Has ‘The Cleveland Show’ Been Canceled?

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cleveland 570x320 Has The Cleveland Show Been Canceled?

Seth MacFarlane may have his critics, but if there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that the man behind Family Guy and box office smash Ted certainly knows how to keep busy.

In the past two years, MacFarlane has directed his first feature, released an album of jazz standards and hosted the Academy Awards (to some controversy, of course), all while providing his voice talent and creative direction to three animated Fox comedies. Now, however, it seems that one of those shows may be on its way out.

According to The Wrap, The Cleveland Show will likely be canceled, as Fox has yet to order new episodes of the Family Guy spin-off. The series remains the only MacFarlane-produced show that has not been renewed for next season (the other two being Family Guy and American Dad).

It should be noted that Fox has been known in the past to pull animated series (including King of the Hill and Family Guy) from its schedule, only to have them return to the air later in the season. However, the Animation Guild – representing the show’s artists – has already announced via its blog that The Cleveland Show will end with season 4 this May, making its cancellation seemingly inevitable at this point.

cleveland2 Has The Cleveland Show Been Canceled?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that fans have seen the last of Cleveland Brown (and his “happy mustache face“). Should Fox officially cancel the series, it’s quite likely that he could return to Family Guy and bring along other Cleveland Show characters. Mike Henry (who provides the voice of Cleveland) has remained a consistent performer on Family Guy throughout its run, bringing to life a number of recurring characters, including creepy old Herbert and Consuela the maid.

In fact, Cleveland’s potential return could provide a bit of a boost to Family Guy. Cleveland, Peter, Joe and Quagmire frequently shared storylines in earlier seasons, and the dynamic at their favorite bar, The Drunken Clam, hasn’t quite been the same since the spin-off began. Besides, Family Guy – much like its progenitor, The Simpsons – prides itself on offering viewers numerous wacky recurring characters. Why not add the cast of The Cleveland Show into the fold?

As far as MacFarlane’s career, the end of The Cleveland Show might actually prove to be a good thing, as he already has numerous TV and film projects in various stages of development. In addition to his current Fox series, MacFarlane is developing a live-action comedy series for the network with Ted writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, a Ted sequel and western comedy A Million Ways to Die (starring Liam Neeson, Giovanni Ribisi and possibly Oscar winner Charlize Theron).

Are you disappointed to see The Cleveland Show fade into television history, or would you prefer MacFarlane devote his focus to other projects? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Cleveland Show airs (for now, at least) on Sundays @7:30pm on Fox.


Source: The Wrap & Animation Guild

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  1. I like The Cleveland Show, BUT…I, too, saw this coming. People didn’t want to support it. So, I would love to see The Cleveland show character intertwined with Family Guy. I’d love to see Holt get tips on women from Quagmire…or…Rollo and Stewie collaborate to take over the Emmy broadcast!

  2. Can’t say I am too surprised. I am a little bit but I saw this coming eventually. Just not this season. It has had hit or miss episodes throughout its run. Some episodes I will laugh my butt of and other episodes I am just like well. This could be the best thing if they bring all the characters to Family Guy to have all sorts of character interactions with each episode. Family Guy has been so-so since Cleveland left and concentrating on 2 shows a week instead of 3 the quality could definitely improve and breathe new life into Family Guy. American Dad is great just the way it is. I think that has been the best of Seth’s 3 shows the last few years.

    • American Dad has been Seth MacFarlane’s best work for some years now, you’re right. Family Guy has been dipping in quality over it’s last four seasons and I, on the other hand, never cared for The Cleveland Show. Needs to be cancelled indefinitely. FG should call it a day eventually but American Dad I’m still enjoying.

      • Shut hater

  3. Family Guy will always be my favorite of the three. I’ve watched it longer than the other two. American Dad is too annoying at times, but I’ll take it over the Cleveland Show any day. I’ve seen it getting canceled for these last few years now, it’ll probably still air in reruns Adult Swim, but I don’t see it staying, and frankly I could care less if it left us.

    Family Guy will stay for at least four more years. American Dad has been renewed along with The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers.

    Honestly though, Family Guy is (for the time being) the only good one on there to me and feel free to disagree with me. American Dad however has pretty good episodes from time to time, however The Cleveland Show rarely has good episodes and is mostly crap. The Simpsons is just a headache right now, while Bob’s Burgers has been just utter failure and needs to go too. Please kill Bob’s Burgers first. Hopefully with The Cleveland Show gone and hopefully Bob’s Burgers, King of the Hill will return (Mike Judge mentioned a revival being possible).

    • King of the Hill can’t be revived, due to Brittany Murphy’s death.

  4. Sorry, but this is one time that Cleveland DIDN’T rock.

  5. This show had maybe 2 good seasons,then it fizzled,not dissapointed to see it go………….

  6. The Cleveland Show is better than Bob’s Burgers, and The Simpsons suck pretty much these days. i admit that The Cleveland Show was weak at the beginning but then many people just for that didin’t give Cleveland a chance.

    I will kill my self if they officially cancel the show with a note attached to my clothes saying: ”FOX, you’re responsible for my death because you canceled The Cleveland Show i hope you get sued.”

    • I need more of the Cleaveland Show!!! They didn’t air it in latin america, I had to watched it from a diferent online source( I bet you get the picture), They made me do it!!(And I’m not gonna say sorry)Now they’re saying they may cancel it!!! I need the Cleveland Show, is somenthing between The Cosby Show and the Chris Rock Show…is simply pure magic!!!

  7. Please keep the cleveland show on it’s one of the best TV shows

  8. Please don’t cancel the Cleveland show thank u

  9. The Cleveland show is the best of the prime time cartoons in my opinion. It would be a shame to cancel it now that it has hit its stride. The stories are better than the other shows and Cleveland, Junior, Rallo, Donna and Roberta are all fun to watch.

    • I bet tim is black

  10. Finally! I’ve been waiting for fox to take this show off life support and let it die. For all the crap Fox gets for killing shows off (Firefly anyone, C’mon seriously fox) this is one that should have died long ago. Hopefully now Family guy won’t suck as much since Seth only has 2 shows to worry about now. IMO family guy started to go downhill after season 7 the same time the cleveland show started. And American Dad can only get better.

    • While I wish they hadn’t cancelled Firefly but am glad to see Cleveland Show disappear for good, I don’t have much confidence in Family Guy getting any better. But you’re absolutely right about American Dad.

  11. So glad to just find out this news.

    I gave it a damn good chance but if a so called comedy takes 6 episodes to even get a chuckle out of you, it’s not worth the effort.

  12. I hate they will cancel this great show, but paid programs be on year after year.

  13. Well i dont give a s*** about cleveland and the others i only wanna see more Bears :P But wither way i hope it dosent die #DONTGORAYMOND

  14. Tp be honest i just want the cleveland show to not die because i like the bears, I like Raymond the most, But if it dies, so will me :’( #Suicide

  15. I liked a couple of episodes they were fun but let’s face it the Clevland show doesn’t feel real because it takes away from the Cleveland we all known sense 1999 and another point is that family guy hasn’t been so funny without Cleveland, the episode when they are stuck in the south has clearly been the funniest one in along time so I’m OK with it being cancelled as long as they bring Cleveland’s family to family guy because it was fun to see Donna interact with the other wives kinda making me want to see how meg and Roberta would react or Chris and Cleveland Jr.

  16. To say you don’t like The Cleveland Show is pretty like saying you don’t like Family Guy. It’s the same assembly of characters pretty much. I don’t really want to see it go but if it does… so be it. I thought it was decent at least as far as an entertaining show goes. Anyways, whatever happens I really do hope they take the characters from The Cleveland Show and throw them in Family Guy I think it could bring an awsome new spin/light to the show.

  17. As far as I’m concerned, Cleveland was the least interesting character on Family Guy, so I was really surprised to see that a spin off show was being produced. Not surprising was that much like the character, that show wasn’t funny either. Truth be told, the only thing that surprises me about the show is that it managed to survive for four seasons – I personally checked out half way through the first season because it wasn’t making me laugh.

    • Dude, it’s great to finally hear someone say what I’ve been thinking all this time. Was hoping someone would admit the same thing about The Cleveland Show. I too can’t believe it even existed in the first place, let alone run for four seasons. Cleveland is not that funny and never deserved his own show anyway. The jokes just try too hard, none of it was at all funny and I also gave up halfway through Season One. Personally, I still prefer American Dad!.

  18. It took a while, but the Cleveland show did grow on me. A few episodes were real gems. it is, admittedly, a somewhat more sober production and I can see why the mass appeal may not be as great for it, but I would like to see it continue on. If not, at least give it a better wrap up than Wheel of Family which was, in my opinion, NOT one of the better episodes.

  19. Ilovd

  20. I loved the cleaveland show

  21. It was a depiction of a black family it getting cancelled is not surprising.

  22. No swearing or name calling…..
    So whats the point then?
    That lot over at Fox and anyone else involved,(hint hint Mr Macfarlane for showing lack of care), deserve a good telling off, not to mention some serious name calling for such an atrocity!
    You give us pure and utter tosh such as Bob’s Burgers and The Simpsons, and have the audacity to cancel The Cleveland Show?
    I mean, Peter and the crazy baby, in fact the entire show is more than predictable,and by now has lost its funny side,even though they are cartoon characters you just want to slap those 2 gits silly!
    The Cleveland show is sassy,witty, on your face, crazy and above all un-apologetic for taking the mick off others but not unkind, in all a great show and Fox should be ashamed for once again having so little know how when it comes to what is good and funny!

  23. Entertainment Weekly already spilled the beans about Cleveland returning to Family Guy this season; let’s hope the whole family comes along. I can do without the talking bear or the morbidly obese chick in the Hover-round, but Donna and Rolo could bring a whole new dynamic to FG. Stewie would have someone OTHER than Brian to hang out with, and even poor, lonely Lois would have a new BFF in Donna. Plus, maybe someone ELSE would get to fall with the bathtub for a change…

  24. I am disappointed. I loved the show and did not foresee it being cancelled. I think the show stands good on its own and doesn’t need to be intertwined. Better writing maybe? maybe some cable channel will pick it up? it is my my hope!

  25. I saw this coming from the moment the show came into being. Fox has a habit of cancelling shows. It cancelled Family Guy twice, and it cancelled Futurama (which I think is the best animated show out of the McFarlane and Groening shows). Personally out of McFarlane’s shows, I liked American Dad the best. At least with that, he learned lessons, and started being less of an asshole slowly. Cleveland show wasn’t too bad, but Cleveland wasn’t that interesting as a character. Quagmire or Adam West would have been better options for spin-offs.

    • I’m with you on American Dad there as it’s a better show and Stan Smith does learn lessons each week unless you meant Seth MacFarlane. Cleveland defo did not deserve his own series as he’s not that funny or at all and Family Guy, I feel, should soon call it a day.

  26. If You Must cancel The Cleveland Show, for Gods sake please
    end the season gracefully with a good ending episode having
    them all move to Kohog to Family Guy.

  27. I’m honestly going to miss The Cleveland Show. For me, it didn’t quite live up to Family Guy or American Dad, but in its own way, it still managed to bring something new to the table. Numerous characters such as Holt, Tim, Lester, Gus will be sorely missed, so incorporating them into Family Guy if it is cancelled would be something I’d like to see! Sad times really!! :(

  28. The show sucks plain and simple.

  29. shaking my head, how does bob burgers make it but not the cleveland show they were so much better than that like really have anyone seen bob burgers tv just isnt tv no more its a shame the cleveland show was way to funny, they would bust out of no where and start singing, they had alot going for them, unlike bob.. and family guy will go down in history as one of the greats and so will ameerican dad, fox doesnt know what they are doing put the cleveland show on adult swim!!! and king of the hill really the man character is kinda lame compare to cleveland,peter,stan and homer come on tho if fox offical cancel it eff it put it on adult swim!!!
    #Bring Back Cleveland Show