Clint Eastwood To Direct Beyoncé In ‘A Star Is Born’

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Clint Eastwood directin Beyonce in A Star is Born Clint Eastwood To Direct Beyoncé In A Star Is Born

Clint Eastwood’s musical ambitions date back all the back to his college days, when he intended to major in music theory. The screen icon starred in the 1969 musical Paint Your Wagon and scored a handful of his previous directorial efforts, so it’s not all too surprising that he is set to at last helm a musical himself – namely, A Star Is Born.

A fourth big screen version of this rhythmic tale about an ingénue with musical aspirations and the man she falls in love with – a boozing superstar on the decline – has been in the works for a while and looks to bring together the unexpected pairing of Eastwood at the helm and pop sensation-turned actress Beyoncé Knowles in the lead.

Beyoncé will follow in the footsteps of actresses Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland, and Barbra Streisand to play Esther Blodgett (or Hoffman, in the ’76 version) in Eastwood’s A Star Is Born. Deadline says that the male lead is up for grabs and makes some decent suggestions to play the alcoholic has-been, including Sean Combs, a.k.a. P. Diddy (Get Him To The Greek) and Miss Knowles’ Dreamgirls costar, Eddie Murphy (insert joke about Murphy attempting to drink away the memory of films like Norbit and The Adventures of Pluto Nash).

In addition to his aforementioned dabblings in cinema music, Eastwood has both played an aspiring musician before in 1982’s Honkytonk Man and directed the Charlie Parker biopic Bird back in 1988. The 80-year-old movie legend even crooned out the opening lines of “Gran Torino” over the end credits of his 2008 film. Chances are good that The Man will leave the singing to Beyoncé and her male cohort this time around, though.

Beyonce in Dreamgirls Clint Eastwood To Direct Beyoncé In A Star Is Born

Beyoncé in 'Dreamgirls'.

Eastwood is in the midst of pre-production on his Hoover biopic, J. Edgar, which begins filming next month. A Star Is Born is tentatively scheduled to begin shooting this fall as a low-budget production under the Oscar-winner’s steady and efficient directing hand. Say what you will about the project or Eastwood’s decision to collaborate with Beyoncé, it’s impossible not to admire the auteur’s work ethic and willingness to tackle a musical genre pic like this.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. Sweet. Beyonce with Clint Eastwood directing.

  2. She can’t act…maybe Eastwood can drag a decent performance out of her..who knows but I’ll reiterate, she can’t act..

    • I’d rather see something original from Eastwood instead of an updated version of a classic movie.

  3. Not enough money in the world to make me want to see something like this. She can’t act and as a director I find Eastwoods work to be poor.

  4. Really?
    I mean REALLY?
    Does the world REALLY need a FOURTH version of this film?

  5. Wow, this is kinda random. I’ll see it anyway, I love Eastwood and the occasional good musical. Though mixing the two is like mixing chocolate and pizza. Good on there own but together isnt too appetizing. Let’s hope it’s good

  6. ok thats just random Eastwood and beyonce =/

  7. WB ffffff’d up!

  8. This really makes me want to go on a rant.

    So many things wrong with this picture.

    Eastwood is a talented guy and though I thought Gran Turino was horrible, he’s a very good director. He’s wasting his (last?) years here.

    Beyonce can’t act. Period. Austin Powers 3 showcased her terrible acting.

    Money, not creativity, is becoming the primary driving force in Hollywood. Less and less movie makers are doing it for the “art” and more for the $$$. Didn’t expect this from Eastwood.

    P Diddy? Really? Even typing this name makes me cringe.

    Let me guess, Beyonce is going to play a “soulful up and coming diva with a saucy attitude”?

  9. It could work. I have more concerns about the male lead being Eddie Murphy or P. Diddy! Neither one of them can sing!

  10. Diddy and Murphy should be a definite NO. BUT if Jamie Fox played the lead then it might work but he’d outshine Beyonce’ and anybody could outshine her acting anyway. I’d say Jamie Fox as the male lead but Beyonce’ would have to go. I’d say that this girl right above on this same screen is a better singer and actress than Beyonce and that would be Jennifer Hudson. So I say Jennifer Hudson and Jamie Fox. If that doesn’t work then choose whoever has the best talent and would have the best acting chemistry AND RACE SHOULD NOT BE AN ISSUE. If it turns out that Anne Hathaway and Jamie Fox make the best combo then so be it. Then we’d have two good actors that can both sing well for this. Although some people don’t like Hathaway’s acting,she has proven that she has chops and has still much untapped potential(No innuendos intended).LOL!

    • Yes, a BIG NO on Diddy. I honestly can’t stand him.
      Murphy might be OK. He’s not a bad actor, and he can sing well enough. But then it might start feeling too much like Dreamgirls. I bet Hollywood would like that.
      Yes, race should not be an issue in the casting, race is ALWAYS an issue in Hollywood studios. Even if it might not be blatant, in your face, it’s always there, always circulating, always bubbling. If you look into it, the casting directors and others involved in film are some of the most racist (and greedy) people you’ll meet. But they’ll hide it beneath their big names, nice suits and overflowing piles of money.
      Everything Hollywood does is very calculated — nothing is by chance.

  11. Eastwood brings the best out of everyone he works with and Beyonce’ should not be an exception. Why another installment of “A Star Is Born”? Why not? Nobody else is doing anything original these days. Every movie and tv show you see is rehashed from something else. At least he’s not trying to make us think this is something its not, an original idea. Depending on who else is cast and how much Clint modifies the story will determine how much the public and the critics will like it. And yes, I’m a huge Clint Eastwood fan. But that doesn’t mean I’ll except anything but his best work. Think about it, how many Eastwood flicks did you not like?

    • Gran Turino – the acting was horrendous (supporting cast)

      • But I still do commend what Eastwood did with Gran Torino. He gave voice and exposure to a little known culture and people, and also roles for people of Asian descent are rare in Hollywood.
        Even though the acting wasn’t the best, I still give leniency to first-time actors and actresses.
        BUT, as for Beyonce, I do agree that she’s not the best actress around, and she’s already very famous. Her singing’s good enough, but not her acting. Oh well, although I’m surprised Eastwood would sign the dotted line for this, I’m not surprised that Hollywood would want someone like Beyonce, who has a marquee name.
        Hollywood is still sold by the idea that BIG NAMES sell tickets, while that’s not as leak-proof as it used to be. Even Johnny Depp and Christian Bale have been in box-office bombs recently.

  12. Although this film had me when I learned that Clint Eastwood would be directing, my interest diminished considerably when Beyonce was going to be the female lead. Then, after reading the various comments made about this story on ScreenRant and elsewhere, I figured I’d add my $0.02 to the discussion.

    First off… Beyonce is not a good actress. I didn’t like her in Goldmember or Dreamgirls and Obsessed was just awful. Just hearing her Texas accent was enough to make me cringe.

    Secondly… she can’t sing. Sorry, folks, but her voice is rather weak, and every song I’ve heard her sing sounds exactly the same. She’s Little Ms. One-Note in both singing and acting.

    Having said that, I’d much rather see Jennifer Hudson in the female role, primarily because she can act, and the lady’s got a serious voice. I think she could pull it off.

    As for the leading man… we do have quite a few good choices; Eddie Murphy (who NEEDS a hit film to regain some credibility), Jamie Foxx, Idris Elba, Terrence Howard or Wood Harris.

    What’s happening here is pretty obvious; right now, America’s on a serious nostalgia kick, and while there are many of us who’d like to move forward and see original films with compelling storylines, the majority want to stay in the non-threatening cultural comfort zone of the “good old days”, and Hollywood is simply cashing in on the nostalgia boom by remaking and rebooting every film in sight.

    • Stephie, agree with you BUT

      Beyonce not being able to sing well (which is 100% true) has nothing to do with this movie. Most pop stars today have terrible voices and can’t sing worth a damn. Oh the wonders a big production budget will do for albums. There’s some audio/video tracks out there of the RAW audio from the pop star’s mic’s and it’s absolutely atrocious (Britney Spears, Kanye, Madonna, etc.) But almost anyone can clean up their voice, not to mention auto tune, which devolved singing/music by about 30 years.

      That’s my little rant on singers today…of course not all, but the top 25 charts are dominated by talentless hacks with big production budgets.

      • if beyonce cant sing, then how come she has gotten 13 grammy’s for being a solo artist?, and nominated for three more? oh! dont forget that she was nominated for a golden globe for dreamgirls…i admit that obsessed was well bad, it could have been better with a different cast, except for ali larter. Yeah i think beyonce can sing. i also think that she is an okay actress, the only movie that she was good in was dream girls.
        again, i think beyonce can sing.

        • With all due respect, are you kidding me? Do you really think that these ceremonial pat yourself on the back celebrity events measure actual talent? In a very general sense, YES, but these shows have a ugly history of bribery, bias, etc. The man behind Golden Globes is being sued right now for taking bribes and demanding them as well. And Grammy’s don’t give awards based on singing ability, it’s based on how popular/famous the singers are (“vocal performance” is BS). These ceremonies are there to give awards to whoever is the most popular/biggest cash cow in the music business. There are probably thousands of singers across the US that have better singing ability than Beyonce.

          She can sing. I never said she couldn’t. But she can’t sing well. Jennifer Hudson can sing WELL.

          • @ogb,Oooooooh! Good one,very good post. I agree

          • if these award ceremonies are such BS then why does everyone want jennifer hudson (who is a good actress, i agree with you) who won an oscar for best supporting actress? if you ask me if hudson didnt win that oscar would people want her in this movie? my answer to that question is NO.

        • I saw Dreamgirls several times because my granddaughter loves that movie and Beyonce gave an okay performance but Jennifer Hudson’s performance was great for a newcomer. Doesn’t Clint know that Beyonce’s movies don’t do well, he is taking a big money chance on her. Maybe he thinks she has a great following and people want to see her in anything, no matter what it is. Her vocals are weak, her songs are repetitious and boring. Beyonce needs better music and maybe to stay out of the limelight for awhile. Too much exposure is boring.

      • ogb…

        You’re absolutely right, of course, but the point I was attempting to make was that if this musical is going to work, you need an actress who can sing well, and who can bring depth and new dimensions to the character which would grab the audience’s interest.

        When I said that Beyonce was “Little Ms. One-Note”, I also included her “soulful up and coming diva with a saucy attitude” bit, because in the movies where she’s played a singer (Dreamgirls and Cadillac Records), that’s how she came off, and it became boring and dull rather quickly.

        I still think Jennifer Hudson could do it, but if this movie gets stuck with Beyonce…. well, let’s just say that as much as I love Clint Eastwood’s films, this will be one that I won’t go out of my way to see.

        • Couldn’t have said it better myself Steph

    • @Stephie I totally agree. I could see Idris Elba in this or even Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law some actor who could actually surprise us showing that they can sing as well. Anne Hathaway blew people away as most people didn’t even know that she could actually sing. Beyonce’s is just horrible. She literally “oversings” all of her songs. She does to many riffs and runs, or is always trying too hard. Her singing always sounds forced.

      • Actually Beyonce’s a great singer, with an incredible sense of timing and pitch, if you’d actually take the time to listen to her. There is a reason she is where she is, and anyone who has seen the woman command a stage understands what I mean. I personally am not a fan of Hudson’s out of tune screaming. With that said, she is a superior actress to Beyonce, who can’t act her way out of a paper bag, I just don’t see how this is going to work. Eastwood has his work cut out for him.

        • @a1d2h I understand where your coming from. Beyonce has had extensive training since she was a little kid on how to interact or command a crowd but it all feels packaged. However I have also heard Jennifer Hudson unnecessarily scream or belt out notes at times BUT she has an emotion that you can feel in her singing that Beyonce just doesn’t have and Jennifer Hudson is not as experienced as Beyonce so I feel that Jennifer Hudson has much more untapped potential than Beyonce. If you watch Barbara Streisand’s version, Barbara exudes so much emotion in her singing that made her parts awesome, not trying to compare Streisand to Beyonce BECAUSE QUITE NATURALLY THERE IS NO COMPARISON but I can however see Jennifer Hudson being able to make that emotional connection similar to how Barbara Streisand did which is a good thing.

          • Ulik…

            Totally agree with you.

            Jennifer Hudson’s performance in Dreamgirls was so amazing, because she had the kind of acting range which made you care about the character of Effie White. Not only was her singing very heartfelt, but the way she portrayed Effie just amazed me. Beyonce’s performance, OTOH, seemed so bland and dull by comparison, and her tendency to overact didn’t help matters (and her overacting also made Obsessed almost unwatchable).

            Also, poor Beyonce does “oversing” in many of her songs, and that’s what really annoys me no end. Because she tries too hard to sing, instead of just sounding natural, she’s always doing what seems to be too many riffs and runs at the same time, and the song degenerates into an overproduced, oversung, dull muddle.

            Mr. Eastwood will have to put in a LOT of work on this movie in order to successfully pull it off.

            And I also like the idea of casting RDJ in the male lead, but his dancing card may be a bit full at the moment…

            • have you ever heard of not watching beyonces movies or listening to her songs???? then her voice wont annoy you

    • “little miss one-note can sing” umm heard halo? yeah the range was there, the voice was there, EVERYTHING WAS THERE! single ladies: it was a dance tune!
      and step: notice how ALL singers these days are one noted. KE$HA is so bad that they need to mix the music.
      if you are calling beyonce a one note singer call everyone else one because everyone else has a note that they like, and they are going to keep on singin’ it!

  13. I love the story of “A Star is Born” and I think it deserves an update. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out why they would cast Beyonce.

    Also, heard a rumor a long time ago that Gerard Butler was being considered for the male lead. That I would like to see him in, but not with Beyonce. Hell no.

  14. Puff Diddy? LOL wow I havent cringed at casting like this in ages. Shame on you Clint, what the hell motivated you on this one?

  15. @”Beyonce not being able to sing well (which is 100% true)”

    You mean it’s 100% opinion. Sorry, it’s just a pet-peeve when people cofuse their opinions as “facts”.

    • totally agree. i’m sick and tired of everyone thinking that they are the best critc in the world and they know everything

    • dude TOTALLY agree! people are thinking that they are the most pERfect critic on this website. THIS IS A COMMENT to voice one’s opinion, not to bash people because a few films…………………….

  16. Beyonce really needs to break out of those roles.
    I’m sick of seeing her having to sing in the majority of movies she’s starred in.

  17. Just say No to Beyonce and Heck no to Diddy Clint what are onMedication?

    PLeese No to jay z

  18. Um… Eddie Murphy CAN sing and this post has got to be a joke.

  19. Clint please don’t do it!

  20. I hope this talk about casting babyfaced Leo DiCaprio as Beyonce’s costar is just talk. I would prefer to see her cast with Will Smith, Joe Manganiello, or Ben Affleck to make for a more sizzling and believable pairing.

  21. Big Flopola, has been remade by some of the best in Hollywood, don’t need another with no talent Beyonce. Think Clint is just trying to keep working to stay away from that idiot wife of his. At 81 he needs to finish his career with another “Grand Torino” not this junk.

  22. After that fiasco at the republican national convention, I will not be seeing this movie or any other movie by this man.