Clash Of The Titans Remake: Good Idea Or Bad?

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clash of the titans Clash  Of The Titans Remake: Good Idea Or Bad?Hello there ladies and gentlemen. My name is Niall Browne and I’m the new guy here at Screen Rant. By strange coincidence my first post here will reference the first film that I ever truly loved: Clash of the Titans. Like most people, I feel that Hollywood should try and create more original products and stop pillaging its back catalog of movies. I am not a big fan of remakes.

The 1981 version of Clash of the Titans is a magical film with wonderful Ray Harryhausen effects and a top tier cast featuring Lawrence Olivier, Ursula Andress, Maggie Smith, Burgess Meredith and even Harry Hamlin(!).

Taking its starting point from Greek mythology Titans tells the story of Perseus and his journey to save the life of his love, Andromeda. During the film he battles the Kracken and the scarily evil Medusa (snakes for hair and when you look her in the eye you turn to stone).

Now, I think I’ll give my spell check a break after that barrage of bizarre names. icon smile Clash  Of The Titans Remake: Good Idea Or Bad?

The original film is a minor masterpiece and I still enjoy it twenty years after I first fell in love with it. As I said above, normally I’m wary of remakes, but I feel that this new version, written by Lawrence Kasdan could be excellent (the man wrote The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the lost Ark!!) I also have to admit that Harryhausen’s effects are looking a tad dated in this digital age.

Latino Review announced that Robert Rodriguez was in the frame to direct, but he has since ditched the project as he has so many of his own in the pipeline. I honestly don’t think that Rodriguez was the right man for the project: he’s a bit too interested in pushing the boundaries of technology than he is in telling a story on this epic scale.

I suspect that the man for the job could be Stephen Sommers. However let’s hope it’s more like The Mummy than Van Helsing.

Okay, I’ve thrown down the gauntlet. Let the games begin!

Source: Latino Review

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  1. I hear the script is FANTASTIC!
    if that is the case, lets give it a go.

  2. I’d have to chime in and say that if done RIGHT, this one would definitely ok to re-make.


  3. Word is Kasdan’s script is excellent. Hopefully they can find a good director.

  4. This would be a very cool remake with the CGI of today it could be a huge hit. I’m thinking Peter Jackson would be perfect to direct.
    Let’s hope all hope beowulf bombs or they might do this one in CGI ugly.

  5. Ubfortubately, Steve, Beowulf probably won’t bomb.

    It zeroes in, and opens fire, on that twenty-something, 300-fan mindset.

    Clash of the Titans, while its namesake has become synonymous with epic situations, was not particularly epic as a movie. Eh, we’ll see how it works out, because I feel that perhaps Lawrence Kasdan good bring some good to the project.

  6. I’ve been hearing that the one-two punch of IMAX and 3D makes Beowulf a truly unforgettable experience… and so far I’m even hearing good things about the film itself apart from those two items.


  7. I’ve also have fondness for Clash of the Titians,and think it would be great to see it in today CGI,but I agree with Steve Adams not “in the CGI ugly” of Beowulf.

  8. By the way,has anyone seen the trailer to The Golden Compass, I think it looks way better than Beowulf?

  9. Tom, it’s really apples and oranges I think. Two completely different types of movies and approaches to the medium.


  10. Since we are talking about remakes,
    I just wanted to say i was against the recently announced remake for High Noon.
    I dont mind Clash of the Titans because mythological tales are timless, open to reinterpretation.
    but I think High Noon is ICONIC and should not be touched.
    its also my favorite western of all time.
    So, i am definitely taking this personally.

  11. Well Alex your a fan of Beowulf, I don’t get it ??!
    I can allmost guarantee you that this film will have a decent opening around 29 mil. and then it will fade into obscurity.
    Nothing even close to 300′s numbers.
    I know there’s alot of beowulf geeks out there but not enough to make a blockbuster. Sorry.
    Gary I totally agree with you that Titans is a timeless story. I really enjoyed your comments.

  12. I’d also like it to be done in “old fashioned” CGI.
    I never thought I’d write those words!

  13. Nice start, Niall Browne. I grew-up on Clash of the Titans would hate to see this classic molested by a director that doesn’t appreciate the true ‘magic’ and vigor of this film.

  14. Oh man! Clash of the Titans!! I would REALLY consider going to the midnight showing of this one, even though the last 2 times I went to a midnight showing I was a bit disappointed (Spiderman 3 and X-Men 3). COTT is a classic and, as stated by an earlier poster, with today’s CGI, it could outdo it’s predecessor. But Rodriguez to direct? Thank goodness he turned it down. We would need a Cecil B. DeMille type to direct this one.

  15. Hi Harryhausen fans! I just hope that when the remake for Clash of the Titans does come out; it does end up being a movie for everyone.
    You have to keep those myths alive you know. It is a rather fun and scary story at the same time. Hope that it keeps that way. I hope that when the Mythologicals do appear on screen that whoever special effects company does it; they keep Ray in their hearts and that spirit comes forth on the big screen. My favorite part of course is when Perseus and his band had to conquer Medusa. It took so many months to accomplish the animation!
    Anyways thanks for reading, and what was your favorite part?

  16. Anthony,
    There were soo many good parts but the battle with Medusa has to be the best. With todays technology, they could make that scene look extremely scary. I hope they have Harry Hamlin in it (even if it’s just a small cameo role); maybe he can play Calebos or a minor god or even the king that Zeus kills.

    To show respect for Harryhausen, they could start out with the same Bilbo and the goddess of wisdom could upgrade it. I don’t know, that might be kind of lame. Anyway, they could have a small part with a clay-mation character.

  17. it could work. they would have to make it an epic like lord of the rings with similar settings and special effects. i always enjoyed clash of the titans. if this movie is good, then bring it on. peter jackson is defintely an excellent choice, steve. he proved his worth in the lord of the rings trilogy. NUFF SAID.

  18. honestly, what hollywood is doing is testing the waters and feeling out the public’s interests concerning fire-side mythogical tales. these could be the next genre of movies and they started it with beowulf.

  19. It’s gonna be more of the same laughable, rediculous digital effects on par with a kids cartoon followed by an utterly mainstream snoozefest of characters who’s dialogue and actions were formulated by some marketing group’s research on how to appeal to the masses. Just like American automakers, Hollywood studios are SO concerned about their bottom line that they LIMIT their creative potential to the same old boring designs of the past that have proven to sell. Fine, so what do you get? A bunch of cars that all look the same….and sell the same. Meanwhile people are intrigued by the radical designs of foreign cars & ‘independant’ films and I’d rather stay home and watch YOUTUBE. I really think Hollywood ought to stop trying to passify their weak, inept stories with computer animations. Instead, I think they should just forget about it and take a chance on some radical new characters (like people who are less than perfect for a change) and make the focus of the movie…are you ready….THE STORY instead of effects, gore, or celebrity power. Finally, I’d like to mention to those Hollywood mainstreamers…if you want to see better sales at the box office, try making some PRO-AMERICAN films for a change. you might be surprised.

  20. Dammit Hollywood leave my childhood alone.

    There are so many Greek myths out there they could have made a whole ‘nother film without remaking this classic.