Cloverfield Five Minute Clip Online!

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cloverfieldposterofficial Cloverfield Five Minute Clip Online!Hey everyone, just wanted to put up this clip from the highly anticipated Cloverfield, opening in just over a month on January 18, 2008 (the film was known by this date for a while, 1-18-08), from producer JJ Abrams. He does an introduction to the clip, and I’m almost positive it’s from the set of the new Star Trek Film!

The clip is after the jump. It’s awesome and actually a bit scary (think 9/11).

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  1. WTF?

    It reminds me of a mix of Nic Cage’s World Trace Center and The Blair Witch Project.

    It’s alive?

    And please don’t tell me the whole movie is going to be shot in hand-cam. That will get annoying. Like watching 2 hours of someones bad home videos.

  2. I’ll agree about the hand-cam. Is it supposed to make up for sucky f/x?

    What if “it” is the statue of liberty (minus the head) walking around? If so, we’ve seen “it” on every movie poster. (The French put some kind of weird meteor egg thing inside, and it finally hatched and grew up.)

    But seriously, anyone else think “Some Thing has found us” is one of the worst movie slogans ever?

  3. It looks like it could be pretty scary but I have to agree, that hand-cam is going to get old fast.

  4. R U SRS? Ne way digguh duh its gonna be completely hand held cam, what are you thinkin, excuse me if i think that that will be unique. And about it being like that to cover up bad effects, I guaruntee you this movie will have the best effects you’ve seen since the first jurrasic park.

  5. R U SRS? Ne way digguh duh its gonna be completely hand held cam, what are you thinkin, excuse me if i think that that will be unique. And about it being like that to cover up bad effects, I guaruntee you this movie will have the best effects you’ve seen since the first jurrasic park.

  6. Grr, sorry guys, I hate Opera(browser).

  7. >>I guaruntee you this movie will have the best effects you’ve seen since the first jurrasic park.<

    Maybe, if Jurassic Park camera men had delirious tremens, and were on stilts, on pogo sticks, during an earthquake. Wink.

  8. As much as I don’t like JJ Abhrams past work, this looks good. Yes it will be a handheld docu-horror film. And from the effects I’ve seen so far this thing looks kick ass!!!!

  9. Been following this movie since the preview on Transformers. This movie is going to be amazing. And I like the Cam idea, gives you the person point of view.

    Going to be amazing, period.

  10. Right on Zachary.
    The scenes and the pov of the camera when the military are firing on the creature are breath taking.

  11. Oh yea Steve, they are.

    And for those who think the Cam view is going to suck. Do alittle search cause Matt Reeves has ton a few interviews past few days and promises this will make the Blair Witch Project look like a July 4th Home Video.

  12. Yea Zachary the scenes that I’ve seen look amazing , ground breaking even.

    Now if we get a compelling storyline from our camera person this could be a huge hit.

  13. Not so much the Camera but from Rob, the main character who hopefully should be around Hud (Camera Man) Most of the movie. This all ties into the ARE (Alternate Reality Experience) I mean you can look at the new clip of the SOLs head and just see the sheer detail in it. Just think of what the movie will be like

  14. Yeah I totally agree. This ones going to be awesome. I hope this creature looks cool but deadly. From what I’ve seen it will…
    Plus we get a Star Trek trailer. Whoohooya.
    Just wait and see how the Dark Knight Trailer helps out the “I am Ledgend” film.

  15. Just saw the leaked trailer. Don’t think it was the IMAX one, wasn’t 6 minutes. For the Dark Knight. AMAZING. “Why don’t we put a smile on your face” Lol Loved it.

    Eh, hate to say it, but not a Trek man myself. Oh the monster will be. I got a feeling this will rock Godzillas cage as a iconic monster in some aspecs.

  16. That’s cool if your not into Trek.
    I was just pointing out that the Studio is using this film to help out the new Trek fiasco.
    By the way its interesting to note how JJ Abhrams has been able to keep the lid on the look of the central monster in this film…

  17. Oh, yea, no doubt. Trek will get tons of hype from it.

    I agree and this is why I and thousands of others want to see it. Because we don’t even have a clue of what the monster could be. Just sheer speculation right now. The most we’ve gotten was prob the shoulder or whatever it was from the trailer that came out before this new one.

    And on a funny note the forum I’m on (UnFiction) We’ve nicknamed the monster “GrumpyPants” lol

  18. Grumpy pants :)
    Rumor I heard..
    Cloverfield is a military installation and this creature escapes…

  19. I’ll be the first to admit my hatred for the fad known as shakey cam, but I must say that in this instance, you never lose your sense of place in this clip, unlike in the Bourne films which, wile very good, always seem to make no such sense of the landscape.

    The fact that I was able to make visual sense of it is remarkable because I’m watching it on an laptop and the image is smaller than usual. I guess we don’t have long to wait now, at least. Almost a month away now.

  20. Maybe, but from the trailer, it just says that Cloverfield is named for Central Park after Grumpypants rips through it.

    I dont think you’ve been following the ARE any. It’s hard to explain cause there is so much. But I’m sure its not a Miltary thing. 90% Positive. Good rumor though

  21. Yeah they have found a way to integrate live action and handheld motion into a first person visual experience that is grounded in a way you don’t have any lag time. Its gonna be the next big thing in films I’m telling ya.
    Not that I fully think this fad should be burned out but it could be and it starts here.

  22. Well, well see on that rumor…..

  23. The military base is underground.

  24. Interview with Matt Reeves:

    Even the trailer and clip say that Cloverfield is a designation/code name for what happened. Ie, The Manhattan Project, etc.


  25. I’m looking forward to Cloverfield, but if it’s all “home movie” I’ll be reaching for the Dramamine.

  26. They shot the movie, I think, on the Panavision Genesis, which they shot Superman Returns, Click and other films on. That’s high quality!


  27. Thoughts:

    A whole movie with that handheld camera? I hope it’s not longer than 90 minutes or there will be a class action suit for migraines and nausea caused by the film.

    Looks like an American version of Godzilla (but a GOOD one this time). :-)

    I do like the realism aspect of it.


  28. The handheld aspect I believe will be “enhanced” meaning it won’t look Blair Witchy. The shots all look clean and professional.
    There’s very little shaking except when the creature walks by or there running for their lives.
    Overall I think watching this film you will forget that its a handheld experience.
    This handheld perspective could also work VERY effectivly to scare alot of folks out of there seats
    The tension and drama will overtake the viewer….
    But just incase bring some Excedrin

  29. It’s not only the shakiness. But that’s an issue–when the main guy spends half his time yelling “Oh God!” or “It’s alive!” or “Wowie zowie, look at that, Mabel!”

    The crap about handhelds is the “center of the universe” point of view. A traditional camera pans across a room (among other things). With a personal shaky cam, the view is “trapped” and has to spin around from left to right, at close range, to see the people in a room.

    Maybe on a big screen, this stuff becomes unimportant. Or Abrams will compensate somehow.