Marvel Bringing ‘Thor 2′ & ‘Captain America 2′ to Comic-Con 2013

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Thor Captain America The Avengers Marvel Bringing Thor 2 & Captain America 2 to Comic Con 2013

As expected, Marvel Studios is looking to make a big splash at this year’s Comic-Con. The studio has already revealed that its upcoming ABC series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., will be the focus of its own panel (featuring series co-creator and Phase Two overseer Joss Whedon, no less). Now we’ve gotten a little more insight about what Marvel will be promoting at the annual event later this month.

Disney has announced that it will present panels for both Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier at Comic-Con 2013 on Saturday, July 20. Details regarding which panelists will accompany the presentations remain unclear at this point.

Seeing as how the Thor and Captain America sequels are the next films to be released in Marvel’s Phase Two slate of films, this news isn’t particularly surprising. However, given that a limited number of movie panels have thus far been confirmed for the event, it does provide a clearer picture of what fans can expect.

But this all begs the question of exactly what surprises Disney and Marvel will have up their sleeves for these panels. At this point, it almost goes without saying that new footage from both films will likely make its premiere, and stars Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans will almost certainly be in attendance to support their respective films.

Christopher Eccleston as Malekith the Accursed in Thor The Dark World 570x300 Marvel Bringing Thor 2 & Captain America 2 to Comic Con 2013

Yet, with all the buzz surrounding his performance as Malekith the Accursed in the Thor sequel, it also wouldn’t be a huge shock if former Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston is among the panelists – likewise with Sebastian Stan as the titular villain in The Winter Soldier. These new characters will go a long way towards building excitement around the films, and Marvel can’t afford to not highlight them. It should be noted that – while both Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger were box office hits in 2011 – neither release has brought in Iron Man sized numbers.

Furthermore, Comic-Con just wouldn’t be Comic-Con without the announcement of some new Marvel release dates. The studio recently staked out mysterious dates for unnamed films in 2016 and 2017, with the possibilities covering everything from Doctor Strange to Black Panther. Expect at least one of these dates to be filled by the third chapter in either the Thor or Captain America saga.

What are you hoping for from the Thor and Captain America panels at Comic-Con 2013, and which film are you looking forward to more? Let us know in the comments below.


Thor: The Dark World hits theaters on November 8, 2013, followed by Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for all the latest Marvel news coming from Comic-Con, as the events kicks off July 18.

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  1. Marvel better announce the Black Panther is going to made into a movie for Phase Three.

    • Vin Diesel as BP?

      • No

      • No. Definitely not.

  2. Hope they announce what the titles are for the upcoming dates!! Fingers crossed for Black Panther & a Hulk movie please!! :)

    • (Think it’s going to be Antman or Dr Strange instead of a Hulk solo outing)

      • UMM Freddie, you obviously do not follow Marvel very closly! Antman was announced last year at comic-con so I don’t think they will announce t again!!!!
        I would love another Hulk movie, but I really think it will be Black Panther!

        • yes black panther and a hulk movie would be wishes answered since they wont do a planet hulk hopefully it would be green against red hulk

          • Actually, most people are hoping for Leader since they set that up in TIH, though I think I would be happy with Red Hulk

            • Heck use them both as long as hulk Smash Somebody

        • I hope it’s gonna be Black Panther and Doctor Strange!!

          • I think there is a Doctor Stranger movie coming out

            • That has been talked about alot, but no official date. Common speculation is that one of the three mystery dates is for Doctor Stange, but we’ll have to wait 2 weeks to know.

        • Actually, the announcement they made for Ant-Man at last years Comic-Con wasnt all that much. It was just a logo and a whole ‘After 8 years, this is happening soon, but youll have to wait for a release date.’ The announcement that would make a SDCC13 announcement redundent came in the fall. I remember because I was laying on a a couch in my schools Union Building when I found out, I believe a mere 10 hours after it was announced.

  3. I’m wondering just how much from the original THOR 2 trailer will actually make the movie.

    Scene that I’m betting gets cut: The Mighty Thor of Asgard descends from the heavens and with his godly strength wields the mystical hammer Mjnolnir and strikes the ground so that all who oppose him…


    • Ugh, when the good scenes get cut to only show in the trailer. I hate it when that happens, but hopefully it makes the film the best it can be.

    • Haha laughed on that one. Seriously though, in the comics if he did that there’d be a sizeable crater from the impact and a fairly significant explosion that would vaporise enemies in the immediate vicinity and cause some signafiant damage over a bigger radius. Boo marvel. A gimped Thor is a boring Thor. One thing i do hope is that the increase their consistency when it comes to powers and abilities. Would have thought theyd pay more attention to this in the films but meh overall yes, but sometimes certain characters become lame or juiced up depending on what the script needs and thats unfortunate (lazy writing?).

      • I have a feeling Alan Taylor “Game of Throne-ized” Thor a bit too much, made him appear a bit too mortal…

        … which could be why they are currently in their FOURTH week of re-shoots…

  4. I want a Black Panther the most because he can bring new settings to the Avengers. He can get highly advanced tech from Wakanda. He can introduce new viliians for the team. Lastly he can bring diversity to the Avengers

  5. Probably Tom Hiddleston will be there too. It was not confirmed yet, but he is a fan favourite for a reason. Especially since this whole Thor-Loki team-up is one of the most exciting things we learnt about The Dark World so far.

    • And he loves Comic-Con. In an interview from last year’s Con, he said he would love to come back. Hopefully, he’s not busy. :-)

  6. Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Doctor Strange. Just my thoughts on the matter. I’m just excited for Ant-Man, Edgar Wright rules!!! He better out in people from the Cornetto trilogy. I can actually see Paddy Considine as Ant-Man, although he needs to smile more. They probably won’t, but I’d like it!

  7. Comic-Con this year will cause all fanboys and fangirls to heave a collective sigh of ecstasy! At last, unity settles over the Earth!

  8. I think at this point, I don’t care about Black Panther being announced (or not). I guess because I see his name being bandied about on this site on almost every Marvel article/comments section and I’ve grown tired of hearing about him now.

    I’d be more excited about Godzilla footage than BP confirmation.

    • Hmmm…BP…isn’t that a gas station chain?

  9. I would like a Black Panther confirmation, as well as an Iron man 4 announcement of some kind. Dr. Strange would be nice too. I’m just super excited o hear what Marvel has to say in general, it’s always good news.

  10. They’ll announced Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

    Guardians of the Galaxy = Toy Sales. That’s what Disney wants.

    • Mommy–buy me a talking tree and a raccoon with a big gun for Christmas!

      • I’d buy them.

    • Why would they announce a sequel to a film that hasnt even been filmed yet, let alone box-office proven?

      • Uh, it would go along with Sony. They announced TASM2 a year before they even released TASM. They also announced TASM4 almost a year before theyre even gonna release TASM2. How many succesful fourth films can you name in the superhero genre? 0? How many train wrecks can you name? 2?(Superman IV and Batman and Robin) Off the top of my head, the only good third films in the genre I can name are Dark Knight Rises and Iron Man 3, which many dont like. For bad ones, theres X-Men: The Last Stand, Spider-man 3, I think people complain about Superman 3 and Batman Forever, plus theres series like Fantastic Four and Ghost Rider who couldnt make it past a sequel. You could say that TASM was a given hit, but people were sceptical and for a good reason. It was a reboot, that went in a different direction. It may have been closer to the comics, but I have heard and read complaints about some things that were in TASM that were from the comics but were different from Spider-Man. Ex: Gwen Stacey coming before Mary Jane. My friend told me that complaint and we looked it up. Sure enough, in the comics Gwen is before Mary Jane but we thought it was the other way around because of the Raimi trilogy. Reboots can be hard, especially of a franchise with a succesful first film or 2.

        • You’re right, I could say TASM was a given hit.

          Because it’s SPIDER-MAN.

          Everyone in Western civilization has heard of Spider-Man. The same cannot be said for Guardian’s of the Galaxy.

          And as far as bad sequels go, studios don’t base their decisions to make sequels on the historical quality of sequels. They base it on MONEY. And Spider-Man movies make money. That remains to be said for Guardians. There is no way they are going to announce a sequel to a film based on a comic that has NEVER been on film before. Guardians of the Galaxy is an unproven brand, and Marvel won’t announce a sequel to something they aren’t SURE will make a profit.

  11. Both can take bigger steps box office wise provided they dont do no more stupid
    stuff like iron man. Trailer for thor 2 has me thinking so far 100.0 mil on opening
    Weekend and 625 million worldwide at the least. Tell a good story and have some
    meaningful building blocks to next marvel movie.

    • The numbers will be hard to predict. Iron Man posted strong strong numbers before Avengers while Thor wasn’t as strong. With Avengers and Iron Man 3 passing 1 billion with Iron Man 1 and 2 being in the 600 mil range, you may think Thor 2 will be will be well or 1 billion, but Thor was weaker so if The Avengers gives a relative boost to all of them, then Thor may just hit 1 billion barely like TDK. However, if The Avengers boosts them to similar levels, Id expect 1.2 billionish. You also have to consider the proximity of films. Iron Man 3 came out a year after Avengers, while Thor 2 is 1.5 years later. there is also the Iron Man 3 effect to consider. Many people were unhappy with Iron Man 3, even calling it worse than Iron Man 2. This could leave people a little less likely to fill the theaters, lowering Thor 2s success. I’m guess between 800 mill to 1 bill.

  12. And i wish warner bros would quit waiting around for christopher nolan to see what he is going to do next and get someone on board who can get a handle on dc’s characters and get them going and keep synder in check with heroes performing over the top violent acts. 2014 summer looking pretty weak with
    Very few good movies coming so dc needs to jump on it and get another justice
    league member established.

  13. “Comic-Con just wouldn’t be Comic-Con without the announcement of some new Marvel release dates.”

    or Comic-Con wouldn’t be Comic-Comic con without something that actually has to do with , you know, Comics, since 90% of SDCC is anything but LMAO!

    • when the Twilight films were held at the Cons, it just ruined Comic-Con for me. Now there’s the Hungers Games buzz. -_-

      • They should really just rename it Entertainment Expo………. I still wish I could go though!!! So frustrating living in San Diego and not being able to go.

        • Why cant you go ? Get banned for being drunk ? :)

        • At least your in the area and would just have to but tickets in. I would have to buy plain tickets and get a hotel room also.

      • Ya, and alot of the TV shows doing panels shouldnt be there. Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Bobs Burgers, Brickleberry, How I Met Your mother. A case could be made for Futurama since it does have similar themes to comics. I think Twilight belongs more than Hunger Games or the shows I mentioned above even though it pains me to say anything thats not negative about Twilight.

  14. If they can havr thr whole cast of GOTG there and offer some clarity on some of the main baddies that would be great. For Thor, an idea of which realms might be most heavily featured would be cool. Curious to see if they’ll have anything to say about the action from MoS and how it somewhat makes the action in certain marvel movie a little tame in comparision (just my opinion), would be curious to see if directors will approach fight between the big marvel hitters a little differently.

    • Very good opinion because marvel cant sit on its behind anymore on the action sequences. Mos had the most extended special effect and actions ever in a comic book movie.

      • Exactly compare Thor to MoS action wise, scale of said action, intensity etc and wow the differences become quite glaring.

        • I dunno I think Marvel does action scenes fine, and comparing MoS to Thor isn’t exactly fair given that Thor is one of the weaker Marvel movies. Avengers and IM3 action scenes hold up fine when compared to MoS, and in my opinion they’re actually better.

          • My preference is marvel but i have to give mos props for the huge action sequences that raised up the ante. Iron man 3 had alot of the same as previous installments and that was more robots but nothing on a mass destruction. The avengers action sequences between heroes and villians was first rate but the avengers looking around at bluescreen alot while a few aliens was spitting out of the sky shows they ran out of budget to show a real massive alien invasion.

            • Well, first let me say I loved The Avengers, and anxiously await the next installments. However, one curious thing I happened to think about was, that while The Avengers were giving the aliens a pretty good drubbing for being just a few heroes against a massive invasion, why was the military not more visible, and while The Avengers were pretty well ruling the small area of a couple blocks where they were, what was happening a few blocks down, or across the city? Or were the aliens only allowed to stay within about a 4 block radius? Just sayin’….!

              • yea and they all just die when the ship blows up plus i was expecting the kree or the scrulls but it was still good but yea where was shield and the army hopefully they will have a bigger budget but they say marvels some cheapskates thats why it was not more hulk in the avengers or why they dont want to do a hulk movie

                • Speaking of being cheap, B. Siegel should spend some $ on punctuation.

                • They even said they were setting up a perimeter. Also, I took them all dieing when the ship or whatever blew up as them being kinda robotic in that when their mother ship blows up, they kinda cant live anymore. Or it could be that the portal closing cut off an energy or something that was sustaining them. Plus, I think that in the commentary Whedon even apologized and admitted it was a quick fix. Dont forget, studios control a lot, including how long a film can be which can limit how much you can do. And Im not so sure that Marvels the cheapskates but instead Disney probably is.

            • MoS had more mass destruction for sure, but that’s not the same as a good action scene. Both IM3 and Avengers had a lot of creativity and variety in their set pieces. I feel like MoS had two tricks up it’s sleeve: Superman punches real fast and Superman throws someone through a building. It lost it’s cool factor after a while.

              • Dude get real. IM3 had by far the worst action scenes while having the best chances. So much suits for different purposes that are doing the same old s*** in the same manner. And thats something alot of people(including myself) were hyped about. It was a flop both movie wise and action wise.

                Avengers have more heroes so (duh!) they bound to have more variety. And what did they do with it ? Fighting against mindless alien that don’t really attack civillians was the worst. Action itself wasn’t really interesting it was to generic without any spark. Ligthings ? Please it was usuall ligthing. Ironman-Caqp laser-shield combo ? It looked like waste of abilities, they were fighting against very small fry. Only 2 action scenes were good and both were less than a few seconds: Thor with hummer vs the shield and Hulk with Loki.

                In MoS they rethought the idea of kryptonian powers and made boring-every-tv-show-super-speed fun. The usuall fighting was really good and fast. Thats the reason why MoS fighting was ENJOYABLE to watch. And yes, destruction of other stuff adds to enjoyment if those are different. Smallville fight was the best, Metropolis was good but they dragged with the few same action things in the air.

                The only other cmoics movie that has so good action scenes(and imo better) is Amazing Spiderman. It didn’t have the same drive but variety and flexibility were there. It was interesting to watch. Personally i think that Spiderman is the only hero that has incredibly enjoyable fighting style. Whether the studio will use it to their advantage in the future movies is a question but seeing ASM i am sure they’ll deliver.

                • Yeah, i’ll agree that the final battle in IM3 was a little generic, but you’re forgetting the plane sequence and the battle in the town where Tony doesn’t have his suit. Both of those were pretty cleverly done and most importantly showed Tony using his wits to overcome obstacles. Avengers was good about showing the heroes using their powers in clever ways too (i.e., Black Widow taking guys out while tied to a chair). I guess my main gripe with the action in MoS is that it didn’t show superman being creative with his abilities. Whenever he fights another Kryptonian, it just becomes a matter of which unstoppable being can hit the other the hardest.

                  • MoS had too much shaky camera work.

                    • Shaky camera gives you feel of weight, speed and force. Something static can’t do. And its one of the few movies that did it good. The bad example would be transformers where you couldn’t even tell what is going on the screen.

                  • It was a clever way for Tony and one of pluses of IM3 but you could hardly say it was a fight, let alone comic movie level.

                    Black Widow showed nothing i haven’t seen already. And IMO the best action scenes with no supernatural stuff had Bourne trilogy. while Black Widow was more like Buffy.

                    MoS was the only movie/animation where Superman and his fellow kryptonians were utilizing their powers to the fullest. Superspeed, heat vision, clever combination of fighting and superspeed realy made the fighting to stand out. And teamwork, damn, i can’t remember last time teamwork was crucial in superhero movie, let alone being good. I also liked that after using heat vision he has a sec of discomfort.
                    With Superman environment plays a huge factor and it will be explored more when he will face kryptonite in the MoS 2.

                    • Dude, Avengers used teamwork more than Man of Steel. And Avengers and Iron Man 3 had more clever fighting styles. Doesnt Superman have super breath? Also, Shane Black even said before Iron Man 3 was released that it would be more of a mystery action thriller

  15. The two mysterious films to release in 2016/2017 might be between Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Daredevil. I am crossing my fingers for Daredevil and Black Panther since both franchises are closely linked in the comics. Daredevil 1 can tell Daredevil’s origin, background, and his crusade against Kingpin’s criminal empire. Daredevil 2 can follow the Hand story arc where Murdock goes to Japan and converts the evil Hand into good. Daredevil 3 can be based on the Shadowland story arc with an end-credit scene where a masked man is fighting a group of people and after he beats the living hell out of every one of them, he says “Hell’s Kitchen is my turf now. Spread the word.”, then the camera zooms into his eyes and scene ends.

    • After the first daredevil movie a few years back came out, there had been some talk of doing a second DD movie with the villains being Kingpin and Mr. Fear. I would love to see that idea revived for the next installment (Marvel, are you listening?).

  16. Daredevil would be a sweet film if handled right. But who could play Daredevil

    • THATS EASY Bruce willis or stephen sagal

    • Michael C. Hall maybe? First guy I thought of, but they’re are probably betters ones out there.

      • How about the guy who stars in Dexter on Showtime?

  17. Give idris elba his own marvel movie somehow.

    • He’s already playing Heimdall in the Thor movies.

  18. Yes, though they’ve already got two billion dollar films under their belts, Marvel can’t afford to get cocky. They need to build up anticipation for these films.

  19. MoS had more mass destruction for sure, but that’s not the same as a good action scene. Both IM3 and Avengers had a lot of creativity and variety in their set pieces. I feel like MoS had two tricks up it’s sleeve: Superman punches real fast and Superman throws someone through a building. It lost it’s cool factor after a while. – See more at:

  20. Ms. Marvel, please!

  21. I just hope we get to see an extended look at Malekith’s character because unless the actor brought something fresh to the villain, I just don’t see him being anything more than a generic looking (dark but not really) elf. I am not trying to be a stickler but I really think making Malekith look more like his comic book character would have make me feel better than what they made him look like. Right now as we have seen very little of his personality and what not, he feels very generic to me. Hope this team of actors really come together nicely and form a strong movie. Can’t wait to see Thor 2: TDW!