Clash of the Titans Review (3D)

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Clash of the Titans is a decent enough remake of the original – but do yourself a favor: Save your hard-earned money and skip the awful 3D version.

clash of the titans review Clash of the Titans Review (3D)
Screen Rant reviews Clash of the Titans

I really want to make this a review of Clash of the Titans and not a rant against post-production-applied 3D, but considering how awful and distracting I found the 3D – it’s going to be difficult. I highly recommend that if you go watch this film you do so in a regular old 2D presentation. Please take that recommendation seriously.

This remake of the 1981 film is certainly less cheesy than that Harry Hamlin-starring version. Now don’t take that as a slam of the original – I enjoyed the heck out of it when it was released, nor as high praise of this version. However I did see it recently and it’s not one of those films that stands up to the test of time – you really have to appreciate it within the context of the time it was made.

The story follows that of the original pretty closely, with Perseus (Sam Worthington) being found in a locked coffin at sea in the arms of his dead mother. He’s taken in by Spyros (Pete Postlethwaite), a common fisherman and raised by him and his wife to be a good, hard working man. Unfortunately Perseus’ family is caught in the crossfire of a battle between some soldiers and one of the gods (Hades, played by Ralph Fiennes) and they are all killed (not really a spoiler, this happens very early on and his Perseus’ prime motivation throughout the film).

Mankind is rebelling against the gods, and Zeus (Liam Neeson), who created mankind is none to happy about it. Hades sees an opportunity to regain power and convinces Zeus to allow the release of the legendary monster the Kraken should a sacrifice of the king’s daughter not take place before the next solar eclipse. Perseus is recruited by the king to go on a quest that will result in his daughter’s life being spared, and our hero is happy to comply for his own reasons of revenge against Hades.

There are plenty of action set pieces to keep audiences happy, including a battle against not one, but three giant scorpions, a battle against the grotesque Calibos (Jason Flemyng), Medusa, and of course the Kraken. The non-CGI visual effects were great, and I loved the look of the film overall when it came to the characters, costumes, etc. But the CGI was all over the map… Pegasus looked excellent, a  seamless blend of CGI wings with a live horse – but then you had Medusa, who looked like she belonged in a medium grade video game (I vastly prefer the stop-motion animation version from the original film). The Kraken however, was epic. Incredibly huge and vast in size and definitely formidable.

clash of the titans zeus1 Clash of the Titans Review (3D)

When it came to the actors, Sam Worthington was fine – he always seems to underplay his roles, maybe a little too much. Neeson wasn’t really given room to flex his acting muscles, mainly standing around wearing blinding silver armor. Fiennes was quite effective as Hades, and aside from his acting, I really loved the look of his character, especially when he appears on screen out of nowhere – very impressive. Gemma Arterton, while beautiful, played it quite vanilla here. One actor that I thought exuded a serious screen presence and the impression of power was Mads Mikkelsen as Draco (if he looks maddeningly familar it’s because he played the villain in the James Bond reboot Casino Royale). I also enjoyed some of the supporting characters which were played for laughs.

clash of the titans hades2 Clash of the Titans Review (3D)

Oh, but the 3D… freaking AWFUL.

Click here to find out just HOW awful the 3D in Clash of the Titans is…

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5
(Fairly Good)

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  1. Yeah it would be interesting to know the theater age and whether a drive to a 2-D showing is a sane distance. Maybe some are right about the fear of 3-D completely displacing 2-D say in the next decade. If your theater was built in the 50's or 60's it would be interesting to talk to the management to see how the theater costs for new projection systems were met and when they did that.

  2. This French director ruined Hulk. I'm not going to pay to see this. I know it will be mediocre at best.

  3. Hey aznman

    Letterier actually does a great job with the action sequences in the movie and it never feels like there's a dull moment. It was done well and he doesn't have anything to do with the horrible 3D. Btw, The Incredible Hulk was one of the best comic book adaptations to date.

  4. Anyone else use FireFox? If yes does the comments show differently for you? I hate IE especially now that I've had to go to IE8 for work (pdfs crash and half the websites don't work now) but in Firefox the comments area on Screenrant all look like the Sponsored links section? I'm sure its something do with DISQUS (rumble,rumble, rumble).

    Thanks for the reviw to. I plan to watch it tomorrow AM (Off for the holiday) AT AMC where you can get in for $5 if its before noon and not 3D. I can;t believe how much more they try to charge for 3D now; unbelievable. I hope no one sees this in 3D so it backfires on the theatres; the nerve of them cahrging more then $3 more for 3D and bad 3D at that.

  5. Yes I use firefox. Try refreshing the page because most of the time I have to load the page twice to be able to post a comment or to subscribe to comments or anything. One way around it, use google chrome browser.

  6. I was REALLY disappointed in this movie. There were so many things that irked me about it that I just couldn't enjoy it. Save your money and rent this, it's not worth the ticket price.

  7. I am not expecting a whole lot from this one but I am at least hoping it will spur my interest enough to see it while its still in the theater. Just not really a big fan of anyone in the movie.

  8. Stop motion and CG comparison! Nice video

  9. In response to your mention of the 1st version…it was Ray Harrhausen's last movie where he done 'ALL' the animation..can you imagine that now-a-days…one man doing all the effects in a big movie…the effects in that movie were great in particular Madusa….that whole scene is still excellent…the !st movie was made in the wake of Star Wars and had to include stupid comic stuff like the Golden Owl….
    I met Ray Harryhausen about 5yrs ago in Glasgow…he's a real genius…please remember to mention his name Vic when mentioning his movies please!

  10. I just got back from Clash of the Titans in 3D…everyone of my crew agreed…Epic crap. Its like they crapped all over the original film…which is so much better. Sam worthington and the rest of the cast were the only decent thing about this movie.

  11. I just got back from Clash of the Titans in 3D…everyone of my crew agreed…Epic crap. Its like they crapped all over the original film…which is so much better. Sam worthington and the rest of the cast were the only decent thing about this movie.

  12. I just saw it recently in 2D, and I must say, despite some reviewers of the film, I really enjoyed this spin of the 80's. In fact, I think it actually surpasses it.

    How do ya like them apples.


  14. After reading your article I opted not to see it in 3D and I thought it was pretty good. A rather quick ending after the Kraken though.


  15. I just saw it in 2D and thought it was pretty crappy, the visuals were good but they didn't really do a lot of action with it, pretty much a waste of my 7 bucks I'd say. 1.5/5

  16. This film was flimsy at best. The “nod” to the previous one was – I couldn't believe I was seeing it when it happened. The retool of the story is incredibly sideways, and hey — when you're family is drowning in a boat and only have their airpocket inside to live by, how about not breaking through the solid bottom of the boat with Ironman-like fists to burst the bubble thereby killing them?

    One action sequence after another that – in most cases – were you to remove almost any one, nothing in the story is changed.

    For some flavor, get this: Calibos = King of Argos/Husband to woman who slept with Earthly-appearing Zeus and bore Perceus, who when tossing soon-to-be-floating crypt into ocean is electrocuted by vengeful Zeus lightning bolts and turns into hideous monster.

    Yes, I just typed that.

    I am a giant fan of the original, but this? I've no idea where this is going except to a shot at a sequel.

    But the CGI is top notch. >Koff<

  17. Think you're being a bit too generous here, Vic. I give this a 2 at most. Besides that, I agree with your synopsis totally! Only that I'd add that Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief helped kill some of the fun in this film. Both stories are so similar that it diminishes the originality of the Percy (or is that Perseus?) Jackson novel.

    Sad thing about Hollywood:ever since Tombstone and Wyatt Earp, I've noticed a trend where what I call 'spoiler movies' premiere before the 'main course' and try to cash in on the hype and frenzy. Save for the 'The Incredibles' which preceded 'Fantastic Four', most of these 'spoiler/parasite movies' are cheap imitations. Unfortunately, there is no law to prevent them from cashing in. Sometimes, in all fairness, it could just be a coincidence…but rarely.

    Clash of the Titans didn't live up to its bidding. I kept comparing its special FX to Percy's and wondering whether it was worth remaking after all! (Hmm, wonder which was the spoiler movie here?) In passing, why was the immaculate Pegasus depicted as a dark horse? Or is it part of the sad depravity of our modern era where all things dark and sinister are cool and mature while white and colour are childish and woosy? Take the superhero costumes in today's movies for example… Food for thought, peeps…food for thought…

  18. First – someone actually saw Percy Jackson to be able to compare it to something?

    Second – it's not food for thought, it's just a waste of time thinking there was an actual point to your statement.

  19. PS. I would have preferred Sam Worthington as Captain America anyday. Vic, you hit the nail on the head about him underplaying his roles at times but I think that will go well when shooting a movie about a level-headed, natural leader like Cap. I can just see him leading the Avengers. Chris Evans, on the other hand…

    Alright, alright..I've heard the argument before. Sam's not American. A shame tho..He'd have been just perfect if bulked up a bit…tsk, tsk!

  20. Just thought I would mention that the CGI is flawless in 95% of the scenes. Best to date for sure.

  21. 3D version was good i thought i was there with them.this guy thinks that *blam* should be popping out the whole time.overall movie was a B

  22. I'm in agreement with the review. One must take the art as an artform and appreciate it for the time that it comes from. Harryhausen's Dyna mation was simply and purely an artform. Using all this advanced current tech kind of distracts. Too much going on.
    The original CLASH was a RH Adventure classic along with the Sinbads and Jason.
    But you have to love it for arts sake not for cinematic history.

  23. Mchops, my apologies. My poser wasn't meant for you. I was directing it to those above 29 who could have watched this remake with a sense of nostalgia and seen life when it was much simpler. From your quick and passionate response, I am sure you don't qualify.

  24. I saw it in 2D Saturday and I have to agree with Vic, 3/5. I will have to warn everyone since there is no spoiler thread:

    ******* WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!! *******

    The little nod to Bubo, I thought, was kind of pathetic. What they could have done was have the goddess outright refuse to have Bubo help Perseus but instead he is just some plaything in a box. Also, didn't they say the only way to Medusa's lair was by the ferryman? Ok, how did Perseus get off the island? I thought the only way there was by the ferryman? I also don't see it likely that the king of the gods would not know that his son survived. In fact, I would think he would help him survive (like in the original).

    ******** END SPOILERS ********

    All in all, somewhat enjoyable but doesn't live up to the original (except by the CGI).

  25. @mchops

    Thanks for the suggestion. It ended up being that I needed to add the DISQUS domain to the NoScript (FireFox Addin) list of allowed sites.

  26. @Kahless

    He got off teh island via the horse.

    I actually laughed (and hard) when i saw the Metalic owl. I don;t think anyone else there got the joke as I seemed to be the only one laughing.

  27. Well I saw this over the weekend, taking Vics advice to steer clear of the 3D and boy am I glad I did. I am in shock that these you-know-whats are trying to charge a 4$ surplus to see something in crappy 3D; absolutely amazing. I heard that they are going to pull the 3D version early because it is doing so badly. Serves the studio right to do that to movie patrons. Its bad enough to charge the outrageous surcharge of $4 for 3D; its an absolute smack in the face to then do it for a poorly done 3D conversion.

    This reminds of the AMC Outside Food Policy change and how bad an idea that was. In the beginnings of a serious economic downturn, AMC decides to change its unadvertised policy of not restricting outside Food & Beverage to an advertised policy of No outside Food or beverage. AMC has a user forum for suggestion complaints and it was lit up with angry patrons who (including myself) have told AMC they are just going to stop going to the theatre because the theatre has now priced themselves out of the average persons market. An AMC rep on the board has said that they did not expect this to have a big effect since so few of their patrons took advantage of this previously unadvertised policy but yet when I asked them the question of why did it if so few are bringing in outside food they were unable to give a good explanation.

    It’s bad pricing changes like this one by AMC and the 3D surcharge hike that’s going to end up hurting theatres in the long run. I was willing to chalk up the extra $2 charge for 3D but now they can forget it. Unless its something like AVATAR where I know the 3D is unbelievable, I’m sticking with the regular version. Typical disconnected from reality CEO decision. Where the decision makers at the top who are disconnected from all reality make stupid business decisions.

    Sorry about the rant but this burns my butt!

  28. That was my point. They said the only way to get there was by the ferryman but Pegasus got there by air.

  29. right on the dot………..just sayin