Cloverfield 2 Is A Bad Idea

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cloverfield 2 Cloverfield 2 Is A Bad IdeaSo, considering my review of Cloverfield are you surprised that I don’t like the idea of a Cloverfield sequel?

Here’s the deal: I’m not opposed to a sequel – as a matter of fact I think this has the makings of a great franchise for at least another couple of movies. Kind of our very own Godzilla.

What I do believe is a bad idea is what the film’s director, Matt Reeves, may be kicking around as the concept for Cloverfield 2:

“While we were on set making the film we talked about the possibilities and directions of how a sequel can go. The fun of this movie was that it might not have been the only movie being made that night, there might be another movie! In today’s day and age of people filming their lives on their iphones and handy cams, uploading it to YouTube… That was kind of exciting thinking about that.”

Matt, if you get to be the guy who makes the sequel I would highly recommend that you go in a completely different direction.

The hand-held digicam point of view concept is cool the first time you use it, but I’m telling you: If the sequel is based on the exact same events but from yet another point of view it will tank.


The only thing that gives me hope in the statement above is that Reeves states that it is only one of many possible directions they discussed for a sequel.

Remember how awesome the original Alien by director Ridley Scott was? It was groundbreaking, fantastic and did amazingly well at the box office. And then James Cameron came on board for the sequel and instead of continuing down the same road he took the story in a completely different direction, and that turned out to be a brilliant decision.

I suggest that Reeves, Abrams and Paramount take a lesson from that page in movie history while they consider a Cloverfield sequel.

Source: Bloody Disgusting via First Showing

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  1. I think it would be awesome if they made a second Cloverfield movie…but instead they should just bypass putting it into theaters and post it on youtube. Kinda like there was someone else filming that night, and they survived and were able to tell their story on the internet.

  2. Nigel this will happen in the future. Films will be distributed on the medium that is the web.
    This is the base point of the WGA right now and the reason theres this writers strike.

    Good idea Nigel.!

  3. Off topic, but I noticed that ABC has at least half of S1 of Lost viewable online. I didn’t think any network did that after a season was over, or especially after DVDs were out. (Except summaries or maybe the cliffhanger from the previous season). Maybe after management sign the writers up again, they won’t do this at all (to save money)?

    I guess it’s to “Jin” up interest before the new quarter season starts up?

  4. There are usually something like commercials interspersed with Internet episodes (“limited interruption”). I watched a bit of a Lost episode, and there were no ads.

  5. cloverfield 2?
    i think it’d be an awesome idea.

    well you really dont know if the creature really did die at the end but if you wait until the end of credits it says help us and if you play that in reverse it says very clearly”it’s still alive”

  6. I’ve been reading a few boards and here a few of my favorite plots about a Cloverfield 2. Hope it sparks some conversation

    1. Rob and Beth survive, grab another camera, and film their escape from New York.

    Now this would be plausible becasue at the end of the movie, if Rob did say it was still alive, it sure as hell wouldn’t just sit in Manhattan for long. Would be more of the same thing, but I’m sure Matt and JJ could figure out some new ways for the two to interact with the monster. This is my favorite plot for a second movie because I care about the two characters, and I care about their fate.

    2. Same event, different perspective.

    I dont really care for this one because, as a person to be entirely sucked up by the viral marketing, I wouldnt care for the characters as much. They would just be another group of people running for another 78 minutes, whos fates you could care less about.

    3. Same event, but told on a large scale, such as all the “classic” monster movies.

    Intriguing but probably will tank badly, IMO its more of the same that we have already seen. Although it could provide the answer we all seek.

  7. Hey A Casale cool points.

    I don’t think Rob could do as great a job as Hud did.

    Plus if it were me I wouldn’t be filming my escape I would focus on getting out alive.
    Rob deffinitly couldn’t pull off the running commetary that Hud did.

    I’m sure yove seen my post, I’m sticking 2 it…
    Do 2 stories with Military points of view using military steadycams.
    They could even show them rescuing Rob and Beth. ???

  8. I would agree that the POV of a military man would be different from the original. Lord knows I loved Hud, I thought he stole the show from Rob and the others. Rob said it best “People are gonna want to know how it all went down.” Why film the monster tearing up NY, and not keep filming your escape?

  9. a the last scene of the movie at the beach u see in the background soem black thing is falling into the see tha means the monster came from space

  10. a the last scene of the movie at the beach u see in the background soem black thing is falling into the sea that means the monster came from space

  11. I “loved” this movie and would definately see more of them, if there were to be more.

    For a sequel to this movie should be: Someone else tapes their side of the story, starting from watching the news update on TV. He and his friends escapes across the bridge and films Rob’s brother getting killed along with the collapsing of the bridge. He and his friends make it across and films the monster from the other side. People are being aided while news updates are shown. Whatever happens between then and the nat bomb, unsure. But we all see everything including the nuke coming down and leveling the city. Afterwards they should show the update from that to see if the monster was killed, BUT it doesn’t! News helicptors fly over ground zero and find out that the creature is still up and walking and ever more dropping the tiny minion creatures. The monster then swims over to where the survivors are held, and everyone trys to run away and get evacuated. Military continues to destroy the creature, but with no luck. The creature continues it’s destructive path from New York all the way to Los Angelas. Everything is destroyed. The only remaining survivors are in the frozen parts like Arctic and the Antarctic. Including the snowy moutains. Everyone learns that the creature, and the tiny things, can not function nor survive the cold harsh climates. People learn to survive the remaining days until the creatures simply starve to death. Then the remaining survivors rebuild and try to start their lives over again.

    Either that or no one survives and the creatures simply die of exposure and starvation.

    If a nuke can’t destroy it, look for a simpilar solution like the cold or starvation.

  12. Wow Melissa that sounds like a couple of sequels.
    I wonder if they could lay down a spike-strip or has anyone got any Slim Witman albums.

  13. personally my initial thoughts having watched it tonight are that i would pay to see more of this stuff. ‘this stuff’ being the ‘cloverfield monster’

    i don’t really like the ‘camera b’ idea much, but obviously the people in charge do so i guess that’s what we’ll see in any second movie that comes along. if an interesting new perspective and characters could be created then fine, but personally i think this would be better left for cloverfield 3!

    so Cloverfield 2? for me it’s gotta be just a normal movie. i’d like to see godzilla meets black hawk down. i.e. ditch the handheld camera but keep the dark realism and don’t drift back towards the normal godzilla type hollywood disaster movie with the stereotypical characters an the odd laugh thrown in for the kids etc.

    then we’d all get to find out what the thing is, and how it gets killed! hooray! then as i say, do the camera b thing as movie 3 and then shut the fridge door before the food goes off. i reckon that would make a dvd box set worth buying.

  14. I would very much like to see the military point of view. That would make a very cool action movie, not a thriller but pure action.

  15. yeah hope there will be the sequel of cloverfield and of course maybe try to not use handycam again. so the detail of the movie will rocks.