Cobie Smulders Joins ‘The Avengers’ Cast

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:30 pm,

Samuel L. Jackson let it slip last week that he was testing with several actresses who were gunning for the opportunity to play his sidekick in The Avengers. Jackson of course, plays Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and so fans knew that this character would be fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill.

Over the weekend we learned that How I Met Your Mother star Cobie Smulders was the top candidate in the running for the part, a role that could see her play an increasingly important character as The Avengers propels the franchise forward. Now comes word that Smulders has the part and is in final negotiations.

Variety has the scoop which details that she’s the definite pick of director Joss Whedon and that her deal would see her potentially star in 9 films, a relatively standard number for Marvel Studios and their long term plans.

In the books, Agent Hill is a strict, stern and tough agent who at one point takes charge of S.H.I.E.L.D. I expect Marvel is planning something like that for The Avengers sequels, especially if they begin to incorporate major Marvel Comics cross-over events like Marvel Civil War.

The casting marks Smulders’ first major film role and it may take fans of How I Met Your Mother a little time to adjust after six seasons of associating her with cable comedy. That being said, Smulder has the look, expression and voice to play a determined and confident S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent and she’s very likable.

As if The Avengers were not big and exciting enough for fans of the books and moviegoers alike, bringing together all of the headliner superheroes from Iron Man, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, but it’s adding in stars left, right and center. Mark Ruffalo is joining the cast to play Bruce Banner/Hulk and we’re getting introduced to Hawkeye, to be played by again-Oscar-nominated Jeremy Renner. Joining all of these heroes are supporting actors Scarlett Johansson, Clark Gregg and several other familiar faces from the films to date.

Is there still room for any other additional characters or cameos?

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The Avengers begins filming this Spring and is set to open next Summer, on May 4, 2012.

Source: Variety

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  1. this movie might be the biggest fail in history only time will tell. the director has a lot on his hands

    • If theres one person who can handle it and deliver though its Whedon.

      • Handling an ensemble cast is part and parcel of every Director’s skill set. To be fair Whedon has proven he can do it on his other projects. :-)

        • He’s never done anything close to this though. This is a film with a massive cast, with some huge name stars, honestly I don’t think he can handle it. Whedon hasnt done anything decent since Serenity.

          • @ DSB

            True. I stand corrected.

            I have high hopes for “Captain America” & “Thor” but not so much for “The Avengers”. :-)

            • Agreed there. Both Thor and Captain America look great at the moment. I like Whedon, he was a good writer and a good director, but I seriously think his best days in those fields are behind him.
              Having a big screen Avengers is one of those things that sounds great in theory, but in practice might be a total disaster. I have respect for Whedon for taking on such a huge responsibility but I dont ebvy him the task at all.

              • IMO the cast get´s a bit too crowded. They should focus on the main characters Caap, Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk and Hawkeye. Not so much on SHIELD.

                • I agree, it is getting crowded in there, I do want the film to be good, but I think it is something that maybe should stay on the comic page rather than on a big screen.

                  • You guys are all right , we should have Marvel stop this right now for fear that it cant be done , why even try its already a failure, LMAO…..
                    listen to you guys, first off the Serenity crew featured 8 characters in the movie and 9 in the tv series , which is less then the current Avenger team , and that doesnt include the villians and supporting cast that Serenity had , So as Far as Whendon goes im pretty sure he is ok. Oh and if you are keeping count if you include nick Fury and Maria hill right now the Avengers is upto 8 characters, oh and i would count either as they are more then likely supporting cast only.

                    • I also think that Whedon can handle a cast with many main characters (I really liked Buffy). But you can´t compare his (own) Firefly characters to such iconic (and almost 50 years old) characters like Iron Man or Cap. They have a certain background Whedon has to portray. With his own characters he could do what he wanted to do. Making an Avengers movie is a major balancing act.


    So a minor character created by Brian Michael Bendis & David Finch in 2005 gets precedence over two original founding members created by Stan Lee & Jack KING Kirby in 1962.

    Are they sure this is a MARVEL STUDIOS production? Sounds like a collaboration of Fox Abattoirs & Phony Sony.

    The “Avengers” film would NOT be complete without Ant-Man & Wasp.

    I really couldn’t care less for the antagonist Maria Hill character or this UNFAITHFUL alternate re-imagining. I know this the (Marvel Movie Universe) but they could at least with an ORIGIN film present something that respects the original source material and does the original “Avengers” mainstream comic book justice.

    They can introduce all the characters they like later on in the franchise.

    I love reading my “Avengers” “New Avengers” & “Secret Avengers” books, but I am fast losing interest in this film. :-(

    “Is there still room for any other additional characters or cameos”? Absolutely NOT! I say scrap the whole project and go with the ORIGINAL 5 founding members.

    Give these incompetents an easy to follow chocolate cake recipe and all you get in return is a half baked turd.

    • Here’s the problem with that.
      1.) Maria Hill isn’t a minor character by any stretch these days. Including her as a minor character now opens up a lot of later story possibilities with a fantastic character.

      2.)I agree that I would’ve liked to have seen Ant-Man/Giant-Man (Giant being preferable, characterization-wise) and Wasp, I have faith that it will be done justice in some way. The way I see it, so far, is that Marvel is trying to present as many core Avengers characters as they can. Frankly, just by including Hawkeye, they have my faith. We will see Hank and Jan, it just may not be until the Ant-Man film. There is still the potential for Jan in Avengers, but I doubt they will include Hank before his solo movie.

      • All in all, I think it’s a matter of respecting the source materials (over 40 years, here) and respecting the further plans for Marvel movies at the same time that’s made it an issue so far. It would be hard to cast somebody for Hank now that would be guaranteed to stay with the role when it eventually comes back into play with Ant-Man.

    • Wow Mag you too huh, im surprised , you guys are putting nails in this coffin before it dead, listen we have no Idea as to what will truly happen and you dont know if they arent in it already, so relax , I dont beleive that Morena Baccarin isn’t in it, also we dont know who Kevin Pennington is playing and he is already signed on, just saying……

      • @ Loco Lobo 73

        Yeah me too. :-) maybe I’m reacting a little hastily, but it’s only because of my passion for “Avengers” back history and hoping for some of that original mainstream source material to be included in this production.

        • yeah but have a little faith my friend , I mean come on Marvel has been really good with its own product , they have changed a few things but basics are basics and they have been pretty good about that, Now just remind your self this isnt our comic book version, but its an acceptible alternative in my book , just them taking on this undertaking is crazy and if they have to sacrifice somethings in order to deliver a great product im ok with that. I mean take a look at Xmen, right, right , you see where im going with that at least this is Recognizable as the Avengers, cause im not sure which X men they are talking about over at Fox but its not my xmen. That said did you like INC Hulk , Iron Man 1and 2, if so those all had minor changes in the origins, which where acceptible IMHO.

          • @ Loco Lobo 73

            Yes I really did enjoy “IH” & “IM 1″. I wasn’t as impressed with “IM 2″ but it was still entertaining. :-)

            The MARVEL STUDIO films do capture the true essence of their characters, unlike the films released by Fox Abattoirs & Phony Sony. :-)

            I’m a real stickler for accuracy and I guess the history of the original mainstream material is something I’m really fond of and would like to see in a live action film.

            The reality of course is somewhat different and I guess whilst I may not always like it, I’m going to have to get used to some of the minor changes.

            I still have faith in MARVEL STUDIOS but I will continue to prod and question some of their decisions. :-) Cheers!

  3. While my feelings aren’t nearly as heated as Magnetic’s, I do agree with him on a certain level. Casting a sidekick for Nick Fury over Wasp and Ant-man is just……. /face palm

    • @ S.Matt

      @ mongoose

      I’ve calmed down now. The anger has subsided. I just thought the first “Avengers” motion picture would depict their origin with the original 5 core founding members. That’s all.

      • The X-Men movie didn’t…. and frankly, I think it worked out for the best (for that movie and its first sequel, at least.)

        • I didn’t think much of the pseudo X-Men either Phil and look at the convoluted mess it’s in now. :-)

          • Only X2 came close to what an X-Men movie should be like, it is easily the best of the 4 so far, but ultimately that isnt saying very much.

    • Not necessarily every movie needs second and third tier characters and Hill is more of background character that delegates Fury’s commands. In my opinion is better to have supporting characters that appear in the comics than to have a made up role of a random shield agent. Even if they aren’t a superhero. Either way I don’t think antman/Hank and wasp would appear in the Avengers without a proper introduction in the form of there own movie.

      • I do and I dont think they need a proper intro either , i think if they are popular in the film they can be fleshed out in their own movie, that said Edgar Wrights Ant man isnt even using Hank Pym as the Ant man, he is planning on using Scott Lang so…. Pym being in the Avengers is pretty much possible. Oh and Lets be honest Pym is the Science Guy he would be mostly relugated to a lab through most of the movie anyway and could be seen via video comms. oh and their origin could easily be explained through Fury, “Yeah I have this science guy you may know Stark, Pym and Van Dyne his Partner they have been working on some projects for us. Yeah he shrunk his girlfriend and gave her wings.”

  4. I wonder if she is going to cut her hair short for the movie?

    • probably

  5. If it comes to Marvel Civil War I may wet myself…… just saying

    • not gonna happen. not enough characters in the movievers. it needs to be secret invasion

  6. I like the Avengers but I think Whedon is a bad choice for it. And this casting announcement just seems horrible.

  7. I don’t mind. Allowances have to be made for the sake of telling a memorable and involved story. We knew Nick Fury was going to be involved, and that he was already a veteran of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Maria Hill will provide a different dimension to what S.H.I.E.L.D. is all about.

    Now I realize this is an Avengers movie first and foremost and I hope they remember that, because the too-deep involvement of Fury’s agency did completely sidetrack the Iron Man 2 movie. However, the Avengers have always maintained close contact with the agency in the comics, and for that reason I don’t have a problem with additional soldiers like Maria Hill being included.

    The “core members” of the Avengers did not last very long. These five were Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Ant-Man, and the Wasp. They lost the Hulk in the second Avengers issue, and he didn’t come back for a very long time, and even when he did it was very brief, so I actually did not even want him as part of this movie (but I guess I’ll have to deal with it.)

    In my mind, the TRUE founding members of the Avengers as we know it were Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, the Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. And at a later date, the Vision, who added a very unique aspect to the team. Yes, Ant-Man and the Wasp were very important members, but they became almost more like secondary, supporting characters – Hank that of the team’s scientist and Jane that of moral support (though she did become team leader in the 80′s).

    Now, we all know we won’t see Wanda and Pietro unfortunately, due to their mutant tag. We will probably see some incarnation of the Vision in the Avengers sequel, if there’s one, because I’m pretty sure Ultron would be the second villain in mind after the Skrulls (if they go that route).

    So that leaves Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye and (ugh) the Hulk which is pretty much what we’re getting right now.

    • @ Phil

      With all due respect, I still think the original 5 founding members from “Avengers” issue #1 (September 1963) are relevant regardless of the roster change in “Avengers” issue #16 (May 1965) when Hawkeye, the Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver became the second lot of recruits led by Captain America, who himself became a member in “Avengers” issue #4 (March 1964).

      Other than the Hulk; Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man & Wasp have shown up consistently in various rosters over the years in what I see as more than just secondary supporting roles. These guys played some key pivotal roles in some of the major story arcs and remain strong integral core members.

      Anyway enough of my ranting and raving. I know there are plenty more recruits but I hope you don’t mind the list. :-) I certainly don’t expect the (Marvel Movie Universe) to follow this chronology. It’s just something I find interesting. :-)

      1960′s RECRUITS:

      Swordsman in “Avengers” issue #20 (September 1965)
      Hercules in “Avengers” issue #45 (October 1967)
      Black Panther in “Avengers” issue #52 (May 1968)
      Vision in “Avengers” issue #58 (November 1968)
      Black Knight in “Avengers” issue #71 (December 1969)

      1970′s RECRUITS:

      Black Widow in “Avengers” issue #111 (May 1973)
      Mantis in “Giant-Size Avengers” issue #4 (1975)
      Beast in “Avengers” issue #151 (September 1976)
      Moondragon in “Avengers” issue #151 (September 1976)
      Hellcat in “Avengers” issue #151 (September 1976)
      Wonder Man in “Avengers” issue #182 (April 1979)
      Ms Marvel in “Avengers” issue #183 (May 1979)
      Falcon in “Avengers” issue #184 (June 1979)

      • Before they include the Vision, they´d have to have Ultron. I´d love to see him as the main villain in the sequel.

  8. Really? All this over one minor roll that only expands the Universe that most of want?

    Do some of you think that she will have 90 mins of screen time? Do you think she will become the Silver Surfer and just ruin the movie?

    Most of us here want to see this succeed. We want to be able to see (in one capacity or another) our childhood heroes that we only read about and saw in cartoons come to life.

    It will NEVER be exactly what we remember it to be, it will NEVER be what we think it was, it will NEVER be what it really was….

    However it should be entertaining. It should be awe inspiring to see these characters come to life and grow as a Universe. Im happy as a clam to be able to see this. After seeing Nicholas Hammond on the small screen I was like wow it doesn’t get any better then this…. it did and will continue to get better for Marvel.

    Ive said it before and will say it again. I could watch 90 mins of them just beating the snot out of each other if done well. To see it come to life is like magic to me.

    /babble :D

    • Thank You.

      I seriously think people have purgatory of the mind, they go on and on about how much they want this film and then as soon as it’s gonna be made they dont want it anymore or they start saying it’s gonna be s#*t without even seeing anyhing but the cast, make up your minds on what you want already.

      what happened to when people would wait to see a poster or a trailer before passing judgement, the film is gonna be made and instead of pointing out the good points most of you are already talking about it’s demise, I mean damn I dont mind a bit of negativity but when it’s about 90% I gotta say to myself do this guys want the film or not.

      • @ B-Flash

        I really do want this film to be successful. The “Avengers” is my favorite super hero team, but I would like to see an authentic, true and faithful adaptation, not an alternative re-imagined history, even though it is the (Marvel Movie Universe). I know that sounds like a contradiction, but there you go. :-)

        I guess some people like myself want to see something that at least acknowledges the history of the original source material.

        Why should the “Avengers” be any different? They can still represent the original source material whilst keeping it modernized and relevant. :-)

    • Agreed. Preach on, brother!

  9. I’m OK with this, as long as she doesn’t occupy to much screen time. The focus will be on the Avengers, not secondary characters. I so want this to succeed; if it doesn’t, we may never see a Justice League movie in our lifetime.

  10. Whats Marvel Civil War? Anyways id like to try to be optimistic about The Avengers by the giving the film the benefit of a doubt. WB/DC doesn’t seem interested in doin a Justice League in the near future if at all. So Atleast Marvel Studios is giving it a shot by makin a team-up hero film. Like the solo-films i can’t wait to see what they have planned.

  11. I think you guys are losing focus on a few things first there are plaenty of shows and movies that have larger cast then this , Starwars, Star trek, BSG, etc etc etc. TI think that having Hill in the movie is fine and I think it goes on to show Marvels forward thinking. I think Marvel Has stated that I has plans for a SHEILD MOVIE, which this allows Avengers to set up that.
    THE OTHER THING IS THIS IS AN UNDERTAKING LIKE NONE OTHER, NONE OF US AS KIDS COULD HAVE IMAGINED WHAT MARVELIS TRYING TO DO. I FOR ONE AM SUPPORTING THIS WHOLE HARTEDLY. Listen Marvel is doing everything right so far Both Iron Mans where great and good, The incredible Hulk , was great, Thor looks Amazing, Captain America Looks Epic, SO LETS GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO SCREW IT UP, IM GOING FOR NOT SCREWING IT UP , BUT THATS JUST ME. As far as comicbook movies go MAKE MINE MARVEL !!!!!!!!!!

    • Hear Hear!!! Agreed. Lets dump the negativity and hope Marvel makes an entertaining movie. Lets not listen to pessimist and the trolls because we all know they just want attention. Its human nature to want attention so is bashing a movie made or not made gives them attention then just ignore it and cross your fingers that this movie is made decently.

      • **Its human nature to want attention so if bashing a movie**
        Pardon the error

      • I’m not a troll, and neither are any of the other people, none of us want attention, we were simply discussing our opinions on a movie that hasnt been released yet…But obviously, according to you, this isnt the correct arena to do such a thing.

        My bad.

        Your’s sincerely


        • @ DSB

          That’s right. The site is called SCREENRANT for a reason. :-)

      • @ TJBudz

        Wow man, so every post here should simply just be filled with praise, and flowery comments for every movie in production with no objective informative discussion based on our like and dislikes. :-)

        If my posts are deemed pessimistic, then so be it. My points if you even bothered to fully comprehend them are to do with the “Avengers” back history and hoping for some of that original mainstream source material to be included in this production.

    • You go, boy! 8-)

    • I lost faith in Marvel’s abilities after that utter disaster known as Iron Man 2. That showed me they aren’t God-like as the fanboys act.

      • lol UTTER DISASTER, lol, Monster your passion is wonderful, listen just a small comment when you use utter disaster to describe a film qualify it or then it doesnt have value cause if IM 2 was a utter disaster then what would you consider Wolverine or X3 or Spidey 3 or X2 cause Disaster would be what I’d call wolverine or spidey 3 , utter disaster means to me that it had no redeeming qualities, like it doesn t make it into my collection, which Wolverine hasnt cause it has no redeeming qualities , i persaonally like to think it never existed. IM 2 doesnt even come close to that

        • To each their own. I thought IM2 was pathetic, and the only redeeming quality was that funny scene where Rodey was fighting a drunk Tony.

          • Yeah…that was probably the worst scene.

            • i agree that was pretty bad

      • You are the ONLY one that I have EVER heard call IM 2 an utter disaster. To each his own but…..wait… you work for DC? Thats got to be it.

        • I wish I worked for DC, but I would be fired b/c of my love for IM and TIH, and my anticipation for Thor and Captain America :D

      • @ Little Monster

        I don’t think of any filmmaker/studio as God-like, not even people like James Cameron or Chris Nolan. Imo Ironman 2 wasn’t better than the first film but i wouldn’t say it was a disaster, theres other comic based films id considered worse than Ironman 2 by far.

        • I agree that films like XO:W, Batman and Robin, and Catwoman are worse than IM2, but it doesn’t make teh film any better. I would actually say that I enjoyed SM3 more than IM2. Say what you want about SM3, but at least it had decent action, and actually featured the title character. A big thing that was missing in IM2 was….Iron Man.

          • @ Little Monster

            Imo id say SM3 was etheir tied with IM2 or below it. I liked SM3 except for Peter’s dancing scenes which could of been replaced with ethier more Black Costume Spidey or Venom. I didn’t where people mention it had too many villains where Nolan’s Batman films has more. Imo IM2 just seemed slower paced for a sequel because of plot & Tony’s alcoholsism while dying at the sametime. It seem like the first film in small way to me, especially when it got the climax. Id say i liked it just as much as the first film but not anymore than that.

            • IMO, everything was done wrong in IM2. The action wasn’t fun, and the final battle was almost exactly like the first film. The dialogue was dull, the special effects were the same as the first, the script was weak. The acting was weak, especially Scar Jo as Black Widow. Barely any character development (aside from Tony).

              When I said “God-like” was with fanboys always saying that Marvel should be doing their own adaptations. But if their future films are anything like IM2, then I’d rather not have them get their properties back. Because it would be no different than a film by Sony or Fox.

  12. i dont know i dont think any of you will be satisfied no matter what happens. let the movie be made just be grateful we are getting an avengers film. and you guys act like the movie will have character devl and focus on each and every character it just wont and cant happen that way its about them coming together and over coming odds as a team. @wally west civil war is a tory arc about the super heroe registration act and all the heroes takes sides as to who appose it and who is for it.the only part i liked about that arc was cable and deadpool tie in. hah deadpool shooting at cap from behind cable is a classic panel

  13. Everyone’s who’s complaining about The Avengers cast and how it’s “overkill” with all these characters…

    The Core: Nick Fury, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk (to a lesser extent)

    Supporting Characters: Agent Coulson, Agent Maria Hill, Black Widow, Hawkeye

    Supporting characters will get like what? 15-20 minutes of screen time. This is the most ambitious film ever being made. You guys should be happy that they’re translating this ensemble team of superheroes onto the big screen. Yes, there’s going to be some changes and Ant-Man/Wasp won’t be in it just yet (CMON EDGAR WRIGHT!), but it’s a small sacrifice to see one of the most entertaining movies of all time.

    • While I enjoy the optimism… Just to be Devils Advocate a little… Nobody knows yet if it will be entertaining or not so lets not feed the trolls. they might use your exuberance against you. That said only time will tell if its entertaining or not. I for one hope that it is.

      See that trolls…I hope… something which you, whoever you are have none.

      • Yes you are indeed Mr Optimistic with your pre pubescent ramblings. :-)

        You know no one here has hurled derogatory comments at you, so where do you get off calling people trolls?

        Are you that offended by opinions posted on a website that encourages friendly objective informative discussion and dare I say opinions differing from yours.

        • LMAO, teabag(sorry uncalled for) I mean T budz, lol you kill me dude, you keep jumping back and forth so I am assuming that you are just trying to elicit a response from the other posters, which is amusing only to a point.

  14. The real trolls are guys like this TJBudz who say since my opinion doesn’t agree with his it’s automatically wrong.

    • @Jake the Snake & @DSB- I respect all opinions and everyone else opinions here in screen rant. I do not yell Troll at anyone who posts regularly here. Though I despise the anonymity of comments, most regular posters I have read here in screen rant have his or her own view of things. I may disagree or agree with them but i still respect them for posting what they think. I have read some of your posts and I agree with some and disagree with some.

      But! I never called you a troll for the posts which I disagree on. So please show me a little personal courtesy by not attacking me personally. I would prefer to get along with all the people here since the topics and comments are interesting enough to read.

      So please do not let me lose respect for the both of you.

      • Honestly, that is the only way some people feel they can get their point across, to use foul language. It simply shows ignorance of the english vocabulary. Only the ignorant use name calling to TRY and prove a point. Very sad really.

    • Don’t get all “wounded knee” on me now. Lets face it. You may not like it when someone disagrees with you, but not all opinions can be right. Someone has to be wrong. In this case you got your feelings hurt and resorted to name calling. Whether your opinion is right or wrong doesnt matter anymore because you lowered yourself to something similar to a monkey doing a math problem. All you had to do was disagree but you had to go off an call someone a troll. Didnt your mama ever tell you its not nice to call people names?

      • Let’s dial this down a bit, shall we, fellas?



        • LMAO this was too funny thank you guys for bringing a little humor to my day of work.

          • LOL, which reminds me, I should get back to work. Damn the internet at work. It’s distracting and this site is so addictive and I should be a little more disciplined. :-)

            Last post today before the boss walks in. :-)

  15. Im glad to see theres people here that are atleast open-minded about The Avengers. At this moment i feel all WB/DC will do is keep rebooting the their DC comic based films. Not just Batman & Superman but im sure Green Lantern, Flash etc. reboots will follow before a Justice League film is made. I can only hope Marvel Studios somehow aquire the film rights of Spidey & X-men etc. and do them justice.

  16. On the lines of the actress.

    I hope she gets a haircut. If there is one thing I think they (Marvel) has accomplished is the look and feel of these characters.

    To allow her to have her long locks (IMO) or even a bun/ponytail etc. would take away what I SEE the character as.

  17. Hopefully it is a great movie and can keep some sort of truth to the comics, but it is a MOVIE and we have seen before that because it was a comic doesn’t mean the studio is convinced that story will sell. Where they take the universe from here I don’t think even Marvel Studios knows. It would be nice however, for them to get some of their characters back to really broaden the universe. *cough*fox,sony*cough*

  18. I’ve never watched an episode of How I met your Mother, The last television sitcom I watched was friends (Heck I was not even able to watch the final episode of that too) so the casting choice means very little to me.
    @Aknot I agree that her hair should be short to match the books. point in case would be the red locks of Scarlett Johansson so its safe to assume Marvel will “base” the appearance on the comics.

  19. I will go on record right now and say…….I have no IDEA how this movie will turn out. It hasn’t started filming yet so any opinion has 0 merit, ZERO! Unless you make films for a living there is no reason to hate this movie before its even made. Some of you guys need a girlfriend in your life or something, lol.

  20. I would love to have a girlfriend, we could go to The Avengers together!

    • LOL :-)

    • Would you tell my wife that, please? :-P

  21. I don’t know about ya but I hope the movie turns out good if not great!… Why? So they can get to marvel civil war!… I think that story like can be epic!