Clash of the Titans Review (3D)

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clash of the titans 3d Clash of the Titans Review (3D)

Not an actual 3D image from the film, but a pretty good representation

Imagine watching a close up of an actor delivering a dramatic line… while the back part of his head or hair seems to float, disconnected from the rest of his head. Imagine watching a scene in 3D in which the “front” layer is utterly obviously separated from the “back” layer. 3D in which the visual depth that they’ve gone out of their way to tack on doesn’t even stand out that much except to distract you by how obvious and tacked on it looks. The image above can only approximate how terrible it looks.

The idea to turn this into a 3D film was a last minute decision and the process was rushed – and boy does it come across on the screen. Unless you’re easily impressed with 3D and haven’t seen the likes of Avatar or Coraline, then I cannot recommend strongly enough that you skip the 3D version of Clash of the Titans and go watch it in standard 2D.

Hollywood has given us the filet mignon of 3D visuals with Avatar, which was shot in 3D using state of the art 3D cameras. So now that audiences are sold on the idea, Hollywood is now pulling a bait and switch by giving us a crappy McDonalds hamburger version for the same inflated ticket prices they charged for that filet. We’ve told you about all the 3D movies coming out over the next couple of years and how they’re jacking up 3D ticket prices. If you want Hollywood to get away with offering a substandard experience at a premium price, then by all means, go watch these “slapped on” 3D versions of movies.

Minus the 3D, you’ll probably find Clash of the Titans to be a fairly enjoyable action/adventure movie. Warning for parents: Some of the creatures in the film are VERY creepy for PG-13 and will probably be unsettling to younger children. For the 2D version I’d probably add a half star and give this 3 out of 5.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5
(Fairly Good)

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  1. I haven't seen the original but I didn't mind this one too much. I went with a friend, I insisted we see it in 2D, I got a large popcorn. Nice relaxing way to spend an evening. I loved Greek mythology as a kid and this brought back lots of little tidbits of information I thought long forgotten.

    At the end when Zeus tells Perseus he shouldn't do it alone and Perseus turns and there is Io. That's the last line of dialoge, as the credits roll, my friend says to me (as Io): “Don't think I didn't see you holding that girl's hand on the beach!” That just cracked me up!
    ****END SPOLIER****

  2. I love this genre, unfortunately movie was only average. Thank Zeus i saw it on 2-D.
    Story seemed rushed, effects were great though. Hopefully there will be a sequel and it be a better movie.

    They changed a few things around from the original, but some of it didn't make sense.


    I never understood the title of this movie. The 3 Witches said 1 Titan to defeat another Titan. Meaning Medusa vs the Kraken. But are either one a Titan? Medusa is just a cursed human and the Kraken was created by Hades, so how are they Titans?

    Also I didn't understand the Gith monster blowing up while in Medusa's coils. Did he self-destruct or did she cause it?

  3. **********Spoilers************


    that blue glowing chest piece had something to do with him blowing to pieces. Medusa noticed it and struck it I think.

  4. I didn't see the 3D version since I won't waste my money but I thought it was pretty entertaining.

    Worthington was good as Perseus (I couldn't see anyone else playing the part any differently), Liam Neeson was good as Zeus even if he didn't get much screen time (not his fault), Jason Flemyng was great as Calibos/Acrisius (his action scenes were some of the best of the movie, he was just nasty) and Mads Mikkelsen (casino royale) was great as Draco. Yes, the story wasn't great but we already knew everything that happened (except for a few changes) so expecting the story to somehow become good after all these years is asking too much in my opinion. I enjoyed Clash of the Titans. CGI was top notch too.

    • hi tbf the 3-d version was pointless i was sitting there with my glasses of for some of it and there wasnt much of a difference it wasnt worth the extra 3 pound 80 but thats just my opinion ye mon

  5. I actually thought watching it in 3D was what made the movie slightly more interesting. WHY?? Because I thought the movie generally sucked and it gave me something to look at to keep me from being too bored.

    Honestly. I was falling asleep.

    This movie had VERY LIMITED character development. CHEESY lines all over the place.

    This was just a Greek mythology themed action movie. Nothing more. I did not feel the sense of awe or involvement that it should have brought me. It did not draw me in, at all.

    And those stupid desert stone faced guys ….wtf?? What even…IS that? No explanation.

    The original was better.

  6. I saw it in 3D last night and didn't find it distracting in the least…

  7. Sorry for the repeat post- but I was just so disappointed with this film. I really had high hopes.

  8. There were some slow parts, but the action scenes were so great that it made up for it! I didn't have any problem with the 3D either. You could tell the 3D was a last minute decision, but it didn't mess up the entire movie for me. It didn't enhance my experience, but didn't take away from it. I give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

  9. My wife and I saw it opening night on a 2d screen (3d gives here headaches). I enjoyed it for what it was. My wife gave it an “it's ok”, which is alot comming from this tough movie critic. The best part to me is what they did with Medusa. There could have been alot more editing to cut down on the slow scenes. I'll go with the 2.5 because of the slow parts and the fact they had the gull to unneccesarily put it in 3d.

  10. Hollywood must think that playing clips of previous animation from other movies in a “new” film is a great way to save money on production costs but with a piece as bad as this one they should have saved all their money and made a different film. The line applied to the mechanical owl from the original tells you everything you need to know about the remake except for one critical point- it sucks. Are you someone that has seen the trailer clip of the Kracken and was awed by the Arthur Adams-looking beast with the McFarlane teeth? You'll be disappointed. Seeking ground-breaking animation? New, incredible ideas never before done? You won't find it here. What you will find are flying demons that look like they hail from Pitch Black, Jin Men who borrowed the facial features of the engineer's assistant in Star Trek, shiny armor circa Excalibur, a brief journey reminiscent of Lord of the Rings (in fact I think they actually walk over the mountains as the Hobbits did?), a Charon who left the Iron Maiden tour to act in this turd and a new gen-gen interpretation of a classic that is pitiful. Remember how sexy Gemma Arterton was in Quantum of Solace? Ad ten pounds, less make-up, a homely demeanor and a rag mop for a dress (literally) with no skin showing! Turn-off? Yep, that is the jist. All star cast was wasted here and Sam should stop trying to hide his accent, it only makes it more prominent. This now represents the second time I got conned recently by Hollywood on a remake there will not be another- ever. I'd rather read comic books. See yah.

  11. Warner Brothers released the remake of Clash of the Titans in 3D and as a result, jerked us around in every direction while we watched nothing except the movie, which by the way, wasn’t as good as the original because it had a much darker theme, plus it didn’t cost nearly as much to see as the remake. I went to see the 3D version of Clash of the Titans at the Reagal with my friend last night, and boy we were upset with the low visual quality of the 3D aspect of the movie. I was waiting to see swords as well as other objects from the movie fly out of the screen and come towards us while we sat bored in our seats. Well, it didn’t happen, instead we got nothing but crap. It’s a darn shame that the 3D version of Clash of the Titans was released in terrible 3D because I had high expectations for it. I didn’t think that Warner Brothers would cheat us out of a terrific 3D experience, but they did. I hate you Warner Brothers for messing up the 3D effects of that movie.

  12. wew… happy to know that I am not the only one who is not satisfied about the movie… yeah, i was really disappointed about medusa… she looks like a cartoon character in looney toons..:D and about the kraken yeah that was pretty good but there is not much of an exposure happened…