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chuck series finale Chuck Series Finale Review & Discussion

In 2007, Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak’s geek-inspired spy series Chuck premiered on NBC and the notion of a fan-driven series was forever defined. Battling continuous intents of cancelation, as well as nasty writer’s strikes, television’s proverbial ‘little series that could’ proved that a cult show can not only be saved by its fans, but it can also evolve into something wonderful, if only given a chance.

Starting out as a series about the geek-turned-spy Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi), NBC’s Chuck quickly took hold of all the geek cred that it received from fans and championed on for 5 years. Turning a series about one reluctant man against a world of bad guys into a hilariously referential ensemble series, which saw the entire cast join in on the fight – including Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay).

And now, after 89 episodes, it’s finally time for the world’s greatest spy (no, not John Casey) to walk off into the sunset – but not before taking on the most important mission of his life.


Wrapped in a thoroughly enjoyable, outwardly comedic styling, Chuck still maintains its roots as a pseudo-drama series. At times, the goofball premises and pop-culture one-liners may serve to mask this element of the series. But for those who dare to completely accept a series that bases many of its storylines around a pair of plastic sunglasses, an endless string of beautifully heartbreaking and emotionally impactful character moments await.

Like other television series that revel in its propensity for hilarious absurdity (i.e. Psych), Chuck knows its audience better than the majority of shows still on the air. For a show that has been continuously threatened with cancellation – yet always saved by its fans – a familiar bond emerges between a series and its viewers.

Yet unlike any of the aforementioned series of the same vein, Chuck never once accepted its position as a singularly categorized series. For all intents and purposes, Schwartz and Fedak never once wavered in their intent to emotionally grow the series and its characters into something more – something that was never outwardly demanded from its audience.

By continuously delivering beyond its audience’s presumed expectations, Chuck not only maintained itself as the enjoyable comedy that fans once fell in love with, it also further evolved itself into something more tangible – which by and large helped stave off the tendency for diminishing returns as a television series ages.

Presenting itself as a two-tiered conclusion, the Chuck series finale – a combination of two single episodes – clearly defines the stories it wishes to tell. “Chuck Versus Sarah” and “Chuck Versus the Goodbye” perfectly establishes the final two chapters of the series by leveraging the profound relationship between Chuck and Sarah to help drive the series home.

As with any episode of Chuck, the situations presented are always heightened to a degree that many would deem unbelievable. Yet it is in fact that the series remains so emotionally grounded within its characters (while other things may not be) that allows these moments to be enjoyed without regret.

chuck series finale jeff lester1 Chuck Series Finale Review & Discussion

Establishing Sarah as the unwitting villain for the first half of the Chuck series finale provides viewers with an earnest emotional reaction to want the story of Chuck and Sarah to end happily, yet the knowledge that it would was never certain – and perhaps it still isn’t, even after watching the final episode.

Providing an emotionally profound start to the two-hour finale, “Chuck Versus Sarah” highlights the series’ unique ability to brilliantly mix intrigue, comedy and, more importantly, emotional honesty. While “Chuck Versus Sarah” serves to be a heartbreaking conclusion to the series’ penultimate chapter, “Chuck Versus the Goodbye” begins with an emotional turnaround that reminds viewers that Chuck’s intentions to win back his true love remains resolute.

Proving to be the more comically rich than the first half, ‘Chuck Versus the Goodbye’ presents a much welcomed optimistic hilarity to the unfortunate events in the first half, though not without its fair share of emotional moments. With the intended storyline focused on taking out the villainous Quinn, the final chapter of Chuck is much more about the characters we grew to love over the course of the series than any type of vendetta against an enemy that thoroughly deserves to be “taken care of.”

chuck series finale awesome ellie Chuck Series Finale Review & Discussion

While many elements of ‘Chuck Versus the Goodbye’ can be labeled hit-or-miss, one has to give credit to Schwartz and Fedak for attempting to reference the series’ origin in an even more heightened reality than Chuck already resides.

Yes, Chuck shooting down Casey’s helicopter was a bit much, and a bomb rigged to explode when the symphony stopped playing was more of a setup to a completely wonderful Jeffster punch line – but this is the final episode, so why not shoot for the stars. Hit or miss, NBC’s “little series that could certainly” earned that right.

Of course, if there’s one complaint that some fans will have with the Chuck series finale, it’s the conclusion (or lack there of) to Chuck and Sarah’s story.

That notwithstanding, it’s hard to say that the final 5 minutes of the series finale wasn’t a heartbreaking reward for a series that remained, even when up against all odds. As each character made their exit, the glitz and glamour of a television series melted away.

chuck series finale chuck sarah Chuck Series Finale Review & Discussion

It was no longer about seeing characters bid farewell to each other, but about watching a group of actors that became a family sharing one last scene together. The tears are real and the goodbyes are sincere. For those watching, that is the conclusion of Chuck that should resonate… not whether or not Sarah got her memory back.

The kiss at the end highlighted her intent of wanting to be with Chuck – but it was the tearful moments that came before all of that where the real ending of the series lies.

Not for Chuck and Sarah, or “Awesome” and Ellie, or Morgan and Alex, or Casey – or even Jeff and Lestor… but for Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Ryan McPartlin, Sarah Lancaster, Joshua Gomez, Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky.

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Chuck aired on NBC from 2007-2012

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  1. I liked everything but the end they should of kissed and sarah should of said”chuck i remember”

    • I loved the final 2 parts. The only part that I didn’t like was the last 5 minutes. I wish that Sarah remembered Chuck. Great Series.

    • it should of ended with a flash sound when they kissed

      • Great Idea! it should have ended with sarah flashing all the memories of her and chuck! too realistic of an ending for my taste. If i want realistic i wont watch t.v.

  2. Overall as an episode goes, I thought it was great. The idea of returning to the beginning, coming full circle, was classic, and the way it was done made it flow within the confines of the episode as well. It wasn’t forced. They were able to touch on all of the meaningful aspects of the show that made it so great: Jeffster, Weinerlicious, their first mission (the Demovas, ha), Buy More, Subway. And they gave adequate closure to almost all character lines, which a good finale must do.
    My sadness comes from the lack of absolution we get about the two biggest components of the show that drove it: Chuck and Sarah and the intersect. I understand the rationale behind leaving them open, free for viewers to create their own fantastic ending, but I know for myself and many others out there, more definitive closure or at least a direction is warranted. What did happen to the intersect? do they run CarMichael industries as a cyber terror task force? And ultimately, what did the kiss represent?
    Putting them at the beach was befitting- truly representing the full circle theme. and i think with it as the backdrop, the kiss represents them starting a new life together, just like how they started five years ago from there. So for me, the context of this setting and what it represents, and Morgan’s foreshadowing how a kiss will bring it all back; her telling him to kiss her was a definitive statement. it was her trusting him and acknowledging she remembers. Now this is purely speculative, which is why after the kiss her saying, ” my Chuck”, or telling him what her favorite band is or something similar to show she remembers would have been a quintessential and satisfying ending.
    So whether or not her saying kiss me was definitive or just merely hopeful, we will never know. But as far as a show, an episode and a finale it did not disappoint. It truly encapsulated the essence of the show, brought closure, kept to its comedic roots and at least suggests a happy ending. My only real despair is the fact that this was it. All good things do come to an end. At least there is DVD.

    • It’s hard to please everyone. If it’s a full happy ending people say it’s predictable and lame. Leaving an open ending was fitting for me particularly, way above my expectations (in some sense chuck’s ending reminds me of inception’s). Not to go overboard, but I don’t remember seen a better series finale.

  3. Loved it ! Oh about the ending… it was perfect. It made me feel like it’s not really ending. Perhaps one day in a far far away galaxy someone can pick this back up and reboot it 😉

    • I would have to agree with your statement. My Family mainly the kids were upset about the way the show ended.
      Yes Morgan had his brains scrambled; but he got his memories back – so why the difficulty for Sarah?
      Why does Casey have to “Find” Gertrude? She seems to always find him?
      Then the ignoring with all these “Powerful” people Chuck angered – Remember Drake?
      All the millions of Dollars Given to them by Volkoff; what happened to that now they are supposedly all kissy kissy back with the CIA?
      I can keep going on.
      The show really hinged around Chuck and Sarah; their relationship.
      Oh and the thing about Chuck not shooting people in the end? They forgot about Chuck shooting Sarah and saving her? Remember that show?
      I give allot of credit and support to the Subway Company and all the help they gave to the show; BUT to turn the Buy More into a subway? What they imply Chuck and Sarah sold the Buy More?
      The ending of sitting on the beach was lazy and stupid on the shows producers. The few things I mentioned should have been used to tie up all the loose ends of the show; they get their money back, the team stays together and the company goes in the direction as mentioned or both ways spies and cyber security. Chuck still has the intersect. The powerful people are found out and brought to justice. They have their money back and do allot of good with it AND most of all Chuck with Sarah her memory back get that little House he wanted for her.
      I remember the classic shows where the good guy gets the girl and they BOTH ride off into the sunset together..

      • Sorry I didn’t mean Chuck shooting Sarah; but Shaw instead.

      • A few things to help clear up. Casey finding Gertrude he stated in the episode Chuck vs the Kept man (i believe that is the right title) that he would go with Gertrude on her trip but he couldn’t leave his team behind with business still to tend to so that seed was planted. I think Sarah’s memory was worse because Quinn used those weird flash card things on her at the end of Chuck vs. The Bullet Train. Volkoff’s money got locked up by Decker (the tool of a CIA agent Shaw used for like half of season 5 and that freezing of the Volkoff money I believe happened in the first episode of season 5). You do have a valid point on Chuck shooting Shaw to save Sarah but I feel that is kind of an exception because there was no other option for him. Subway Buy More thing I agree was unneeded but I don’t think it really bothers anything (imo of course). I feel that what hurt this season the most was that they did not get a full load (22 episodes). I’m sure this put a lot of pressure on the writers to try and cram everything in. I feel Quinn should have gotten more time instead of just 4 episodes. The weird conspiracy thing with Shaw pulling the strings was interesting, but again I think this time could have used developing Quinn more. Also I think one thing that is not explicitly stated is that Chuck suppresses the final version of the intersect he got, I say this because of how dedicated he was to finally getting rid of it and I highly doubt he would want back at that point.


    • I totally agree, I was really disappointed at the season 5 finale. Where’s the happy ending everyone expected? I thought Sarah would recognize the drawing of her dream house Chuck’d made on the bullet train, recover all of her memories and find out she was pregnant. Everyone else practically splits up and goes their own way, what a sad ending to a successful show. It’s true that season 5 was not up to the other seasons but I didn’t expect it to fail the finale as well.

      • i thought the same thing!! i was like “come on, chuck- show her the drawing or at least let sarah stumble upon it or SOMETHING so she’ll remember”… i kept repeating that over and over until the credits rolled in. i was so bummed- especially because she had said “i could never forget THAT” -referring to the drawing. ugh!! what an inconclusive ending…

  4. I don’t understand why everyone is so upset that we didn’t get closure. Maybe I saw a different finale than you all did but they gave us everything we needed on the beach. That kiss at the end told us “they’re going to be alright” memory or no, it doesn’t matter at that point.

    I for one am thankful that we weren’t spoonfed during the final scenes. Something like pulling back from that kiss and a “I remember” from Sarah, that would have ruined it.

    (I also can’t help but be concerned that so many people feel that they need everything spelled out in letters 3 miles high.)

    It was a good run, I didn’t always agree with what was going on, but start to finish, I’m glad I was there.

    • I don’t just want to know that they will be alright. I want them to close out what the season was about and what the writers set up: settling down and starting a family, not the ambiguity they gave us.

  5. Coming from a big fan of the series from the start, it would have been better if there was no this season. The show should have ended when Morgan put on the glasses. It would have spared us seeing Morgan as the intersect and Sarah as well. The show strayed so far away from the original premise I did not enjoy a single episode this year. At least at the end of last season it felt like the show had had a good run. What the writer’s did this season took the joy out of Chuck.

    • How an ending with morgan as an intersect does not stray away from the show’s original premise? Your arguments just don’t make sense!

      I would also disagree and point that, although the show started as a nerd that out of the blue gets awesome superpowers, as the show progressed, it kinda shifted to everyone searching for the intersect or trying to develop their own version (well everyone except Chuck).

      That gave the writers room to develop some ideas and we got to see a bunch of people wearing those glasses. As a so called big fan would you rather have watched 91 episodes of Chuck displaying different aspects of the intersect? C’mon!

  6. I wonder if the way the finale was handled will discourage people from re-watching Chuck via DVDs or reruns.

    The growing relationship(s) between Sarah and Chuck as well as Sarah and other people was a huge part of the attraction of the show. Having this negated by Sarah losing her memory and being back to square one in building relationships again really makes the idea of re-watching the series unattractive to me.

    I had stumbled on Chuck fairly recently and read up on old episodes and watched the pilot and a bunch of key episodes to get up to speed. I was planning on watching the finale and then perhaps buying the DVD sets to watch the show from the pilot. However, given the way the show ended I am not planning on buying the DVDs. Obviously this is just my take on things, but curious if anyone else feels the same way. By the way, this is *not* meant as a slight on the show, which in general seemed very well done.

    • Yes, I feel the same way. The finale ruined the whole show for me and I don’t feel like watching old episodes I might have missed. What a sad ending to a successful show. Everyone goes their own way, it’s not just Chuck and Sarah’s love story getting screwed up, it’s also the relationship with Ellie and Awesome, who are moving to another town, and Casey going away from Morgan and his daughter. I was totally disappointed at how the show ends.

      • I totally disagree. The ending was perfect. Nothing is to say she won’t get her memory back (cups at the wiener stand, virus used to disarm bomb, found her way at the beach) but the kiss at the end lets us know that she’s willing to stay with Chuck and live their lives together. I also find that it shows that it wasn’t a fluke, the gorgeous girl falls in love with the geek again despite not having recollection of all their experiences together. Finally, these types of ending usually seem like they leave a void but they really don’t. Take a look at Terminator 2 and inception, two of the most talked about endings. An ending that is fit for Chuck.

  7. I whoud like to see them have a baby that’s what I though it wood in.

  8. I thought it was a horrible way to go out honestly and a massive kick in the nads for people who had followed the show from the start.
    I had just started re watching the show from the begiining before the final episode aired and now i just can’t be bothered.
    I mean what’s the point, if all those memories, all those special moments, watching sarah slowly change over the course of 5 years because of her love for Chuck, are going to be thrown out of the window at the very end?

    Everyone else just upped and left and we are left with Chuck alone on the beach with the love of his life and she dosen’t even really know who he is.
    I just don’t understand why they would end it like they did. I mean what was the point?

    I just wish i could get stricken with some kind of selective amnesia now that would blot out all memory of the entire 5th season. :(

  9. Sad to to see how many people wanted a cookie cutter happy BS ending. I think the end was perfect and absolutely fitting for the series. It gave just a touch of hope with out having the fake hollywood ending or with out reveling every single detail the future holds. It was fantastic.

    • Chuck is a cheesy and heartwarming show. For a show like this, you bet i want the bs ending. The ending should have been joyful, not bitter. This isn’t lost or the sopranos, it’s Chuck.

      • Totally agree, I watched Chuck for the cheesy nerd gets girl fairy tale and I wanted the fairy tale ending. They gave us an open ended fade to black.

    • it was a Chucktastic way to go out. Seeing this in a theater full of us “Chucksters” , it was a real emotional time. We all came out loving the last sequence, of Chuck and Sarah. I loved how the ending left us to our imagination, of what is to come next. Who knows if there will ever be more to come. But, I feel the ending was what many of us true fans wanted. We knew something bad was going to happen, but we should be thankful that nothing worse happened. Chuck still wins the girl at the end. :)


  10. I liked the series finale a lot. I didn’t agree with Subway buying the BuyMore, but I thought the one last product placement was funny. I liked that Jeffster got their recording contract and they saved the day. Morgan got his girl, Casey went to stalk his girl, and Awesome and Ellie are getting their “normal life.” I think they hinted plenty that Sarah was remembering little bits and that eventually her and Chuck would be back to their loving selves. My only complaint is that they didn’t deal with Chuck having the Intersect. When they kissed, I think Chuck should have flashed one last time and in the flash scene they showed the end-credits. But having him tell Sarah the stories is fitting too, because you can just start back at Season 1 and watch it all again. I felt this was a pretty good ending to a great show. I’m going to miss it.

    • Great suggestion about the flash at the end. I was wondering about the intersect as well. But all and all loved the finale and will miss the show alot.

    • Couldn’t agree more (especially about Sarah getting her memory back)
      It was a great ending to a great story.

  11. I don’t know if it’s already been said and may be a bit cheesy, but it would have been nice if Chuck’s kiss made Sarah “flash” all of her memories back.

  12. i think that she had already remembered while she was sitting on the beach. she wanted to hear chuck tell the story. :)

  13. I see a lot of complaints about Subway buying out the Buy More. I didn’t mind that. They deserved to have credit, since they were one of the main reasons this show still survived. With Carmichael Industries, we gotta remember they wanted out of the spy life, so probably Chuck sold the rights to his share of the Buy More. Subway was a great way to go out with :)

  14. You’re absolutely crazy and stupid if you think this final didn’t give you enough closure. It’s one of the best series finals I’ve ever seen. The ending of Chuck and Sarah made me feel like the story has gone a full circle. Chuck will make Sarah fall in love with him again, with the intersect they’ll be happy spies again and maybe then they’ll settle up and start a family. Or maybe not, but still Sarah kissed Chuck and you just know that everything is okay. But having a definitive ending would be disappointing. Chuck and Sarah never wanted happy worryless life. Now you know they still have to work for something and rediscovoer each other, which will make them happier than just going into that horrible suburbian house.

  15. The fact is I was very dissappointed in the season finale, all the way through I was on the brink of turning episode off because of how sad it was that Sarah had lost all her memories of the last five years, but the one thing that kept me going was the expectation for a perfect happy ending, Chuck and Sarah buying that house and having a baby, all in all a happily ever after finish to a brilliant TV series. The whole series revolves around the devoloping relationship between Sarah and Chuck which we have been with every step of the way, and everything we have come to love has been lost, all the enjoyment I had when I was watching this brilliant TV series is tarnished by the fact the it doesn’t really mean anything anymore. Som eof you say it leaves their future to the imagination, and I agree all TV sereis should do something like that in some way, but definitely not leaving a question of this magnitude unanswered, it’s like finishing the series with a gun pointed to Sarah’s head because that’s what your doing, your getting rid of the character’s personality we have watched develop for so long. YOU JUST DON’T LEAVE A QUESTION LIKE THIS TO THE IMAGINATION! It’s unfair to all the fans and viewers, there’s enough already to leave to the imagination that I would be happy with, for instance what Casey will end up doing with Gertrude, will they ever get involved with the CIA etc.

    Sorry to blab on like this but I plead you to PROPERLY FINISH this amazing series with the finale the fans and viewers deserve and the finale we have really wanted!

    • I keep seeing people say that the end was great and sarah will fall for chuck all over again even without her memories, but who cares?

      The whole vibe of the show was how this “nerd” could get the superhot girl and lead a james bond lifestyle and that’s precisely why it was great.
      So will the superhot girl now fall for the handsome ex spy with his own security firm and an intersect in his head that turns him into Superman? Well duh, who wouldn’t.

      And what is wrong with wanting a happy cookie cutter ending anyway? Chuck wasn’t thought provoking or deeply meaningful. It was feel good tv and i for one didn’t expect it to make me feel like crap at the end.

      The whole thing just reeks of, hey lets be different just for differents sake without any regard for what the show was all about and why fans loved it so much.

      Its done now anyway. I can’t unwatch it mores the pity, so Chuck ends for me with season 4 which to be honest i thought was the weakest of all the seasons but i’ll take that ending over this anyday. :(

      • I think it’s safe to say that everyone that watched this show caught himself pulling for Chuck and Sarah to be together. But it’s also true that once that happened, the show kinda lost its magic (in defense of the writers the show had been on the bubble so many times, they just had to lay this card on the table).

        Now to say say that they didn’t give the ending fans wanted is a little too much, giving that just by scrolling through comments you can see that fans are 50/50 about it.

        To say it’s unfitting? c’mon. unfitting would be sarah leaving without saying goodbye and everyone goin’ separate ways. this ending just not spoonfeed us. for me? perfect!

        just to illustrate, take a look at Friends for example. Overall a better show, but it went on much longer than it should and the finale…. oh well at least it gave the happy endings you guys like.
        But it just pales in comparison!

        • OK, I liked Friends too, saw every episode, but absolutely no way it is “Overall a better show…” than Chuck.

  16. The question here is not just whether Sarah will get her memories back or not. In the last 2 episodes she is turned into a unsympathetic, ruthless, heartless b****, nothing like the character she was before, not even in the very first episode. Right from the season 1 pilot it was clear that underneath the tough attitude there was a vulnerable and sensitive girl who wanted to come out. But in the finale she is totally estranged, she remains unmoved when Chuck tells her that he “loves her with all of his heart”, remains unimpressed by the fact that he saves her life, is annoyed when he doesn’t shoot Quinn. She’s become a heartless villain even though she doesn’t have the intersect anymore, so how can one expect her to retrieve her emotions and her love for Chuck even though she asks him to kiss her? She is nothing like the character we had learned to love and appreciate. So I really don’t know how those who are happy with imagining a happy ending will deal with that issue.

    • Agree with the last commentator completely and meant to mention it myself beforehand.
      The sarah at the end of the show was a completely one dimensional character who was only sticking around for vengeance and basically wasn’t even likeable.

      Just proves for me the old adage, “be careful what you wish for”
      I said to my wife at the end of season 3 that as much as i love Chuck i kinda wish it would finish there before they mess it up. Said the exact same thing at the end of season 4.:(

      • Definitely agree with the two past comments of Trish and daryon. The ends of Seasons 3 or 4 would of made fairly satisfying series finales.

        We all know it is only a story, not reality. However, I like my stories to have a satisfying ending that is line with the character development to date, not to pull the rug out at the last minute.

        This is obviously a matter of taste to some degree, hence the heated comments on both sides of the debate about the finale!

  17. I have never seen 1 episode of Chuck. Does this mean my geek card must be forfeited? 😎

    • Yes. You’re a disgrace to our way of life 😉

      But jokes aside, it was an amazing series – you should watch it as soon as you can.

      • I guess I’d better stay quiet about never watching Big Bang Theory then. 😀

        I plan on streaming it from Netlix. I’m trying to first get totally caught up on Psych (I just love that show). I’ve seen you mention The Mentalist; I’ve never seen that show either and I may have to put that on my list.

        • Big Bang Theory Season 5 hasn’t been the same as the rest of the seasons IMO – it used to about a group of geeks – now it’s about a group of semi-geeks who only go on about relationships and girl problems (So if I were you, I’d put that show lower on my Netflix que, but when you do get round to watching it though, be sure to start at season 1)
          P.S. Psych and the Mentalist are both awesome (and completely different IMO).

          • Yeah, I just asked a co-worked about The Mentalist and he said the main character is like the Psych guy but in a different way (more Bond-like). Sounds great to me.

            I think I’m going to ask about shows to Netflix on the next Open Discussions.

    • It drives me crazy that people who call themselves geeks never thought to check out Chuck. You do know that Chuck speaks fluent Klingon correct? It was integral to a key episode in season 1. I also don’t understand why a substantial portion of Big Bang watchers didn’t cross over and watch Chuck, the big disparity in ratings never made sense to me. Completely different formats, but both shows about a nerd trying to get the girl, and both filled with pop culture references. Chuck did it much much better.

  18. I did not like the ambiguity of the ending either, but I have come around to the otherside. There is an interview with Chris Fedak where he pretty much says, that the ambiguity was only about when she got her memories back, not if. Throughout the episode there are 2 major themes that are prevelant to support this: 1) Morgan’s theory of 1 magical kiss (it is mentioned all throughout the episode – 4 times in total) and 2) Sarah begins to gradually remember.

    At the end of the episode, when Chuck tells Sarah their story, she is very emotional. If the story did not resonate with her why would she have been that emotional? I believe their story triggerd some more memories or at the very least her feelings for Chuck. She then asks Chuck to kiss her, and he does. So for those of you wanting the fairytale ending, there it is. One magical kiss restores her memories (it is not an accident that Morgan’s theory was a prevalent theme throughout the episode). For those of you that don’t buy the fairytale ending, then Sarah will regain her memories gradually and in doing so fall in love with Chuck all over again.

    If you can understand that, then you don’t really need to see their future, because we know what that future will be. They were showing us all season long.

  19. Okay, like many of you I have been a huge fan of this show since day one. I enjoyed watching all the characters progress over the years, especially the Chuck/Sarah relationship. I have watched the ending countless times and while I would like to believe that Sarah “fell back in love” with Chuck or at least was opened up to the possibility of pursuing a relationship with him, I still fill a slight uneasiness. I do not believe that she should have said “I remember” like some suggest. I believe that is a little too corny, but for those who do not agree with those who are disappointed, I believe that they do have a right. This show was not a “high brow, intellectually stimulating” show. I love those types of programs, but to me, Chuck was an escape, I loved the romance and the silliness and having this ambiguous ending leaves an upset feeling in my stomach. We would all like to believe that everything worked out fine, but we simply do not know. To watch for five years a show and to have it end on a “viewer interpretation” is sort of a let down. I do not believe a petition will do anything and I think that it is a waste of time, after all it is “just a show” and I will continue to watch episodes from my dvd collection, but I cannot say for sure that season five will be a part of it. On a side note, the perfect ending would have been a fade out during their wedding in season four (sparing us the morgansect)

  20. You guys really missed this little detail that is why you were left wondering. Remember that Sarah bumped her head in the airplane. And after that she did that “arranging things” and “suggesting virus blah blah thing”. That means that she is starting to remember somehow about her past(although i think in her subconsciously only). All clear now?

  21. the ending was perfect. little bit of uncertainty but fans of the show will realise they end up together, it was perfectly done, the scene, the setting, the two kissing to end it. just perfect.

  22. A flash to credits would of made a great ending. I have to say the onscreen chemistry between Yvonne and Zackary was really special. My question to all of you is, what scene did Sarah fall for Chuck?

  23. They should have kissed and Sarah says “I know kung fu”

  24. For Christ’s sake, stop whining that all that happened throughout these 5 years were just a waste of time. and there’s no such thing as a finale the fans wanted, I am a fan just like you, and I sure didnt want a finale like yours. As I said previously, fans are 50/50 about the finale.

    and we dont need movies or spin offs to screw chucks legacy!

  25. I have deprived myself of 2 months before I watched the last season of Chuck and was terribly crying by the end of it. I felt how the creators were bringing us to the roots– why we love Chuck in the first place. I really felt it when everyone’s just saying goodbye. My heart was torn into bits. Because the reason why I love Chuck so bad is because of these group of characters. This awesome, awesome cast and to know that they are not going to be together anymore to solve another mystery is until this very minute, a heartbreaking realization for me. But to me (and to many) I do believe that Chuck will forever be etched in our hearts. And that no one is deprived of a dream or dreams especially when we don’t give up on it. And with that, with all my heart, I won’t give up hope that someday, these wonderful people will grace the television of film (which will be better) to save the world once again.

  26. I haven’t read all comments here, so maybe it’s been discussed, but the show ended with both Chuck and Sarah still having the intersect in their heads. The flawed version – the one that melts your brain. So what are we supposed to think will happen to them in the future? A couple invalids waiting out their days in a Senility Home? Because they never addressed the intersect in their heads at the end AT ALL. Bad ending with a major piece unaddressed.

    • So yea Me you clearly didn’t pay attention at all.