Comic-Con 2014: Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman v Superman’ Cowl & Cape Revealed [Updated]

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Ben Affleck Batman v Superman Cap and Cowl SDCC 2014 Comic Con 2014: Ben Afflecks Batman v Superman Cowl & Cape Revealed [Updated]

[UPDATE: Zack Snyder has revealed a new pic of Affleck in his Bat cowl & cape.]

It’s that time of year again when San Diego Comic-Con takes over every corner of the Internet. In the next few days, there’s going to be a huge number of announcements regarding TV shows and major movie blockbusters. And one of the biggest projects – Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – is expected to make some sort of appearance in Hall H on Saturday night.

While we’ve already seen Ben Affleck in his Batman costume – which looks quite a bit like the Frank Miller designed Dark Knight Returns Bat-suit – we’ve yet to see it up close. Now, that’s about to change.

As many Batman fans already know, 2014 is the 75th Anniversary of the Caped Crusader’s creation in Detective Comics #27. One way in which Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are celebrating the event is by putting Batman costumes, capes, and cowls on display at the Con, including the cowl and cape from the upcoming Batman v Superman. Dan Didio, co-publisher at DC Comics, recently tweeted a photo and a confirmation that these are indeed from the Batfleck suit.

Check out the photo below:


Ben Affleck Batman Cape Cowl Comic Con 2014 570x1012 Comic Con 2014: Ben Afflecks Batman v Superman Cowl & Cape Revealed [Updated]

(Don’t worry – the new suit will probably have pants in the movie.)

UPDATE: Here’s an image posted on Twitter by Zack Snyder, showing Affleck’s Batman profile:

Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman Mask Comic Con 2014 570x856 Comic Con 2014: Ben Afflecks Batman v Superman Cowl & Cape Revealed [Updated]

A few things stand out here. First, the cowl has much more of a comic book feel to it than previous cinematic costumes, particularly the sculpt of the eyebrows and the cheekbones. In fact, the Batfleck costume generally looks quite a bit more like it comes from a comic book than, say, the hyper-realistic costume from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. This isn’t too surprising, considering the design of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen costumes, which were also very comic book-esque.

Second, the neck of the cowl; also unlike the Dark Knight costume, it doesn’t seem to allow for a lot of movement for the head. Every movie version of the Batman costume – except for the ones from Batman ’66, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises – has utilized a cowl that more or less made the head immobile. Every time Michael Keaton wanted to turn and look at someone in Batman ’89 or Batman Returns, he had to turn his entire body all at once. It looked kind of awkward.

Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan Batman Movies Comic Con 2014: Ben Afflecks Batman v Superman Cowl & Cape Revealed [Updated]

Now, this could just be a misunderstanding of how this new cowl works, and maybe the head will have more mobility than it seems. Or maybe a lack of head movement in Batman v Superman will just look less awkward than it has previously. We’ll have to wait to see Ben Affleck’s suit in action to know for sure.

Finally, the above photo seems to confirm that the new Bat-suit isn’t blue and gray, as some fans had hoped. Of course, that doesn’t mean the full suit won’t be dark gray and light gray, which would still be quite faithful to the comics. Again, we’ll have to wait to see the rest of the suit – in color – to know more.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Do you like the look of the new Batman cowl and cape? Are you disappointed that there’s no blue? Drop us a line in the comments.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters May 6th, 2016.

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Source: Dan Didio

Update Source: Zack Snyder

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  1. i wish there was some blue there whyyy dc tell me whyyyyy

    • Because if there is going to be blue it should be on the suit and not so much on the cowl/cape.

      • Yeah I dont understand pointing out there is no Blue or Grey when that was all on the contrasting parts of the costume not being the cape and cowl.

        Think of it like cammo. With the cape draped properly the grey/blue broke the hard lines of a body.

        • Yup. Cammo is a good way to put it. The big yellow symbol was said to be used to draw gun fire to his bullet chest piece.

          • dark blue is more stealth than any other colour, that’s why ninjas actually didn’t wear black, but really dark blue, or navy blue or black blue or whatever you want to call it. That’s also the reason why batmans cape in the animated series has a bluish hue

            • lol Ninja didn’t wear actual black because there wasn’t a way to get cloth that black in the 15th century.

              • Hell yeah, ninja debate

                • Half right. Ninja didn’t wear black, yes. But the reason was because deeper, dark colors antually stand out quite intenseley against the more grey/blue backdrop of night. Navy blue, grey, and, surprisingly, red were the most traditional colors for covert night situations. Red being a low-frequency color that doesn’t stand out at all in the dark. During the day time ninja wore, surprise, normal clothes. Black sticks out wherever you wear it and ninja wouldn’t have used it even if deep ebony was feasible.

                  • Yeah I was gonna mention red next. It was also good for hiding blood sstains. And yes, black stands out,but even if they wanted to use true black, they couldn’t. What was considered black back then would be obvious today as dark indigo or dark green. They just couldn’t make real black until about 100 years later.

                  • Whoa, so like ninjas didn’t wear black? That’s mindblowing man

                    ~Keanu Reeves

                • Ever seen a ninja’s suit real color in person? That’s because he’s a ninja!

                  • The reason is because black isn’t a natural colour, it’s man-made, nowhere in nature will you find black, just really dark blues

                    • I think I am going deaf, no wait there was a knife in my ears. How come no one told me. Now I just feel silly

                    • Are you saying Black Bears are actually Blue Bears? Or the Black Stallion should be named “The Blue Stallion?” I’m half joking and half serious, what do you mean black doesn’t exist in nature?

                    • Charcoal, soot, graphite, coal, granite, basalt and tar…

                      Nope, guess black DOESN’T happen in nature :P

                      Also, not gonna see this movie on principle. I’ve nothing against Batfleck (sounds intriguing actually!) but I HATE HATE HATE Superman

                    • what abot black holes? Mind Blown.

                    • and what about the Black Eyed Peas? :/

      • What onearth are you guys talking about? There has never been a batsuit with a black cowl and a blue body. The only thing that has ever been blue is the cowl.

        • And his Bat-shorts ;)

    • cos DC don’t know what they are doing

      • trying to start a debate wont work troll. now back to the seperated universe that is Marvel for you.

    • Who said Batman have only one suit in bvs? There will be more batmobiles and suits in the cave. And he will use in the film two suits may be. Yes,blue suit is not released yet. But we will experiance blue-grey suit too in the film or future films.

  2. There doesn’t seem to be much to say about it at this point.
    The black cape was kind of an obligated choice, since a blue one would not have made Batman’s colour scheme stand out enough in contrast with Superman’s.
    Still no way of seeing whether the cape has its traditional scalloped edge (like the one behind it in this picture). Its absence was a really minor detail in the Dark Knight saga that somehow managed to really annoy me.

    • His cape in the Nolan trilogy had the scalloped edges.

      • No, it didn’t. It assumed the bat shape when stretched out in glider mode, but when it was hanging down it was a normal rectangular cape.

  3. Why Batman v Superman though? Why not Green Lantern v Superman? Or heck, Wonder Woman v Flash?

    I think i had enough Batman, or Spider-Man, or Star Wars.

    • Why? Because $$$.

    • Because both already have strong fan-base from all over the world. Almost everyone knows who Batman and Superman are. Wonder Woman and Flash are right behind them, they’re quite well known, just not as much as Bats and Supes.

      I agree with you, i’m kinda tired seeing Batman over and over again. But being in movie industry, they pick batman because he’s a guaranteed cash cow, because of the reason i stated above.

    • It’s because the three most globally recognisable superheroes are Batman, Spider-Man and Superman (in that order).

      • Isn’t it Superman, Batman and then Spiderman?
        The S shield is the second most recognizable symbol in the world behind the Christian cross.

        • yes thats right, it is Superman – Batman and then spiderman has allways been that way

      • You’re talking about popularity not recognizability and in that case you’re right.

  4. Kirk Johannedt…I could never have enough Batman, No superhero around bigger than him. The new outfit is awesome by the way, Cant wait till we see a full view of the new Batmobile!

  5. I like the changes they made on the ears,batman with long ears makes him look like a german dog.

    • Long ears is unnecessary and is purely for design purposes,I agree about the chest logo though.

    • Why would Batman need a pair of long pointy ears? He’s Batman, not a wi-fi router…

    • @ Alfred

      I agree with ya.

      • I really like the massive bat logo actually, but the dark knight returns is one of my favourite comics so that’s why :P

    • logo on the chest?? IT’S A FREAKIN’ CAPE…

  6. meant to be batmans birthday and thhis is it??? marvel made his day insignificant. not one reveal from dc

    • The Batman v Superman movie is two years away. Did Marvel reveal details about Captain America 3 yet? Marvel is giving tidbits about Avengers 2 because it is coming out next year, in 2013 they gave nothing except a trailer where iron man helmet became ultron thats it. BVS may reveal a lot on next year’s SDCC. Hyping the movie so far away is pointless.

      • not trying to be rude but some people like getting hyped up for the movie even though its years away i like seeing images for the movie now they sick they make you want to watch it even more

        • I agree its fun to get teases! But this movie doesn’t require any more hype. If they show just one trailer 2 months before the movie with just Batman and Superman talking, that alone will sell tickets. In fact, too much marketing can lead to fatigue like TASM 2. Or worse hype becomes so much due to teasing that people start having very high expectations about this film and end up getting disappointed

      • @Goku While I agree with you that, there’s really no reason for DC to reveal much with the film being two years out. You can’t compare it to Captain America 3. This movie has been in development for well over a year now. Don’t forget, it’s was initially scheduled to be release next year. I think people have been hearing about this movie for so long now, they’re chomping at the bit for something of significance.

        You’re reference to Marvel’s AoU teaser last year is pretty much the same thing DC did at the same time when they revealed the Batman v Superman logo.

  7. The second batman suit will be alot cooler than this one,yes?

  8. I am just over the moon it dosnt have nipples.

  9. Also consider there may have been leaps and bounds in the construction/pliability of rubber (or whatever they use) to allow them to created a cowl that is form fitting along with the ability to move about.

    • If that was the case, Nolan’s team wouldn’t have had to completely re-imagine the cowl in order to allow for his neck to move. There have not been “leaps and bounds” in the pliability of rubber since TDKR.

      • However TDK quite up front said body armor. They even pointed out in the movie they wanted it of a hard material.

        Opposed to say the ‘rubber’ that has been used in the better Batman movies in the 80s/90s (yes its a friendly jab) and to more closer resemble the comics.

        So I dont believe the ‘rubber’ option was even on the table for TDK. So TDK has no place in this comparison in my opinion since the suits were totally different.

  10. Sorry but Afleck still dont look right to me…..

    • I think he may suprise you,

    • I haven’t made up my mind about Afleck yet, but they sold Henry Cavill as Superman. They pulled that one off so they could sell just about anybody as anyone.

  11. Did anyone else notice the other cape and cowl sets behind the black one? The silver on with the shoulder pads and the woodland cammo one?

  12. Hahaha, look at those eyebrows! He looks so mad.

    Also, is that cowl in background made out of tinfoil?

  13. Back to stiff neck batman.

    • he would look kak with a neck that could turn

      • I thought that was a BIG problem, especially as the series went on.

      • I don’t see “kak” used often in the net.

    • Given how he’s looking down in the original tease, I bet they’ve made the neck much more flexible. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t have a good range of motion. Snyder is too visual a filmmaker for something awkward.

  14. I hope they change the costume big time for Justice League. Wasn’t a fan of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Nor am I of the costume Affleck will be wearing. Give me Keaton’s old costume anyday.

  15. This movie will be amazing. I have hope that this will be one of the best Comic Movies of all time and might make more than Knight Rises. Anything is possible nothing like this has been done before so Superman and Batman in the name will garner so much hype

  16. Did I miss something? How did we go from Batman costume to black hues of colors to Ninjas? Now I want to talk about Skittles, see what you guys did? And I predict BvsS will make 124million opening night and that Captain America3 will make 97million opening night

    • captain America now/?????why

  17. The suit behind has a longer ear on the cowl. Other than that and with some silvery material on it, both suits has similar design, especially the face opening so expect Batman to suit up in that suit as well.

    Apart from the comic, the suit kind of remind me of the first two Arkham games, which was also very faithful to the comics.

    • About the neck thing, I think the mask may be a detached from the cape, meaning he can actually turn his head.

  18. Too bad it cannot cover up his bad acting.

  19. Doesn’t really look blue…

  20. Sure hope they have a solution to the seeming lack of ability to head turning without involving the whole body because yeah that does look so awkward.

  21. Sooo. Are we back to square 1 with Batman not being able to turn his head. Looks like the Cowl and Cape will limit his head movement. Which is one of the things I Loved about TDK. They jokingly mentioned that and indeed made modifications to his batsuit.

    Hopefully this Cape Crusader will be more flexable, athletic, and more supereior with his acrobatics, fighting style and movements.

  22. Nightowl had a similar design with the cape & cowl so I’m sure he can turn his head. The cowl in the previous movies was attached to the suit, which made it hard to turn.
    I also don’t get the fuss about his ears. The longer ears seem to be an unnecessary liability during a fight.

  23. Spoiler alert: The original batman picture was actually in color.

    • Nah.

  24. I only have one question!! ….. Will he be able to turn his head?

  25. Anyone else curious about the other batsuit in the background, just over the shoulder of the cowl? can anyone ID it?

    • Looks like the one from Batman & Robin eew.

  26. BVS will OWN CA3

  27. I just wonder how Batfleck´s voice will sound like…