‘Cloud Atlas’ Featurette: How 6 Different Stories Combine to Make One

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If you’ve seen the awe-inspiring six-minute trailer to the Wachowski siblings and Tom Tykwer’s Cloud Atlas, then you shouldn’t need more convincing that this film deserves to be labeled a unique viewing experience. Nonetheless, today we have a new featurette boasting previously-unseen material from the final film, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews with the cast hyping the project something fierce.

Cloud Atlas is an adaptation of the novel by David Mitchell, which is composed of six separate narrative threads that occupy different genres (historical, social satire, political-thriller, Asian sci-fi) and takes place in time periods ranging from the 19th century to a post-apocalyptic future. The events and actions of characters in each storyline have a butterfly effect on those that take place during a later time period, thus bridging the gap between them (well, in theory, at least).

The initial reactions to Cloud Atlas (as you might have anticipated, given that description) have been all over the board. Some say the film serves up little more than cookie-cutter philosophizing about the nature of human existence and lots of visually impressive, but emotionally hollow, spectacle; while others admire the massive scope and reach of the proceedings, arguing the flaws are insubstantial and do not detract from the fine technical craftsmanship (in terms of direction, performances, cinematography, etc.).

Few people – in fact, virtually no one – is claiming the film isn’t worth seeing, and most agree this is one movie that practically demands to be seen (if only so you can join in the larger debate). The new featurette only adds more fuel to that fire, as it teases how all six separate stories come together to form one overarching tale – but, obviously, without spilling too many concrete details.

cloud atlas imax Cloud Atlas Featurette: How 6 Different Stories Combine to Make One

Now, for those who’re just tuning in (and wondering why cast members like Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, and Susan Sarandon are each playing six different characters), one of the suggestions in both Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas novel and the film is that characters are the same souls re-experincing life throughout history, as people of different race and gender. So, as one example, Hugo Weaving plays a domineering female nurse in one storyline, as well as a refined English aristocrat in another.

You can decide for yourself whether that approach is so crazy it works (or, rather, does not) by checking out Cloud Atlas when it hits regular and IMAX theaters on October 26th, 2012.


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  1. I am VERY much looking forward to this film.
    I will be making a special trip into town to see it (that’s a 3-hour bus ride for me).

    • Wow,man..where do you live ?
      Thumbs up,i like that passion ! :)


  2. Damn, this looks so freakin’ good!

  3. i hope that the wachowskis have learned from the storytelling and too much philosophical weirdness that has no sense like in -matrix 3-,too not overdose the stories with it. and i hope they make a better c.g.i. work and good and mindblowing storytelling like in matrix 1 and 2(yes,i like 2),and that the future stories settings and c.g.i is not so campy like in -speed racer-. i must say to that, at first i was more then confused from -speed racer-, but after i´ve watched it 2 or 3 times more , i´ve accepted that it was a fun comic book movie.

  4. This and Skyfall are the 2 pics i most look forward to seeing in the next few months also Speed Racer is a great film .

    • Hey,you can say that you liked Speed Racer,but you are in no way allowed to claim it to be a “great movie”.

      Anyway,I’m a bit skeptical of this movie being good,but I am hoping to be surprised.The Wachowski’s track record has been very spotty as of late,so they really need a win right now.

      • sorry,misquoted,should have read,”great film”.

        • ” but you are in no way allowed to claim it to be a great movie ” Errrrrrrrr guess what i think i just did ! the opening to the movie is a masterclass ( yeah thats right i said masterclass ) in editing and story telling .

          • Well the opening of a movie doesn’t mean that the entire movie is “masterclass”.

            Unlike everyone else that has seen it,you seem to think that is something that it absolutely isn’t.

            • Considering I fall into the “everyone else” category you were just talking about, I have to say that I think Speed Racer (the whole movie!) is not only a masterclass, but a complete masterpiece of filmmaking. I’m not the only one either; there is a whole community of fans and other people out there who would agree with me. I guess that’s why they call it a cult film. I’m perfectly fine with you not liking it, but you should perfectly fine with the multitudes of people out there who love and adore it.

              • Your spot on my friend I know some people hate Speed Racer and that’s cool with me people are entiltled to their opinion it’s the fact that this Longshanks is telling us were allowed to like it but we Carnt love it like he is the movie police or something LOL

                • WHOOOOP WHOOOOP! ….Tha sounda tha Police.

                  Step outta the car sir. (^_^)

                  Actually, I kinda enjoyed “Speed Racer”, and accepted what they were trying to do. Considering they were adapting a Japanese anime from the 60/70′s they did pretty well. I mean, they either had to go all serious and dark/gritty with it, or accept it’s fun, cheesy campiness etc… I think they did the latter, and then punched a large dose of Wachowski-ness adrenaline into the movies veins.

                  They even had the theme song and intro from the US dub. It was a saturday morning kids show come to life. Some people got it, others didn’t. And some people were just worn out by the pace of everything. Kids wouldn’t have been very familiar with the original cartoon, so maybe It wasn’t really hitting the right audience. But I bet some kids will grow up and be like “Aw man, I used to love that old speed racer film from the noughties when I was a kid.”

              • I have no problem with anyone “liking” any movie,but when a movie is made like crap on a production level,then that’s what I have a problem with.When a narrative is incoherent and has a lot of plot holes,that what I have a problem with.When characters start to acts out of character,that’s what I have a problem with.

                There’s a reason why it’s considered the biggest box office flop in history.

                • O.k you hate the film I love the film lets just respect each others opinion and move on .

                  • Word.

  5. Saw this movie last week. Great movie. Watchowski’s definitely did a great job with this one. It starts off very confusing but makes sense towards the end. Its definitely one of their better works. One of those flicks you have to see more than once to catch everything.

    I reviewed it on my blog

  6. Theres a tendency to over-hype a movie thats pitched as an event. I hope by the time it reaches the UK that hype will still be justified and not just seem like a lot of hot air.. It looks interesting however and different from the crowd by not being a sequel or superhero film so I’ll wait and see.