‘Clash of the Titans 3′ Already In Development

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clash titans 3 Clash of the Titans 3 Already In Development

Studio heads are all about striking while the iron is hot – hence why they often begin preliminary work on a sequel well before a new tentpole release even hits theaters. Case in point: Warner Bros. is doing just that, seeing how the studio has hired on a screenwriter for Sherlock Holmes 3… even though the second installment in that series has yet to hit theaters.

It turns out the Holmes threequel isn’t the only project Warner Bros. is getting a head start on; studio heads have also gotten the ball rolling on Clash of the Titans 3, even though the Titans sequel (Wrath of the Titans) won’t hit theaters until Spring 2012.

Heat Vision has learned that two of the writers who worked on the screenplay for the second Clash of the Titans flick – namely, Dan Mazeau (who also worked on the upcoming Flash movie) and David Leslie Johnson (Red Riding Hood) – have been hired on by Warner Bros. to pen the treatment for a third installment in the ancient mythological adventure series.

Early word is that Clash of the Titans 3 will once again feature Perseus (Sam Worthington) as its protagonist. Wrath of the Titans also reportedly “leaves the door open” for Poseidon’s demigod son Agenor (Toby Kebbell) to return in the third film. However, it is not yet clear whether either actor is already officially signed on to reprise their respective roles.

Wrath helmer Jonathan Liebesman is likewise expected to return for the (still-theoretical) third Titans movie, though an actual deal is not yet in place. The director is currently in the midst of post-production on the Titans sequel (which was designed for, but not shot in the 3D format) so it may be a while before we learn any concrete information about his potential involvement with the Titans threequel.

Perseus (Sam Worthington) may return in 'Clash of the Titans 3'

Director Louis Leterrier’s 2010 Clash of the Titans remake cost about $125 million to produce and managed to gross some $493 million worldwide in theaters – thus, a sequel was pretty much a no-brainer for Warner Bros. However, a followup to Wrath of the Titans is arguably a horse of a different color.

Whereas the majority of moviegoers enjoyed the first Sherlock Holmes movie and are seemingly quite-excited for the followup, the Titans remake was given an overall mediocre critical reception (and not just because of its infamously sloppy post-conversion 3D job). Wrath of the Titans is being talked up as a significant improvement on its predecessor in all respects, but most moviegoers are (for now) highly skeptical of that claim. As a result, the second Titans movie is much less of a surefire hit than the impending Holmes sequel.

On the other hand: general interest in a franchise-based property can change drastically, with just the release of an effective trailer (see: Rise of the Planet of the Apes for a recent example). If early footage unveiled from Wrath of the Titans manages to impress as much, then perhaps more people will actually start looking forward to the sequel… and thus, a third installment will seem less like a Warner Bros.’ pipe dream.


Wrath of the Titans is slated to open in 2D and 3D theaters around the U.S. on March 30th, 2012.

We will keep you posted on the status of Clash of the Titans 3 as more information is released.

Source: THR

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  1. I enjoyed the Clash of the Titans remake. Well, alot more than I enjoyed the over-rated original version. I’m hoping Wrath of the Titans will improve on the mistakes in the first. But could they please just shoot the third, should it happen, in 3D?

    • I think the original is absolutely not overrated,
      and like it much better then this heartless remake !

      And the Orignal had the better SFX with Harryhausen on board !
      But yea,matter of taste i guess !

    • agree with you, the original is overrated and was campy and had crap acting, not that the remake was a masterpiece but it was still much better

      • Original>Remake.

      • The 1981 Clash of the Titans is Superior on nearly every level than that heartless 2010 remake.
        Check Rotten Tomatoes for any Doubts.
        Better acting, more heart, better Effects.
        ( when Stop motion puppets beats CGI, you know you’ve screwed up! )

    • I’m not going to comment that the original was a masterpiece of either acting or storytelling (robot owl? lol) but it worked together. What it DID have though was beautifully done monsters/fight scenes. The Medusa was better than anything in the remake.

      The reason why the remake sucked MORE was because with all FX advances, the story was MUCH more boring, the acting was plain bad and those CGI FX did nothing to help the other two.

      So all things being equal, Original > Remake

  2. I loved the original Clash of the Titans as a child. The remake didn’t bother me because my expectations were low and I avoid 3D films. In fact, the remake made me want to see more mythological creatures in film, so I’m getting that wish granted with Wrath and the 3rd one being penned (tentatively titled “Remember the Titans”).

    • LOL. Well done.

  3. I thought the remake was absurd and terrible. The original is very cheesy and it probably is a little overrated by most, but I can’t believe that they are going to make 2 more of these.

  4. The remake was good, not great and it was too fast paced. But headed in a good direction for another great modern cult series.

  5. The remake was terrible with a terrible lead actor, hope the sequel will bomb.

  6. After reading all the negative comments of the remake COT, I went ahead and purchased the Orig. version in blu ray and regreted it!

    The original was cheesy and horrible! I love the claymation part though!
    Now the remake?!?! Blew me away! My only complaint is it was a bit too quick.I guess I really enjoyed it cause I didnt want it to end.It was action packed right from the beginning to end but things just happen too fast.

    I watched it on 2D and avoided the fake 3D version!

    Cant wait for the sequel! More wrath and destruction and imagination on the sequel pleaseee!!!

    • gotta agree with u original is so dam cheesy couldn’t even finish watchin it remake wasnt that good but way better then original

  7. The remake of Clash of the Titans was complete garbage, I will stick to the ORIGINAL movie thank you very much.

  8. “Clash of the Titans: The Remake” wasn’t entirely bad. After going through the motions, I had to admit it was a flawed movie.

    (1) Changing Pegasus’s color from white to black was methodologically moronic.

    (2) Movie should have been stretched out to make a trilogy, so that certain characters could be fleshed out.

    (3) CGI means nothing without story.

    • That third thing applies to the original as well. The story for the original film was just as thin as the remakes.

  9. I hated the Clash of the Titans remake. I’m really hoping this will be better, but eh.

  10. Anyone know when we might see a first trailer on WRATH?

  11. I will always find it funny when a movie that draws a half a billion at the box office is then described as having a “mediocre reception.” I can only guess they are talking about critical reception (to which I agree.) Same thing happened with the last Superman movie — half a billion and it’s considered a near failure. For the record, I was dissapointed w/ Superman and thought COTT was OK. I’ll see the next one.

    • I went ahead and changed that to “mediocre critical reception,” so that I avoid confusing anyone else. ;-)

  12. K… never seen the original but I saw the remake and thought it was horrible… I don’t understand why they would make a single sequel let alone two….

  13. Why?? Until I saw this movie The Da Vinci Code was the worst movie I had ever seen – Clash of the Titans beat that by about 1,000,000%!! The original was a classic, this was just a mess. So why bother making 2 & 3 with Sam Worthington and his extremely limited acting talent (and he is from a place just round the corner from me). If I hear him scream “NO” one more time my TV will be going out of the window!

    • well then dont watch his movies if you dont like him

  14. Wrath of the Titans was AWFUL. Get rid of everyone including the director, producers, and writers and start from scratch. Keep Worthington and that’s it. Shoot it native 3d.

  15. Hope that Kronos returns in the 3rd movie :D.. would love that with those bad ass effects in that kind of scenes.

  16. I was a huge fan of the original titans and when I heard it was being redone my expectations were huge and very happy to say I was very pleased with the remake! And titans #2 was just as good. Patiently waiting for #3. P.s. i think this original vs. Remake is very silly and very childish. Original was great for its time but time to move on to bigger and better things, please!

  17. Just saw Wrath of the Titans. Not going to lie. Fell asleep twice, once during the “epic” finale. It wasn’t a very long movie but it sure seemed like it. Boring and few interesting monsters. Seems like a rushed product.

  18. I enjoyed the movies and find them interesting.
    I find people with some knowledge of mythology might enjoy it more than others.
    The fight scenes were fast paced and the acting is good compared to other movies you see.

  19. I loved both the Clash and the Wrath. I enjoyed the acting, not sure why everyone is saying it was horrible. I loved it, especially Agenor and Ares. I hope they bring him back in the 3rd one. I love greek mythology! Keep them coming!!

  20. Well just got the 3d vs of both on blu ray i loved the first cott when i was a child its a classic ive it on dvd but i do love the remake bit short but some good twists from the original did really like wrath too yea they are fast passed but my kis would be bored if it dragged out would love to see the 3rd too i love grek myth these films are why i play GOW sweries

  21. i would love to see Perseus and Poseidon’s son reunite for Clash of the Titans III. the story could continue where Wrath left off and have Chronos and Ares plan revenge on humanity and the demigods for their defeat in Wrath of the Titans

  22. I worked on Clash 2 – If you knew how hard the cast and crew worked on these projects people wouldnt be so quick to slate them !

  23. I think I sort of liked the original and the remake as well.

    Remake: Nice twists from original, but rushed in most parts.

    Original: Flawed as well, but everything else made it superior (Claymation monsters included).

    Sequel to remake: A bit better than it’s predecessor, but also pretty flawed.

    Hope the third film would get made pretty soon.

  24. I didn’t monumentally like Clash, but Wrath I did love pretty much, although it was pretty flawed. They learned to make a more credible and concrete story and mix it with amazing CGI. Hope the third is as good or better than Wrath.

  25. I agree that the 80′s version was something to be said of. However we are still talking 80′s Cinema technology. That’s like comparing Windows NT to Windows 8 for visual aesthetics. Secondly, it’s Greek Mythology for “God’s” sake (no pun intended) People treat the story line like it’s based on “actual events” LOL! You kind of just have to like it for what it is and that’s just fictional entertainment. Kind of hard to criticize the technology today when 99.9% of us could not even duplicate this without expert training and years of experience. Claymation and 3D models are apples and oranges.

  26. I liked both.