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Hugh Grant Cannibal Leader in Cloud Atlas Cloud Atlas Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Cloud Atlas review, this is the place where you can discuss Cloud Atlas spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Cloud Atlas for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Cloud Atlas episode of the SR Underground podcast.

Cloud Atlas is now playing in theaters. It is Rated R for violence, language, sexuality/nudity and some drug use.

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  1. The movie was just okay for me. 7/10. The stories were great for the most part, but just pretty shallow. Have the actors play different gender roles and ethnic groups just really took me out of the film.

    • I think having them play Asians was the most distracting thing of the movie

      • To be clear, they are not Asians. They are mixed race where in the future there has been so much interbreeding that people all have a different overall ethnic look.

  2. Tom Hanks at the Beginning and end is Decard Cain from Diablo lol

  3. Nice Ouroborous theme. I find that most of the negative reviewers out there could not understand it.

  4. Was my most anticipated film of the year. I cried during the trailer, that’s how much I connected with this film’s premise. And I’m a huge fan for ambitious, out-of-the-box, epic filmmaking. Caught a screening last night. My thoughts (this might be spoiler-ish):

    - messy. editing is all over the place.

    - cockblocker. the moment I would get fully invested in a scene I’d be taken somewhere else. I never got to fully appreciate any one storyline.

    - makeup. lots and lots of makeup. some of it amazing, some of it so bad it’s disturbing to look at. I can think of 4 makeup jobs in particular that I simply couldn’t help but be distracted by.

    - music. at times distracting and really not that fantastic

    - i thought the stories would tie together more cohesively to express the idea of interconnectedness. I mean, isn’t that the point of Cloud Atlas? I found that they tried to use dialogue to force this idea though. didn’t flow as the trailers suggested

    A fantastic and thought-provoking idea that unfortunately missed the mark in a muddled way for me. Ambitious yet I felt that the first trailer communicates the grander ideas far better than the 3hrs I watched.

    • I connected with virtually all levels of the film. I was so moved that I wept during the last 30 minutes. During my life I have discussed with many people all the ideas brought forth in the film. I think it is a must see. Profound and engrossing.

      • “During my life I have discussed with many people all the ideas brought forth in the film.” That’s cool you discussed an asian woman getting laid on a table, and then her neck broken. Or how bout the time a man and child were murdered by sick warriors. Or a gay man offing himself just before his lover finds him. Or the future with blow roads similar to water. Or a ship flying over water, with a person dressed all in white inside it, and eventually marrying a man who witnessed the warriors murdering his friends. That is wierd that you have discussed these things with some people you know. My frinedsd and I disucss: movies, sports, politics, religion, volunteering. our kids, etc.

        • @RJ , If that’s what you thought he meant by talking about this with friends i suggest you watch the movie again because this movie says what so many now a days are afraid to and just like V for vendetta not suprisingly by the same writer director duo does, The diffrence being they apply a more direct approach in cloud atlas to see if we more clearly see the point…..

    • “A fantastic and thought-provoking idea that unfortunately missed the mark in a muddled way for me. Ambitious yet I felt that the first trailer communicates the grander ideas far better than the 3hrs I watched.”

      Exactly how I felt. The movie as a whole seemed like a 3hrs trailer to a much longer movie that has yet to be released…

      And yes, I too wish we would have been allowed more time in each story before jumping to the next – I was never really invested in any of the characters.

  5. Cloud Atlas is a mediocre film at best with little to no entertainment value. The 6+ timelines as a whole are uninteresting, predictable, cliche as are the individual plots within each timeline. The sci fi action story was a poor knock off of Equilibrium. The Caucasian male actors in ethnic prosthetic make up were very distracting. The futuristic post Apocalyptic world ripped straight off of Mad Max/Waterworld right down to the way they talked was laughable. A smorgasbord of different genres each poorly executed. Red Box Rental at most. True true

    • The action sequence to the Sonmi 451 story is all Wachowski editing. The actual tale in the book is more subdued and has none of the “cool action” shots. I felt it was also the worst of the movie.
      There wasn’t anything of MM or WW in the Zachry line..they’re very different universes… to claim one is ripped off from the other is pointless just based on the environments.
      Agreed, though, that the prosthetics were pretty distracting.

  6. this is a love it or hate it film. its between the line.

    • I like it but there are problems. the actors playing different gender roles is distracting at times especially during the dystopian near future story line and it is diffcult to understand the language the actors are speaking in the post-apocalyptic distant future storyline

  7. Man I loved this movie, such a brilliant film. Definitely 10/10 for me.

  8. Had a lot of mixed feelings throughout, and kinda went back and forth on whether I liked it. The part that really brought it together for me was Frobisher watching Sixpence look for him on that tower, and then go through with his plan of committing suicide. Really touching scene, and gave a lot of weight to the words, “I believe there is another life, a better life, and I’ll be waiting for you there.”

    • Spoiler?

    • Wow this is a spoiler discussion lol my fault. thought this was the review.

  9. Is Hugo Weaving interested in starring in Mrs. Doubtfire 2?

    • He definitely wasn’t having hot flashes his first day as a woman. . .

  10. Having heard a few of the negative reviews, I was pleasantly surprised with the movie. Obviously there were flaws, but I think it got right more than it got wrong. The scope and cinematography were excellent in my opinion, with the dystopian future timelines predictably making an strong impression. Although sometimes excessive, the makeup was exceptional and oscar worthy, and it rarely took me out of the movie. The acting was this movies strongest feature. With only a few minutes to work with, each actor makes each character noteworthy. Tom Hanks was excellent and nuanced and continues to take my breath away. Other standouts were Hugh Grant and Ben Wishaw. One of the movies biggest flaws was some timelines were more interesting than others, which would not be such a big deal had they all seemed to pay off in the end, but they don’t. The 1973 timeline was extraneous and boring in my opinion, especially since it didn’t really contribute to the overall narrative or theme. Also, the writing was a bit sloppy at times, especially in the post-apocalyptic world where they speak in an indiscernable form of shorthand drawl. Although it wasn’t as perfect or as genre re-defining as i’d hoped, I thought they creativity in which they weaved the stories together was great and kept me interested the entire time.

    • I definitely love Ben Wishaw’s performance and storyline I thought it was well written. I personally love Neo Seoul story tho very Wachowski. Best Ensemble

    • Wait…Hugo Weaving’s performances didn’t stand out for you? He blew me away…Tom Hanks was just Tom Hanks with great makeup and lines.

  11. One of my best movies of the year along with Argo to name a few. Cloud Atlas is a staggering masterpiece, a positively inspired piece of filmmaking that blows the lid off cinematic convention and uses unparalleled artistry to tell a story that encompasses the whole of human experience. It is not just the most ambitious and revolutionary film of 2012, but one of the most unique and powerful cinematic milestones of the modern era.
    Unlike others, I really really love the make up cause some of them are unreconizable,and for that it definitely deserves an Oscar nomination same with Editing, Sound Mixing, Original Score, and Cinematography, Visual Effects

    • I agree with your comment 100%. People at my theater didn’t like it. Too bad people do not apperciate film as an art form anymore.

      • That is true. Smh

    • I love this last review and how it suddenly collapses into werds that go well rite nixt to each other.

    • I too agree 100%, I read the book in anticipation of this film coming out, and it was dare I say life changing. In fact the premise of souls aging and progressing caused me to take a more mature view of my children and respect the possibility that they may have lived through much more important and dire situations than whatever I may be agonizing over currently with them. There were some ingenious changes made from the book to the film, such as making Sixsmith (not Sixpense) the archivist who interviews Sonmi, while she recounts her love and steadfast delivery of her edicts in the face of the eminent destruction of her savior and lover. This moves him to the point where he has to give a pause to the security detail ready to take her away for extermination, to ask her one last question about love and why she was hopeful for being reunited with the one she loves. She sees the emotions turning in him, and is satisfied completely with just his obvious change of heart and enlightenment upon hearing her story. And knows that her message and purpose will be heard and taken heed to. He knows somewhere inside him that this story of an unfulfilled love, and all it is potential for more, is somehow all too familiar and is overwhelming to him. That is just one of the amazing parts of this film. The part where Keith David says to Sonmi, “let me show something more so you can fully understand just what it is that we are fighting for” I thought that was the coolest wink towards the audience by the filmmakers in a movie ever.

    • No where near one of the best of the year. It was at times entertaining and it was a nice idea how they attempted to connect everything. But it was very boring sometime and the acting along with some of the outfits, looked like it was a made for TV movie. I agree that Tom Hanks was great as always. Halle Berry was great as the journalist, but not very good as the women who wore white. The old people in the residence home kept my attention most of the time. I would give it a B-.

  12. This movie sucked bad. We went to Nashville to watch this movie at the imax beacause I’ve never been to one and with tom and halle being such great actors I wanted to take it all in. We ended up leaving before rhe movie was even over. Wasting $50.00. Really disappointed. Wish I could get a refund. And that 2 1/2 hours of my life back. :)

    • Joy, film is an artform, not honey boo boo type of entertainment.

      • And I agree with you on the point of a film is an artform. Your absoultly right, but isn’t there also supposed to be some kind of entertainment value as well? What’s the point of making a film for people to watch if noone wants to watch it because there’s absoultly no plot. No story line. In my opinion all this movie was about is reincarnation, how souls continue to live on, and that’s great but they could have done a way better movie with that topic. Let me aak you….what was the story line? If you were explaining this movie to someone who’s never seen it how would you describe it minus the reincarnation aspect? And what exactly does “honey boo boo” entertainment mean anyway?

  13. I thought it was terrific. My list of things I wish were different is shorter than the list of things I can praise. 5/5

    Short list of complaints:
    I wish the distopian future featured different accents. For one, it was hard to understand. Also, I know it will come off as ridiculous to a lot of people. I guess they were trying to convey how maybe there’ll be a point in the future, where humans might not be intelligent on the level we consider to be intelligent, or something along those lines? I don’t know how to explain it, but I get why they did it. Still..

    I could’ve gone with less vivid sex scenes, if not just for the sake of awkwardness with family around. But I guess why not throw everything in.

    The 70′s story felt just a little bit empty to me, at least under-developed. As did the abolitionist element of the other story. There should’ve been a little part where it showed that Luisa and the abolitionist guy had greatly contributed to their goals, like Somni did.

    • On the dystopian future:
      The characters aren’t “stupid.” The novel does a better job of conveying that the Islanders are just isolated… The Pressients/high-tech people go around and trade between the people.
      The language they use is supposed to be an evolution of how “slang” English might evolve in a few hundred years, but the movie kinda made it come off as more “hill-billy.”
      I agree it comes off weak, though.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago (see p. 77 [528-451=77]) and Douglas Hofstadter’s Godel, Escher, Bach (see page 37 [528-491=37]) are represented in, if in fact are not the premises of, Cloud Atlas (2012) and Inception (2010), respectively. I want to point out what I believe is a tipping-of-the-hat by the Wachowskis to Christopher Nolan (by way of engaging in meta-cinematic code sharing) in their Cloud Atlas screen play adaptation of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas (2004). Consider the scene in which Sonmi-451 meets Chang via the extraordinary mirroring of scores, Zimmer’s track 528491 to Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil’s track Sonmi-451 Meets Chang. The thorough-going Inception fan was musically primed to the significance of 528 meets 451.

    • Burp

  15. We liked the movie and neither of us had read the book yet. From the reviews, I thought we would get more lost than we actually did. There were a couple of scenes that I need ‘splainin’. What was the destruction in the china shop about? What was the deal with the bodies in the mountaintop structure? I’m sure there’s layers of meaning that will become clearer once I’ve read the book. Thanks for any insight.

    • i have the same questions as you Toni. I’d also really like to read the book, which i hear does a much better job connecting the dots, so hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze that in some time soon.

    • I haven’t seen the film yet, but I read the book. Don’t know what scene you refer to as the second one… But, as for the china shop, for me it’s a rather simple metaphor – of destruction turning into a form of art. The china breaks and creates heavenly music while crashing. And Frobisher composes a beautiful piece of art on his way to suicide.

    • I didn’t read the book either, but to me, the scene in the china shop was about symbolic of breaking convention and about the couple “tthumbing their nose” so to speak at the upper class structure. Had these men come out of the closet, their reputations and lives would have been destroyed.

      The bodies in the mountaintop structure were the people who died during the rebellion in Neo Soul (the one where Somni was speaking into the camera). The Tom Hanks and Halle Berry characters were in that same building, centuries later, trying to contact alien lifeforms.

      • The first paragraph that i wrote should read:

        “I didn’t read the book either, but to me the scene in the china shop was symbolic of breaking convention. The couple “thumbed their noses” at the upper class structure. Had these men come out of the closet, their reputations and lives would have been destroyed.”

  16. i really liked the movie as a whole. Not all of the dots were connected by any means and there are definitely problems..but by the end of the movie that didnt seem to matter to me. I found the re-occuring theme of cannibalism to be interesting…during Cavendish’s first escape attempt from the old folks home he yells “soilent green is people!”..then on to the sonmi 451 “soap” incident…and the tribe in the post apocalyptic era.

    • Yes! And it was said “the weak are meat, and the strong do eat.”

  17. Where to begin? How about the comments I heard from the two couples that came together and sat directly behind me after the movie ended. The two young guys: “I don’t get it.” And “It was hard to follow; I just couldn’t keep up with some parts.”

    And the two young ladies: “I got it!” and “Yeah I thought it was great”. In addition to the constant kicking of my chair I might add that said young ladies and gents, both laughed at times, cheered the protagonists at others and were utterly silent during romantic and suspense climaxes. So even if you don’t get it, or have trouble keeping up, you will get it and be able to keep up.

    The theme of the movie can be summed up in a single quote by its strongest protagonist who is Sonmi:
    “Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”

    Translation: From birth to death, we are dependent upon and are affected by the actions (good and bad) of others, those who are now dead and those living; Others, dieing and living are dependent upon and are affected by our actions (good and bad). By our actions (good and bad) we determine the outcome of our future, in what ever way we perceive that future to be (either the here and now if you are an atheist or the afterlife if you are religious). I left out the therevada meaning of reincarnation because you guys and gals on the lesser path all ready know about the true meaning of reincarnation that has nothing to do with a “next life”.

    What I liked and what moved me:
    P.E.T.A. take note: For the better part of an entire minute I considered becoming a vegetarian during the scene where Sonmi views the actual fate of her fellow fabricants. Have the Wachowskis do your next infomercial because they hit a cord with some one who abhors factory farms but refuses to give up the “protein” products they make. I’m sure I’m not the only one who caught the obvious analogy to factory farm methods concerning swine, chickens and cows here in the usa.

    Not having read the book, I was thinking, don’t make this movie for the gaming generation, (yeah the two guys behind me were talking about the various games they play before the movie started) just make the movie sequentially as it was written. Mark my words, the directors and writers, in time, will get the credit they deserve for how they cut and pasted the different stories together the way they did.

    I heard so much crap by critics before the movie about how you can’t understand the language being spoken by the characters of the scenes taking place in the farthest future. Any one who has ventured outside the nation of “grammar policia” or who has seen any movie with the slightest bit of British or deep south slang will have no problem understanding what is entirely English with a few more contractions in it…..
    The characters and their struggles were believable, relevant and well done. A great movie!

  18. p.s. The movie was not about reincarnation. If you try to figure it out by that method, especially from a Tibetan or some other mayhana budhist point of view, you will only get confused. For those who don’t get it, the theme that connects all the dots is this: Those who commit evil have it visited back upon themselves; those who commit good spread good, either directly for themselves, or for an exponentially greater number of individuals…. Think about what you saw in the movie and what I wrote before you disagree….

    • Nicely put.

    • Talking about understanding this movie… ‘Someone already does.’

  19. The movie asks the questions why do we keep doing this to ourselves?
    “Humanity today is like a waking dreamer, caught between the fantasies of sleep and the chaos of the real world. The mind seeks but cannot find the precise place and hour. We have created a Star Wars civilization,with Stone Age emotions, medival institutions,and god like technology. We thrash about. We are terribly confused by the mere fact of our existence, and a danger to ourselves and to the rest of life.”
    The Social Conquest of The Earth (2012)
    Edward O. Wilson

  20. Way too complicated and too long. One of the worst movies i have ever seen and a total waste of time for such talented actors. What an embarrassment to their careers.

  21. I Think almost everyone, even most critics missed the main theme of Cloud Atlas, being the cycle of humanity of domination vs subjugation. Despite all six stories being different and somehow connected, they all have a protagonist who fights against a dominating force in one way or another, finding truth and freedom in the end. This is a movie to watch over and over again. lovedd it, and it sort of bothered me that most people nowadays do not appreciate film as art and expect the medium to be exclusively for entertainment.

  22. Ok here’s what I still can’t get: If the actors are playing reincarnations of the same soul through time, then how can 2 characters in the same “soul journey” exist simultaneously in the one timeframe??? Examples… 1) if Whishaw is a record store clerk in 1973, wouldn’t his character from 2012 (the old wife) be just a younger woman 39 years ago in ’73? And 2) if Hugh Grant is the power plant owner in ’73, how can he also be the elder Denny Cavendish in 2012? The math doesn’t work out for reincarnation of these souls…or are we to believe that some of these souls are just shifting from one body to another in mid-lifetime? Please help…I really want to understand the idea here.

    • you assume that time in the space between lives would line up with the timeline of our living world because why?

      • I’m sorry, can you rephrase that question? It sounds like you’re suggesting that this story does not take place in the same world that you and i live in.

    • Nate, without getting into the meaning of reincarnation, the simplest thing to keep in mind for the film is that each actor does not represent the same ‘reincarnated’ soul over and over again. The only soul that specifically has continuity is the one that has the comet-shaped birthmark somewhere on his body. That is the 19th century lawyer, the composer, the journalist, the sleazy publisher, sonmi and the post-apocalyptic tribesman, all played by different actors. Having actors reappear in every story was a mash-up invented by the Wachowskis, to varying effect. It was fun watching the same actor go from being a good guy to bad guy and back again, but also distracting at times. (Hugo Weaving did seem to be unredeemingly bad in every story, though.) And the recurring protagonist had plenty of flaws, too, taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back in some lifetimes.

      • Sorry CatD, but that’s not the impression I got from watching numerous interviews with the actors, and after reading an article from Jennifer Vineyard (http://www.vulture.com/2012/10/guide-to-the-characters-and-connections-of-cloud-atlas-confused.html). I haven’t read the book, but it still seems like everyone is saying that the characters played by the same actor/actress DO in fact share one soul’s journey through time. Curious what reason you have to think this is not the case? Thanks.

  23. An absolutely brilliant and mesmerizing movie– so different from the usual Hollywood schlock. I’m quite shocked and disappointed that the press reviews are not higher. This is Oscar worthy material on many fronts and is deserving of several viewings.

  24. A breathtaking cinematic masterpiece; one of the few movies I’ve seen in the past ten years that immediately upon exiting the theater, had me making plans for a second viewing, which for me, is rare, if at all. In its most basic fashion, I suppose, one can define the subject matter as reincarnation but for me, it was all about karma. The choices we make in life will ultimately, if one is to believe the movie’s primary lesson, come back to define us. I found the various characters absolutely mesmerizing, especially Doona Bae’s performance….hauntingly beautiful and absolutely poetic. However, when Sonmi uttered “our lives are not our own” it did lend one to question exactly what the declaration was meant to imply. Are the choices we make really our own or are they simply set in stone, defined by earlier incarnations and choices. For example, if one is evil in a past life and “our lives are not our own,” is there any chance with another go-round, so to speak, that one can renounce their past and become a polar opposite of a previous self? If all of these characters were living lives thinking all along their gift of life was singular, how would they even be aware of past mistakes or deeds? Is there some master Gepetto who determines penance or rewards? As for Hank’s “Mad Max-ish” character, while at first I found the dialogue a bit difficult to understand, towards the middle I realized it would probably look and sound out of place for someone so isolated to speak perfect English so I quickly dismissed the syntax though the sparkling white teeth were a distraction somewhat.
    As for questions regarding timelines and the overlapping ages, I saw the movie as a prism of layers, not necessarily a point A to point B journey from life to death. Perhaps it is entirely possible for us to be involved in other journeys whilst we cling to the one which provides the central barometer for what is to come.
    A lot of thinking with this one. I’m all over the place with movies. I can watch “Anchorman” and laugh for two hours but nothing from that movie has me thinking about it a week later. With “Cloud Atlas,” I brought the movie home with me and have been contemplating its central message ever since. As a result, the reward is my highest recommendation and likely, a movie which will find better reception at home, when people can pause the DVD and sort of digest what is happening. It seems many reviews centered on the difficulty is was in following the various timelines. Perhaps that issue would be resolved with the ability to watch the movie at one’s own pace.
    Regardless…absolutely brilliance as far as I’m concerned.

    • edit:
      “centered on the difficulty there was in following the various…”


      “Regardless…absolute brilliance…”

  25. Another ingenious change to the film from the book, was that by editing the stories together and connecting them by deeds and actions, it implied that the singular actions of man has a life all its own that can be simultaneous and multi-dimensional. Creating reverberations and ripples if you will throughout layers of time-space.

  26. Did you ever pick-up a comic book or a pulp magazine and find a puzzle page with a drawing of something like a tree with many branches and leaves with a title “Can you find the seven faces in this picture”. Well that’s what this movie was for me. I kept looking to find that missing face. I could not concentrate on the highly convoluted and interwoven plot.
    Then I started to find other books and movies I had read or seen. I heard the syntax and vocabulary from “The Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess at the start of the movie and the same from “Lord of the Flies” toward the end with the true true.
    I think the Wachowskis wrote a puzzle within a movie. The DVD would make a good parlor game where movie buffs could sit around and try to name the movie or book that the scene or line was based on.
    In summary, if you are looking for entertainment or escape in a movie, this is not the one. If you want something to keep your mind at a high level of activity, this is for you.

  27. I believe that main theme is basically that history repeats itself and that our future reflects past events. We each may feel like an insignificant drop…but keep in mind that together we are an interwoven ocean. One drop can change the tide. The choices you make now has repercussions in the future. Hate begets hate. Compassions begets more compassion.

    “We dream alone while we sleep. We dream together while we wake.”
    -Mark Sabbai

  28. Congratulation! This is about the third movie walkout in 60 years of film viewing. My wife and I walked out about 30 minutes into the film. Theater refunded 100%. I am a long time Sci-Fi reader and film fan. Nothing in this film but a smorgasbord of gratuitous, nonsensical violence. Try telling a story without all of the blood! Alfred Hitchcock made a ton of money without the graphics. Grow up, Hollywood!!! Don’t waste you money on this film.

    • I do respect your opinion. The movie has flaws. But seeing just the first 30 minutes you missed the whole point of it. Just those 30 minutes without anything to further explain them make no sense. No wonder you hated the experience.
      This movie is like assembling a puzzle, having no idea about what the image would look like in the end. The pieces fall in place for the whole duration, right until the very end. Seeing that end makes you rethink what you first thought of the initially separate pieces, when they didn’t make that much sense.
      I don’t say that you will love the movie by seeing it again, maybe you still won’t even think it mediocre. But try to see it from the beginning to the end, then decide what you think of it.

    • Not to disrespect, but the movie in my opinion was great. To bad you did not see the whole movie. All the story’s in the movie lead up to living in a world having equality. If nothing can be held against you and you have nothing to owe than you are really free. It all started with the lawyer at sea with the slave and with journal he made that the composer could only read half the book because the other half was evening out the piano I believe. From there it went to the letters left for his partner. From then it was the book written by the kid that helped discover the document to show what big oil was up to. That book went into the hands of the old guy that was a book publisher that in turn wrote a book made into a movie that in the future caused the girl to revolt against the living standards of the world they were living; and that brings us back to the beginning and end of the movie. Each person that watches will have their own interpretation because the movie allows it. Depending on your own life struggles this film makes you retrospect your own events and allows you to your own judgment.

      This movie was only one story of a chain of events and shows how your life can also be a springboard to other chains in life. It shows how one story can make a change in your story. It takes the concept that we are mere actors and the world is a stage.

  29. can anyone tell me what the deal was with the firing of the laser thingy once they reached the top of the mountain?

    • That was an S.O.S. Although in the book it all happens on Earth, in the movie it is implied that humanity colonized space before ‘The Fall’. So ‘the laser thingy’ (loved that expression, btw) is an attempt to communicate with the humans ‘out there’. And, as you can see at the very end, the communication succeeded. The old Zachry and Meronym and the children are not on Earth anymore. One of the grandchildren actually asks for the story of the space journey and the events surrounding it, but Zachry claims that Meronym tells that story better.