‘Clone Wars’ Ending – New ‘Star Wars’ Animated Series in Development

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clonewars skywalker ahsoka kenobi Clone Wars Ending   New Star Wars Animated Series in Development

A few months ago, after the dust had settled following Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, it was revealed that the Cartoon Network series Clone Wars would likely be leaving the Time Warner-owned channel and head to a Disney-owned TV home. But that’s not the case anymore.

Instead, Clone Wars is now finished as a series. The final episode of season 5 just aired on March 2nd, and no new episodes of the series will be produced for Cartoon Network. However, that doesn’t mean fans won’t see some new story arcs play out.

StarWars.com just released an official statement from Dave Filoni, supervising director of Clone Wars, detailing what fans can expect in the future. The story arcs that were already written – which include filling some gaps created over the seasons and completing certain storylines – will be released sometime down the road as bonus content. Here’s Filoni talking about the end of Clone Wars, complete with a sneak peek at some of the content to come:

In addition to the conclusion of Clone Wars, Lucasfilm is also keeping Seth Green’s animated comedy series Star Wars Detours on hold, likely until after Star Wars: Episode VII is released. George Lucas revealed a first look at Detours during Star Wars Celebration VI last year, but no solid plans for the series’ release has been announced, and it has been essentially postponed indefinitely.

But what about the future? Well, there’s no specific details, but the announcement says, “Lucasfilm has decided to pursue a new direction in animated programming. We are exploring a whole new Star Wars series set in a time period previously untouched in Star Wars films or television programming.” We’re told to expect details in the months to come, but we’re not sure when.

Star Wars Logo Art Clone Wars Ending   New Star Wars Animated Series in Development

The end of Clone Wars is a big blow to fans who had come to embrace the series, basically making up for the shortcomings of the entire prequel film trilogy. There were rumblings that Filoni and his crew were already planing a sixth season – likely where the bonus content and new story arcs will be coming from.

Disney is certainly getting all their ducks in a row when it comes to taking over Star Wars in the wake of their purchase of Lucasfilm. Though we can expect great things in the future, right now fans will have to be patient and see where Disney will take us in a galaxy far, far away. Stay tuned for updates, especially when these new Clone Wars bonus storyarcs are released.


Source: StarWars.com

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  1. Well that sucks :( I liked this show a lot.

    • that does suck. I loved the Clone Wars. It’s sad to see it come to an end…….:(

      • It was the best Star Wars content since the original trilogy – it became really good this past season – Asoka was interesting, Anakin was believably gathering fuel to turn to the dark side. This is absolute garbage – they damn well better come out with “bonus content” and finish these stories up right. These morons don’t know something successful when its staring right at them

  2. First! Loved the Clone Wars! Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  3. Darth Vader just commented on this news – “Nooooooooooooooooooo!”

  4. I liked this show very much, but it is time to move away from the prequel era and start preparing for the new era.

  5. all you studios have been screwing up big time!!!! lately there have been some quality animation shows that have been cancelled way to early. clone wars, young justice, thundercats, avengers, gi joe renegades, and next year transformers prime. all these shows have been well written shows great story arcs and cancelled way to soon. this makes it so hard to take any type of intrest in anything that is up coming in the next few months. so again thanks all you movie studios for ruining these great shows i sure hope you have something good to replace them

    • Um, Clone Wars had 5 seasons and over 100 episodes. That’s being cancelled too soon for you? A lot of cartoons wish they had that number.

      • Be quiet the show was awesome

  6. I thought detours looked horrendously bad from the preview. Disney probably canceled it because it looks awful. Clone Wars is ok, I watched the pilot and some episodes from seasons 2, and 3. I wasn’t very impressed, if I were 6 I’m sure I would think its crazy awesome tho. Its a good kids show.

    • You really should’ve kept up with it, a simple kids show it is not. Every adult I know who watches it says “I can’t believe this is a cartoon, it’s so dark and violent”, and after they moved it from Friday nights to Saturday mornings, it got MORE violent. They’re constantly showing brutal deaths and dealing with heavy and philosophical adult issues. Even my girlfriend, who doesn’t even like SW much, loved watching it with me the last couple years cause it was so well made and intense.

  7. Disney ruin everything. They are worse than the government. the clone wars will be like firefly.

    • …Except that the Clone Wars lasted 5 seasons and half of the show was complete, childish crap (the other half was fantastic though).

      • No I’d say from season 2 on it has just gotten better and better and better and better. But even season 1 had some really great episodes. The only thing that kinda sucked was the movie which was like the first few eps cobbled together. And it looked like crap back then, but now it’s like the best looking animation on tv.

  8. They promised 5 seasons and they delivered. I figured it would end either after Season 5 or 6. It’s not like it’s hard to figure out what happens next. The only dangling plot point is what happens to Ahsoka now that she left the Order. But I’m sure we’ll find out in the future somehow.

    • Ashoka’s story is more or left finished. What’s a bigger question left hanging is what is Sidious going to do with Maul??

      • I guess you could say it’s finished but it’d still be nice to know what happened to her after she left. But yeah, the Maul thing is definitely something that should be addressed.

  9. Hopefully they’ll bring back Gendy Tartakovsky and do another series like the Clone Wars micro series. That was way better than this new cgi series and the prequels combined.

    • Actually not really. It was cool, but it wasn’t Star Wars. It was Samurai Jack with lightsabers. It didn’t have the heart of any of the films, and it was quite simple in terms of storytelling, it never attempted any of the emotional highs or action scenes that Dave Filoni’s series has nailed.

  10. While I can understand Disney’s reason/position about the show (that it’s being aired on the “DC/WB” network), they really should allow the team at least a half season to wrap things up or maybe a whole season and move it to the Disney network.

    • What do they need to wrap up? The show ended with Anakin saying that he knew what it was like to want to leave the Jedi’s (or somewhere along those lines). We all know where things go from there.

      • Because there were several story/character arcs that were left hanging and unfinished. Not to mention the war isn’t over yet…

        • But the war ended in Ep3 (the movie). To end the war in the show wouldn’t make sense.

          I gotta agree with Jeff, they ended things pretty well with Season 5.
          There are a few strings that need to be tied up, but apparently they are working on a few more arcs (could be a web series or in comic book format) so I’m guessing that’ll provide all the closure fans will need.

          • Obviously we see the last few hours of the war in ep 3, but how about the events leading up to it? Ahsoka’s story is finished, but after all that, we need to see how Anakin is changed by those events. Also that was a huge cliffhanger left with Sidious and Maul.

            From the very beginning we were told that the end of the series would play directly into the opening scene of ep 3, like the micro series does, only better and more canonical.

  11. I’m rather glad it’s over! Never liked that show much. I thought it cheapened the franchise. I’m not into stylized animated stuff, be it CGI or traditional animation. Having said that, I hope the show will be concluded by those “bonus stories” because the show had its fans and I don’t want them to be left with a gaping hole.

    As far as Detours is concerned: MY GOD, I’m sooooooooooooo glad it’s not moving forward for the time being. Seriously, I kinda liked Lego Star Wars, the Family Guy specials and Robo Chicken but these were not official products endorsed by Lucasfilm. It is really not necessary to make fun of your own creation that way. I’m not against spoofs in general, just not as part of the official legacy. We really don’t need another Christmas Special…

    • Actually the Family Guy/RC specials were indeed produced by lucasfilm.

  12. This news makes me so sad. It was the best thing Star Wars has had going for it for a long time. The last 2-3 seasons have been some of the best Star Wars writing there ever has been. It’s the most successful show for Cartoon Network and I’m very surprised that at the very least, Disney doesn’t want to bring any of those viewers over to XD? Not to mention, it’s a giant merchandising machine, this seems like a strange business decision by Disney and a slap on the face to millions of kids and fans. Fans always praised Genndy’s micro series but this series has surpassed that one in every conceivable way, especially coming from such a low start. The Clone Wars movie is indeed the worst thing lucasfilm has released since the Holiday Special, but over 5 years it’s become one of the best things it ever produced. It’s always been intended for the series to dovetail into the start of Ep 3, now who knows. This new show they’re planning worries me because it’ll likely be without George and Dave Filoni. You need George to be the driving force, and you need Filoni to be the story teller, Dave has put so much heart and soul into this show and he’s become a really amazing animation director. I was really hoping he’d get the chance to direct one of the new live action films. Will Disney’s new show be something completely of their own creation, something that bears the Star Wars name but is completely devoid of the heart and soul of its creator? This is what concerns us, Dude.

  13. Ugh good riddance. Sorry to those who enjoyed it, I couldn’t stand it. It was probably the one thing that killed my love of Star Wars which I’m hoping the new movies and maybe this new cartoon can reinvigorate.

    • Lol when’s the last time you watched an episode, like 2008? Cause it’s a lot better than the prequels.

  14. Disney will b@stardize this Star Wars animated brand the same way they did with Spiderman, Avengers and the Hulk.

    This era of American cartoons for kids and adults alike is officially over.

    It’s all about selling toys and advertising for movie franchises. Artistic storytelling just got killed in favor of big business.

    Profit margins are the most important thing, I guess.

    • Well yeah, who wouldn’t want to make money, stop acting like you wouldn’t do the same thing if you were in that position.

  15. Sound like some Old Republic action is coming our way though…

  16. So…Asoka is left out in the cold? Is that how she survives the Clone Wars, as a renegade Jedi?

    • When did Asoka leave the Jedi Order? I think I missed that episode? Why did she leave?

      • @ Stark

        I think she was accused of murder and the Order couldn’t look connected to her if she was a murderer. They banished her from the Jedi Order before the Republic could condemn her and accuse the rest of the Jedi of anything.

        • Are you serious? I always assumed she was atleast gonna die an epic death and somehow Anakin was gonna blame himself for it, therefore that’s the reason he never mentioned her Ep 3. This show is worse than I thought, Oh she had to go bye bye because she was accused of murder??

          Well done Disney for ending this nonsense. Let’s look forward to Star Wars heading in the right direction now.

          • She was heavily implicated in a murder and the Jedi exiled her from the Order so they could say that she acted alone. She was invited back into the Order after being proven innocent, but became disillusioned with how the Jedi did things, so she declined the offer to come back.

            This was hinted at earlier on this season when she helped the group of rebels overthrow the government and got increasingly frustrated with the limitations put on her contribution to the war effort by the Jedi Council.

          • Let me explain it in more detail. She was framed for taking part in bombing the Jedi Temple and the terrorist who did it by a fellow Jedi who believed that the Order was not what it used to be and that many others believe the same thing (if you remember in Revenge of the Sith public opinion on the Jedi wasn’t great). After she was cleared of these charges she was offered back in to the temple (it was hinted she would be promoted to jedi knight) but she refused. She left the Order because she felt like she couldn’t trust herself or the Jedi anymore.

            With his Padawan gone because of the Council, Anakin starts to doubt the Order. Her leaving is one of the last things that inevitably sends him over to the dark side. . You should watch last 3 episodes of the season. They’re really amazing.

  17. This just popped into my head but what about a Lord of the Rings animated series? Warner Bros. have relations with Cartoon Network so they could make it work.

  18. I’m kinda surprised at how surprised some people are at this news.
    Season 5 had a great ending and I think it’s best left like that. They tied up most of the arcs and the last few were exceptionally good (as apposed to the Jar Jar Binks and “D-Squad” arcs).
    If I may borrow a quite from another franchise, “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

    I say it’s time to move on. They can tie up the loose ends in comic books or a web series, but since we’re getting new Star Wars movies soon, it’s about time we get a new animated show to go with it – even if it takes place in a completely different time period…. I just hope it isn’t Disney-fied like all the new Marvel shows.

    • @ The Avenger

      Awesome quote. I totally agree.

    • I agree it’s time to move on but I just wanted an official ending. I didn’t want the show to end with Disney essentially just shutting down the production offices. And it is surprising simply because its automatic revenue for them. It’s been highly profitable for CN, it’s well reviewed, it has a huge fanbase, and it generates millions in merchandising. Also, it’s the end of the prequel saga, which they’re attempting to make people forget about despite the fans and kids. Some of they’re decisions so far make no sense to me. Seems like a pretty easy timeline leading up to ep 7 in 2015. Ep 2 3D fall 2013, Clone Wars ending Xmas 2013, ep 3 3D march 2014, ep 4 3D may 2014, ep 5 3D august 2014, ep 6 3D xmas 2014 and then finally in may 2015, ep 7!

    • This isn’t over yet. They still have the additional footage they can use into tv specials.

  19. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but this show didn’t do it for me. Some of the stuff that I did see was really cool though. I never really gave it a chance because I don’t really like the animation style, doesn’t look like the characters to me.

  20. I’m personally sick of a watching a young, whiny and brooding Anikan. As far as I’m concerned, the Clone Wars and Prequels never happened. I’m praying the new ones with better acting will fix what is left of the SW franchise.

    • Agreed.

  21. The Jedis in this show were too weak and got their butts kicked to much.

    • By whom? I never really saw evidence of that.

  22. I’m glad it ended how it did. Ahsoka leaving (and therefore opening up the possibility of appearing in new SW material) and getting Anakin to really question the Jedi way of doing things nicely set things up for Episode III.

    Unfortunately, the new series’ description is deliberately vague. All we know for sure is that it isn’t set around the time of Episodes I-VI. I guess now would be a bad time to ask about that live-action show with Boba Fett…?

  23. Wow, have to say, I’m loving this Disney take over. Fairplay Disney, it’s about time this show was cancelled, it’s absolute childish nonsense. The idea of Anakin having his own apprentice was just ridiculous and didn’t make any sense and worse again, they made her such an annoying little girl in such a blatant attempt to appeal to as many kid viewers as possible.

    Haha, hey, Darth Maul didn’t die when he got cut in half and fell down a bottomless pit , lets bring him back with such a laughable written plot it’ll be insulting. Sorry, but then again this show was for kids.
    Anyway, lets forget all about this cartoon network stuff and be excited that Star Wars is finally heading in the right direction.

    And whatever way Ashoka was supposed to die, lets just hope it resulted in the death of Jar Jar Binks too.

  24. This is sad news indeed as a long time Star Wars fan,I really liked this show and the added mythology it brought to The Star Wars Universe,I hope we will see The Clone Wars ‘bonus’ episodes soon,but I have to say this news leaves more questions than answers. Always in motion the future is,indeed.

  25. :( I’m sad now. I love Star Wars and believe this is one of the greatest animated series ever. I love the originals. Hell I love the prequels more… that’s just me. Don’t flame me. Such a well made and well told series. If it doesn’t tell the story of Anakin Skywalker this animated series isn’t worth my time.

  26. That’s a real shock as I assume TCW has been doing pretty well.

    That’s also a real shame, the final two seasons were really good, building on the earlier promise of the first few seasons. I thought season 4 was especially strong. Especially the story line focusing on the Clone soldiers. The Savage Opress story line’s had also been good, even tho he has the worst pun-name in the whole Empire.

    Still, there must have been some inkling of them not being renewed, given how season 5 finished with Ahsoka leaving the order, giving some sense of the series coming full circle and neatly explaining her non-appearance in III.

    I was really hoping she’d die tho. Oh well.

    The only real fault it had was the amount of times the same characters cropped up over and over, especially Ventress. I became a touch soap opera at times.

    • (cont)

      As for the ‘comedic’ series – I hope it never airs. I loved some of the Robot Chicken parodies, but an endorsed comedy SW series would be about as bad as the Christmas Special TV show.

      Maybe we’ll get some Vader era animated show now, or one based on the Knights of the Old Republic. That would be wonderful as they’d have so much more scope to play around with whatever they like.

      • (cont, cont – it’s flagging this as spam when it’s all sent at once!)

        There might even be a series to join 6 and 7 looking at Luke and that crazy gang of rebels trying to sort out the entire galaxy.

        Either way I’m miffed we didn’t get any more Yoda action in TCW and will I be the only one to miss the occasional chortle at Kit Fisto’s name?

        • Bizarrely I used a different word instead of chortle when posting all that ^^^ originally and it kept flagging it as spam until I substituted the non-offensive word.

          Ah-ha! The word I used began with an S followed by the N-word.

          That’s some sensitive word watcher you have there!

  27. Liked the show but happy its done. Tired of the clone wars or anything to do with the prequels. Do hope the new show will be set in Knights of the old republic times. Somethin that can just stand on its own type deal.

  28. How about an animated series taking place between Episodes V and VI. Honestly, I wanna see Darth Vader again.

    • Meh the magic surrounding darth bader was ruined when we found out hes basically just a winey kid / women beater. Darth vader = chris brown

  29. Let me quell some of the fears fans have. The series isn’t entirely cancelled. It just won’t be an ongoing tv series anymore. They will probably release a b unch of tv specials resolving unanswered questions.