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I’ll be updating this post while the Summit Twilight panel goes on.

Holy cow what an unbelievable frenzy there is for this movie with insane screaming from the females in te audience. I felt like I was at a Backstreet Boys concert. Every actor that came out generated ear piercing screams from the audience.

All the major castmembers are present including the author of the book series Stephenie Meyer. We had Taylor Lautner, Rachelle Lefevre, Edi Gathegi, Cam Gigandet, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The guys on stage were totally feeding into the female fangirl frenzy with their comments.

They showed a clip from Twilight, a scene from near the end of the movie. For the first half of the extended clip it looked to me like it could have come from a CW television series like Smallville or Supernatural. It had Bella being attacked by James (while he videotaped) in order to enrage Edward. Edward swoops in before James does too much damage to protect her, and a pretty intense fight scene ensues that I have to admit looked pretty cool, even if I don’t know if I could stand to sit through this movie. icon smile Comic Con ‘08: Summit Panel   Twilight

Some good questions were asked like what sort of music there would be in the film and whether the author envisioned her book eventually becoming a movie (she actually pictured it as a movie before a book) there was also some dumb stuff like “What was it like to play a super-hot vampire?”


The actors were asked what attracted them to the project. Cam stated that he thought the role would be challenging and also portraying the heartbreak of wanting someone you could never have.

Kristen jokingly said it was because she got to audition with Rob Pattinson.

Rob said he couldn’t concentrate from all the cheers and coments from the audience – then he mentioned he just liked vampires and that he was attracted to playing character that was the hero of the book.

Edi said it was because he thought the book was awesome.

I guess the resident heartthrob Rob is involved in writing the music for the film since that came up as a question.

It was asked why all cute guys were selected to play vampires and the author replied “because I wrote them that way.”

Someone asked Rob what it felt like to be one of the most wanted guys in America and he said “it’s filling a void in my life” (which I thought was a pretty odd answer).

Apparently they made an exception to the “don’t ask stupid or personal questions” rule since they let someone as Robert whether he wore boxers or briefs. (He didn’t answer, ladies)

Kristen talked about how she found it difficult to play “clumsy” since she’s not.

Robert’s favorite scene to shoot with Kristen was where he first met her and tried to intimidate here and she wouldn’t be intimidated.

Kristen’s favorite scenes included one where she sticks her finger in Robert’s mouth and asks challengingly whether he “wants a taste.”

I am SO not the target audience for this flick. icon smile Comic Con ‘08: Summit Panel   Twilight

Twilight opens on December 12, 2008.

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  1. Bella sticks her finger in Edward’s mouth? She’d never do that in the book! I wonder how he will react….

  2. I was there too, it was great. I was a little embarrassed by some of the questions. BTW, it is not just teens who love these books, I am 35 I went with my 31 year old sister, 13 year old daughter, and my incredibaly self sacraficing husband (who is a comic book lover and stayed with us instead of checking out his stuff), we ALL had a blast. As for the questions, one thing I love about the books is there is an innocence and morality (I have read these books with my daughter)…. Some of the question obviously made the panel uncomfortable, they were asked by a mom too…. Wow, was all I could think. You are up there and able to ask what ever you want, and you ask that? Some of the questions were GREAT though. Stephenie was fabulous. ALL AND ALL though, everyone seemed to have a blast, even the panel. Said, if you are describing the books that way, I really doubt you read them.

  3. After I read what I posted I have to add one thing. Although some of the questions might have embarrassed me, you could tell they were meant in fun and to be lighthearted. The Twilight fans are great, and there is an amazing comradery between all of us. Every time you saw someone wearing a shirt, it was like seeing a family member. Overall, I was proud to be a part of the group.

  4. Yeah I agree with Amy. It was meant to be fun.. Even though the girl who said it didn’t have any emotions.. but still in a fun way :)

  5. Amy, I understand what you’re saying, it was just an odd experience to have at Comic-Con. I’ve gotten fired up like that about other movies, albeit not in quite the same manner. :-)


  6. Vic, thanks for covering the panel! I hope you don’t get too much flak – worse then the few comments above – us Twilight-obsessed fans can be pretty defensive (I know that was my first reaction after reading your post).
    I know I would have been one of those screaming fans, wrapped up in the excitement – but I wonder if the spectacle does more harm than good. I mean, no one is going to even take the film or books seriously if all they see is a crowd of screaming/fainting mothers and daughters. Well, maybe it’ll at least get the books noticed . . .

  7. I really don’t get the hype for this but I guess a lot of the women and girls that go for this don’t get all the Dark Knight and Iron Man hype either…To each there own…

  8. I adore the series Stephenie Meyer has written. I don’t believe the movie will do it complete justice, but it’s nice to see it played out by some good actors. :]

  9. Hey greenknight333, trust me, I am fired up on those too. I am a comic book geek, the lady who stood of me in line with her husband, was also a geek. It was amazing to see Hugh Jackman shake Len Wein’s hand… I got pictures of that too. But, I think I am a rarity with that, along with my sister, our brother made us comic book junkies. I married one too. lol… It is so hard to describe the connection we have to these books as fans. It is surreal. But, a good thing. We are lunatics. :)

  10. Greenknight333 ~ the author, Stephenie Meyer, admits that she’s all into action movies and such from her brothers. So yeah, it’s got the whole romance thing that the female persuasion tends to relate closer with, but it’s got action in the books, too!
    I’m up there with Amy – all ’round geek and comic junkie – and I have totally gotten obsessed with these books. My husband fears for my sanity (and he won’t even look twice at them, it drives me crazy).
    The action will get better in the sequels – kind like the X-men movies, where the have to spend like the first movie building up the characters, but there’s SO MUCH more they could have shown.
    I don’t know. I think you’ll see when/if you see the movie in December!!
    Going off to watch SG:A and Dr. Who I tivo’d.

  11. Amy ~ I SO ENVY YOU!!! I’ve been to SDCC twice, but it’s been almost 7 years! I wish I could’ve been there to meet up with some other Twilight/comic fans! Maybe when/if New Moon comes out . . . Have lots and lots of fun for all those who can’t be there!!!

  12. Vic
    lol yeah im guessing that a lot of people who said they wuld never watch it would prob. will.. i think the movie will be awesome and i think once you see it, you’ll prob be glad you had a chance to go to the Twilight panel.
    anywayz thxs for the article :D

  13. Half the panel seemed like they were high. Most of the comments by the male and female lead were mumbled ramblings that didn’t even hint at coherent thought. And the director wasn’t much better

    I do have two clarifications though:

    “Holy cow!
    Why would they have Bella stick her finger in Edwards mouth…”

    She did it as an improv and said she hoped it would make the movie (ie, she doesn’t know if it will).

    Also “it’s filling a void in my life” was only part of his answer to that question and was obviously a sarcastic response because he couldn’t think of a serious answer.

    Also I’m not sure you did justice to the crazy levels of screaming the Twilight girls managed. Days later and my hearing still isn’t the same.

  14. Um, Rob wasn’t saying that being one of the most wanted guys in America was “filling a void” in his life. He was doing an imitation of some of the fans he meets who talk to him about…well, him and the “Twilight” movie. Because he was saying most of the time he’s only talked to the fans for maybe two minutes and then they were gone, either mentally or physically. It was a joke.

    And J, no one on the panel was high! They were nervous. When they first started making this movie, they didn’t think it was going to be as big as it is. They’re overwhelmed. If you were in that position, you probably would be, too. I mean, one minute you’re playing second fiddle to Harry Potter and you get killed off before you get to make it to a second movie and then the next minute, you’re the new favorite of nearly every young woman in the country.

  15. @Melissa I didn’t think the panel was “high” but a couple of the male leads were definitely working the crowd. Can’t say I blame them, I suppose. :-P

    And not being familiar with the actor who made the “void” quote, I couldn’t tell if he was kidding or not. Knowing the sort of folks that are in the industry it wouldn’t have surprised me if he was serious, but I’ll take your word for it that he wasn’t.