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Bonus: Make sure to check out our candid “review scale” discussion video from SDCC 2012 further down in the post.

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode sixty-three of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw, and special guest Roth Cornet as we review Cloud Atlas, discuss the rumored casting of Idris Elba as the next James Bond, and answer listener e-mails.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 63 – Cloud Atlas

In episode 63 of the Screen Rant Underground podcast we review Cloud Atlas, discuss the rumored casting of Idris Elba as the next James Bond, as well as answer listener e-mails.

[0:00] News: Idris Elba rumored as the next James Bond (plus a discussion of race and gender in franchise entertainment).

[47:36] Pre-Review Box Office Battle.

[52:32] Review: Cloud Atlas (read our full Cloud Atlas review).

[1:15:10] Cloud Atlas SPOILERS conversation (join in the Cloud Atlas spoilers discussion).

[1:34:30] Listener E-mails (Dream Movie & How We Approach Reviews), Twitter Handles, and Contact Information.

[2:01:30] Game Rant News Brief: G4 Cancels video Game Shows, 300 Armor in God of War: Ascension, Assassin’s Creed 3 and 4 editorials, MechWarrior Online Preview, plus Doom 3 BFG Edition, Worms: Revolution, and The Walking Dead: Episode 4 reviews.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw – with special guest Roth Cornet.



Bonus: In the podcast we discuss how we approach reviewing films and shows (in the reader e-mail section). As a fun supplement to that conversation, I’ve also included a candid piece of Comic-Con 2012 footage where we discuss the Screen Rant rating scale (and once again give Kofi a hard time about the Battleship review).

Check out the video below which does contain EXPLICIT language and features (from left to right) Kofi Outlaw, Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Sandy Schaefer, and Vic Holtreman:

Next Week’s Review: Wreck-It-Ralph

Last Week’s Reader Box Office Battle Winner (Paranormal Activity 4 Opening Weekend): The Mighty Avenger

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  1. First comment? Yay! We all hope everyone on the East Coast comes out safe from the big storm, especially Screenrant’s East Coast podcasters!

    • Seconded.

    • Agreeed, best wishes for all in the path of the storm from here in the UK.

  2. Idris Elba would be an amazing Bond. The man is a great actor. But he should play an experienced Bond, I dont want another origin story…The color issue is just stupid.

    • Just wanted to chime in on the black/white/female/male discussion. You guys agreed that Captain America could neither be black nor female because of his origins: ‘there were no women soldiers at that time etc etc’ – but there were no super soldiers either!

      I do not think that there is any character, black or white, male or female that is ‘safe’ from being recast in terms of ethnicity or sex. This is cinema, theatre, drama! Their race and gender can be recast along with elements of context and still tell the same basic story.

      There probably are only about a dozen totally distinct, separate and specific stories in the world at their most basic level: they have been reshaped, morphed and moulded over the centuries to fit evolving beliefs, popular culture, political will and world context etc. People may not think they’d like a black James Bond or a white Shaft but that’s not really racism, it’s a much bigger human problem – the fear of change; any change! We don’t like it until it happens and then we usually get along just fine.

  3. 1.Wreck it Ralph
    4.Cloud atlas
    5.Hotel Transylvania
    10. Alex Cross

    Another great podcast guys! I loved the movie but I do have some questions (like im sure MANY people do with this woven story line).

    ***semi spoilers I guess. Why did the rebels chose sonmi451 to lead their cause and go over such a big fuss to get her? At first I thought it was because she was a accomplice to the crime at the beginning of her timeline and the rebels were just helping her out. But as the film progressed it became clear that their desire for her had a lager meaning then that I previously thought which makes me confused. She did not show any traits that separated herself from the other clones in the diner, she stayed to the book and for the most part followed the system so I do not see the need for her specifically to be the symbol to lead the ‘revolution’. Also how did she know the phrase “Our lives are not our own…”, she was reciting it during her monologue while the attack was taking place but I don’t remember her ever reading or any indication of her listening to that phrase beforehand (she did do research on philosophers in one scene I believe but it did not highlight any specific quotes.

    Also, I did not fully understand where Hugo Weavings voice in Tom Hanks head during the Distopian future timeline stemmed from. I first thought it was a “dark passenger” (like from dexter) that was created through Tom Hanks guilt of not helping out the man in peril. However after that thought I remembered that Tom Hanks viewed Hugo Weaving just before the event transpires so it cannot be a result of that situation. Another thing that crossed my mind was the it was possibly having Tom Hanks’ character having some sort of dementia but once again it was proven wrong because at the last scene of the film his mind seems to be freed of that voice so that cannot be the case.

    Overall I truly enjoyed the movie! I loved all of the overarching themes, character development and storylines

  4. Hola, I disagree about the color issue being “stupid”. James Bond, as Ian Fleming wrote him, was a white British male born to Scottish and Swiss parents. Any changes to that and the character would cease to be Fleming’s Bond.

    • The Bond franchise is very well known outside GB…I think they(producers)should look out to please the masses and giving people a different Bond(keeping his usual characteristics) could work very well for everyone…I understand the British part…but the ethnicity/race dont play a big part in the movies like Kofi said…If you change the race of Bond in Casino Royale(2006) for example, how does it affect the story…in no way…thats just my opinion…

      • It’s an interesting point – either way.

        What does make James Bond, Bond? Because there have been changes to his “origin story” through several iterations of the character now.

        Can we distill the character down to the essentials? If so, where is the line?

        • As a Brit’, you would expect me to say that Bond is defined by his ‘Britishness’ and you’d be right :) But not just his personal ‘Britishness’, the British backdrop and context to his stories is equally important.

          Were Bond an American Super Spy (in Movieland) he would operate with overwhelming backup, firepower and resources and he would be the king of fighters to boot – in short he would be the ‘favourite’ in every encounter – as a Brit he is a believable underdog in many of the scenarios he finds himself in. Bond’s lone-wolf approach is made more believable by the idea that he works for a government without limitless resources or a genuine global reach. His pretentions to sophistication also play to what even US movie-goers expect of a British character (as ridiculous as it is).

          The colour of his skin is irrelevant, however, I do not think Bond would survive a black actor playing up to outdated black stereo-types. Should Bond be played by a black actor I do not think the movie should even acknowledge the fact – as hard as that would be to resist by directors keen to throw in the odd quip. We don’t need to explore what it means to be a black James Bond in the movie, it’s not relevant.

  5. I haven’t listened past the topic of The Black James Bond.

    I feel that it will be a catastrophe to have a black James Bond, even if it is successful. And as a black man, I also feel we as a black culture need to stop this want for the sake of self pity and create or invest in our own properties as oppose to thinking, why isn’t there a white…this or that.

    It’s foolish because the person was created by the creator to be a certain way.

    You guys are talking about Shaft.

    I would never under any circumstace want Shaft to be white, or any other color, and that’s because Shaft is Shaft and therefore James Bond should stay James Bond.

    Now on the subject of James Bond. Insert Idris Alba as a character within the James Bond Lore, maybe he can be 008, 001, 000, or whatever, something to that extend and then he has his own new story.

    But don’t turn him black because it’s the fad right now.

    Just like Spider-man, don’t turn the person black, CREATE a new black hero or villain who takes away from Spider-man’s gravitas but don’t make him black.

    For what?

    • Hopefully you didn’t have to turn the podcast off after the Elba conversation because it was too upsetting ;)

      It really is a subjective line – who can change races and who can’t but I do, ultimately, agree that there are some characters that would be undermined by too many alterations. I like Elba, so I’m onboard for Bond but I agree with your point that it shouldn’t be done just to be controversial or part of a fad.

      • no, not at all. I’m still listening to the whole Podcast, I spend most of my days reading through your articles.

        What is upsetting me is that James Bond, firstly is an Alpha Male, he is the top of the food chain when it comes to women and most men who pick up women of the caliber that he picks up, are like James Bond. And it all comes down to getting at a woman without making her feel like a whore.

        It’s sad to say but truth is that women want that type of man as oppose to a man who comes in crawling on his knees. Those men get friend zoned.

        It sounds rude but James bond can’t be gay, can’t be a cross dresser, James bond can’t be a female, and if there is one then the character of Jinx is the James Bond you guys are looking for.

        In my opinion this whole give, this – supposedly failing – character a new change is stupid. It becomes a cash grab and degrades a whole race.
        Idris Alba is definitely a person I respect as far as his acting is concerned but he should be thinking about playing Shaft, or another black hero, like Luke Cage. who is what Shaft is to James Bond but Captain America. How about playing Steel in Superman?

        Then comes another subject that was hit right on the money. I’m not sure who said it, but it was said if James Bond was black he would play a concierge or something… and then it was played off as a joke. But it goes to show how stupid the prospect of a black James Bond is.

        In order to make more sense out of it all, a British spy agency who recruits the top of the line people to be their British spies are not logically going to recruit a person who has a hard time blending in because of his skin color and racism… it’s movie logic. It defeats the purpose of him being the spy when he can’t even get past the door man.

        If Idris is to be part of the Bond lore then the best way to put him in is a la Halle Berry. Halle Berry was Jinx and at some point there were talks about there being Jinx movies.

        As a black man it just saddens me that we want to belong to popular things so bad that we are willing to wear second hand pants to do it instead of having our own pants. Would any one of you wear second hand pants?

        And all of this doesn’t have anything to do with playing for team black or team white. In the NBA a sport invented by a white person which had Larry Bird there is a black person who made it his own and his name is Michael Jordan. Same with golf with Tiger Woods. Same with the presidents with Obama. What we need is black characters who have their own gravitas within the universes created.

        This all sounds racist but lets keep things in to perspective here. A black James Bond is not a James Bond movie anymore. Just the same way a white shaft wouldn’t be a Shaft movie anymore.

        Shaft is the black James Bond. Because if James Bond was black, he would be going for black women who are completely different than white women.

        plain and simple.

        • Michael B, with all due respect. With your line of thinking,and statements.

          Is well stupid, and anyone who wants to place James Bond as strictly White and Alpha Male, is living in a time where Black People were not given the same or thought of as equal to White.

          As for you saying Idris should be Luke Cage or Steel, shows how far you think of Black Males. Why should Idris be a second or third tier hero, that many people do not know crap about?

          • It’s not about being a second or third grade hero Jeff. Iron Man was a noboy until Robert Downey Jr defined him. Let me change things around, say they wrote a story about you… would you like your ethnicity to change. The bottom line of James Bond is this… if James Bond is black it’s a completely different movie. By extent, look at Halle Berry’s take on James Bond as Jinx, she stole the show and did it well enough to be a black female James Bond called Jinx. That’s my whole thing. Also, you must’ve overlooked where I brought up Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and President Obama who took what was designated as a white man’s game and defined it in their own ways.

            • I think it depends on why the charecter was originally black or white, Michael. If he/she was created to be black or white for a specific reason and that reason helps to define who he or she is then fine, keep him her that way.

              If however, James Bond was created to be white either for no good reason other than flipping a coin or because of a society issue that is no longer relevant then I see no reason not to change his ethnicity.

    • James Bond.

      Can be White or Black, it is not the Man who Is Bond it is Bond who the Man becomes.

      It is not a Fad to cast Idris as Bond, it is the choice to make because he is an excellent actor. Craig was the first Blond James Bond, and therefore the cast was broken on the Dark Hair.

      Ian Fleming wrote James Bond more inline as a cover, than a person. James Bond could be anyone. Sean Connery was the first Bond, and he is Scottish, not British.

      I have seen every Bond film except for Skyfall, and I will see that this weekend.

      As for the Next James Bond, he can be Idris and he can be Black.

      As for the Black Culture, that is pretty much an American thought process, England, I think does not see race as a point of intrest, or a taboo subject.

    • I think I mentioned this on the podcast, but they could just have Idris Elba play an agent who takes on the James Bond/007 position/title/mantle/designation after Daniel Craig’s character retires/dies and keep the continuity going with Casino Royale being the sort of beginning of the modern Bond universe.

  6. 1.Wreck it Ralph
    3.Cloud atlas
    4.The Man With the Iron Fists
    10. Sinister

  7. Been a while since I got a chance to listen to the podcast… I’m glad I started up again with this one. It was very interesting!

    On the Bond/character-race subject:
    Idris Elba is my #2 choice for the next Bond (with Fassbender at #1) and I’m definitely not against change, but I do see what Ben is saying.
    It’s a very tricky subject… and one that I really can’t find a steady stance on lol, because I do think that if a character isn’t defined by his/her race, then he/she could and should be portrayed by an actor/actress of a different race if it’ll make the experience or performance better, but at the same time (and sorry if this sounds racist but I can’t find a better way of phrasing it), where will the line be drawn? – because I can’t really think of any white characters defined by their race other than those from the Victorian era or some other time long, long ago.

    I think it’s fine to change the race of certain characters, but why not invent new characters like Rob mentioned?
    IMO it’s BS saying that studios won’t fund and back new movies starring black/African American characters. The problem is that studios aren’t funding new and original movies PERIOD. If that changes in Hollywood, then I can’t see why movies with a white protagonist would get preference over a movie with a black protagonist – this is 2012, not 1960.

    • Box Office Battle:
      1. Wreck-It-Ralph
      2. Flight
      3. Argo
      4. Cloud Atlas
      5. The Man With The Iron Fist
      10. Sinister

    • Yah, that Hollywood should back quality projects conversation came up when I lampooned ‘Red Tails’ in our review for falling short of what the Tuskegee Airmen deserved. It’s such a tricky conversation. Hopefully we did the whole topic justice.

      I just want to see the best Bond films that can be made but, at the same time, I’d probably rather see a new great IP starring Idris Elba that he can make entirely his own.

    • Still waiting for a Black Panther movie

  8. Great podcast. Heavy!! Getting into racial and gender stereotypes. Not what I expected.

    My take? Idris Elba would make a great modern James Bond, but if they made it a period piece based on Ian Flemming’s books which were based in 1950′s (and 60′s) Britain, it wouldn’t be right. I don’t think there were many blacks working for the UK’s Secret Service back then.

    Maybe I’m wrong about that.

    And as for a female James Bond?…… The same thing applies. A modern day female James Bond could work. An ass kicking, sexual predator, spy woman in late 50′s Britain would be weird….. Wouldn’t it? I don’t know, I guess Mata Hari was the real thing, and she was a female spy way, way before Ian Flemming’s books……. except for maybe the ass kicking stuff.

    Thanks for the heads up on Cloud Atlas. I’m going to check it out this week.

    • Definitely see Cloud Atlas. I don’t know a single person who has regretted seeing it – even if they didn’t love it as much as Kofi ;)

      It’s definitely one of the more interesting and ambitious things we’ve seen lately – even if it isn’t perfect.

  9. i am always an open minded guy and up for anything , idres elba is a great actor and could pull it off, but how would you like to see a shaft movie with a white guy?

    • Yah, I actually entirely agree with Kofi’s point about the “line” being drawn when a race change would entirely undermine the purpose of a character. I doubt we’ll ever see a white Shaft – but it’s still an interesting point. Where do we draw that line?

    • Kojak is the white Shaft.

      • they also made Kojak black aswell

  10. So from what I got from the James Bond part. White people love their KKK, steal everything from the rest of the world and make it their own and will always try to keep the black man down? Oh man, someones got some bad anger problems.

    Anyway, Cloud Atlas was such a huge hit to me on a deeper level than hardly any movies I have seen. I heard it didn’t do so well opening weekend and that’s a huge shame. I think Wreck-it-Ralph is going to be a HUGE hit.

    Man with the Iron Fist? The trailer just looks like a extremely fun movie and I know Rza will make it pretty sweet, he is extremely passionate about that type of culture.

    • I completely forgot about the KKK example. Hopefully those aren’t the only real takeaways that came across in the conversation.

      We knew this one would be heated but I still think it’s a really interesting discussion. Not to mention, the more and more studios try and keep these long-running franchises going over years and years, it’ll be interesting to see how the iconography either changes or stays the same.

      PS: Yah, bummer about Cloud Atlas. Hopefully good word of mouth gives it a bump in week 2.

      • It just felt like a extreme one sided discussion. No one could get a word in edge wise during the the James Bond part. It wasn’t a discussion for that matter, it was more of a man getting his hate out of him and heard on a internet podcast, with no regards of other peoples opinions which would be interrupted and scoffed at when a thought was brought up.

        I love screenrant and this was a trial run on the podcast side, I can only assume so, topics like that are sweet ass, but all in style and not dropping F bombs everywhere and just the type of things that happened here.

        All my best wishes I swear, love ya’ll.

        • Yah, it was a difficult topic to address, especially on a podcast with five participants, but we did feel like it was an important one to hash-out – even if things got heated. Opinions on the potential Idris Elba casting are really strong across the board – so it’s a tough conversation.

          Thanks for listening though!

          Good news: next week we’ll just be geeking out about X-Men and Wolverine rumors. Ha.

        • Yeah that’s exactly what happened, James.

          I never added the caveat that I don’t think arbitrary race changes just for the sake of doing it is wrong, or that I disagree with black people who simply have a “baseball card” approach to tribalism.

          All I said was “I hate white people, black people rule.” And I didn’t let ANYONE else speak. Great observations on your part.

      • Ben how comes their is no talk about the casting of Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone. alot of people are outraged about the casting cause shes a light skinned black woman playing a dark skin black woman. if you seen the set pics Zoe Saldana darken her skin and she is wearing prosthetic nose.

        • I honestly hadn’t even thought about it at the time – but that would have been a good one to talk about too.

        • ???
          This has me stumped?

          Zoe Saldana by definition is not a light skin black woman, by definition Rihanna and Halley Berry are.

          Zoe is a medium complexion Black Woman. Where do people come up with this. No one said anything about Zoe Playing Uhura, and both of them are of the same complexion.

          As an American Male of African Decent………..THIS ONE IS STUPID!

          • ACTUALLY


            Had to correct myself.

          • Ultimately, I’m more interested in where the line is – not really in trying to come down for or against these things. I think it’s totally a case by case thing and, in general, the outrage tends to get blown out of proportion. Mace’s example is far on the spectrum, right? Like for some people that’s a no brainer but… there are people that are outraged by it. Obviously it’s all subjective and there’s no fine line in the sand but… what does make a character a character and when is the character “altered” so much that it’s no longer “true” to the spirit or intent of the character?

  11. The way I look at James Bond 007.

    James Bond was never a man, as much as he was a cover or persona. 007 Retires or Dies, the Man who was Bond dies, and the next one assumes the Name and the designation.

    That way, I can believe each and every James Bond is different, but the same Agent.

    Just saying.

    • That is kind of how I took it too. I wonder if Elba could end up being 007 but not James Bond. I know the agents use different 00 designations but I could see something like that happening as well. Similar to the point raised by Michael B.

    • That’s how I expect the series to go forward.

      We can think of Casino Royale as a new start of the franchise and from here on out, new 007s, Ms, Qs, etc. will be part of the story as new agents taking over those roles an designations.

      That way you can have a new “James Bond” of any gender or nationality, because it’s part of the story as opposed to a convoluted continuity that sort of connected but didn’t in the old days.

  12. Very interesting podcast this week. If I could make any movie I could imagine, it would have to be a Marvel/DC crossover film that would be like 4 hours long.
    Box Office Battle
    3.Cloud Atlas
    5.The Man with the Iron Fists

    • Haha. I’d watch that movie for sure.

  13. Thanks for my question on the podcast.

    • Sure thing! Hopefully it was helpful!

  14. * thanks for answering my question on the podcast!

  15. Box office battle

    1. wreck it ralph
    2. Flight
    3. Argo
    4.Hotel Transylvania
    5. Man with the iron fist
    10. Here comes the boom

  16. Hey guys another awesome podcast.
    Honestly bout bond I don’t care what color or ethnicity he is the question is whether Elba would make a good bond and the answer is hell yes. He has all the qualifications of bond in my book. Idc if he’s black or white. Do what’s best for the characterful male a amazing film and that involves casting the right people. But I would love to see Craig’s bond die to have Elba take Over the name. That would a awesome cinematic experience.

    As for the 007 female version. I wouldn’t mind that at all. I actually want more strong empowered badass female characters and why not have a female oo7 if the right actress came around. I am not sure if she’s out there but I want to see that.

    And the question of unlimited budget for a great movie ill partner with rob on a great xmen film. I would do a first class with the actual first class.
    Cast I would change almost all of them.

    Jean grey- lyndsy fonseca
    Cyclops- maybe Logan lerman if he bulked up a little
    Beast- stick with the same guy from first class.
    Angel- maybe Joseph Gordon levitt
    Prof x- James mcavoy
    Iceman- Devon sawa
    Storm- Zoe Saldana

    Box office battle
    1. Wreck it Ralph
    2. Flight
    3. Argo
    4. Paranormal activity 4
    5. Hotel Transylvania

    • Cheers! I think you and Rob need to get started brainstorming.

      • Haha definelty when and where Rob. Lol

  17. 1.Wreck it Ralph
    4.Hotel Transylvania
    5.The Man With The Iron Fists
    10. Sinister

    Really loved the discussions on this week’s episode ;)
    I think the punishments have become one of my favorite part of the podcast…whoever loses next week should watch Liberty’s Kids lol

    • or It’s Pat…one of the worst movies ever…take my word for it :O

      • I watched that movie SO MANY times as a kid. I honestly didn’t get the whole joke with it. I kept trying to figure out if Pat was a girl or boy.

  18. Still listening to the podcast, but that whole scenario you guys mentioned about an African-American Captain America did exist in the Marvel universe. He was called Patriot and currently has alzheimer’s. His grandson has taken up the mantle of Patriot and is part of the young avengers. There are parts of the comic that deals with the institutionalised racism affecting the history books. No one believes/remembers that Patriot was the “first Captain America” as Steve Rogers became the poster boy for the program.

    • Podcast producer Justin Vactor actually mentioned it to us in the chat – but I totally forgot to mention it. An interesting story for sure.

      • I actually DID mention that there was a black Captain America. Thanks.

    • The difference is that Captain America was created DURING WW2 (in the ’40s), Patriot was retconned in as a creation in 2005.

  19. Thanks for posting the video. It’s good to finally have some faces to go with your voices. ;)

    Too bad that Anthony wasn’t there.

    • Yah, Anthony was filming it. He was there – just not on camera ;)

  20. The fact that they also included an Asian actor as a Norse god in ‘Thor’ kind of pushes the issue towards forcing diversity into the movie. I for one enjoyed the “on earth” parts of ‘Thor’ better and having more diversity among the human characters would have felt more natural.

    • Huh? The controversy was about Heimdall being played by Idris Elba, not Hogun being Asian (which he is in the comics). Kenneth Branagh is well known for casting whoever he wants in his films regardless of their race, so it’s no surprise that he did it again in Thor. It’s hardly “forcing diversity”.

  21. People are such hypocrites. They say don’t change race and create something new, but when something new is created based on an existing property or similar to it, people will always put it off and say they ripped it off.

    Example. If Battle Royale was to be remade and changed to include an all American cast, people would complain and say why don’t they just make an American version. Well here we have the Hunger Games and people complain that its a complete ripoff of Battle Royale.

    Now changing a character like Heimdall who’s a based on norse mythology shouldn’t happen. But a character like Bond can easily be adapted from a different race. The James Bond or 007 thing, like many people have said can just be a codename, and a change shouldn’t matter just as long as the actor is good enough to capture the Bond essence.

    • Thor would not have spoken in English, and yet nobody has an issue with that…

      I just don’t get the issue with Heimdall. Sigh.

  22. 1. Flight
    2. Wreck it Ralph
    3. Argo
    4. Cloud atlas
    5. silent hill
    10. Alex cross

  23. Bond is a number 007 I think he can be anybody in my opinion I can’t see somebody changing superman into a black guy or that would make people very upset

  24. Chris Tucker is the new James Bond LMAO dropped my Tea soo funny

  25. Wow, gutsy move talking about this stuff on the podcast! Really enjoyed parts of the conversation though, but I really think that one important thing – mentioned briefly a few times – was the idea of replacing a non-white character with a white character. I think it’s far easier in most people’s minds (believe it or not) to replace any white character with someone of another race. Despite all the (in my opinion, unnecessary) outcry about making James Bond black, could you imagine the response if a previously black character was suddenly made white?

    As easy as it is to say that most of us don’t have an issue with cross-racial characters, the fact is that is hardly a one-way street. Ben, I think you mentioned this once or twice (what white characters are uniquely protected from having their races changed?) and it was met with a very unnecessary comment about the KKK being the whitest portrait around. Any attempt to change a character of another race to a white person would be met with stringent outcry of racial superiority and bias, while the opposite elicits comments of “progressivism” and “racial acceptance”.

    The same would be true on the gender front. Most people would argue that a female Bond would be a bold step towards gender equality and a positive expression of feminism. But replace a traditionally female character with a man and what do you expect would be the response?

    This isn’t to say such changes are wrong, only to point out that people will always be upset when their characters (often beloved) are changed – but the intensity of the outrage flows markedly in one direction when it comes to race and gender.

    • White, straight men are usually the ones in power, and have historically used their power to oppress women, homosexuals, and people of colour, and this is (still) reflected in popular media. There are *plenty* of white male protagonists out there, and not nearly enough of anyone else, so it’s hardly a loss to turn a white James Bond black.

      That’s all, really!

      • I think you’re overstating the power that white, straight men have in our current culture. I think if you were to look at most products produced in Hollywood, on Television, etc you would find that the message IS that white, straight men are the oppressors and have been for centuries. That’s the message, whether accurate or not, that’s saturated constantly – something that would logically seem impossible if the message itself were so true.

        However, I think the idea that we have to force racial change in Hollywood on pre-existing characters is absurd. While I come from a different side of the ideological spectrum (I assume) than Kofi, I agree with his point that Hollywood should not – and in the Bond case, doesn’t seem to be – pushing the agenda for the sake of the agenda. They’re doing it because they see in Idris Elba a rising star (rightly so) and one with increasing popularity.

        My point was simply that if you were to reverse the change (make a black character, white or a female character, male) the outcry would be far more intense and the proponents dubbed as racist/sexist/traditionalist/etc.

  26. The only thing I could focus on in that video was that giant bong glass Rob was drinking out of. Looks like it was a good time.

    • It was a BIG glass…

  27. I’m against Idris Elba getting the Bond role only because i think he is too old. He will be at least 46 when Daniel Craig is done and Idris will take over. He’s a great actor and i wouldnt mind him appearing as a Double-O agent along side Daniel Craig. Just when Daniel Craig is done, we need a younger actor, someone in his 30s. Maybe Michael Fassbender, he at least looks young. But if you want a black Bond, may i submit Daniel Kaluuya or Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

    • Black don’t crack. ;-)

  28. 1. Wreck It Ralph
    2. Flight
    3. Argo
    4.Cloud Atlas
    5. Hotel Transylvania

    10. Alex Cross

  29. 1. Wreak it Ralph
    2. Argo
    3. Man with the iron fists
    4. Flight
    5. Cloud atlas
    10. Sinister