that are out this summer.

    It’ll make some money at the box office, and probably more if the rabid female fans choose to watch it over and over and over again just to ensure that it’s number 1 for 91 months (they really can do that stuff), but critics will chew it alive.

    I reserve my final review until the movie is released in December. I want to pretend that the movie looks this way because it’s still early in development.

  28. Haha Andy, yeah I don’t get what the attraction is with Vampires. They suck,,,, blood and don’t go outside in the daytime. (Weee)

    But I also don’t get the attraction of High School Musical ether so,,, ? ;-)

  29. Vampire CHronicles 90210 … definitely not for me and the I tried to read one of the books but I just couldn’t put myself through that…