Comic-Con 2014 Marvel Studios Panel – What To Expect This Year

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comic con 2014 marvel studios panel Comic Con 2014 Marvel Studios Panel   What To Expect This Year

So far, the list of things to look forward to at the 2014 International Comic-Con in San Diego later this month includes a proper sendoff for the Hobbit movie trilogy, panels for both upcoming Marvel and DC TV series (Gotham, Agent Carter, etc.), and an appearance by the Fantastic Four reboot cast – and that’s just what has been revealed, so far!

Marvel Studios has now officially confirmed that its panel will take place in Hall H from 5:30-6:30 p.m. PT on Saturday, July 26th. So far, we know that the studio will do something to promote Guardians of the Galaxy ahead of the movie’s theatrical debut in August – including, possible appearances by cast members and/or brand-new footage. However, ‘Con attendees best keep their hopes down for an early screening, as director James Gunn has already said that won’t be happening (via his  Twitter account).

In addition, we have confirmation that the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron will be in attendance, hopefully along with a sick footage sizzle reel preview for Joss Whedon’s sequel. Meanwhile, this week Michael Douglas announced that he shall be present at the ‘Con to promote Ant-Man – the first movie installment in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

marvel ant man director Comic Con 2014 Marvel Studios Panel   What To Expect This Year

On that note, we don’t necessarily expect Marvel Studios to reveal the entire map for Phase 3, but we do hope to get updates on such rapidly-developing installments as Captain America 3 (like an official subtitle announcement) and Doctor Strange (such as confirmation of a 2016 release date).

Beyond that, it would be more than welcome if Marvel revealed its two film releases for 2017 – one of which is going to be a franchise installment (Thor 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 are the most likely candidates right now), while the other will be an original comic book to movie intellectual property (something like Inhumans seems to be a reasonable possibility).

Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Inhumans Comic Con 2014 Marvel Studios Panel   What To Expect This Year

However, Marvel Studios may elect to keep holding these cards close to its chest for another year – and thus, better keep its panel focused on hyping the final two Phase 2 installments, as well as building up more positive buzz for the beginning of Phase 3, with Ant-Man.


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The International Comic-Con 2014 will take place from July 24th-27th in San Diego, California. Be sure to bookmark Screen Rant’s Comic-Con 2014 landing page to follow our team and receive live coverage during the event!

Guardians of the Galaxy opens in U.S. theaters on August 1st, 2014, followed by The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17th, 2015, and Captain America 3 on May 6th, 2016.

Marvel Studio also has an unannounced film (Doctor Strange?) set for release on July 8th, 2016, along with another as-yet secret movie (Thor 3? Guardians 2?) on May 5th, 2017.

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  1. inhumans….what..? god nnnooooooo.. well we still have the good old fox so,whatever ..

    • Jesus H, kid, give it a rest all ready.

    • Inhumans are great. You are absurd.

    • Look, mommy and daddy must have gotten him a smart phone so he can post from the playground…

    • I just wish SR could get rid of this kid… ALL it does is trash on EVERY Marvel article and gives a steady rim job to everything DC!! It is getting so effing OLD to see this garbage on EVERY Marvel article!… except now it changed its name to, r o l a n 548??? What is that? 548! is that your birth month-5 birth day-4 and your age-8??

      Go bang on the DC comment section PLEASE! and go away! your s**t is getting childish and annoying… PLEASE SR can’t you do ANYTHING?

      • No, please don’t let him onto the DC articles because then his annoying behaviour will tarnish those of us who like DC as well and cause more unwanted flame wars.

        I’m all for free speech but not in rolan’s case. I also have a sneaking suspicion he may be behind the Bucky Barnes account that keeps getting itself banned too.

      • are you going to cry fanboy? haha you are so lame …DEAL WITH IT..LOL ,I RUN THIS B$#@H

        • Wow, not only are you immature, you are damn irritating. Seriously, go throw yourself off a bridge.

          • The American way of dealing with problems is to throw oneself off of a bridge? I don’t get it.

  2. Coming May 5th, 2017 is The Man Called Nova!

    As for Loki in Asgard, I’m guessing that part will be resumed in Avenger 3. How else would Thanos get the Infinity Gauntlet from Odin’s vault.

    • I doubt thanos will only be the man bad in one movie. I think avengers 3 will end with the good guys loosing to thanos big time and the thanks story line ending in avengers 4. I also hope ultron isn’t a bad guy
      He at least needs to be the main bad in a gog movie too

      • I never said Thanos would be the only bad guy. Obviously he’s not if he’s been pulling the strings on most villainous acts with other villain players. Who knows, maybe it was Thanos’ plan for Loki to get captured in Avengers 1. This way Loki would be brought to Asgard in order to open a door way for Thanos to get to Asgard/Odin’s vault.

        Ultron returning with the Phalanx would be a sick for an Avengers 5 movie. They’ll also have to do Kang at one point in the future.

        In away it would be cool for the Thanos conclusion to last two Avengers films. You can have the first one be called, “New Avengers” and have the new avengers fail. Then “The Avengers” step in.

        • As long as we get belt a ray and herc in Thor 3 and after avengers 3 Thor and iron man join gog . Plus a two guns solo movie would be the bomb too

          • Fingers crossed for Iron Man 4!! Absolutely loved 1 and 3!!

      • I think Thanos will at least kill Captain America, leaving the Winter Soldier an opportunity to pick up the shield and fill in for Rogers.
        And Ultron in GOTG2 could make sense, if it’s true what Avengers 2 is doing with Hulk at the end. If, of course, Ultron’s going with him.

  3. I would be incredibly surprised if the sequel in 2017 is not Thor 3. He’s arguably their second most successful superhero (unless Cap’s got him beat now). That seems obvious to me, so if they end up doing GotG 2 instead (with Hulk as is rumored) that would be a curveball.

    It might just be me, but I don’t want an Inhumans movie. To me, it would just be them trying to do their own spin on X-Men, and I’ve never been crazy about the Inhumans in the first place. I’d much prefer Ms. Marvel or Black Panther, since we need a solo vehicle for a female or black superhero (besides the fact both characters are awesome in their own right).

    • I agree with you about Black Panther and Ms. Marvel, prefer them over Inhumans at this time. I do believe Cap has slightly passed Thor as the second most successive SH so far in the MCU. Thor 1 grossed more than Cap1 , but Cap2 has Thor 2 beat. Overall financial success of Cap movies has passed up Thor at the moment.

      • Lol.. I meant most successful. Typo

  4. I think that Thor 3 and a Guardians/Hulk crossover movie could be the 2 2017 movies in play.

    However, with Dr. Strange and Thor 3 being more of the fantastical/otherworldly realm, Guardians and Hulk crossover may be too much of the fantastical/otherworldy stuff.

    A Hulk movie that cameo’s RDJ and Ant-Man on earth but features Hulk and Guardians in space could be a good blend.

  5. So does Chadwick Boseman just not want to do BP or what? I mean he’s the only guy I can think of that’s the right age and athletic enough. I would prefer David Oyelowo if not for the fact that he’s not readily trained to pull off the graceful acrobatics of T’Challa. (Chris Evans had a stunt double btw)

    Seriously, is there no man appropriate to play BP or what? I know there’s a shortage of good minority actors who actually connect with the audience on an emotional level, but Boseman is prime and ready.

    • I honestly think we will see BP cameo (at the very least) in Cap 3.

      I think since we know that at the end of Cap 2, Cap is going to go looking for Bucky, it will take him across the world and I think it will take him to Africa to track down Bucky. This could lead into scenes with Black Panther.

    • Are you sure it’s actors? You may be right, but it could also be script issues. The thing about Black Panther is that he is also a politician, and heavily mixes science and religion. Those factors may make it tricky, considering people aren’t going to want to see political debates or religious discussions in their superhero movie. It would be unique, sure, but that’s the one thing that may be holding them back script-wise. Believe me, I’d love a Panther film but I wish Marvel could at least update us on why it isn’t being made.

      • I’m not sure about that angle being the reason for the hold up. See with nearly all of Marvel Studios’ films, they introduce a conflict/villain(s) and build each scene and the next around that. It may not be fighting all the time, but there’s some kind of action going on sooner rather than later.

        As examples, capt 2 we had the scene where they’re on the ship Baltroc hijacked, then we get some talking before seeing Nick Fury chased down the street and encountering TWS, then Steve has that fight in the elevator, then he and Natasha eventually outrun hydra as they encounter Zola’s old computer, then they encounter TWS in the street for a fight and he doesn’t recognize Steve, then the next big action scene/finale is right when the two heroes are joined by Falcon.

        I used capt 2 as an example of a movie with serious, dramatic and political overtones that was still entertaining and far from boring. It wasn’t goofy, you could respect the characters, their mission and the movie overall. I don’t think it’d be hard to squeeze some quick political bits into a BP movie while showing his father’s death, his challenge to become king both in the face of naysayers and physically tough adversaries (insert Man-Ape), his interaction with the panther God, his struggle to protect his land and people from Klaw (or whoever else is invading Wakanda), him suiting up for the first time and demonstrating how powerful vibranium is, and then you come to the climactic battle…Come to think of it, he wouldn’t be a king until later on, so perhaps most of the political and national affairs can be handled by his mother, or saved for the sequel.

        In the end, we have very few capable actors of color (at least on anybody’s radar) who are also the right age to play a young T’Challa before he becomes king. Marvel should strike while the iron is hot before they get too old. M. B. Jordan decided to sign on for his director friend’s cbm, and his range honestly isn’t large enough for T’Challa so he’s out. Boseman and Oyelowo have the look of a regal leader as well as the range to play an endearing character. I see T’Challa being more brown than light skinned, but if Jordan actually acted his arse off for this, I wouldn’t mind it. Just no Chris Brown please.

      • I imagine it would be difficult finding the right balance between religion, political issues and the kind of action people expect from Marvel these days, especially when, so far, Marvel hasn’t released a film that isn’t mostly action.

        What I mean by that is, none of the Marvel Studios films have been very deep, in fact, I’d say they’re shallow action films and Cap 2 wasn’t so successful and popular due to its “political overtones”, it’s just that according to the trailers and then the finished movie, it looked more like the traditional action film that people have craved for years, something The Expendables are also seeming to fail at, despite the action movie credentials of a majority of the cast.

        Compare that to WB/DC releasing a Batman trilogy and a Superman origin that were incredibly deep thematically (Begins was about the nature of vengeance and subversive tactics, TDK was a traditional good vs evil tale, Rises was a film about redemption, MOS was about feeling alienated and not being able to fit in anywhere until you ultimately find your path).

        I’m not saying Marvel need to go WB/DC deep for Black Panther, they just need to look at true epics like Zulu and take notes then combine it with what they know best from their other 9 movies (thus far as I type this) and they may just find something that could help audiences connect with BP as a character rather than just “Hey, here’s another of our characters, enjoy while he does the same things our other heroes have!”.

        Also, when I say take notes from Zulu, I mean characters, music, editing, visuals. I honestly think it’s about time they took cues from other films in different genres and give each release its own flavour while still connecting it to the wider universe they’re building. Instead of “lets take the Thor script and change the character names”, they should be as distinct with each hero/team as 12 Years A Slave is to Natural Born Killers so that whenever they have an Avengers film, it truly feels like a major crossover opportunity that seems special and necessary to watch instead of “Oh, here comes another one that looks the same as the others from this studio”.

        Not that I’m bagging on Marvel Studios, I just prefer if they did something different with each film. Let Fox have the superhero flicks that blend into each other and don’t seem to have any reward for actually sitting through them. Let Sony tell the mix between the human story and superhero activities of Spider-Man (they have that balance perfectly so lets refrain from other studios following suit). Leave the heavy-hitting emotion and deep, philosophical reflection mixed with action to WB/DC. Lets have Marvel Studios stand out.

        I wouldn’t mind if they made a Machine Man film (for example) down the line that – like this year’s underrated Transcendence – is a modern version of the 1970s techno-thrillers. Thunderbolts being like The Usual Suspects. That kind of thing.

        • To me a good BP movie would have BP going through the trials and rites necessary to prove his worth of earning BP. Through the trials he has flashbacks of his childhood where we see him as a kid with his father on hunts and learning about Wakanda. There could be a scene where his dad explains how Wakandan legend tells of how Vibranium came to be.

          Then the trials and rituals are interrupted by outsiders led by Klaw and Man-Ape. T’challa’s dad is killed. Klaw, Man-Ape, and minions enslaved Wakandan’s but Tchalla escapes. He then goes to Necropolis for advice.

          He returns and tries to convince his people to rise up. They are afraid but when he takes out Man-Ape the people see him as a leader. He gets his people free and then he takes down Klaw’s operations. All of this ends with him being “crowned” the next BP.

          • That could be cool, maybe een use a different filter for the flashback sequences? In fact, I’d make the flashbacks dark at first then gradually turn up the brightness as he finds the light within to take on the mantle of Black Panther until it gets to the typical Marvel Studios brightness and colourful palette in scenes set in the present to show that he’s in control of his destiny and has proven himself in the role.

            • The color idea is cool but I’d worry that many viewers would say that the film was trying too hard to look “theatrical and artsy” or trying too hard to be “deep”

              It may feel too forced.

              But It would definitely be unique and if done subtly could please the crowd.

              • Wakandas are generally strong willed people. Fear isn’t in their blood, but you could go with the angle of them being out-gunned or some kind of ransom-like threat keeping them from retaliation.

                • Yeah I thought about that when writing it out but I figure with Klaw’s technological powers, Man-Ape’s physical strength, and maybe another genius leader with tech (Baron Zemo?) the Wakandan’s would be outmatched.

                  Especially if they lost their king/chief Tchaka and maybe T’Challa presumed dead, then maybe the people would have no leader to follow.

    • Oyelowo would be a great fit! And he’s done a lot of TV work so we could even get cameos in whatever TV properties are applicable in a few years (who knows what we will have once Defenders has aired).

    • I’d love for one of the 2017 movies to be Black Panther. Honestly I don’t hear this person’s name thrown around a lot for the role, but I think Aldis Hodge would make an awesome Black Panther. He’s got a leaner and sleaker look that I’ve always thought made Black Panther very stealth like.

  6. How great would it be if the surprise 2017 movie is a crossover including Spiderman with Hulk!!!!!

    I can dream right?

  7. I am of the mind that Marvel may go for a slightly understated and focused comic con this year and not necessarily reveal the 2017 movies just yet save that for next year where they can come out and say ‘this is the plan for the phase 3 and then Thanos will arrive’

    Use it as a last massive GotG marketing thing (maybe some footage of Brolins Thanos just for the comic con crowd) – confirm Doc Strange for 2016 (cos we all know that’s what it’ll be)
    And try to reverse the negative buzz surrounding Ant-Man following the whole Edgar Wright debacle
    Main excitement builder – avengers 2 cast and sizzle reel

    I think this might be their strategy as they’ve had a few knocks since the last year comic con – Thor 2 (publicly unhappy director and distinctly average film), AoS really rocky first season, Ant-Man director and writing faff – so they could try for more of a solid consolidation thing rather than try to go with some massive reveals (which I’m not sure they have to much set in stone after Avengers 3 in 2018 even if they have that ‘plan’ till 2028)

    But also it seems to me that Marvel don’t exactly have a sliver bullet to combat the general buzz surrounding DCs panel with the possibility of DC coming out with a:
    Movie plan (3 per year?)
    big actor announcements (Aquaman?, the Rock as Shazam/Black Adam?)
    BVS sizzle reel/clip?
    Shot of the Big 3 in costume in a Live Action Movie for the 1st time

    So marvel might not try and go to big only to have it all blown away by the DC panel news

    But I am excited to hear all the news from both Marvel and DC that be coming out over the next few weeks

    • Yeah, I have a feeling they heard the same rumours and thought “Well, we got a reaction with our Age Of Ultron reveal but then the day after, the thunder was well and truly stolen by Batman V Superman so what can we actually do this year?”.

      It’s hard to actually think of anything they could do because even if they reveal their movie line up heading into 2020, the people at Hall H and people like us will be excited but then the majority of the world would read about it all and think “Who?”.

      I got excited for Age Of Ultron, others I know have never heard of him so they shrugged then went insane a few days later when the Batman/Superman film was announced officially because those two (plus Spider-Man) make up the (three) most well known superheroes ever.

      Interested to see what Marvel can do outside of casting Benedict Cumberbatch as Doc Strange, which will only get buzz briefly then die down until he’s revealed in full costume on set.

  8. Question for the Marvel experts. Who is the smartest character of the five members of team Guardians of the Galaxy? I would guess Rocket.

    • I’d assume Gamora maybe. Rocket’s a trigger-happy hot-head.

    • Technically Groot is the most intelligent. Or probably has the highest IQ. Then Star-Lord, then Rocket and Gamora. And the dumbest, Drax.
      Though I think Groot has the least amount of ‘space knowledge’ or experience.

      • The reason I asked is that friends were saying Groot.

      • My bet is that Star-Lord is the smartest. Drax is the least smart.

        You could probably go on Marvel comics websites and they usually have grids to show levels of strength, abilities, intelligence, etc. You could compare the grids between all of the characters.

        • I don’t care that much about it.

          • I already went and looked. Star-Lord is your answer…

            According to Marvel Wiki, and using Earth 616 info…

            Starlord is level 4 intellect
            Gamora, Rocket, and Groot are level 3
            Drax is level 2

          • Also, I just read, that Star-Lord’s mixed physiology grants him peak human mental process helping him learn and process things at an advanced rate. He can also learn other languages with ease

      • No way Drax is the dumbest. He would be the second smartest. He has vast knowledge of the universe, purgatory, celestial beings, etc. He’s been through death and has explored many corners of the universe in search for Thanos. He’s seen and experienced a lot.

        The old Drax was an idiot but after Drax was reborn within himself, he retained all his past knowledge.

        • Dude I’m just going by what I researched on line. According to 2 different Marvel sources, Drax is the least intelligent of the Guardians

          According to Marvel Comics Database ( intelligence levels are:
          Groot, Rocket, Gamora- 3
          Starlord- 4

          According to Marvel Wiki (
          Drax – 1
          Rocket and Gamora- 4
          Groot- 6
          Starlord 5

          So if we take the 2 official ratings and average them…
          Groot- 4.5
          Starlord- 4.5
          Gamora- 3.5

          Sorry but official ratings don’t lie…

          • They aren’t official when they’re out-of-date. Guaranteed they list him as still having blast powers with a high level of Energy Projection. Current Drax now has 0 energy projection and his intelligence would now be a 4-5.

            Pick up the Drax 4 issue mini series, you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s a great read.

            Plus Marvel.Wikia is the most outdated and inaccurate source. They say Pete has hybrid powers due to genes. Never in the comics, they mention anything like that.

   is the most reliable if you want to read about character stuff.

            • the Marvel Wikia is pretty inaccurate or out-of-date on a lot of stuff. The official marvel comics wiki, “Marvel Universe Wiki” is generally accurate and up to date.

              Comic Vine is also very good though.

            • dude I’ve been following Guardians of the Galaxy since it was rebooted with Marvel Now. I’m on issue #16. I frequent my comic shop once a month and have never seen recent comics of Drax.

              What 4 part series are you talking about? The ones from 2005? To my knowledge there are no current Drax mini series comics.

              Either way, from everything I’ve read in the current Guardians Marvel Now series, Drax has not shown high intellect. I’m not saying he is dumb but there is nothing to show he is the 2nd smartest of the team. ‘

              In fact, if you stand by Comic Vine so much, then look at the listed powers and abilities of each of the characters. Drax has nothing listed that says intellect is one of his abilities. However, Gamora and Groot are listed as having intellect as major powers/abilities. Star Lord used to have implants that helped him have excellent recall but has lost them.

              Either way, I really like Drax, always have since I was like 7 years old when I collected trading cards back in the late 1980’s. However, this is an issue that I just can’t agree with you on. Evidence shows that Drax is mainly a brutish warrior. Doesn’t mean he’s dumb but his intellect doesn’t stand with Gamora, Groot and Star-Lord.

  9. I’m so mad! I just found out that Guardians of the Galaxy hits German theaters a full 4 weeks after the US release… on August 28. Oh, the humanity… :(

    • Can you make it to the UK on a cheap train/flight? It opens here on July 31st.

      • Even on the cheapt it would be quite the expensive trip to the cinema. I want to see the movie badly, but not that badly. 😉

  10. I’d rather see Black Panther or Antman. Adding Inhumans is just bringing on too many teams for me right now

  11. I wish I was there…

  12. My guess?
    Lots and lots of B or C list (maybe even a few D list) character announcements!

  13. I believe it will be Inhumans and Guardians won’t need a seQuel because they’ll team up with the Avengers to take down Thanos in 2018 Avengers3. Wishful thinking I know, but still. Black Bolt for president!!

  14. I’m not a Marvel hater, but the Ant Man movie doesn’t sound to great as a solo/standalone.

  15. i love boys