Kevin Smith Delays ‘Clerks 3′ to Shoot ‘Comes the Krampus’

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Clerks Kevin Smith Delays Clerks 3 to Shoot Comes the Krampus

Kevin Smith has been teasing his fans with the prospect of a Clerks 3 since shortly after the release of Clerks 2, first wanting to do it as a Broadway play, then later opting to make it a normal theatrical feature. Development finally seemed to be kicking into high gear last year, with Smith insisting that Clerks 3 would be his next film, and that he would retire from directing after completing it. It seems that the once and future Silent Bob spoke far too soon.

Back in October, Smith announced that he had completed work on the script for Clerks 3, but insisted that production on it would not go forward until after his forthcoming horror film Tusk was finished. With Tusk nearly wrapped and ready for a 2014 release, fans of Smith’s “View Askewniverse” assumed that Clerks 3 would finally enter production. Unfortunately, they didn’t count on the arrival of the Krampus.

Smith announced earlier this year that he had finished the script for a  holiday horror film featuring the internet’s favorite Christmas demon, the Krampus. Comes the Krampus will be an anthology horror movie in the style of the classic George Romero film Creepshow. Smith is set to direct only one of the segments, with some of his other usual collaborators (including Jason Mewes) helming the others.

Smith announced the delay during a Reddit AMA – where he explained his reasoning:

At this point in time, nobody but me can make a CLERKS film. But ANYONE can make a Krampus picture. So before anyone else does, I figured it’s time to keep moving forward: we’re gonna shoot COMES THE KRAMPUS in April, before CLERKS III.

For those unaware, the Krampus is a European mythical creature that is said to accompany Santa to the houses of children. If the children have been good, they get presents. If they’ve been bad, the Krampus kidnaps them, and takes them back to his lair for some good old fashioned torture. Comes the Krampus is scheduled to be shot over just 20 days, and will be produced on a budget of less than $3 million. Shooting will begin in April.

Clerks II 2 Kevin Smith Delays Clerks 3 to Shoot Comes the Krampus

It’s unlikely anyone really thought Smith would actually retire after directing what he calls his Cinema Paradiso, but these constant delays on the film are getting to be a bit much. It’s been almost eight years since the idea of a Clerks 3 was first floated, and most fans did not expect it to take this long. Just because the first sequel took 12 years, doesn’t mean this one has to do the same.

Still, Smith promises that he hasn’t given up on Clerks 3:

CLERKS III is still coming. I love the script so much, I’ll make it happen, I promise. But the muse (and the Mewes) is pulling me away from something old for the moment and pulling me toward something new. And when the muse whispers, I listen. When the Mewes whispers, it’s just kinda creepy. And he spells s*** wrong – even though he’s just whispering and not writing.

It doesn’t help that little is known about the Krampus idea. A holiday horror anthology film could be interesting, but Kevin Smith has a long history of underachieving whenever he steps outside of his comfort zone. Red State was decent at best, Jersey Girl was just okay, Zack and Miri was underwhelming, and the less said about Cop Out, the better.

Also going against Krampus is just how silly the whole thing sounds. The last time Kevin Smith got that silly, we were treated to the criminally unfunny Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie, which admittedly Smith only wrote, not directed. I guess what I’m trying to say is, why not do Clerks 3 first, then move on to the wacky anthology movie that features a segment called Hitler’s Krampus? Wouldn’t that make more sense?


Clerks 3 is past the script stage, but currently has no start date for production. Comes the Krampus enters production this spring.

Source: Reddit

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  1. “Comes the Krampus”….yeah, I hate when I get a charlie-horse myself. To say nothing of my girl-friend running for the Midol bottle once a month!

  2. I’ve never liked anything Kevin Smith has done, with the exception of Comic Book Men. I love that show and wish there was more of it.

    • Yep, I feel the same (except replace your exception with Dogma for me).

      It just feels to me like Smith was lucky because of the alternative movie scene at the time (with films like S.F.W. releasing too, which is much better than Clerks but still not much of a movie when compared to others that came out at the same time).

      Personally speaking, I think of him as a less polite version of Joss Whedon who had a big hit with a mediocre movie and keeps getting all this hype and work in movies, TV and comic books but hasn’t actually produced anything I’ve enjoyed, other than the aforementioned Dogma (and unlike Joss who still has yet to make something I like).

      I guess in a way, that makes me hope this horror anthology works out because just like with Whedon, I’m hoping for the day he makes something and I can say “ok, now I sort of understand where this hype is coming from”.

      It’s like Brendan Fraser really, loved him in Airheads (one of my favourite comedy movies, up there with the Wayne’s World movies, Monty Python’s films…what can I say, I’m a metal head and we used to quote those films all the time in college in between playing shows and writing songs) and thought he was decent in The Mummy but otherwise, his career has been crap.

  3. I thought he was retiring? He is OK when just talking, but his movies blow.

  4. Zach & Miri make a porno was underrated and didn’t get the praise that film deserve.

    I think Smith’s best movie was Dogma. I mean no one in modern time Hollywood dared to make a comedy about religion. The jokes were funny too.

  5. I like Kevin(even though he does annoy me at times)but he is the biggest flip flopper I have ever seen. Clerks 3 will be eventually be made if said loved script is even complete.

  6. “Red State was decent at best, Jersey Girl was just okay.” Please explain that logic? I thought Red State was pretty good. Was nice to see him venture out of his usual genre. Which based off these article he is continuing to do that.

    • I agree, I really enjoyed Red State.

  7. it’s odd this kind of news comes out after the krampus was just featured in an episode of Grimm recently. was that his muse/mewes?

    • Could be. The birth of the idea for the movie happened on the Edumacation podcast on His buddy Andy McElfresh (a writer for the Tonight show) brought up the story about that weird German Krampus christmas tradition (which I never heard of before, by the way, even though I’m German). I could imagine that McElfresh got the idea to talk about it from that Grimm episode. During the conversation Kevin Smith said that this thing would make one hell of a movie. Well, and last episode they said that they actually wrote a script for it and that it’s actually happening.

      It could make for a cool movie, although I don’t know how Smith pulls off that kind of flick. Tusk isn’t out yet and I haven’t seen Red State yet, but people don’t seem to have a high opinion about it, to put it mildly. 😀

  8. Zack & Miri and Red Stste were very good.I never saw Jersey Girl or Cop Out and don’t ever plan to.I saw a few episodes of Comic Book Men and it was entertaining but I don’t watch it often.Kevin seems like a pretty nice and down to earth guy and I loved all the movies I’ve seen of his.I can’t wait to see Comes the Krampus and Clerks 3.

  9. I really enjoyed Zack & Miri and Red State. Kevin Smith does dick around too much though. Hope Clerks 3 does come at some point, sooner rather then later.

  10. I thought zack and miri was his best film since mallrats. And red state was pretty cool. Can’t wait for clerks 3

  11. I literally live 5 minutes from where Kevin Smith grew up I know a lot of teachers and town folk from the area that knew both Mewes and Smith. My history teacher used to tell me Jason Mewes would sell weed by the Rec Center near me. If any of you are curious what’s going on with Kevin Smith if I had to sum it up I’d say this is what happens when you take someone from Jersey and put them in the Cali Hollywood scene. Kevin Smith is a small town guy no amount of clever dialogue is going to change that and this guy really needs to stick to his strengths so he can keep his comic book store in Red Bank NJ open forever lol.

  12. You guys need to check out his podcast Edumacation with Kev and Andy. During the Christmas episode is where Kevin and Andy came up with this idea and the podcast is hilarious. If you listen to that podcast you can’t help but hope this movie is as good as what they are talking about on there. He also came up with the Tusk idea on his smodcast podcast and I have high hopes for it too. Zack and Miri was a great movie, Red State was good. Cop Out was awful (I’ve read Smiths book and he has a chapter on it and it explains a lot). Kevin Smith didn’t make the Matrix.

    • right on more talking from the smod world is needed i think

      • Indeed! 😀

        By the way: the new Edumacation episode is up! 😉

  13. I get that dude but sometimes my buddies and me without posting it online come up with really hilarious crazy things and when I go to explain it to my girlfriend or another group of friends they have no idea wth is so great about. Kev Smith can make all “his” movies he wants doesn’t make it a win. I hate to say it but we need more things in the style of Dogma and Clerks this is what made Kevin unique….wait my mistake he’s still unique but I just feel like make Clerks 3 then go mess around. A Clerks TV show would be great lol.

    • Yeah, I’ve had all sorts of weird and insane conversations and we’ve thrown around inventive or stupid ideas for movies, including stuff that’s intentionally obnoxious and dumb to parody the popularity of horrible movies but I’d never wish to subject anyone to any random film idea.

      I guess it’s like the time a friend of mine drank alcohol that had a dead, fermenting lizard in the bottle and he spent the rest of the night with his face in the toilet emptying his stomach. It seems like a good idea at the time but with hindsight, you come to regret it.

      Much like our annual Alcoholocaust night of excess drinking that we eventually put a stop to in 2008 after 5 years. Or the antics one of my bands had during a brief Japandemonium tour we did.

    • There was the Clerks Animated Series, but it only lasted 6 episodes. Although personally I thought it was one of the funniest things he ever made.

  14. It’s hard to be a Kevin Smith fan. I don’t mean I blindly support him while others disagree I just mean his work makes it hard. While I personally love the original veiw askew movies and Zach and Miri. I still get upset with his stuff. I listen to his podcast daily and own all of his books but all that said I can’t excuse red state or jersey girl even with all the reasons behind why they were bad. Still all that said his films and more so his story of getting famous got me to get my crap toghther so I’m a fan for life.

    • I like him too, even though I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says and does. It’s just hard to listen to him getting ripped off by cutthroat producers time and time again, barely seeing any of the money that his movies made (and I doubt that he is lying about it). He seems to be too nice a guy for the Hollywood shark pool. I don’t blame him for at least entertaining the thought of quitting movies altogether. It must have been a disillusioning experience for him.

  15. Nope it wouldnt make more sense. I dont think we need another Clerks movie really but i do like kevin smith sort of reinventing himself as a horror director he should keep doing that

  16. the only thing that annoys me about him is the way he talks with his hands hahaa, it’s like he is playing charades

    i am wondering what happened to his other project Hit Somebody

    • That and ending every other sentence with “and s**t”/”and s**t like that”/”and whatnot”. It’s like a nervous tic.

  17. love kevin smith movies, totally respect and love that he does what HE wants. But delaying Clerks 3 is just a crap thing for us fans waiting for it. boooo

  18. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s at least another five years before we see Clerks 3. I’m a big Kevin Smith fan though, so I’ll see whatever he makes. Some of his more recent movies haven’t been all that great (Cop Out being his worst by a mile) but he does still have some brilliance like with Zack and Miri. I thought Red State was just kinda weird (not bad, just…weird), so I don’t know how I’m gonna feel about Krampus.

    Either way, I hope he does what he wants to, as long as he does eventually make Clerks 3.

  19. I loved Red State, am excited for Tusk, can wait for Clerks 3, and am happy to get another Kevin Smith film. I don’t care that he flip flops on what he wants to do, most humans do the same when they have the luxury to do so. I’m down with this new film, but what happened to his Godzilla Jesus flick?

  20. Mallrats mallrats MALLRATS! That’s my favorite smith movie and if you haven’t seen it do yourself a favor and check it out. You get Jason lee, Stan lee, Ben afflec who plays the part of a prick really well. He was also a producer on good will hunting. Red state was great, he wrote an alternate ending where the apocalypse happens and it sounded great but he went the realistic way. His podcasts are great and he tells really entertaining stories on his college tours (Burns in Hell, An evening with Kevin Smith, Evening Harder, and he has a couple more some of which are on Netflix). I don’t care how long it takes for his movies to come out just as long as I know they’re happening I’m happy. Not always great but always entertaining.

  21. I’m a big fan of Kevin Smith. Clerks is one of my favorite comedies. I think he is a great writer.

  22. I can’t blame the guy for wanting to try some different things, but not alot of it has worked really since Jay & Silent Bob

  23. stupid based article. If you don’t like his films, don’ write about him.


  24. um…. “Krampus: The Christmas Devil” was released in 2013… so, sorry Kevin, but you’re not the first…

  25. Look! Up in the sky! It’s a play! It’s a book! It’s a movie! I wonder what is really going on with Clerks 3? I mean, he gets the idea for Tusk and for Krampus and it’s written, shot and ready to come out within months. Why then can’t he do Clerks 3? It was supposed to be at sundance. It was supposed to start in April. Now who knows? Can’t be money because he’s got 3 million for Krampus. You can make Clerks 3,4 and 5 with that bankroll. All he talks about is how much he loves Clerks 3, blah,blah,blah. I don’t even care anymore!! **Yawn** Wake me when it’s over.

  26. Wait a minute.isn’t Kevin Smith the fat guy from Die Hard.