The 6 Best Things We Saw at Comic-Con 2014

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Wonder Woman Batman V Superman Costume The 6 Best Things We Saw at Comic Con 2014

The 2014 San Diego Comic-Con is over, but all of the major announcements, reveals and overall experiences are still coming into focus, as we catch up on sleep and get our minds back in order. With the convention now behind us, we’re looking back at some of the best things we took away from the convention (we’ll save our major disappointments for a different article).

Our list will contain events, panels and even the parties that go on during the ‘Con – we’ll have links to more extensive coverage where possible, as we’ve been cranking out articles nonstop for days. But then, THIS. IS. COMIC-CON. It is not for the feint of heart or spirit.



Vic on Iron Throne at EW Party The 6 Best Things We Saw at Comic Con 2014

The Entertainment Weekly party usually occurs deep into the ‘Con (after the biggest movie panels on Saturday night), and it is one of THE most exclusive affairs of the weekend. All the biggest stars show up for a tour through EW‘s celebration of geekdom - complete with a stop for a photo portrait, often  on such fun props as the Game of Thrones Iron Throne. As you can see above, Screen Rant owner Vic Holtreman was in attendance (although, that’s how he typically looks while lording over us :-P).

Basically, if you want the upscale, star-studded Comic-Con experience, you want the EW party.

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Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman

Batman V Superman and Wonder Woman Banner 570x273 The 6 Best Things We Saw at Comic Con 2014


Undoubtedly the biggest movie reveal of the convention was the teaser for Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The footage was leaked online (and is being pulled down just as quickly), but basically, we got to see 15 seconds of comic books’ two biggest titans eyeing each other up for what looks to be an epic showdown. In the leaked version, one fan’s all-too-audible geekgasm pretty much sums up the feelings of fans the world over.

While it wasn’t a major focus in Hall H, Snyder tweeted out our first official image of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman immediately following the panel, solidifying this new vision of DC’s Holy Trinity. Bring on Justice League.

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Marvel’s Avengers 2 Ant-Man 

Comic Con 2014 Avengers 2 Cast Photo 1024x716 The 6 Best Things We Saw at Comic Con 2014

Marvel Studios always knows how to OWN the big Saturday night slot in Hall H – and although they still managed to get some serious hype out of having most of the Avengers: Age of Ultron cast show up for hijinks and sizzle reel footage reveals, the studio was admittedly more reserved in its Comic-Con promotional campaign than usual.

Comic Con 2014 Ant Man Photo Marvel Booth 729x1024 The 6 Best Things We Saw at Comic Con 2014


After so many behind the scenes shakeups, Ant-Man was on hand to present its new director and remaining cast members – to an almost insultingly tepid reaction from the crowd. Luckily, studio frontman Robert Downey Jr. was on hand, helping The Avengers 2 win over the ‘Con with some nice dance moves and well-placed rose tosses. An appearance by Josh Brolin (aka Thanos) may not have been the epic finish some hoped for – but it was pretty cool.

Meanwhile, the Age of Ultron sizzle reel has many fans excited for what looks to be The Empire Strikes Back of Marvel movies.

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King Kong & Godzilla: Dawn of  Monsters

Godzilla King Kong Comic Con 2014 The 6 Best Things We Saw at Comic Con 2014

Two big movie monsters got new movie deals out of this year’s Comic-Con. Legendary Pictures confirmed that Godzilla 2 was happening, then upped the ante by teasing that the sequel may be full of iconic kaiju, such as Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah. Even those who didn’t enjoy director Gareth Edwards’ reboot will likely be pleased at the thought of a movie where the big “G” is going to be doing a lot more throwing down.

Meanwhile, the studio faked everyone out with the teaser that turned out to NOT be Jurassic World, but rather the announcement of a King Kong prequel, Skull Island. While at first that may seem underwhelming, it’s true that we’ve never seen an extensive origin story for the big ape who menaced Manhattan. More to the point: With two iconic giant monsters – and some giant monster-killing robots – all now under the roof of the same studio, we marvel at the possibilities for crossovers and/or team-ups (see what I did there?). For fans of these films, SDCC 2014 was a goldmine.

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DC TV Pilots

Gotham Cast Photo Flash TV Show Poster The 6 Best Things We Saw at Comic Con 2014

Along with their returning hit series Arrow, DC and Warner Bros. TV had a three new DC Comics TV shows to promote at SDCC 2014: GothamThe Flash and Constantine. A special screening event was held in addition to panels about each show, giving the fans (and subsequently the world) their first taste of what each of these shows is about, and which ones are worth their viewing time.

Constantine Comic Con Trailer The 6 Best Things We Saw at Comic Con 2014

With the silence now broken, we’re starting to reveal our own thoughts about The Flash premiere’s strong and weak points, as well as critiques of Gotham and Constantine. However, no matter the ultimate fate of each show, it was clear that WB was willing to invest heavily in these projects, if ‘Con presence is any indication.

…We’re just super bummed we didn’t get to try the zipline through Gotham activity while at the convention.

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Pleasant Surprise Trailers: Mad Max Jupiter Ascending

Aside from big superhero flicks, ‘Con attendees dig in some deliciously pulpy genre flicks, and this year Warner Bros. made some much-improved impressions with two previously underwhelming projects, Mad Max: Fury Road and Jupiter Ascending.

Fury Road brings back Mad Max Trilogy director George Miller for a new chapter about Mad Max (not reboot, prequel or sequel – just a new tale starring the Max character) and as you can see above, the results like pretty entertaining. Think The Road Warrior with modern effects and you’ll get the idea. Tom Hardy looks the part of Max (no Mel Gibson this time), and Charlize Theron looks like she holds her own as Imperator Furiosa. Fury Road has jumped much higher up on our most anticipated list for 2015.

Jupiter Ascending Preview The 6 Best Things We Saw at Comic Con 2014

Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis in ‘Jupiter Ascending’

Meanwhile, we got a more extensive look at Jupiter Ascending from Matrix Trilogy makers, The Wachowskis. The Channing Tatum/Mila Kunis vehicle previously looked like a gumbo of every major sci-fi trope one could think of, but in a new trailer (not available to the public – yet) we get a much more extensive breakdown of the plot to help contextualize all the far-out (but often gorgeous) visuals.

Best of all, the Comic-Con trailer for Jupiter Ascending succeeds in building the world of the film – a world where canine/humanoid splice warriors (Tatum) and dragon-man henchman do battle in the streets of cities, and Earth is but an entry on a galactic corporation’s balance sheet. Jupiter Ascending may be another box office risk for The Wachowskis, but as an original property it looks distinctively unique, and visually stimulating. Here’s hoping it will be a pleasant surprise in the February doldrums.

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san diego comic con logo The 6 Best Things We Saw at Comic Con 2014

Another year, another Comic-Con done and over. Some may say that this year was something of a letdown in terms of what we got (as opposed to what we thought we would get) – but clearly we have six examples of positive experiences we took away from the convention – with many more not listed here.

Were you at Comic-Con 2014? Did you follow our coverage? What were some of YOUR favorite headlines that we didn’t list here? Let us know in the comments!

The San Diego Comic-Con International takes place every summer in San Diego, CA.

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  1. Vic could easily be the SR version of Tywin Lannister.

    Anyway, my highlight was the BVS teaser. According to social media experts, the rest of the world found that brief panel the highlight of Comic Con too (top 5 most talked about Comic Con panels in order were Batman V Superman at number 1, Game Of Thrones at 2, Teen Wolf at 3, The Walking Dead at 4 and Avengers: Age Of Ultron at 5).

    Right now, I’m excited about the now officially released Deadpool footage they made for 20th Century Fox back in 2011 after having it taken down repeatedly for copyright violations.

  2. From what I’ve seen, its all hype. Maybe ten years ago it was cool, but nothing really spectacular has come out of Comic-Con this year. If I lived in San Diego, I wouldn’t have gone and I don’t think I would’ve missed anything. Dud.

  3. Is it me or DC heroes being darker just as Batman in tone in film?

    • It seems that DC feels the majority of their shows are better if they’re darker. Not necessarily true.

      • Or set in the real world while Marvel’s world seems to be brightly lit and full of colour, wonder and humour rather than the more realistic “bleak but moments of glory” that the real world feels like.

        • Nice.

        • Lol, neither is real representation of the “real world”.

  4. I know its nothing to do with comic con, but when are we gonna talk about the leaked deadpool test footage??

    • I loved that footage it seems like reynolds really is perfect for the role.So far all comments on the footage have been positive so hopefully that convinces Fox to make the Deadpool movie

      • I couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t get much more perfect than the leaked footage. I’m actually surprised that there hasn’t been any mention of it in an article on SR yet. I suppose they are still in full SDCC mode, and with no X-Men related info coming out of there, it’s not priority. Plus not a lot to talk about other than the epicness of the video.

    • I think my comment was blocked for mentioning that. It’s been officially released in HD now.

      • Oh really? must look at that….anybody else thinking FOX are the ones who ”leaked” it to test the waters?

        • That’s the theory doing the rounds on various websites, seems plausible.

          • Ah damn, the HD ones been blocked by FOX

            • Get it while it’s hot. A new upload for the HD version.

              • FOX blocked it. Dang it !

  5. Personally, I was underwhelmed by the announcements coming out of DC. I was really hoping for more details in terms of casting BvS as well as announcements for other movies that are on the horizon, like Shazam. As much as the Rock was building up the hype leading up to SDCC, I thought they would go all in to win the weekend.

    Marvel did ok, but still nothing super exciting. The sizzle reel sounds amazing (at least as amazing as it can sound when you’re reading about it), but nothing that blew me away.

    The biggest thing that I’m excited for is what is happening with the monster movies. The name drops of ‘zill’s foes, and the King Kong announcemnet is fantastic! Bring it on!!!

    • *’zilla’s foes

    • According to social media analysis, Batman V Superman was the most talked about panel at SDCC while Avengers: Age Of Ultron came 5th (behind GOT, Teen Wolf and TWD).

      Underwhelming show until the BVS teaser was leaked and the Godzilla sequel news in my opinion.

  6. Warcraft?

  7. What, no Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey surprising everyone by showing up and showing a new trailer for Interstellar? Other than that I agree with everything else. I was bummed that neither Marvel or DC/WB didn’t announce anymore films.

  8. There’s always next year guys. BvS is 2 years away. DC can build more hype by doing more cast reveals next year and also bringing them onstage (I do wonder how Eisenberg will be greeted/treated). That’s better than them blowin their load on hype this weekend and then not having anything worthwhile to sustain interest next year. The Wonder Woman and 15 second trailer were cool. There was more dc related stuff than that one movie.

    • True but that was the big one that everyone was interested in and hey, even a 5 minute BVS panel won Comic Con for the second year in a row.

      I guess the most disappointment was due to the lack of other DC Cinematic Universe info being released but they have plenty of time.

  9. Check this out!

    …Morrisson Multiverse Mayhem & Madness…omg

    • That sounds amazing, really looking forward to that.

  10. Luv that top photo with Vic sitting on the Iron Throne.

  11. 1. Gal Gadot has to have one of her BEST acting performace for her to be convincing as WW. She has a 3 picture deal (I think) and will have to carry a movie on her own soon. I still think she could gain at least 10 lbs for me to be sold on appearance alone. Now her fighting skills FOR would have to rival the Captain America WS movie.

    2. If Batjake will be an older one and has been fighting crime for a while I believe he won’t have too many fight scenes. I would like Superman to have more screen time than Batjoke. We have had enough Batman films in my eyes…let Superman shine for a while.

    3. I want to know who the main villian is for the movie. That will let me know if they are going to make Batjoke over powered in the movie. We all know that Superman will do all the work and Batjoke will get all the credit and I hope that’s not the case in this movie.

    4. I’m excited to see the Vision being played by Paul B. it will be cool to see how he changes the voice for Vision.

    5. If someone has to die this movie (I just want one person to die)I would rather it be Tony Stark. He is in my eyes the MOST replace able on the team because you could just add War Machine. And here me out before people start crying like a baby.

    A. War Machine could take his place as the fire power on the team.
    B. You have Bruce Banner who is your smart guy on the team as well.
    C. He isn’t a better leader than Captain America.
    D. Thor would be too valuable to lose for the team.
    E. People would be effected more by his death the most.
    F. If it was someone else who do you replace them with?

    1. Captain America-No one would have gain the teams trust to lead them into battle and accept orders without question. Captain America is the BEST stragtegist they have on the team and killing him would put them at a strategic disadvantage. Let alone have the new leader already have those qualities that Cap has and from the looks of it Tony doesn’t.

    2. Banner/Hulk-Banner is just as smart is Stark so that void can be filled/No one can replace his POWER

    3. Thor-The second strongest on the team, no one can replace him

    4. Widow & Hawkeye-You won’t find two better shield agents to join the team.

    • Kill Tony Stark? You must be kidding…I think you can replace anybody else other than him.Stick to D.C, which other than Nolan no one can do right.

      • Zack Snyder did it right. Greg Berlanti’s doing it right on Arrow and The Flash (which, by the way, Gorilla Grodd may appear on the show after all somehow).

        • Snyder did not do it right and Man of Steel was a failure.

          • Snyder DID do it right. “Man of Steel” was excellent.

            • Maybe if you’re a comics fan relieved to see the DC cinematic universe get off the ground; not if you’re a fan of good movies.

              • See, Mandy, how utterly wrong you can be (and ARE, in this case)?

                While I AM a fan of CBMs and of the DCU, I am ALSO a big fan of well-made films.

                Try harder…though, as usual, you will fail.


          • How was Man of Steel a failure, I think you’re getting this movie and your life mixed up. lol You mad bro?

            • What a surprise, MoS fanboys responding to criticisms with personal attacks. Better get used to it, chum: I have a feeling people will be talking bad about this movie for a looooooong time.

              • Just want to say I am neither a DC or Marvel fanboy and thought Man of Steel was really good! Snyder has done a great job re-inventing Superman!

    • 1. Why would Gadot need to gain weight to convince you? There was an Amazon warrior in Hercules that looked the same body shape as Gadot and she kicked plenty of ass without having to eat lots of food so strike that ridiculous complaint right out. Are you upset that “typical athletic female body shape ScarJo” is appearing in Avengers 2 rather than “heavily pregnant ScarJo”?

      2. “Batjoke”? Well, at least you described yourself accurately in your username. Should Michael Jai White give up action films because of his age, despite the fact he can still kick a lot of ass?

      3. Lex Luthor. Maybe you missed that one? Aww, how cute, you still think “Batjoke” is funny. Bless. Next!

      4. Me too.

      5. Intriguing but descended into childish insults before you even got to your reasoning. Ok, I’ll continue reading anyway, see if I agree.

      A. I’ve said this before a few times on this site so yes.
      B. True.
      C. Personality wise, no so agree there.
      D. Always helps to have an alien considered a god on your side, right?
      E. True, he supplies the funding, the tech and also saved the world by flying that nuke through the portal. They owe Tony a lot.
      F. Cap with Bucky (too soon?). Widow with Spider-Woman (she’s not a Sony property, is she?) or Scarlet Witch. Thor with Scarlet Witch. Hawkeye with Quicksilver or Vision.

      • 1. What I meant is she would need more muscule mass for me. I would want her to have a build like Xena Warrior Prince for me to look past her acting a little. Why would I be mad about how Scar Jo looks in Avengers2? She looked fine in every movie with Marvel but she isn’t the MOST powerful female hero of all time.

        2. Look Batjoke doesn’t impress me at all in the movies, it’s one thing to make him look better than Superman in the comics but there’s no way in hell they can pull that off in the movie.

        3. Lex isn’t a powerful enough villian to take on BOTH Superman & Batjoke, maybe he would be enough for Batjoke but not Superman. They need a second villain for me to go see this movie. I won’t want to see them do what i know they will do with Lex. Create a machine body with krytonite and fight Superman. I will fall a sleep if that’s the final fight.

        4. I’m glad we can agree with some of my comments.

        5. Tony Stark would be Perfect to kill off if you ask me.

        • While I find all of your hate mongering for Tony Stark childish and unrealistic, you have got to be kidding me with the Xena build thing. They look almost identical, especially in the costume Gadot is wearing. She’s a tad skinnier, but this is also almost 20 years after Xena, and the perception of women on screen has changed. What do you want? The WWF’s Chyna to play Wonder Woman?

          • How am I a hate monger? I was just stating what I think should happen, it is my opinion and it is my right as an AMERICAN to state my opinion.

            Xena is my eyes had the build of a amazon when you see her. She wasn’t skinny and she has great muscules and curves which made my believe she was a warrior.

            Where did you get Chyna from? Like what are you talking about?

            I guess you comment was a joke just like you life. lol Just kidding I don’t think your comment was a joke.

  12. Haven’t watched any material from Con yet so I’d like to know if there was anything about Universal buying the rights for Forgotten Realms. From what I’ve read online, they are planning on a Drizzt Do’Urden movie. About time if you ask me.

    • Sorry it was Warner, not Universal.

  13. Thank you for mentioning Mad Max and Jupiter Ascending. The Max trailer was great and the Jupiter footage was very impressive from what I’ve heard.

  14. Nice pic, Vic!
    Dressed to the nines!

  15. hi there this is the fan of the superheroes and i just wondering if there is a world of this superheros with this incredible superpowers why not if we leaving in a huge world with an incredible superheros movies why not see in the real screen just like they did to all of this heroes to see this cartoons alive just like they did to batman X-men and juarsic park why not the thundercats just like they did to transformers G.i joe and why not the thundercats there a bunch of fans who want to see thundercats alive not in cartoon alive just like star wars superman transformers why not the thundercars to so there are so many oportunities to see alive the thundercatsa look at Wolverine why not the thundercats to so i ask to see in the future the movie of thundercats just like they did to ninja turtules planet of the appes why not the thundercats too as well??

  16. I just cant understand why you fellows are commenting on Fury Road….blew everything else out of the water.

  17. Are not*