Clark Will Finally Fly In Smallville Season 8

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smallville 3 Clark Will Finally Fly In Smallville Season 8Fans of Smallville have long been frustrated by the “no flights” portion of producers Al Gough and Miles Millar “no flights, no tights” policy established 7 years ago at the start of the first season. As a matter of fact, as the series has evolved, the fact that Clark (Tom Welling) still does not fly on the show has become pretty ridiculous.

Many other characters on the show have had the ability to fly, including Clark’s cousin Kara (Laura Vandervoort) and other Kryptonians. On toleapsp of that, portraying Clark, who is virtually indestructible as having a fear of heights is at this point ridiculous – especially as we enter Smallville‘s 8th (and supposedly final) season.

Sure, they’ve thrown us a bone here and there with him making giant “leaps” and actually showing him flying when he was possessed by other characters, but the producers have stubbornly clung to their original premise. As long as they were in charge we weren’t going to see Clark fly.

But they aren’t in charge any more.

Now we have Kelly Souders, Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer, and Brian Peterson running the show. Between them they’ve written 100 episodes over the course of seven years. That’s the equivalent of four full years of Smallville.

tom welling Clark Will Finally Fly In Smallville Season 8

Comic Book Resources interviewed them recently and they had some interesting things to say about this upcoming season. While season 7 started to pull away from the arc of the previous six years and finally showed Lex go over completely to the dark side, it’s looking like season 8 will be a big leap forward in the evolution of the characters and the series.

Here are the highlights:

  • They will not attempt to bring in a character to replace Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) as the prime antagonist.
  • All of the characters will be moving on to the next phase of their lives.
  • The show will be moving on to the next phase in the Superman mythology.
  • They want to bring Clark closer to the traditional Superman character that we all know.
  • There will be an episode that explores the relationship between Clark and Chloe (Allison Mack), and the underlying sexual tension that’s been brewing there for so long.
  • On the other hand the season will move Clark and Lois (Erica Durance) towards the relationship that is well established in the comics and films.
  • They will highlight the need for Clark to maintain a dual identity and move heavily in that direction.

allison mack Clark Will Finally Fly In Smallville Season 8

Ah… but what about Clark flying?!

They dropped a couple of hints that leave me no doubt that he will indeed be finally taking to the skies this year:

“We have a lot of conversations [about flying and the costume], the only thing that we are saying is that we can absolutely confirm that there is no tights, so that’s pretty much all we can say on that.”


“Saving people in Smallville was one thing — when he had to run to the factory to save Chloe the roads weren’t very crowded, the streets weren’t very crowded. Being alive in Metropolis as Superman is a very different experience and you will find very quickly in this season he discovers it’s not so easy when you’re running through crowded streets or your having to run into a crowded crisis situation.”

Take those two comments, along with their plan on moving the story towards the traditional Superman mythos and I’d say we’ll finally get our wish in the flight department.

erica durance Clark Will Finally Fly In Smallville Season 8

Here’s what I’m hoping: This team of writers wants to really put their mark on the show as producers and will really hit it out of the park this year. It would be fantastic if this turned out to be the equivalent of Manny Coto coming on board Star Trek: Enterprise in its final season. That show had been ruined by the direction its producers had chosen, but Coto came in fresh in the final season and turned the show around big time.

And of course they’ve finally decided to get rid of Lana (Kristin Kreuk), thank goodness. That can’t do anything but help make the show better. And that’s NOT a slam on Kristin – they just ran the whole Clark/Lana thing so far into the ground that it became nauseating. Also gone is Kara, who never really worked for me as a character on the show.

Here’s hoping that season 8 of Smallville brings us better things than last season did.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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  1. I would love to see clark fly but the tights would DEFINETLY ruin everything…if anyone is wondering how ridiculous it wud look go on youtube and look up superboy season 1. Oh and anyone else feel smallville isnt the same without Lex??

  2. I hope clark flys on season 9 that would be nice it sux lex is gone but I’m sure the show will be fine when they end the show they should make a movie with tom welling as superman that would be koo but proly won’t happen

  3. I hope this isn’t the last season. No tights for Clark but flying is a must, Lex has to come back in a wheelchair of sorts like the comic book line and then he will make himself a meteor freak and fight Clark until the end! The story should end soon because the characters are moving into other genres like Buffy did. I look forward to watching what happens to the cast members, anyone notice how many former “Buffy” cast members are on the tube now a days?

  4. he flew or hovered in season 1 episode 2!

    he can so fly, come on season 9 sort it out!

  5. i hope clark will fly in season 8 this film is so intresting
    that i dont want to miss any part i will like to join the fans.

  6. I think the show is amazing. I have been watching this show since the start so i havent mist an episode yet. i like now how hes wearing black to show hes more interested in his kryptonian side, but in one episode they should make him look at the black and then take out the red and blue and call him something more clever then the red blue blur. i can bet the show is going to end with him in his superman costume flying in space. i say in the last episode it should be two hours long and it should be about him becoming the man of steel once and for all and him fighting all his enemies at once for one last time

    • to tell the truth he wont fly on season 8 it will be nine. i saw season 8 last episode and it ended with clark being stabed by blue kyriptonite and thrown off a building by zod he never actually hit the ground so im thinking hes gonna fly before hitting it on the next chapter and hopefully they call him superman and start to understand that he burns those s’s in the wall for a reason lol but i want lex to come back with his kyriptonite powered armor he builds to beat down superman and if superman can fly by then they can fight in the skys…oh and bring jimmy back and dump chloe shes no were in the superman story

      • i mean he wont fly in season 9 he will fly in 10 my bad

    • chloe is actually lous’s cousin in the comics aswell.

    • chloe is actually lous’s cousin in the comics aswell.

  7. I do so love fantasy!

    I never read the Superman comics so maybe I’m a bit naive but I do so wish “they” would make it a bit more believable. Imagine if he was a person in real life! The first few seasons (up to the 4th) were great and so believeable, but after that – the vampires and the ghosts and witches, well … I think all fantasy should have some basis in real life to make them more believable and give them depth. I know it’s ‘pretend’ but really …

    I think “they” should resurrect Alicia as Clark’s love interest. After all Lois Lane was in love with Superman and not with Clark Kent. Alicia seemed to suit the Clark character. He was totally happy. Hmmm …

  8. While I do agree, Clark was happy when he was with Alicia, she was murdered. I think it would disrupt the storyline to bring her back. It would not be with the flow of the show. If I can remember right, Lana came in and out of Clark’s life when he was an adult working at the planet in the comics, so this version of Superman is different. I like it, so far Season 9 has not disappointed.

  9. @Jackie

    well, you are somewhat right they have moved into the comic book style sci fi era now and trying to bring in more people from later on in supermans life, the justice league aka green arrow etc, most of the people like the werewolves etc have all been infected by the meteors from which clark arrived on earth, its the main cause of all the mutations.

    and no lois was not just in love with superman, she was always in love with them both which is why it was always funny, clark wanted lois to love him and not superman but she loved them both equally and couldnt choose, lol but fair enough if you dont know much about the story, they might be bringing in cat soon she is from the old movies, infact, clarks mom from the series played cat clarks new love interest in the original superman 3 or 4, whichever one had richard prior in it

  10. Well Jackie boy, before you start showing everyone how good you know the Superman saga, you might first watch all of the Superman movies, so that you can see that Clark’s mother from Smallville (Martha Kent) was actually playing the character of Lana Lang in Superman’s movies and not the new Clark’s love interest.

  11. Well season 9 rocks so far there showing his kryptonian side alot more now and with out doubt he will fly at sum point but i hope they end the entire series with him in his suit and flying cause other wise itll be a waste of 9 seasons in my view i mean its all supposed 2 be about how he becomes superman but all i hear is no tights so wat will they do any views on it ?

  12. @Mike
    They will probably end the series with Lois being in trouble, Clark running to help, opens his shirt, and then we see the iconic red S on blue fabric…then the series ends. I would prefer to see him in the suit and then flying to end the series.

  13. And end the series with the memorable musical score from the movies.

  14. @john

    it will never end like that, theres still another season or 2 to go and they have said they will NOT have him in a superman suit because this is supposed to be before he is superman, thats why they went for the all black look, long coat instead of cape, reminds me of the future superman and the clone of superman, blue an black suit for the win haha

  15. Since the end of season 7 every further episode of season 8 and now also of season 9 are getting worst and even more worst. In fact they couldn’t be more worst then they are. OK Superman fans are so delighted with Clark’s flying in suit and possibility of seeing him in tights but come on people this isn’t the cartoon. Where is the plot, and I don’t mean the plot of one episode, I mean the master plot of entire season or maybe even of both last seasons. It’s obvious that when the two main creators of project Smallville (Miles Millar and Alfred Gough) left the show after season 7 it’s not the same show.
    It’s not enough to give Clark the suit and tights and let him fly and save the world. And of course fall in love with Lois. We all see that and frankly this Clark and this Lois don’t have the chemistry when they are together on the screen. DO SOMETHING YOU HAVE TWO SEASON THIS TIME TO MAKE IT INTERESTING OR END THE SHOW BEFORE YOU RUIN THE SHOW TOTALLY!

  16. What annoys me even more then the no flight, no tights rule is their persistence in never uttering the name “Superman”. The Blur? that is just plain stupid as hell.

  17. What annoys me even more then the no flight, no tights rule is their persistence in never uttering the name “Superman”. The Blur? that is just plain stupid as hell.

  18. I dont understand. He’s fear off heights makes him not capable off flying. but he can leap over The daliy planet? Shouldn’t he be afraid off that too?

  19. Im with Mike and Estranged on this one.
    So many holes to fill in this show that ive decided to watch something else. :(
    Season 9 = plain ridiculous.

  20. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and amusing, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is something not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy that I came across this during my hunt for something regarding

  21. The show was ruined by Al & Miles, Kelly & Brian and Tood & Darren because they focused on the love interests and the supporting characters more than Clark Kent–THE STAR!!! Smallville could have been so much better and the producers ruined the entire series.