SR Geek Picks: Comic-Con Recap, ‘Avengers 2′ Fan Poster, ‘Flash’ Trailer & More

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Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find an amazing teaser trailer for a Flash movie; a LEGO Batman cake; a fan-made Avengers 2 poster; some sweet Domino cosplay; Star Wars illustrations; and some Edgar Wright Beers. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

To kick things off today, Buzzfeed has 22 Signs You’re Stuck Between Gen X And Millennials.

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The Flash (FAN-MADE) Teaser Trailer


Comic-Con in 5 Minutes with Matt Mira: DAY 2

Join Nerdist‘s Matt Mira as he brings you Day 2 of Comic-Con 2013 in 5 minutes.


Comic-Con 2013: Interview with Jeff Wadlow

At the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con International we spent some time with Jeff Wadlow, the writer and director of Kick-Ass 2. We talked about what it was like to take the reigns from director Matthew Vaughn, how he’s taking the story in new directions, and his hopes for the upcoming X-Force.


The Avengers 2 (FAN-MADE) Poster

The Avengers 2 FAN MADE Poster 570x855 SR Geek Picks: Comic Con Recap, Avengers 2 Fan Poster, Flash Trailer & More

Thanos Credited By nebezial

I don’t know if Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch will be Good guys helping the Avengers or bad guys but I wanted them in the picture. If you know which side they are on let me know! I changed the face for Quick Silver since people complained about the beard. and yes I used Hawkeye’s suit for Quick Silver’s suit and changed it around. And I used the body for Elektra and changed her around to look like Scarlet Witch and no it’s Jennifer Garner body but it’s Phoebe Tonkin’s face(my choice to play her). Leave any Helpful Feedback in the Comments Below.

-Thor , Ironman , Captain America , Hulk-

-Quick Silver , Scarlet Witch , Hawkeye , Black Widow , Falcon-

-Nick Fury and Thanos-


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  1. I feel bad for whoever made that fan made Avengers 2 poster. It looks really cool, too bad they JUST revealed the title as “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and that Thanos won’t be in it :/

  2. normally a teaser trailer has more than just a black screen and a voice over for a minute and half. Disappointing to say the least. Was hoping for something a bit more…. creative.

    • Plus, I’m pretty sure that voice over is from Turbo, so they really didn’t do anything.

      • Wow. That’s so much worse. Meh. Why would you even bother making that.

        • +1000 worst geek pick ever

  3. Awesome avengers 2 poster even tho its irrelevent. Id rather thanos be in 2 and use ant-man to build ultron for avengers 3

    • But Thanos is a much bigger threat than Ultron.

      It’d be like having Darkseid in the first Justice League movie and then Captain Cold in the second.

      • Its not always about the order in which everything has to go, biggest threat to smallest. there was no need IMO to build Thanos this early and use a great villain like Ultron with no build as a throw away villain essentially. I like thanos very much don’t get me wrong and I understand the magnatude of him as a villain. I just feel Ultron is getting shafted because 1. Ant-man won’t be
        creating him most likely due to his film being released after avengers 2 (which is an assumption obviously) and 2. having no build what so ever while being placed in a film I thought quick silver and scarlett witch were going to be the villains for.

      • Not to mention nobody outside the comic book fans has any idea who Ultron is, and thanos is the same way. It’s like after phase 1 they gave up on building every part of the universe and are now focusing on building a guy who is 5 films away in Thanos. Ultron needed to be in Iron Man 3 if stark was going to be the one responsable, or Ant-man needed to come out before Avengers 2. all my opinion of course. I believe they should have spent phase 2 building Ultron (meaning ant-man needed to be made much sooner) then use phase 3 to build thanos. Since they set it up this way I was expecting scarlett witch and quicksliver to be the main villains of Avengers 2, with Avengers 3 being Thanos. then Avengers 4 being Ultron

        • Nobody outside the comic books knew who Iron Man was either.

          I’ve said before, outside of comic book fans, the only known superheroes have always been The Hulk, Spiderman, Batman and Superman. That’s it.

          Marvel have done alright for themselves so far though despite that fact.

          • True, for the most part, EXCEPT for Iron Man and Captain America. Pretty much everyone knew who those characters were long before the first Iron Man was announced.

            • Not really… those characters are not really that well known outside of comic book fans. Even the Flash and Wonder Woman are more known than them. And don’t tell me CA had his own film before, nobody cared or knew about that film at all.

              • I think Wonder Woman is definitely well known outside of comic book fans, and Flash is somewhat known. I don’t think Iron Man was well known before he got his movies, however I think Captain America was probably as well known as the Flash. And for the record, before the new one, Captain America had three movies, and a serial from the 40s. He’s certainly recognizable in that sense.

          • You forgot X-Men thanks to all the cartoons on WB. XMen Evolution and Batman Beyond were the big ones when I was still watching morning television. And I knew Iron Man because I was I am a Black Sabbath fan and was researching the song and stumbled on Iron Man. Comics wise, always read Punisher, and after a crossover comic, read Deadpool as well. But Ant Man? The strength of a man, the size of an ant, beats his wife, that ant man?

            Oh, and everyone’s bitching about this plot change but no one gave a crap about Thor not actually being Donald Blake? Seems pretty blaring to me, but no one cared (I sure didn’t). Did anyone complain that Nick Fury was suddenly black? No, because it was Samuel L Jackson who played him. Guess you also hate the ‘Ultimate’ comics too because they messed with the story lines a lot, right? Yeah, thought so.

  4. That time stretched Doctor Who Theme is eerie, and somewhat disturbing…I like it!

  5. I cant believe people here still ranting about no one knew who iron man. My father and both of my grandmas knew who he was and they are from latin america where iron man at one time was published in spanish along with spiderman. Iron has an old cartoon in the archives. Marvels characters are known worldwide, obscure to film until recently. I think the issue is many of you are new to marvel.

    • They key word here is “published”; you’re talking about comic books, and as a comic book reader. They’re talking about the population that doesn’t read comic books.

      I was in the middle, especially since I had my cartoons. But Spider-Man, Hulk, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are the main heroes in the mainstream/non-comic book population.

      Captain America Green Lantern and Flash to a lesser extent. Maybeeven the Human Torch too, who I knew because Burger King was selling the toys.

      But Ironman? Definitely one of the lesser-known characters outside of comic book readers.

  6. That flash trailer is really cool and I’m the guy who says flash is my least favorite superhero lol maybe ill give it a chance after all

  7. Anyone know if you can purchase those Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz/The World’s End glasses?

  8. For the Avengers 2 fan poster:
    - Yep, the subtitle had been announced, and it’s Ultron not Thanos as the big bad baddie.
    - Whedon also had hinted that Scarlet With and Quicksilver is among the antagonist, at least at the start in this movie, so they should be placed with Ultron
    - And… you can also add Vision there, although Feige had seemingly neglected about Vin Diesel’s casting news.

    Look forward for the edit of your poster with those news, great job by the way :)

  9. The time-stretched Doctor Who theme: Delia Derbyshire would have approved, I reckon. Definitely works as incidental music better than some of Murray Gold’s overwrought symphonic melodrama, at any rate (pun intended).

  10. i like the Teaser trailer for Flash. i mean its a teaser so im not sure why everyone is complaining.

    i did not like the use of thunder and lightning strikes every 4seconds though. very annoying.