Comic-Con 2013 Recap – SR Underground Ep. 101

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sr underground ep 101 comic con wrap up Comic Con 2013 Recap   SR Underground Ep. 101

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one hundred one of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we recap Comic-Con 2013 and discuss Batman vs. Superman, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, X-Men: Days of Future Past, as well as our favorite TV and movie panels.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 101 - Comic-Con 2013 Recap

We recap Comic-Con 2013 and discuss Batman vs. SupermanThe Avengers: Age of UltronX-Men: Days of Future Past, as well as our favorite TV and movie panels.

[0:00] Comic-Con 2013 Recap: Batman vs. Superman, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Godzilla, RoboCop, The Walking Dead, Arrow, Supernatural, and more! Follow all of our Comic-Con 2013 coverage.

[2:30:14] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Next Week: The Wolverine

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Pacific Rim opening): Sal reports a 3-way tie between Chris A, Professor Procrastination, and Sam Howard, all with scores of 11. But, Chris A and Sam Howard both nailed the tiebreaker and tied for the week!

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • The Wolverine – 3,700

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • The To-Do List – 500+
  • The Way, Way Back – 650+ (Expanding)

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  1. 1. The wolverine
    2. The conjuring
    3. Turbo
    4. Despicable me 2
    5. Red 2
    10. Pacific rim

  2. 1. The Wolverine
    2. The Conjuring
    3. Despicable Me 2
    4. Turbo
    5. Grown Ups 2
    10. World War Z

  3. My week doesn’t starts until this Podcast goes up… thanks guys.

    • Same here. I was bummed that it didn’t come out yesterday. Thought they were taking a break from comic-con

      • Really excited to kickback later play some ps3 and listen to the podcast

        • Funny. I’m listening to the podcast on my ps3

          • I usually just play some battlefield 3 or mlb the show as i listen

            • Trey man same here. Mlb the show while I listen to this.
              Or on my commute to work. Depends when it gets posted but I love this podcast. Makes Mondays bearable. Haha keep up the good work guys!

            • Hurrah BF3!

        • lol at first I thought you were talking to yourself, your names are similar :D

    • Glad you enjoy the show! Your week should start on Monday from here on out again.

  4. I’m excited for everything, Batman/Superman, Thor, Cap, Guardians, and AGE OF ULTRON!!! I’m still very skeptical whats going on under the Fox roof but it should be cool.
    I’m surprised you guys didn’t talk about the Flash confirmation. I’m more pumped for Flash than Batman/Superman oddly enough.

    • Flash wasn’t confirmed. That’d be epic if it was though!

      • I thought it was Batman/Superman 2015, Flash 2016 and Justice League 2017. Ah well, that’s too much for WB I suppose.

      • So its just a rumor as of now?

        • Ya, the only thing WB announced was Batman vs. Superman.

  5. Dope podcast as always!

    • Thanks!

  6. The wolverine
    The conjuring
    Despicable me 2
    Grown ups 2

  7. 1. Having a seasoned Batman is a must, but how will Batman attempt to battle Superman without Krypton?

    2. The simplest way for Whedon to clear up this whole Ultron thing and please fans at the same time is to have Stark working on a new project or something that involves AI, but due to him being so busy and all, he sends it to another scientist he trusts (who we know is Pym), to upgrade it, modify it and have things go about that way. He doesn’t have to be in the movie, just have his name mentioned. Whedon also said that the script isn’t even finished, he can throw Pym in there for a cameo, anything can change. He may have said that, but it’s totally the opposite, he just may have wanted Pym to be a secret.

    3. The Walking Dead season 4 trailer has won me over. If season 4 is as awesome as the trailer was, I’ll forgive them for the travesty of season 3. Their remake of the Tyreese gym scene from the comics looks pretty awesome.

  8. The annocement for me was batman superman! Cavil sold me so much and I ended up seeing snyders man of steel bout 8 times in theaters ( almost beat bens jurrasic park 11 lol). But I’ve always loved superman and I can’t wait to see what Snyder brings. I just hope that it’s not called batman vs superman. I don’t mind that they fight cuz I want that but I’d rather it be called something like
    Man of steel: enter the batman
    Or man of steel: beware the batman

    Or something like that. I want it to be focuse on supes with batman in it.

    And day of furture past. I’m finally getting excited for it. And of course being a huh marvel fan I’m excited for guardians a lot and of course Thor cuz I loved the first one and cap I’m getting more and more excited for it. Guardians I think is gonna be a stand out.

  9. Okay… someone tell me how to listen to the podcast on the PS3, please. I will gladly listen to it there. I’ll re post this in the OD as well.

  10. #1 The Wolverine
    #2 The Conjuring
    #3 Despicable Me 2
    #4 Turbo
    #5 Grown Ups 2
    #10 The To-Do List

  11. I love this podcast!
    the bread story was hilarious! thanks for sharing that ;p

    a Batman/Superman movie sounds awesome, but I really hope they come up with a better title than ‘Batman vs. Superman’

  12. I have to say I side with Ben on the Batman/Superman movie. I’m obviously interested in seeing it and intrigued by what they come up with, but I was really hoping to see “Last Son of Krypton” or whatever the title of a solo Superman sequel would have been. There were a lot of possibilities to go that route.

    As a Batman fan, I’ve got the Dark Knight trilogy to watch whenever. As a Superman fan, I’m kinda sad he’s not going to get the same opportunity to carry his own franchise. He’s a strong enough character to do so in my opinion. Snyder even talked about getting Superman further down the road before crossovers happened, but it seems as if that’s not going to be the case (until they start actually rolling the cameras, this project could fall through… it’s WB). Even if Batman’s role is minor, he’s still going to overshadow Superman in his own sequel and that shouldn’t happen.

    • Well, Superman Vs Batman, Justice League, or whatever other DC Movie. There will be Zero involvement from Legendary Pictures.

  13. 1 the wolverine
    2 conjuring
    3 despicable me 2
    4 Turbo
    5 Grown ups 2
    10-Monsters U.

  14. If Man of Steel had been more successful then Ben would have gotten his wish……. MOS II. But since WB’s Superman movie was less than killing, and I’m talking critical acclaim as well as huge at the box office, Warner’s got scared that a straight sequel to MOS would Green Lantern on them……. So they made the obvious choice:

    Batman AND Superman together.

    If the bean counters at WB had a spine they would have done a solo film for Wonder Woman or Flash next…… Or even Green Lantern 2.

  15. Was anyone kind of worried at how much Thor: The Dark World was sort of glossed over at Comic-Con? It’s just around the corner so I assumed it would be the most heavily promoted Marvel film but aside from Tom Hiddleston and some new footage, there really wasn’t much buzz. No cast, no director, no Q@A or discussion. I know there were some rumors a while back that Alan Taylor was having some issues with Marvel but I never gave too much attention to that. It just seems really weird to me that the cast and crew wouldn’t be there to talk about the film.

    • They sped through it since Hemsworth is in Hong Kong shooting. Alan Taylor was there on the floor though for a signing with Hiddleston.

  16. Here is the BATMAN vs SUPERMAN (Casting-Call)

    Henry Cavill as Superman/Kal-El/Clark Kent
    Armie Hammer as Batman/Bruce Wayne
    Terry O’Quinn as Lex Luther
    Jude Law as Joker/Jack Napier
    Amy Adams as Lois Lane
    John Slattery as Perry White
    Josh Hutcherson as Jimmy Olsen
    Richard Schliff as Dr. Emil Hamilton
    Bill Paxton as Morgan Edge
    Bruce Greenwood as Lt. Daniel Turpin
    Penelope Ann Miller as Capt. Maggie Sawyer
    Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth
    Gary Oldman as Commissionar James Gordon
    Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
    Hugh Laurie as Harvey Bullock

    • Ummm, you (of course) meant Laurence Fishburne as Perry White…right?

  17. The more I think of Josh Holloway as Batman, the more I like it. He would be my pick.

    • Right? Me too. Probably a long shot but he’d be a fun choice.

  18. Great podcast! The bread story was awesome.

    As for Supernatural: when Jensen Ackles leaves the show, Supernatural is dead. Plain and simple. He is what keeps the show great, despite the more and more campy storylines and the ridiculous geek-centered episodes (Felicia Day etc.)

    • Supernatural would turn into a REAL CW show without Ackles. Still, I’m trying to hide that fact from CW.

    • Man, if only we could just let that syndication money roll in, that would be epic!

  19. 1 The Wolverine
    2 The Conjuring
    3 Despicable Me 2
    4 Turbo
    5 Grown Ups 2
    10 The To-Do List

  20. Top notch podcast episode fellas. It was the highlight of my run today.

    • Thanks!

  21. 1 – The Wolverine
    2 – The Conjuring
    3 – Despicable Me 2
    4 – Turbo
    5 – Grown Ups 2
    10 – R.I.P.D

  22. Great podcast. I had the opportunity to attend the Spider-man panel after a long night of camping. The footage was actually pretty spectacular. Much of it was unfinished, but you get a really good sense of the level of acrobatic insanity Garfield’s Spider-man will bring to the table. I wasn’t blown away by the visual effects on Foxx’s Electro, but I don’t think it’s finished yet. His look itself probably won’t change much, but his powers and the destruction caused by his attack, that doesn’t look completely finished. I also wish there was more of a progression with Electro’s look. One of you mentioned that Electro might have looked like a regular guy, but with cracks in his skin through which light came through. That would have opened the doors for an awesome progression; visually anyway.

    The script and the character work feels stronger this time around, which is a pleasant surprise. The actors are obviously going to be more experienced with their roles this time around, but there was a genuine familiarity there. It felt more organic, which is weird to say because the first movie was praised for the chemistry shared by the actors. I’ve seen a fair amount of set photos, and at times I have worried that Jaime Foxx’s character would come off as more of a caricature. It’s hard to say what side of the spectrum his performance will fall on when taken in, in full. For now, I’ll say that I do like what he’s doing. His look is kind of out there, but his performance (based on the SDCC footage) feels reigned in and respectful. Foxx is going for sympathy, not satire. It’s not a Big Bang Theory portrayal of a nerd. Pleasantly surprised.

  23. The wolverine
    The conjuring
    Despicable me 2
    Grown ups 2
    World War Z

  24. Rob or Ben: who does the intro/outro music, and where did you find it? I’d love to a hold of a whole album of that stuff.

    • It’s from Ben’s pal, Omarie – we credit him in the shownotes of every episode:

      Music by Omarie B. Williams (@OmarieWilliams)

  25. I think hulk is great movie. I will definitely go see it if they make another one. He is my all time favorite super hero. You don’t have to talk much to be a bad a**. Please reconsider and tired seeing spider man and superman even though I like them as well. Share the spot light!!!!

    • I think I mentioned that in the podcast :p

      • iam sorry
        didn’t hear it
        can u give the time reference of the discussion of this one

  26. Rob,what about Warlock?

  27. Glad to see you’re back safe & sound from the Comic-con war, LOL!
    Thanks for the excellent coverage, as usual (BTW my fav part has been *Loki* playing his little Shakespeare in the park in the dark, such a cool guy ;-P)
    Besides, my vote goes to the great Richard Armitage for the new Batman role! I’ve followed also his television work here in EU & I like his acting dark & brooding but with a vulnerable side too, just like B. is then.