‘Clone Wars’ Ending – New ‘Star Wars’ Animated Series in Development

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clonewars skywalker ahsoka kenobi Clone Wars Ending   New Star Wars Animated Series in Development

A few months ago, after the dust had settled following Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, it was revealed that the Cartoon Network series Clone Wars would likely be leaving the Time Warner-owned channel and head to a Disney-owned TV home. But that’s not the case anymore.

Instead, Clone Wars is now finished as a series. The final episode of season 5 just aired on March 2nd, and no new episodes of the series will be produced for Cartoon Network. However, that doesn’t mean fans won’t see some new story arcs play out.

StarWars.com just released an official statement from Dave Filoni, supervising director of Clone Wars, detailing what fans can expect in the future. The story arcs that were already written – which include filling some gaps created over the seasons and completing certain storylines – will be released sometime down the road as bonus content. Here’s Filoni talking about the end of Clone Wars, complete with a sneak peek at some of the content to come:

In addition to the conclusion of Clone Wars, Lucasfilm is also keeping Seth Green’s animated comedy series Star Wars Detours on hold, likely until after Star Wars: Episode VII is released. George Lucas revealed a first look at Detours during Star Wars Celebration VI last year, but no solid plans for the series’ release has been announced, and it has been essentially postponed indefinitely.

But what about the future? Well, there’s no specific details, but the announcement says, “Lucasfilm has decided to pursue a new direction in animated programming. We are exploring a whole new Star Wars series set in a time period previously untouched in Star Wars films or television programming.” We’re told to expect details in the months to come, but we’re not sure when.

Star Wars Logo Art Clone Wars Ending   New Star Wars Animated Series in Development

The end of Clone Wars is a big blow to fans who had come to embrace the series, basically making up for the shortcomings of the entire prequel film trilogy. There were rumblings that Filoni and his crew were already planing a sixth season – likely where the bonus content and new story arcs will be coming from.

Disney is certainly getting all their ducks in a row when it comes to taking over Star Wars in the wake of their purchase of Lucasfilm. Though we can expect great things in the future, right now fans will have to be patient and see where Disney will take us in a galaxy far, far away. Stay tuned for updates, especially when these new Clone Wars bonus storyarcs are released.


Source: StarWars.com

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  1. *taps screen* I predict that all current “Star Wars” format will be cancelled, so that LucasFilms can setup a run up to “Episode VII”. I bet “Star Wars: The Old Republic” is next to be closed down, for it is not a sustainable source of revenue.

    • Alternatively, the new Star Wars show will be set in the Old Republic era, featuring stock characters from the game like a Republic Trooper, a Smuggler, a Jedi Knight and a Jedi Consular on one side and a Sith Warrior, a Sith Inquisitor, an Imperial Agent and a Bounty Hunter on the other. Eight individual characters that have overlapping story lines. Not ripped from the game, but similar in style.

      The game advertises the series, the series advertises the game, Disney, Bioware and EA profit and the game gets more material for DLC/expansion packs. SWTOR already has its own art style, masses of lore and back story… and if the show could get the best-of-the-best voice acting cast that SWTOR has, they would have a definite winner!

      • You know what has me worried? The crap they pulled with the marvel tv shows like two certain spider man cartoons.

        • You mean replacing a popular Spidey show with a less popular Spidey show? I didn’t watch either, but I heard about it. Sounded like they really wanted to emphasise a SHIELD superhero team/watchdog being behind the scenes in everything. They want to have some loose sense of togetherness across their franchises.

          Basically, it could go either way right now. The real beauty of Star Wars is that no matter when it’s set, they have roughly the same technology throughout, so there’s not limiting factor on when a story has to take place. They could probably transplant whatever tales they wanted to whatever time period they wanted.

  2. Sad,but expected !
    Dave said i think they had finished the scripts for season six already !
    Damn Disney !!!

    So much for star wars,i really dislike them !
    Guess the Live TV Show we can forget as well as it was planed as dark and gritty !

    • I know! I was really hoping for the new season and then it was cancelled, screw you Disney and I wish THEY never bought it, i would be fine if someone else did but really, DISNEY!!!

  3. This is sad news indeed. I know i’m the minority in this but i missed the original 3 growing up so i saw the prequels first when i was a kid. to me they were awesome. overtime, i realized how people felt about them and i started seeing why. did that change my thoughts by saying that the prequels were bad? no… they did what they needed to and i applaud for trying something new given the current tech. as for clone wars series, i was skeptical with the movie and even with the tv series at first, but, being a fan of grievous, i stuck with it and loved how the stories, animation, characters, and action got better overtime starting in season 3 with the savage story. i would of wished that at least done one more season to help tie the knots with maul’s story, especially after that cliffhanger, and possibly see if ventress and/or ahsoka die before hand.

    • Can’t you just imagine that the Emperor messed with Maul’s cybernetic enhancements, tinkering in order to get an improved armour for Grievous which had more advanced life support systems… well, until Maul died during one operation too many. And until Grievous died at Obi Wan’s hands. Then Anakin nearly died at Obi Wan’s hands and Palpatine realised that his efforts had not been in vain. He grafted the armour directly onto his new apprentice…

      Now, pretend that’s canon and be happy :P

  4. It’s not me if it’s the Dave Filoni is still calling the shots. Time for fresh new talent that actually knows CG. Not some 2D board artist playing pretend director.

  5. Why is it when it comes to the Pirates movies they have no problem making them pg13 but any thing else there too afraid to go pg13?

    • Because The Clone Wars was intended as a kids’ TV show. POTC started out as a PG13 franchise and has kept that up. The main reason it gets that is probably due to having semi-’realistic’ situations with characters having guns shot at them, cannons destroying their ships etc.

  6. I hope they do not kill off darth maul! They made him such a Bamf in this tv show and would leave room open for a Darth maul spin off movie.

  7. Maybe they should do an anime version

    • I’m assuming you saw the video of the anime star wars dogfight? Its on youtube its like 2 minutes long. That thing is pretty incredible.

      • Anime is pretty pricey if done well and if it’s not of excellent quality and from inside Japan, you’ve basically cut off the Asian market.

  8. Im Glad they’re ending the Clone Wars.. Bring on the Knights of the old Republic!!

  9. Really sad about Disney not allowing the Clone Wars Series to continue, I watched it ever since the first episode, loved it ever since, sad we could not see the actual ending of the series. Hopefully Disney will listen to us and give the rights to the TV series back to Lucas Arts so they can continue with it.

    • I agree

  10. Disney sucks for canceling starwars the clon wars HEAR THAT DISNEY? YOU SUCK

  11. You suck Disney. I loved that series. Get lost! All your shows suck. Couldn’t come up with a good original idea by yourself?! You suck. Bring the show back to ct nw. We like it better than your shows combined! Listen to us!! Resell the show and keep the series going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!


  13. You bought the show because YOUR. Disgraces of shows suck.

  14. I wish I could cancel you Disney!

  15. I’ll give Disney that. Just that! YOU STILL SUCK!!!

  16. I personally feel that Lucasfilm is under the hands of the wrong company that is Disney. It looks like they’re gonna shut down almost all of the star wars projects, except for a few of em. But having no clone wars is sad.. oh well hv to deal with it :(

  17. I’m gonna write a letter to Disney right now.

  18. Done

  19. I’m still mad that I don’t know the story of ashoka

  20. I’m mad I didn’t appear aafter ashoka left. I want to know what happened to her

  21. I want to see ashoka one last seasons worth.

  22. Let go of the past, we must NOT for THIS case.!!!!

  23. What happened to me

  24. Even I want Disney’s destruction and I’m a jedi

  25. Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. I want my story told

  28. Goodbye my fans