Cillian Murphy Discusses ‘Inception’ and ‘Batman 3′

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Cillian Murphy talks inception batman 3 Cillian Murphy Discusses Inception and Batman 3

Cillian Murphy, one of Christopher Nolan’s favorite actors, recently spoke with Total Film Magazine about Inception and Batman 3.

Murphy touched on topics such as his working relationship with Nolan as well as the possibility of another Scarecrow role in Batman 3.

The screenplay for Inception is likely one of the most complex stories of the year, but Nolan only gave Murphy two hours to read through the Inception script – and decide which character he’d like to play. While that time frame seems a bit intense, the real story here is the freedom that Nolan gives his performers.

Filmmaking is the most collaborative form of art on this planet and clearly Nolan has a penchant for communication. But it wasn’t as easy as it sounds for Murphy. They did discuss the roles and which would suit him the best.

“He didn’t say, ‘Take whatever role you want.’ I wasn’t going to steal Leonardo DiCaprio’s part. But [Nolan] said, ‘I have an idea what you might be good for…Tell me what you think.’ And we both agreed. It’s different for me. It’s not like any character I’ve played before.”

“Chris has talked about it being an existential heist movie and if you take that, I would be a crucial cog in that heist set-up.”

The latest Inception posters give an extra hint as to the role Murphy’s character will play in the overall story. Murphy portrays Fischer, dubbed “The Mark” on his character poster. The nickname obviously refers to his role as the main target for DiCaprio and Co.

Cillian Murphy Inception The Mark Poster 280x408 Cillian Murphy Discusses Inception and Batman 3

Murphy has also said his character is “central to the narrative of the film.”

Nolan himself mentioned Inception will be an ensemble piece – with DiCaprio sharing screen time with everybody else. Calling a character central to the narrative is a bit general, but we are starting to see a clearer picture of his reasoning.

Each trailer has presented conversations between DiCaprio and Murphy – suggesting a sort of cooperation. Maybe DiCaprio is setting up Murphy’s character for a long con (BOOM, Lost)?

batman 3 question mark logo 1 Cillian Murphy Discusses Inception and Batman 3

As for his comments on Batman 3, Murphy was coy, yet open. The last time he was asked about the film was by Geoff Boucher of the LA Times. He mentioned he would never approach Nolan about the film, especially on the set of Inception. While he still hasn’t approached Nolan, Murphy did mention his character’s possibilities.

“It’s not for me to start campaigning for the Scarecrow to come back but if Chris wants me back in that role, yeah, absolutely, I would love to do it…”

It would seem redundant to bring Scarecrow back for Batman 3, considering his presence in The Dark Knight wasn’t exactly breathtaking. Nolan provided just enough closure on Scarecrow to put him away forever.

Scarecrow in batman 3 Cillian Murphy Discusses Inception and Batman 3

But if the film does tackle Arkham Asylum, which is a great possibility, his re-appearance would be within reason. It sure would have made a fantastic scene to see Dr. Crane and The Joker talk about their psychiatric needs. But alas, this is all highly unlikely. Murphy was simply kind enough to deliver a response to a query on Batman 3. It’s not enough to get your batarang in a bundle.

In only a decade, Nolan has quickly become one of the most sought-after filmmakers in the industry. Now, with a hands-off approach from Warner Bros., he has made a passion project with Inception – a project completely derived from his own mind. But is his story too intricate?

According to Murphy, everybody on set was on the same page.

“There is never confusion on a Chris Nolan set. Just to be around him… he has complete confidence in his abilities without ever appearing arrogant. He’s just at ease, and he gives actors great confidence. To feel a director like Chris has faith in you is very liberating.”

Inception Christopher Nolan ShoWest.jpg Cillian Murphy Discusses Inception and Batman 3

That is one of the main reasons his films have done so well. It’s not just great storytelling or compelling stories, but a style of filmmaking. Sets can be disaster zones, full of ego and frustration. But when the director knows his material and believes in his actors, it shows on screen.

Murphy also addressed the recurring criticism that Nolan delivers somewhat “cold” films. Of course, if you watch his work, you’ll see the heart is dulled down, creating a more realistic approach. But the trailers have shown quite a bit of emotion already in Inception. So what kind of strings will be pulled in the film?

“The film has a strong emotional core to it – Leo’s character and some of the other characters are trying to work emotional stuff out – but, having said that, it is a big exciting action film. It’s not all about people with their heads in their heads going, ‘Why did I leave that girl?’”

Inception Marion Cotillard crying Cillian Murphy Discusses Inception and Batman 3

The balance of personal struggle and full-fledged action has proven difficult for many directors. Many action adventure films don’t even try to add a semblance of heart. But Nolan appears to tap into both realms. And it appears Inception will be able to switch from big action to acute drama in a seamless way.

Cillian Murphy has been outspoken about his work for a while now, and it is greatly appreciated by the fans and writers like us. Inception has been slowly, but steadily revealing more of itself over the last few weeks. The interviews are great, new ways to get a perspective on the film from those inside it. And Murphy has been our unofficial surrogate of late.

Would you like to see the Scarecrow return in Batman 3? What do you think of Murphy’s role in Inception?

Inception hits theaters and IMAX on July 16th, 2010. Your mind is the scene of the crime.

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  1. Nice read!

    • thanks [A] … gonna be some nice movies, too :)

  2. Christopher Nolan is an exceptional, distinguished and very perceptive film maker. He is the sort of experienced Director that would make the “Avengers” project a critical success far more than the current TV freshman at the helm. :-)

    Warner Bros should count their lucky stars.

  3. If the movie did a scene showing Arkham Asylum I would like to Scarecrow and some other villians.

  4. I wouldn’t mind seeing Scarecrow have a Cameo in Batman 3. I would like to see Riddler battle Joker for control of the city with Batman between them. Harley Quinn should bust Joker only to find his reign of crime has been over shadowed by Riddler.

    If you say “No joker, heath Ledgers gone.” we can get someone to replace him. I loved Ledger as Joker just as much as the next guy, it was creepy and pychotic and near perfection. But not inimitable. There are thousands of actors that in hollywood and more around the country and someone, one person has to be able to do it well enough to pass off as the joker (looks dont matter due to make-up and Arkham changes a guy). Thats an idea i would like to see but i’m sure Nolan has a better idea with more unique characters in mind

    • I think Johnny Depp could replace Heath Ledger as the Joker. He’s a chameleon; he can play anyone. Imitating Ledger’s mannerisms shouldn’t be beyond him. So could Gary Oldman, if he was a bit younger. (I’d also suggest Cillian Murphy as a Heath Ledger replacement, except for the inconvenient fact that he’s already playing Scarecrow.)

  5. Though I agree with the idea that hardly anyone can replace Ledger, I do think the Joker should be in the next Batman movie.

    The big problem is, recasting the Joker is reasonably sure to end in dissapointment among fans. But not having the Joker in Batman III would be bad too. You can’t make such a good movie (Dark Knight) with the badguy surviving, and then NOT have him (one way or another) in the sequel. I am curious about how they are going to ‘fix’ this…

  6. And not to stay off topic: I wouldn’t mind the Scarecrow being in Batman III, as long as it serves the story. I felt his presence in the Dark Knight was quite useless.

  7. Wow, I guess I didn’t know Cilian was Scarecrow in The Dark Knight… It really didn’t look like or sound like him to me. And didn’t care enough to look into it.

    • Wow…you’re either too coo for school or a complete tosser…he was (dark) comic relief in the beginning!

  8. I think the better move rather than Batman 3 would be to hold him back for the ‘SuperMax’ movie when it (hopefully) gets made. It would be a good use to blend the two stories into part 1 of a 2 part movie – the second movie of course being ‘Justice League’. If done right, this could create a much more organic team up than the Avengers is looking like at the moment.

    With Joker, Scarecrow and possibly Riddler creating an almost ‘Con Air’ like breakout either during transport or during their first incarceration at the prison – using evil tycoon style Lex Luthor as the private owner of SuperMax in a supposed effort to hold super powered villians – while in actuality just grouping together for a grand scheme, that would give Batman, Superman, Green Arrow and the whole roster of super heroes to team up. Much more organic and legitimate than a government sponsored initiative.

    Now that’s a run on sentence, my English teacher would be proud

  9. there is very good ideas expressed here,, Cillian is one of our finest irish actors we have over here, He can lend himself to any role. The tone in his accent in batman begins was great, and having our beloved Liam Nession along side made great suspence and tension. Maybe Nolan will keep the irish thread going through it with a possible Colin Farrel or Colem meaheany being in the next Bat film,, or Brendan Gleeson, now Brendan could make a great penguin or Riddeler ,, Brendan played one of irelands most vicious dangerous and evil gang boss the general and Brendan done a great job on it. So I could easily see Brendan doing the penguin or the riddler very well. I think any inclusion of any of our fine irish actors would be great or even some how bringing saorse nolan into the next film,, I think we Irish could give the next Batman some meat on its bones for a story. I hope Nolan does have one of our Buchails or colleens in the next film Buchail=irish for boys and Colleens= girls my spelling for the irish aint great but how and ever,, Please God the next Batman will be really good.. who ever they get,,,

  10. Absolutely! I would love to see scarecrow in B3!! Cillian is an amazing actor…he’s young, still he has performed great roles…he’ll become a legend!!

  11. The only way I want the Scarecrow to return is and when they’ll be a Justice League movie, and the Scarecrow could be a member of “The Legion of Doom”. The Legion would be consisted of Lex Luthor, Scarecrow, Solomon Grundy, Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, Reverse Falsh and of course, The Joker(who could be played by Johnny Depp). The Members of the Justice League, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Green Lantern(Hal Jordan Only) and Barry Allen’s Flash. NO WONDER TWINS!!

  12. Nolan could swap in Joseph Gordon Levitt for Heath Ledger, and no one would ever know. That’s why he’s taking Joe for a test drive in “Inception.”

    • Methinks there is a bit of truth to what you’re thinking…

  13. Batman 3 will more than likely be awesome with or without the Jokers involvement and while Heath Ledger did give a truly amazing performance for the movie it would be a shame to assume someone else can play the role, bring back the character only to find the end result is a total disaster and thats a risk you can’t really take. Anyone who’s a fan of this Batman series and knows of Ledgers unfortunate death will and should understand the reasons for not bringing back the Jokers character for the third installment.

    Batman 3 will also be the final installment, finishing the story that Nolan created with Batman Begins and there a massive variety of villians and characters that could be involved but they have to able to fit into the tone of realism and darkness thats been portrayed throughout the two previous films and help bring the series to a brilliant conclusion. I think it would be cool to have Scarecrow make another appearance, something better than his small role in the Dark Knight, Cillian is a terrific actor and i love all the films he’s been involved with but in the end whoever the villian or villians could be Nolans a genius and he’ll make it work.

  14. i wonder what batman 3 will be like in 2012 and i feel sorry for poor heath ledger without him the joker wont make an apperance in batman3 just who will replace heath ledger for the role of the joker?

  15. I haven’t really heard much about Inception but I’ll probably see it just because Nolan is doing it and because I like complex films and shows (i.e. Lost [nice long con reference lol]).

    I would like to see Scarecrow again in the next Batman film (mainly because I like having villain cameos; they get me all excited XD) but I wouldn’t be too broken up about it if he didn’t appear.
    Scarecrow probably wont be the main villain again but I wonder who will..

  16. personally I dont see the need to return the Joker to the role, I have little doubt that Nolan can make a great story (al la Batman Begins) with an unexpected antagonist. Nolan is a master with these story lines so I dont doubt Batman III will be strong even with Joker out of it. Dark Knight did well with a different actress for Rachel, … but I would think Joker can be left out. I dont even see the need to include the Riddler, if that character serves the story then include him but I expect the movie to be good even without Riddler, Joker, Penguin, Catwoman etc. Just the way characters like Harvey Dent, Lucious Fox, etc. have been developed into the storylines has been masterful thusfar

  17. While Tennant would no doubt do a wonderful job, and certainly deserves more screen time in the US, especially now that he’s not doing Dr. Who, no. While nothing is official, word is he referred to his actors on the Inception set by their Batman aliases, if they had them. He called Murphy, for example, Crane. He kept calling Joseph Gordon Levitt “Nygma”. Maybe a red herring, but a clue all the same.

    If it is true, well, JGL has proven he can do damn near anything. I’d love to see what he can do with the role.

  18. Hi there :) I would LOVE to see Scarecrow in the next Batman 3 film because I feel his character wasn’t used in enough in the previous films. I mean…he is an awesome bad guy…who wouldn’t be afraid of a man who can mess with your head and uses your fears to drive you insane? Thats awesome!

    Me: “Yes! Scarecrow will be in batman!”

    *Watches both movies*

    Me: “…Is that it? Ohh…”

    As for Joker, Christopher Nolan has stressed he will not be using joker. Yeah you could try and replace him, but expectations will be really high and probably won’t be met. As for Johnny Depp playing Joker?…no…I really couldn’t see it. I love him but he’s been in too much lately. They should bring in a lower profile actor – like Cillian Murphy was for scarecrow…that worked brilliantly. I love Christopher Nolans versions of Batman as he’s brought them down to earth and more realistic. Anyway thought i’d give my opinion there :3

  19. As for Bane coming in? Brilliant! Batmans back being broken by him was one of my favourite comics!!