Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review

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Short version: The Clone Wars is visually interesting, but in the end pointless – and worse: annoying.

star wars clone wars wonder Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review
Screen Rant reviews The Clone Wars

Holy cow there’s a lot of… angst? anger? annoyance? surrounding the latest addition to the Star Wars saga: The Clone Wars. Me, I’m indifferent. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan (although I was when the first three movies were released for the first time) and I think that George Lucas has run the franchise into the ground and it’s all about:

1. Visual Effects

2. Merchandising

3. Money (see #2)

The Clone Wars takes place between Star Wars episodes 2 & 3, covering the most intense part of the fabled “Clone Wars” first mentioned by Obi-Wan Kenobi way back in 1977 in the original Star Wars film. Therefore we have Anakin Skywalker (destined to become Darth Vader) still playing the hero and a young Obi-Wan Kenobi no longer teaching Anakin but fighting side by side with him.

I really won’t get into the story too much. It basically consists of a whole lot of battle sequences, one after the other – all very loud and very “busy” as far as what’s going on. The main plot involves Anakin having to rescue the infant son of Jabba the Hut. Yes, you heard right. Jabba the Hut is a loving daddy.

Go figure.

Of course we have Count Dooku in the mix, playing one side against the other and misleading Jabba the Hut into thinking that the Jedi have kidnapped his son when in fact he is the one behind it.

Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

What’s good:

The animation, once you get used to the style of the characters, is excellent. There is nothing 2D about this, with sequences filmed in a very cinematic manner in regards to camera angles and movement. Hayden Christensen did NOT return to supply the voice of Anakin, and that my friends, is a blessing. Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Lee returned to supply the voices of their characters, and having Lee voice Dooku is a good thing.

clone wars scene2 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review
Obi-Wan and Anakin in The Clone Wars

This may sound odd, but with the direction that George Lucas has taken the series, it actually worked better as a 100% CGI animated film. As it was with Episodes I, II & II, they were 90% CGI anyway. The live actors actually looked out of place in those films. At least here everything “matches.”

Finally, it’s actually an improvement over the three prequel films.

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Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5
(Fairly Good)

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  1. Vic, I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. I have read just about every novel that has been written and enjoyed all of them. I give Lucas credit for creating a diverse and engaging universe. HOWEVER, GL has become woefully inept in engaging us in this universe. The original 3 films had heart and the actors made to most of what GL wrote for them. IF GL wanted to re-engage the audience he had hooked as kids, he would allow other writers to write the screenplays and he could focus on what it is he loves the most: special effects. Hell, I would even let someone else DIRECT! Spielberg, maybe??? I would have loved to have seen what a writer like Timothy Zahn could have done with Episodes 1-3.

    I will not be going to the theatre to see this Clone Wars movie. It’s definitely going to be added to my Netflix queue when it’s available, but I am not wasting my cash on this in the theatre.

  2. It has come to this, a Star Wars movie thats a kids film.

    Naw dont get up Lucas, well just get the boys in animation to throw something together.

    I really hope this film suffers the same fate as Alderan,,, :-(

  3. Not anymore Rob, its been totally blown away.
    I think one reason nobody can seem to shoot is to make it more kid friendly.
    ((( As bizzare as that sounds )))

  4. Well, im here waiting to see Tropic Thunder, as I walked by the theater showing Star Wars, the film let out,,,it was all little kids between the ages of 4 and 9 years old with their parents.
    Some of them came out making spaceship sounds and pretend light sabers.

    Mission acomplished Darth Lucas.

    Hope Tropic Thunder is good I need a good laugh today. 8-)
    The music they play in theaters these days is just awefull ,,,

  5. So what? It’s a great kids movie with some Star Wars characters in it. As a fan of the PT (I dare to say that I prefer it over the OT) I kinda liked it. It’s not a masterpiece, it’s a TV pilot (and that’s what it’s supposed to be in the first place!), nothing more, nothing less…Lucas’ one and only mistake was to let it go bigscreen. Now it has to endure those superfluous reviews. It would be better off in a TV / geek niche ignored by the general public.

    Talking about little kids making spaceship sounds and pretend lightsabers…great with me. I’m a geek and I’m more than willing to feel like a 10 year old fanboy from time to time…*woosh*

  6. hey 790, yeap same thing here, kids everywhere. Touché on our long lost planet

    Saw Tropic Thunder last night, its really funny in a crowded theatre. The first half was great and then it was not really entertaining after that except for RDJ. If Robert Downey were not in this, I’m not sure I’d be much a fan of the film.

    Totally true Smike. It’s important that the kids love it…except what they love is not the Star Wars universe that was once incredible…what they love now is some sad offshoot that essentially ruined what was once incredible. Why can’t today’s young enjoy the style and glory of the original trilogy? That’s the whole issue here I think.

    anyways, thanks to this film which to me is a nail in the coffin (a coffin hand-crafted by Darth Lucas), I’m going to the Trek universe baby! JJ Abrams FTW!

    And for those gamers out there, they’re been TONS of press on the star trek MMO being taken over by Cryptic Studios. (not my cup of tea but I’m sure someone you are into MMORPGS).

  7. I think the problem with making a SW film geared towards kids is that SW was never meant to be a kid’s film – it just appeals to them, but it appeals to adults too. Adults have certain expectations, and it sounds like Clone Wars doesn’t live up in the least.

  8. The cartoons they did for this were great. The duel in the rain was a brilliant idea, and then the fight amidst the speeding trains was superbly done.
    I do think Lucas created a fantastist universe, but seems among the lesser equipped to show it. The best of all the movies is Empire, and the cartoons made me love this stuff again, until more prequels knocked me back down.
    Real shame.
    Also, as a kid I went with the fads as they came along, got tshirts for various movies and shows, and toy characters and the rest. But you need more for it to last into adulthood. We’ll see on that one.

  9. I think people are way too harsh on the Star Wars prequels. Phantom Menace was a complete wast of the time, but the next two were better. I think Episode III is actually the best of the entire Star Wars saga.

  10. “I think Episode III is actually the best of the entire Star Wars saga.”

    Um… wow.


  11. I liked the prequels, they all had some great moments, but the first two Star Wars films were the Best.
    The Ewoks were the beginning of the end of Star Wars.

  12. honestly, i did’nt like the pre-quals
    the only good thing that came out of the pre-quals was
    Darth maul,Qui-Gon Gin, & Jango Fett.
    other than that i don’t give a damn.
    movie looks good for a younger audience,but for DIE-HARD Star Wars fans like myself should be insulted.

  13. T.,

    Phantom Menace is a waste of time? but you like Attack of the clones?…hmm…

    heh, how do you feel about Clone Wars?

  14. In my estimation, episodes 4-6 made you feel like a kid, while the prequels just treated you like one. That said, Return of the Sith managed to be decent – but I suspect that has more to do with the much awaited scenes of Anakin turning to the Dark Side and his climactic showdown with Obi-Wan, which we all knew was coming and which had the most dramatic potential. All Lucas had to do was not completely screw up our expectations for that event and the film would already be put head and shoulders above the previous two installments. Really, I think there was only enough material to write one good pre-quel.

    The trailers for Clone Wars all left me cold, as if I could audibly hear the barrel scraping in the distance. It just looked like the cut scenes from a video game, and they gave no indication of ideas or plot elements. It was all as though a fan had created his uber Star Wars fantasy complete with action figures going *pchew! pchew!* – all action and no story.

    Lucas has lost all credibility with me and this didn’t seem to show any sign of improvement over the rest of his recent body of work. Needless to say, I will not be spending either time or money watching this thing. If I can stand it, I may tune into a few episodes of the TV show this movie was meant to promote, but I’m not counting on much happening.

  15. Rob, I thought Attack of the Clones was kinda in the middle, building some from the first Episode, showing Count Dooku’s manuevering. Dooku and Palpatine were the hightlights of Episodes II and III for me. Episode III seemed to finally have the energy, character conflicts, and moral points of no return I was looking for in the series. Hayden was weak in the series, but Samuel Jackson and the guy who played Palpatine for me were endlessly entertaining. I’ll see Clone Wars later today, after the men’s 100 meter dash. I love the Olympics!

  16. Someone in the know tell me, what happens after Return of the Jedi and would it make for more good movies. Or, is it time to let it go?

  17. T, heres a few highlights,,, post Star Wars set in the novels. (You tell me if theres enough material).

    The Emperor’s emortal darkside soul travels back to Corescant and is transfered into one of the many clone bodies the Emperor has waiting.

    Leia and Solo marry, and have twins, that grow into Jedi’s.

    Boba Fett, is resuced in whats left of the Sarlacc pit, by Dengar.

    Luke becomes the leader of the New Jedi Order and begins to retrain and rebuild the Jedi’s.

    Mara Jade, (The Emperors Hand) is contracted to Kill Luke, but falls in love with him instead.

    Imperial, Admiral Thrawn, begins to reassemble the fleet, and sets his sights on destroying the New Jedi Order.
    Anyone else,,, I cant recall everything. 8-)

  18. Similar question to T 790, is there anything that’s been established between Episodes III and IV? Darth Vader’s got at least twenty years of barging around to do, and if they’re going to revisit instead of continue, would that period be worth delving into?

  19. As long as George Lucas is in control, it’s time to just let it go.


  20. Just out of interest, do any of the Emperor’s cloned bodies make him look a bit more attractive to the laydeez?!

  21. Good point Vic, the man’s like a drug addict.

  22. Lol, well (Lucas) is more like a control freak (IMO).

    Theres been short stories written for inbetween ep 3 and 4 but im not aware of any novels, allthough im sure there might be one or two,,,,,

    As far as the Emperors clones, the Dark Horse comics show them as a younger version of Palpatine. I really doubt hes into the ladies as Power and Control are his mistress. :-)

    The sad thing as Vic, points out is that Lucas has a Vader-like grip on control of the Saga. Im hoping one day Speilberg can talk him out of it.

  23. As Henry Kissinger (apparently) said, “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” Younger body as well: he’s got it all happening for him then, that Emperor!

    Old folks home, two men in bath chairs by the window.

    Spielberg: “Y’know, George…you really should let one of these youngsters take a stab at Star Wars someday.”

    Lucas: “I just peed myself.”

  24. Rob, I too am going to the Trek universe. I’ve had enough of George Lucas’ ego.

  25. Big Dentist, I did some checking today, and theres a Republic Commando series and also a Shadows of the Empire prequel series going on between 3 and 4.
    Theres a ton of stories, more than I thought, that take place after ep 6,,, theres a massive series on The New Jedi order that could easily be filmed as a trilogy.
    Never say never,,,
    8-) I highy recommend some of Timothy Zahns novels, hes the best going.

  26. Ya, Trek Convert! Another has joined the lightside! lol ;)

    And Vic is dead on. Once Lucas gets a little order and even more senial, Fox or whoever can garner the SW license can make episodes 7-9. Can you imagine Mark Hamill back, much older, as leader of the jedi Academy?! A much darker and more realistic tone and style of films, reminiscent of the originals. That makes my mouth water.

    And don’t worry, it is impossible for episodes 7-9 to not be made in the future. There’s too many stories left to be finished (the rebuilding of the jedi, freeing of the galaxy, the new status quo, the new galatic government, and the remnants of the still massive empire). I just hope its done not to late to bring back Hamill.