Comic-Con 2013 Posters: ‘Thor 2,’ ‘Godzilla’, ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ & More [Updated]

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Comic Con 2013 Postes Edge of Tomorrow Godzilla Thor 2 I Frankenstein Comic Con 2013 Posters: Thor 2, Godzilla, Amazing Spider Man 2 & More [Updated]

For those of us who aren’t able to make it to San Diego Comic Con 2013 this week, there is still plenty to look forward to as swathes of movie news, trailers, posters and other promotional material are set to debut at the event. The Screen Rant team will be on hand to bring the latest announcements and reports from the convention (that is, if they can avoid being attacked by zombies this year), and already there are new images from some of the most anticipated movies emerging in previews.

Since the various studios will be decking the halls with posters for the many great-looking movies they have lined up, there is a certain amount of competition as each publicity team tries to produce the most eye-catching and original artwork. With that in mind, here are some brand new posters for four major upcoming movie titles, created especially for use at Comic Con.

Four of the films on this list are based on comic books or graphic novels, making this poster for Godzilla, courtesy of IGN, the odd one out of the selection. The movie is Legendary Pictures’ next big kaiju flick, following on from the recently-released Pacific Rim, and stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in leading roles. The real star of the movie, however, is shown here constructed from the rubble of a destroyed building. This is probably the most creative out of all the new posters, and teases the movie’s monster nicely without giving us a real look at it.

Godzilla Comic Con poster Comic Con 2013 Posters: Thor 2, Godzilla, Amazing Spider Man 2 & More [Updated]

Next up, Tom Cruise’s latest sci-fi flick, Edge of Tomorrow (formerly All You Need is Kill) has gotten a Comic-Con 2013 poster, courtesy of Warner Bros – no doubt in part to help fanboys and girls become aware of the title switch.

In the movie – based on the manga by writer Hiroshi Sakurazaka and artist Yoshitoshi ABe –  Cruise plays Lt. Col. Bill Cage, a soldier in a futuristic war against aliens, who dies in battle – only to find himself stuck in a Groundhog Day-style loop, reliving his last fight. In order to break the chain, Cage tries to improve his fighting skill, so that he can defeat his lethal enemy.

Edge of Tomorrow Poster Comic Con 2013 570x844 Comic Con 2013 Posters: Thor 2, Godzilla, Amazing Spider Man 2 & More [Updated]

From MTV comes a stylish black and white poster for I, Frankenstein, Stuart Beattie’s new movie based on Kevin Grevioux’s comic book series, which in turn is loosely based on the original novel by Mary Shelley. The images of Aaron Eckhart in the eponymous role so far indicate that they have dropped the truly monstrous appearance of the creature in favor of monster-chic: the current fashion wherein horror movie monsters are redressed as attractive, brooding Heathcliff types. In keeping with this, Eckhart seems to be sporting designer scarring – just enough to indicate a tortured past, but not enough to interrupt that handsome jawline.

There are also two additional character posters released over at /Film and CBM and representing good and evil, respectively. It’s lucky that the captions are there, because without guidance it might be a little difficult to tell the difference between the good character and the evil character. For reference, one represents the Gargoyle Order and the other is the face of the Demons of Niberius.


I Frankenstein Comic Con poster 280x170 Comic Con 2013 Posters: Thor 2, Godzilla, Amazing Spider Man 2 & More [Updated]

I Frankenstein Gargoyle Order Comic Con poster 280x170 Comic Con 2013 Posters: Thor 2, Godzilla, Amazing Spider Man 2 & More [Updated]

I Frankenstein Demons of Niberius Comic Con poster 280x170 Comic Con 2013 Posters: Thor 2, Godzilla, Amazing Spider Man 2 & More [Updated]

One of the biggest movies still to come this year is Thor: The Dark World, the second standalone movie with Chris Hemsworth in the role and also the second Marvel Studios movie of the year. If you’re attending Comic Con this year then keep a look out for this new poster from Marvel on Preview Night, when you will be able to acquire one of your very own. It’s a nicely composed piece of artwork with all the principal characters – both new and recurring – featured amidst the lightning storm. Whatever you do, though, don’t allow your brain to notice the similarities between Thor and Mary Poppins; once you’ve got that in your head it’s hard to look at the poster any other way.

Thor The Dark World Comic Con poster Comic Con 2013 Posters: Thor 2, Godzilla, Amazing Spider Man 2 & More [Updated]

UPDATE: In other comic-book movie news, Sony (via Facebook) has released an official banner for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It seems – at least if this banner is the final say – that we will not be seeing a “Dark Knight” or “Man of Steel” type subtitle for the second film in director Marc Webb’s reboot series; ASM2 seems to be the short, simple, franchise-promoting direction they are going in.

The second film sees Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) settled into his alter-ego as Spider-Man, and still pursuing his lady love Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). New threats arise in the form of Electro (Jamie Foxx), The Rhino (Paul Giamatti) and the bigger (but more clandestine) threat of industrialist Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) and his son (Peter’s childhood friend) Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan). There are also many potential plot twists and potential surprise villains  in store for fans.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Title Banner Comic Con 2013 570x210 Comic Con 2013 Posters: Thor 2, Godzilla, Amazing Spider Man 2 & More [Updated]

Finally, TotalFilm has released two new posters for 300: Rise of an Empire. The first features a fierce-looking Lena Headey returning to the role of Queen Gorgo and vowing vengeance for the death of … well, let’s not spoil the first movie for those who haven’t seen it. The second is of a soldier in Xerxes’ army called the Protosamurai, and it’s a fairly safe bet that there are more character posters like this to come. 300: Rise of an Empire is director Noam Murro’s second feature film, and his first in this particular genre, so hopefully Warner Bros. will bring some new footage – possible in the form of another trailer – to the table this week.


 Comic Con 2013 Posters: Thor 2, Godzilla, Amazing Spider Man 2 & More [Updated]


300 Rise of an Empire Protosamurai Comic Con poster 280x170 Comic Con 2013 Posters: Thor 2, Godzilla, Amazing Spider Man 2 & More [Updated]

Keep a close eye on Screen Rant over the next week as we bring you plenty of news from the front lines of San Diego Comic Con 2013 – you can get an idea of what to expect and when by taking at the at the schedule and line-up for the event. Let us know which of these new posters is your personal favorite in the comments.


Godzilla is out in theaters on May 16, 2014, I, Frankenstein on January 24, 2014, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013 and 300: Rise of an Empire on March 7, 2014. Edge of Tomorrow will be in theaters on June 6, 2014.

Sources as listed above.

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  1. Godzilla looks phenomenal, Thor also looks great. Not too keen on the other ones, they look way too generic for me.

  2. I really hope we get another teaser for godzilla, that actually makes its way online this time. Has anyone been able to find the trailer form last years comic con?

  3. I was a little surprised there was no teaser trailer for Godzilla attached to Pacific Rim. Seemed like a golden opportunity WB missed. Hopefully we see some footage soon. I’d like to see what they’ve done so far.

    • You mean legendary missed

  4. I will watch 300 and also Thor 2. I doubt I will watch Edge of Tomorrow, and Pacific rim is a maybe, but not definite. I will probably watch Godzilla, even though it looks like he just got done fighting a giant piece of rye or wheat breakfast cereal in the picture. The gargoyle from I, Frankenstein looks probably better than the monster himself will; I doubt I will watch that one, but that could change with alot of convincing. Still, there are alot of movies coming up that I am excited for, but I just stuck to the ones here in the article for now.

    • You NEED to watch Pacific Rim
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it
      Watch it


      • yeah You NEED to watch Pacific Rim, EPIC Movie!


    • I agree with that other dude. Definitely see Pacific Rim. The big action scenes are epic as was expected but the movie has more to it than the action sequences. I really enjoyed that, they didn’t dumb it down. It was a lot better than T-formers to be sure.

  5. I like that the Big G’s silhouette closely matches his design from ‘Godzilla 2000′.

    • The back “spikes” or whatever they are called look on point for sure. This is encouraging.

      • What you guys didn’t like Roland Emmerichs dino-zilla? 😉

  6. Tom cruises poster is the best one because of the gear that is not highlighting his face. Thor would have been best poster if they did something new like put the vintage viking helmet on which his not made an appearance since the opening scene from thor.

  7. Godzilla’s poster looks like a design from Godzilla 1985 and Godzilla 2000.

    Looks good to me, I can’t wait for a teaser trailer hopefully at Comic Con this weekend.

    Anyways cool poster, Godzilla 2014 is my most anticipated movie.

    • Yeah, Godzilla is my most anticipated 2014 film, ahead of Interstellar, Captain America, X-Men and everything else. Been waiting 10 YEARS for a new Godzilla film!

  8. The ‘Godzilla’ poster looked awesome,very cool image,the other posters IMO were only so-so.

  9. All these posters are awesome..

    BUT.. When did Tom Cruise join ‘Elysium’?!

    • Hehe its Elysium… TO THE EXTREME!
      Lol thats what came to mind anyways.

    • I thought that as well :)

  10. HA! Mary Poppins as the God of Thunder?

    And FYI – Your Wuthering Heights reference is totally wasted on this crowd…… Except for me.

    Who else caught that?

    • I did.

  11. Wow,I am really a fan of Godzilla!!I love it 😀

  12. Godzilla poster is fantastic and intriguing. All others are a bit meh, especially Thor which seems really dated and boring. The iFrankenstien makeup is pretty lame considering how interesting that design could be. Also why’d they change ‘All you need is kill’?.. it’s a far more memorable name than ‘Edge of tomorrow’ ..which sounds like some bland B-movie.

  13. I swear to God at first glance I thought that Edge of Tomorrow poster was something Halo related…

  14. Surprised they stuck to what looks like a pretty traditional design for Godzilla. Hope they pull it off, big time.

    Can’t help but feel saddened at how Hollywood has completely taken over San Diego, why do they even bother to call it Comic Con anymore…?

  15. mmmm, the I. Frankenstein look is much better than the “monster” look of the old movies. You do realize that in the book, the “monster” is never described as actually BEING “monstrous”, right? He is described as looking like a man. Period.

    • “I beheld the wretch — the miserable monster whom I had created.”

      “I dreaded to behold this monster, but I feared still more that Henry should see him.”

      “I imagined that the monster seized me; I struggled furiously and fell down in a fit.”

      “The form of the monster on whom I had bestowed existence was forever before my eyes”

      “I almost began to think that I was the monster that he said I was.”

      “I lived in daily fear lest the monster whom I had created should perpetrate some new wickedness.”

      “Abhorred monster! Fiend that thou art!”

      “When I became fully convinced that I was in reality the monster that I am, I was filled with the bitterest sensations of despondence and mortification.”

      “Was I, then, a monster, a blot upon the earth, from which all men fled and whom all men disowned?”

      “I might, with unfailing aim, put an end to the existence of the monstrous image which I had endued with the mockery of a soul still more monstrous.”

      “Why did you form a monster so hideous that even YOU turned from me in disgust?”

      “‘Let me go,’ he cried; ‘monster! Ugly wretch! You wish to eat me and tear me to pieces. You are an ogre.”

      Full stop?

      • Your misinterpreting the text.

        • Just take the L, bud.

        • Someone who uses “your” when they should be using “you’re” isn’t the right person to be correcting others about literature.

      • Oh no she didn’t!

      • :)

    • he doesn’t look like a stitched together corpse and wasn’t the monster taller and inhuman looking, so much so people screamed upon seeing him in the novel.

  16. No more Tom Cruise.

    • I second that motion.

  17. The poster for Edge of Tomorrow looks like Gipsy Danger mixed with the suit from Elysium. Pass. Godzilla should be epic simply because it’s GODZILLA. Iron Man 3 was terrible so I am expecting Thor to bring Marvel back into my good graces. No interest in I, Frankenstein or the 300 prequel


    Sorry for shouting, but that is so awesome…. hope it’s not a tease for fans and they actually are looking at a more classic design for the Big G.

    Huzzah the gecko, sorry iguana, is dead, long live Godzilla (roar)

    • +1

      I never get posters but I would love that one.

  19. I really hope Godzilla can stand it’s ground against Pacific Rim, because that film was excellently made, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Pacific Rim single handily took best movie of summer 2013. Now I have high hopes for Godzilla.

  20. Eh, they all look okay. Nothing really stands out

  21. Not really fussed about Godzilla to be honest, although I wouldn’t mind seeing it but I doubt I’ll be going to the cinema for it, after all its only one lizard (sure he’s big and mean but at Jurassic park at least has lots of different types of massive lizard)

    Granted I’m no Godzilla expert but won’t it essentially be 3 scenes of a massive lizard doing large scale destruction on a city while people try and kill it
    humans running around in between asking each other how do we kill it?
    Some poor attempt at ‘character development’ of said humans that i will care little about, cos if I see a Godzilla film I want to see the lizard (similar thing with transformers, I want to see the robots not Shia lebouf running about)
    Oh and the lizard will probably die at the end leaving behind a city (or 2) in ruins and nobody will bat an eye so long as Godzilla the lizard looks good

    Thor 2 is carrying my interest in marvel phase 2 solo films so I hope it doesn’t disappoint (hopefully Alan Taylor can bring some of that GoT magic with him), so far it seems to be much better than the first one (which I liked)

    Edge of Tomorrow hmm, one look at the poster and I thought of Elysium but with Tom Cruise (although i doubt thats a fair assessment) still reckon I’ll skip Tom Cruises’ yearly run on film

    And the new 300, meh, neither Xerses or Spartas Cersei were interesting enough in the first one for me to go see the next one, plus I don’t think it will be as good as the first one (the novelty of seeing those fights in that style has kind of worn off)

    All in all they look fine, but with the exception of Thor 2 I’m not that excited

  22. Man these are all some really cool posters Thor being my favorite. Godzilla reminds me of dark comic book covers in other words IT LOOKS AWESOME the new Cruise movie poster looks really cool to judging by the poster but I’m not much o cruise fan so i don’t know if i’ll see it.

  23. thor 2 must show thor’s true power.

  24. cant wait for godzilla.

  25. I just hope Godzilla will be fighting another Kaiju in the film. King Ghidorah.

    • That would be awesome! but i think i read somewhere that Toho wouldnt let them use King Ghidorah which is a shame. Maybe for the sequel? i would love to see Godzilla and KG fight it out in an american film.

  26. Lame posters for I, Frankenstein although the demon design is kind of cool. I like the Godzilla poster but i’m going to need to see a trailer or something before i can stop rolling my eyes at another kaiju film. Thor 2 poster looks interesting but also at the same time dated. And i generally refuse to see any film that has that smiling horses a** Tom Cruise in it.

  27. Yes,’GODZILLA’ will be MY most anticipated film for 2014,outside of Star Wars,Godzilla and other big kaiju movies are what I grew up on,and if this reboot stays true to the Toho ‘Godzilla’ and help us continue to put that 1996 ‘Zilla’ flick way behind us,we are all in for one hell of a ride,also I hope its made for IMAX 3D viewing,because after watching Pacific Rim in that format (and really enjoying it,btw) its the best way to see a epic giant monster movie like this,IMO.

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