Clearer Look At The Incredible Hulk

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hulk2 thumb Clearer Look At The Incredible Hulk[UPDATE: Today two new images of Ed Norton as Bruce Banner were released and I've added them below.]

Below you’ll find a clearer and larger look at the concept art for the Hulk from the upcoming reboot: The Incredible Hulk starring Ed Norton.

I think the Hulk looks much more like we’d expect: More ripped and looking less like a big bodybuilder who is bloated by too much water in his body. icon smile Clearer Look At The Incredible Hulk

This movie isn’t registering much on the buzz-o-meter, but I have a feeling that things will kick up a notch when we finally get a trailer.

The larger version is below.

hulk2 Clearer Look At The Incredible Hulk
Concept art of The Hulk

ed norton banner1 Clearer Look At The Incredible Hulk
Ed Norton as Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk

ed norton banner2 Clearer Look At The Incredible Hulk
Another look at Ed Norton as Bruce Banner

Pretty cool, eh?

Source: TheMovieBlog & SuperHeroHype

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  1. The main character is CGI, and the movie rolls out on June 13–and all we have is concept art? Shouldn’t they be working on DVD Features by now?

    Renditions of The Hulk have always been subject to the artist. This pic reveals an intimidating engine of fury. Whatever the style, it’s hard to miss the rage and passion of this creature.

    Why is he shown in the blurry soft focus that Barbara Walters uses in her puff pieces? Or, like someone said recently, as if from a “local photo studio”?

    Is there such a thing as too ripped? The muscle definition is fine, but there are so many veins that I thought it was Swamp Thing, complete with almost-subliminal head. Then again, the neck and shoulders are so out of proportion, the big guy ought to be ringing a cathedral bell in Paris.

  2. Perfect, IMHO! Hope that the CGI is as well do as the illustration. IMO, Also the face is shaped similar to Ed Nortons.

  3. Looks great!! I can’t wait to see this one,I’m happy he don’t get any bigger than 8 or so feet this time ’round!

    After reading the latest Wizard,I’m a little worried about their take on the Abomination,I want him to look like the comic book styled one as opposed to some Mr. Hyde type thing.

  4. Hey guys, I don’t know if you noticed that I’ve added a couple of images of Norton as Banner to this post.

    Heath is right, they really need to start ramping up the marketing machine for this movie…


  5. The concept art does look a little off. The head is too small and the rest is just a tad too big and veiny.
    The other pics look interesting, Norton does look like a young Bill Bixby.

    I bet the trailer
    for this film is just around the corner…

  6. Little bean head.

  7. what is with the second pic, is he gonna turn into the bulk just like in the series? I was hoping to se the gamma rocket and rick beeing trown in the ditch…. not gonna happen?

  8. FINALLY some certified clips from the movie. I trust Ed Norton. IMHO, the Hulk art work and CGI Com Con head shot are point on! This Hulk had ALOT of Marvel input(identical to most Marvel comic art) and the Ang Lee’s Hulk just didn’t have enough muscle definition. FYI, the comic Hulk has always looked extremely toned and overly massive in all areas except the waist and sometimes the head. And remember this is just a still, he’ll look better in action.

  9. Looks like the Hulk may have a beard in this one at least for a little while. :)

  10. Johnny-K, The script review(*SPOILER*) says that there is no Rick in this film and that the ‘Hulk’ was created in the Ultimates way via Super Soldier serum project, sorry.(*END of SPOILER*). This does not both me because it’s still all comic based just don’t the 616 Marvel Universe Hulk birth.

    Hey Kel,
    IMHO, It’s not bad changing Abomination. Abomination has always been kinda dull in design and would be better off more monsterous for both film and comic. Plus, Marvel has major input on the design. Just being positive.

  11. Adrian, what beard? You mean the Banner stubble?

  12. I just sorta realized something. Both Iron Man and the Hulk, in their new movie outings, are facing the closest enemy to themselves (Physically anyways) Iron Man/Iron Monger, Hulk/Abomination. I know Iron Man has a few enemies similar to himself, Crimson Dynamo and so forth, but how do people feel about the similarity of the Iron Man/Iron Monger and Hulk/Abomination similarities?

  13. I think it’s great. I’d rather see superheroes facing adversaries with similar strength and skills. I’m sick to death of the Superman vs Lex Luthor thing.


  14. Yea I’m tired of Lex Luthor myself.
    I was hoping Singer would have skipped over him in SR’s but Spacey did a good job..But that’s enough please.
    I’m not as up to speed on Hulk as others on this site. Briefly can anyone give me a heads up on Abomanation? and what’s the deal with the Red Hulk?
    I’m also not familer with Iron Monger? I just hope that Ironman and frankly other new films don’t make the US Army/Marines look like inefective tools.
    I hope this dosnt happen in (Cloverfield)
    I would approve however the UN troops looking like tools.

  15. Vic-I can’t stand Lex Luthor in the movies. They always make him so campy. And, no powers. Matt Rosenbaum does a very good job depicting Lex as seductive, snakey and slimey.

    Steve-I agree about the military. I’m also unfamiliar with Iron Monger. Up until now, I thought that was another form of Tony Stark’s Armor (or a Stark vehicle).

  16. Thanks Vic, cool site that Adavnced-Iron.
    So does this mean Stane and the Iron-monger suit are in the picture?

  17. I love Luthor,particularly the Byrne era Lex,but I’m SOOOOOO sick of seeing Superman go up against the same campy Luthor in every Superman film again and again and again. It’s about time they give him someone to fight that’s a physical threat to him and is someone we haven’t seen before.

    That said,I’m EXTREMELY glad that Iron Monger is the villain in IM,he’s my personal favorite IM villain and is like Tony in MANY ways!! He’s just so manipulative,I love the character.
    And I’ve always been intrigued (I know that ISN’T spelled right……) and slightly afraid (when I was a kid anyway) of the Abomination in the Hulk comix,when he was around the Hulk really looked like a good guy,IMO,so I’m jazzed that he’ll be the antagonist in the new Hulk,I just hope they don’t change his comix style look TOO much for the big screen. :-D

  18. Yup. Bridges plays Stane and he becomes Iron Monger in the movie.


  19. So I guess we will see Shanes rise and fall in the IM. film…..along with IronMans kicking terrorist booty.
    Like it matters I’m allready in line for this film reguardless!!

  20. Kel,
    1. Byrne era? As in John Byrne the artist? (I quit collecting more than 20 years ago.) Speaking of artists, does anyone remember Frank Perez? Dave Cockrum?
    2. You spelled it right!
    3. The one that scared me a bit was Wendigo. A monster created, as legend goes, when a man eats human flesh (like when trapped in a snowstorm). I think Wolverine and Hulk tag-teamed him once.


  22. Hurray for capitals! …actually….no. I’m as excited as the next bloke, but buddy, ease up on the Caps Lock key eh.

  23. Hirogen I think GRAHAM is HULKING OUT, not necessaraly using caps. for no reason he’s changing into a hulk type creature.
    Calm down GRAHAM, it will be ok!
    Ok……. Yea that’s it GRAHAM HULK,,, its ok…..:)

  24. Jim Carey,

    Yes,Byrne as in John Byrne,the artist AND writer extrodinare.;-) He wrote and drew my favorite version of Superman after DC’s “Crisis” in 1986,his “revamp” was excellent. His Luthor was a powerful,extremely manipulative,cigar smoking and just all around evil business man industrialist as opposed to being a kooky mad scientist type. He rasied some serious hell for Superman back in the day.:-)

    And yes,I remember the artists you mentioned,does anyone remember George Perez or Marshal Rogers?

    The Abomination was just so merciless and evil,I remember an issue where he bit a police officer’s head off and he was just punching these cops on the head into the ground as hard as he could,it was sick. Even tho the Hulk was destructive,I couldn’t wait for him to show up and kick Abomination’s ass. Hopefully the movie will deliver that type of feeling for the Hulk to the audience.

  25. KEL, how does this Abomination guy come to be?
    I could do without The scene where he bites heads off cops….

    That reminds me of the stupid xbox/ps2 vid game they put out a few years back where YOU play HULK and all you do is go around killing cops and anyone else that gets in your Hulk way. (Incredibly dumb game). ^
    Sounds like maybe this film is going to be R. Rated.
    Fine with me…..

  26. Ya know what……… may not have been the Abomination that bit heads,sorry. I must have been thinking of something else. My bad. Still,he was pretty evil and merciless tho.

    Steve,it’s kind of a long story of how A. came to be,just check Wikipedia,dude.:-D He’s basically a soviet(?)spy who exposes himself to gamma rays to become like the Hulk and tuns out to be stronger and EXTREMELY brutal.

    “Ultimate Destruction” was the name of the game,I think.

    And I’m pretty sure it WON’T be an “R”. It’ll probably be PG-13 like IM and TDK,cuz kids like Hulk just like they like Batman,IM,Superman,Spider-Man,Fantastic 4,and X-Men,so I think the chances of it being an “R” are probably really slim. ;-)

  27. That’s a great brief answer KEL.
    You are the Wikipidea of JLA! :)

  28. LOL! Thanx Steve.

    I looooooves me my JLA! :-D

    When ARE we gonna see that film’s ^ cast?!!! I’m on the edge of my seat here!!!