Colin Farrell Offered Lead Role in ‘Total Recall’

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 9th, 2013 at 1:30 am,

1990′s R-Rated sci-fi adventure film Total Recall is another item on the infinitely growing list of remakes. Poised as a different retelling of Philip K. Dick’s short story and to be directed by Len Wiseman, Total Recall is on the verge of getting its new leading man.

Wiseman made public his wishes for Irish star Colin Farrell to star as construction worker Douglas Quaid three weeks ago and while growing stars Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender have been mentioned for the part, Sony has reportedly offered the gig to Farrell.

Variety has the exclusive that Farrell received the offer last week and is currently in negotiations with Sony for the role. Should he accept, Colin Farrell will be to Arnold Schwarzenegger (for Total Recall) what Karl Urban is to Sylvester Stallone (for Judge Dredd) in sci-fi/action remakes.

Paul Verhoeven’s Total Recall is based on the Philip K. Dick story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale,” and tells the thought-provoking and imaginiative story of construction worker Douglas Quaid who frequently has vivid dreams of traveling to Mars. This inspires Quaid to purchase a virtual vacation to Mars (it’s the year 2084 and they can implant memories) and the process triggers memories for Quaid of who he really is. Now on the run and remembering he’s an agent named Hauser, Quaid makes his way to Mars meeting apparent friends and foes of old. But in the end, viewers are left wondering if it was all a big dream or a virtual memory.

The Total Recall remake is based on a script from Kurt Wimmer (Salt, Equilibrium) and Farrell’s addition to the cast would offer an entirely different set of character traits than Schwarzenegger brought audiences through his inter-planetary journey. Farrell’s profile and career has taken a positive turn in recent years with award-worthy performances in Crazy Heart and In Bruges to name just a few, and I’m sold on the idea of him as Wiseman’s leading man.

Stay tuned for more as we hear it on story and casting for Total Recall. Expect it to hit theaters in 2012.

Source: Variety

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  1. “Give these people air!” arnie

    yeah, I think farrell could do this, but he needs to work on his sense of humour.

    • forget TOTAL RECALL. when are they gonna re-make ICE PIRATES!!!!! I could see the Farrelly brothers doing that one!

      • Yes that would be a remake i would go see.

    • 2 weerrrrrks 2weeeeeks 2werrerrkkks 2 weeks

    • Actually, it was more like “Come on, Cohaagen! You got vhat you vant. Giff dose people air!” (Arnie-speak for “Come on, Cohaagen! You got what you want. Give those people air! “)

      • Get to dah choppah!

        • danlister, tim,

          You guys are funny. Love those lines. :-P


  2. Friend and I thought Ironside and his people were trained to only shoot glass.

  3. Out with the roids and in with the rage… OK, OK, I know Arnold was all natural, but it sounded kitchy.

  4. I like the idea of Farrell as the main character in this remake.
    The one thing I found unappealing (despite loving the movie) about the original Total Recall movie was that, let’s be honest here, Arnold Schwarzenegger is just too… “unique” a physique and a personality to create any doubt as to whether or not what happened was real or a dream.

    I think it would be far more interesting to see someone with a more “normal” physique suddenly demonstrating unparalleled fighting skills, as a “secret agent” would undoubtedly know. But being such a “regular dude” would allow us to keep the illusion that the whole thing might just BE an implanted fantasy.

  5. You’re S!@#ing me right? Abandon this already. It’s bad enough he is stenching up Fright this too. What’s wrong Colin? Running out of bar money??

  6. People people people. I think we are all missing the bigger issue here. and that issue is will the chick with the 3 knockers be coming back?

    • No. it will more than likely be watered down(PG-13) version of the classic Arnie film. Hollywood has no creativity anymore.

      • Yet they’ll call it a “grittier” remake with a realistic tone. Make me wanna play the song “come original” over a loud air raid sirens in hollywood.

  7. “Blue skys on mars, thats a new one”..(Rekall tech)

    and if this movie is going to be as good as the first one they better have a chick with at least 3 knockers.. ;)

    • In order to properly desecrate the original work, I’m sure the studio will decide to throw a curveball at us by adding a guy with three…well…you know.

      • lol…god i hope not!

      • And three, uh, you knows, in 3D! :)

        • I’m sensing you two have latent repressed feelings about man-parts I’m guessing?

          • Maybe it’s be because they have man parts and have spent their whole life with them.

  8. C’mon, this role should have been given to The Rock!! :P There is NO WAY that this remake even comes close to the entertainment value of the original.

    • or a john cena he is making movies now, toooo

  9. Remake/casting fail.

  10. if this is not a sequel to total recall with explanations and at least a continuance of the original, BIG waste of money and time for a actor who has not had a real hit in a while. so here is to len wiseman not making a new vision like many other directors are doing, ala the dreck xmen first class and ultimate spiderman. make a great sequel not a sucky reboot…

    • I heard there is also a ‘JAWS’ remake in the works UGH!! Hollyweird has completely off the deep end and is now officially in the toilet just flush already no talent dirtbags!!! And they wonder why people only buy bootlegs instead of paying 16.50 to see their wretched junk.

  11. Give the role to Christian Bale

    • Uhhh dont remake it ALL is a better solution..

      • Yeah…what he said.

  12. No way. Farrell Sucks. Stop Remaking Schwarzenegger movies. Wats next Running Man, Twins, Commando, Last Action Hero,

    • STOP! You’re giving them ideas! :-)

      • HAHAHAHA i agree!

  13. Oh come on.
    The original was 90′s schtick, “r-rated” because of 3 plastic boobs.
    It was a fun romp, but it was grossly over-the-top (humongous bulging eyeballs in the Martian atmosphere, anyone?)

    Total Recall was far from a “classic” film. It could use a bit of a remake. Arnold is such a terrible actor. We’ve just gotten used to his scenery-chewing. See? The proof is that all of those in this thread complaining about a remake accept Arnold’s “acting” as somehow inviolable. The guy was and still is, a hack. Doesn’t stop his movies (or his government, for that matter) from being fun escapism. But no one can say they saw it “for the acting”.

    Everything in the original Total Recall was “over the top”. And pretty much ALL of the acting was of scenery-chewing quality. “Subtlety” is a word that was, for some reason, removed from the dictionary during that entire decade.

    • Wasnt “Over the Top” a Stallone movie? lol

  14. I don’t understand Hollywood’s need to remake so many sci-fi films when there are so many good sci-fi and fantasy books out there that have never been made into a movie.

  15. Why the hell remake Total Recall??? It was perfect and still is, including it’s special effects, i was blown away by it when I watched this movie for the 1st time a year ago.

  16. 3 years ago I would have never said colin farell was a good actor but I’m now saying he’s a great actor and I’m gonna trust him in this

  17. My Idea that the Remake of Total Recall should be a Prequel and not a Remake but with Collin Farrell as Douglas Quaid with The Plot being a Comination of Interception and Jason Bourne but The settings being a Futuristic city of New York and Mars and how he got the Job of being a construction worker and actually discoving that he is a secret agent on mars and then he travels to Mars to uncover his true identity, and find out who erased his memory and why but leave the ending like The Film Interception but maybe show via by CGI that he Transforming into the Arnold Schwarzenegger version at the end of the film and also his voice starts to change as well and maybe the music at the end of the film being Changes by David Bowie and then the film ends and The Screen goes Black and Credits Roll. and this is The End so what do you think if like it message me back if you like this idea of mine.

    • So…mental reprogramming would increase physical bulk and fighting prowess, as well as physically altering one’s face and giving them an accent thick as chilled peanut butter?

      Sorry David…not buying the Colin-Farrell-morphing-into-Arnold-Schwarzenegger prequel idea; just thinking about it makes my eyes bug out like a bareheaded boy on a Martian mountainside.

  18. that would be the same as watching a matrix remake in ten years

  19. ment in ten yrs from now on

  20. To risk entering a testostrone-laced venue just let me say, time wise if Total recall is set to begining at that new Toronto studio in March and Cosmopolis is slated to start filming in Toronto City in February/March Colin Farrell would need the gift of bi-location to do both. Since the Cosmopolis film seems a done deal I think that will be the one he will do.

  21. Guys, never say never. OK I was wrong about Total Re-call. Maybe be I just liked the Delillo story better, for Colin Farrell, more his type of tale. Is Hollywood going to have him do a re-make every year? How about this, a re-make of The Quiet Man? A REAL Irishman to play lead? And after 60 years how many people even know about it ? I wasn’t crazy about Farrell as a vamp so I’m not passing judgement on Fright Night, let the pro’s do that.

  22. no way the only 2 people who could do that role is either mark wahlberg or vin deisel even then……….way to f up a really good movie

    • Finally a voice of reason, Vin should do this.. If not then the Rock (might work)

      But certainly not a guy that could be easily mistaken for a girl with a clean shave..