Has ‘The Cleveland Show’ Been Canceled?

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cleveland 570x320 Has The Cleveland Show Been Canceled?

Seth MacFarlane may have his critics, but if there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that the man behind Family Guy and box office smash Ted certainly knows how to keep busy.

In the past two years, MacFarlane has directed his first feature, released an album of jazz standards and hosted the Academy Awards (to some controversy, of course), all while providing his voice talent and creative direction to three animated Fox comedies. Now, however, it seems that one of those shows may be on its way out.

According to The Wrap, The Cleveland Show will likely be canceled, as Fox has yet to order new episodes of the Family Guy spin-off. The series remains the only MacFarlane-produced show that has not been renewed for next season (the other two being Family Guy and American Dad).

It should be noted that Fox has been known in the past to pull animated series (including King of the Hill and Family Guy) from its schedule, only to have them return to the air later in the season. However, the Animation Guild – representing the show’s artists – has already announced via its blog that The Cleveland Show will end with season 4 this May, making its cancellation seemingly inevitable at this point.

cleveland2 Has The Cleveland Show Been Canceled?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that fans have seen the last of Cleveland Brown (and his “happy mustache face“). Should Fox officially cancel the series, it’s quite likely that he could return to Family Guy and bring along other Cleveland Show characters. Mike Henry (who provides the voice of Cleveland) has remained a consistent performer on Family Guy throughout its run, bringing to life a number of recurring characters, including creepy old Herbert and Consuela the maid.

In fact, Cleveland’s potential return could provide a bit of a boost to Family Guy. Cleveland, Peter, Joe and Quagmire frequently shared storylines in earlier seasons, and the dynamic at their favorite bar, The Drunken Clam, hasn’t quite been the same since the spin-off began. Besides, Family Guy – much like its progenitor, The Simpsons – prides itself on offering viewers numerous wacky recurring characters. Why not add the cast of The Cleveland Show into the fold?

As far as MacFarlane’s career, the end of The Cleveland Show might actually prove to be a good thing, as he already has numerous TV and film projects in various stages of development. In addition to his current Fox series, MacFarlane is developing a live-action comedy series for the network with Ted writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, a Ted sequel and western comedy A Million Ways to Die (starring Liam Neeson, Giovanni Ribisi and possibly Oscar winner Charlize Theron).

Are you disappointed to see The Cleveland Show fade into television history, or would you prefer MacFarlane devote his focus to other projects? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Cleveland Show airs (for now, at least) on Sundays @7:30pm on Fox.


Source: The Wrap & Animation Guild

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  1. The only reason I watch TV is for Cleveland wtf :( yay it’s on adult swim now BYE bye!

  2. I am going to miss the Cleveland Show, it’s my favorite out of all three shows. I like Family Guy the least. I will watch it now that the Cleveland cast joined the family guy cast.

    • So you’re going to watch Family Guy now just for that one reason, mate? Because Cleveland Brown and his family ”joined the Family Guy cast”? Lumme! Talk about desperation.

  3. Bring us more Cleveland Show! Now that he’s got his own world Cleveland can’t go back to just doing whatever Peter tells him. Rollo and Cleveland Jr need their own space to adventure, and Lester, Tim the Bear and Holt are all good characters. How many times is Fox going to cancel a good show just to have to bring it back again.

  4. Aww man :( I am definitely gonna miss the Cleveland Show! What am I gonna watch when i’m hung over now? I really hope Cleveland and his whole family pop up in Family Guy. Family Guy could use the new characters… its been kinda dry.

  5. Finally! It’s about time! It was easily the least entertaining of Seth’s shows on its own, but it makes perfect sense to bring all of those characters to Family Guy.

    I still won’t watch Family Guy or American Dad very often, though. Cable TV is completely flooded with MacFarlane’s humor, and it’s getting old.

  6. I liked the Cleveland show much more than American Dad…hope they bring some of the characters like Lester on to Family Guy!

  7. goodbye and good riddance to that crap show, glad he is back on fam guy.

    • Thank you, yes! It’s about ruddy time someone else made a like-minded comment. The Cleveland Show is rubbish, unfunny, should never have happened in the first place and he belongs on Family Guy.


  9. Season 2 of Cleveland was pretty strong and got a bunch of laughs from me. Season 3 was going down hill and it was obvious McFarland’s team was stretched thin.

    If you have been around black American neighborhoods and culture your whole life, you probably enjoyed the show. I’d guess the people calling it rubbish were not.

    • Well, no I haven’t, mate but I am not a bigot, considering I watch shows like Community, Futurama, Leverage, Scrubs, 30 Rock and How I Met Your Mother for example (in that they all feature characters of both races). I’m also mildly autistic, a single straight man and I impersonate a drag queen so I know how it feels to be a victim. I hated The Cleveland Show because it was tame, unfunny and tried too hard for laughs. Cleveland can’t carry his own show and he’s not that funny anyway. I’m basing this all on personality. If anything, the only Seth MacFarlane series I can stand now is American Dad!.

  10. Giving Cleveland his own show was one of the best things ever. It brought out a classy and hilarious side to him.
    Hope it doesn’t get pulled, but at the same time, it would be nice to Cleveland drinking at the Clam again

  11. oh no pls fox.. Rallo is my favorite character.. and i love all the episodes, made me laugh so hard :(

  12. Cleveland was my favorite of all of them and that’s a bad way to wrap it up. Pulling the plug with no resolution is lame.

  13. I’m not a fan of the show and none of my friends or family are also so it’s best to let it go it’s not funny simple as that we should let seth focus on making other projects and making family guy better.that show is a WINNER out of all 3 shows FAMILY GUY is the funniest and worth watching over and over again without a doubt.

    • Let Seth MacFarlane focus on other projects? Yeah, like American Dad for example and make Family Guy funny again? I’d like to see that. I was never a fan of The Cleveland Show either.

  14. Freight trainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  15. Disappointed that the Cleveland show was ever cancelled. It was funny. And tell me why the only black cartoon was cancelled again and the the two white families were left on the air? You say he wasn’t funny oh, ok. That wasn’t racially motivated! Ijs

    • ”That wasn’t racially motivated”? Are you sure about that, dude? Anyway, Cleveland could not carry his own series. Neither he nor the show were at all funny and it tried too hard for laughs. The cancellation of the Cleveland Show was just by chance (and poor ratings). I hope American Dad keeps going a little while longer and Family Guy reaches a final season soon. Right now, I’d rather it be. Oh and I’m not racist.

  16. The Cleveland show was funny, objectively, he was a strong front man. Family Guy for me stopped being a top notch show when peter when from likeable alcoholic new england dad to strange and selfish retard. Strange contrast.

  17. yes I am disappointed, because the Cleveland Show is a great show to watch and it needs more episodes

  18. Im pretty sure it got canceled since I just saw a new episode where cleveland and his family just moved back. Im sad it going to be canceled but am really happy that they didnt get ride of the characters! Even if we dont get to see a show of just them we will still get to see them :)

  19. its sucks to kno no more cleveland show i thought it was better than american dad but not family guy what will happen to cleveland shows characters will they become back up characters or will chris and megs new friends be roberta and jr what will happen to ralo i love the little ripoff of boondocks lol i wonder if the cleveland show can still be a show within the show of family guy

  20. I can’t believe there going to give him his own show to just turn around an take it away. Cleveland show is my favorite of the three. I disagree with this choice. Seems to me they always remove the best shows from the air. I will no longer watch adult swim. And I know I’m only one person so it don’t make much of a difference but. I’m pretty sure lot of people will feel the way I do. Best of luck to the remaining shows.

  21. I can’t believe there going to give him his own show to just turn around an take it away. Cleveland show is my favorite of the three. I disagree with this choice. Seems to me they always remove the best shows from the air. I will no longer watch adult swim. And I know I’m only one person so it don’t make much of a difference but. I’m pretty sure lot of people will feel the way I do. Best of luck to the remaining shows. The characters on Cleveland show are much better then any of the others. Rilo Donna and Cleveland jr and reborta idk if I spelled that right. But there amazing characters and make for a good show. Not counting Tim and the rest of the gang. Which all need there own space. Cause being back on family guy you will hardly see any of them. They will just have random apperce shots.