Chuck: Season 3 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

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chuck logo Chuck: Season 3 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

What a year it’s been for the little show that could, Chuck. After NBC picked up the series for another season, team Bartowski had a lot more on their plate than large quantities of subs from Subway. With The Ring at every turn, Chuck has had to be on his toes. Thankfully, he’s had help from the Intersect 2.0 and team Bartowski – with their newest addition, Morgan.

Unfortunately, things didn’t always go their way as Sarah became involved with Daniel Shaw (Brandon Routh), a man whose wife she previously assassinated.  After a romantic tryst, Sarah’s life almost comes to an end as Shaw turned rogue operative for The Ring and planned on killing her. Luckily, Chuck caught wind and showed up just in time to save her life and, in the process, reigniting their relationship.

Although happy endings are short-lived when Chuck begins having dreams of things that may, or may not, happen in the future as the Intersect is now interacting with Chuck’s subconscious while he’s sleeping. While a diagnosis such as that doesn’t sound too alarming, it is soon revealed that the Intersect will eventually destroy Chuck’s brain. With the return of Chuck’s father, Stephen, our favorite would-be spy might have a chance at surviving.

In tonight’s third season finale of Chuck, The Ring is closing in and Chuck’s father is working hard to save his son’s brain from the Intersect. With Shaw returning and Chuck appearing to go crazy, things couldn’t be any more serious for our rag-tag team of spies.

Good think we’ve got a two-hour finale…


chuck series finale chuck ellie Chuck: Season 3 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

Fans of Chuck can breathe a sigh of relief because the third season finale was an absolute masterpiece. If this does not prove the show’s worth to NBC, I don’t know what will.

At first glance, it was the promise of a showdown between Shaw and Chuck in the finale that had fans excited to tune it – but it quickly became apparent that the finale is all about family and it’s that theme which really helped take this episode to the next level.

From start to finish, the episode was fantastic. Ellie finally finding out Chuck’s secret was a wonderful reveal – one that was played out in a simple, yet impactful scene. Many other series would have built up that moment until the last minute, but considering how many equally as impactful reveals are contained in this finale, there was no room for that – and, for this, I couldn’t be happier.

chuck series finale chuck stephen Chuck: Season 3 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

Side note: (The butt kicking spy work that is always at the core of everything might, at times, over-shadow Chuck and Ellie’s relationship. That being said, chalk it up to good writing, great acting or me being sucker for NBC trickery, but Chuck and Ellie, in my opinion, have the most realistic brother-sister relationship on television. )

In the end, the cowboy-esque final fight between Chuck and Shaw was pretty great, but made so much better by the Jeffster! music video playing in the background. Morgan and Casey as the new power couple are hilarious as ever, but made even more so by the fact that Morgan is going after Casey’s daughter. When it comes down to it, Chuck can be defined as a series that takes each and every storyline, character and idea and makes it better in every single way.

With as much closure as the third season finale provides fans, there was equally as much foreshadowing of things to come in the fourth season. What makes it even better is the fact that Chuck has literally reinvented itself – the term “game changer” has never been so appropriate.

chuck series finale chuck morgan Chuck: Season 3 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

The promise Chuck made to Ellie that he would retire out of the governmental spy business surely puts the fourth season in an odd predicament. Luckily, everyone loves a good loophole and one is wonderfully provided through Papa Bartowski’s secret vault where Chuck, as a spy now working for himself, can take on as many evil organizations as his heart desires. Oh, and then there’s his mom!

People talk about how character development is integral to the success of any show, but often they forget to mention that the development and growth of a series itself is just as important. If you look at television today, you’ll see many series (Read: CSI, NCIS, Law & Order) that, week after week, deliver cookie-cutter programming. Thankfully, Chuck is the antithesis of that type of show and is the perfect example of a series that continuously grows and develops along with its characters.

With an amazing fourth season already slated for a fall premiere, I have no reason to believe this series is going anywhere.

chuck series finale jeff lester Chuck: Season 3 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

What did you think of the Chuck third season finale? Are you excited about next season? Who do you think should play Chuck’s mom?

Tune into the fourth, and hopefully not last, season of Chuck this fall on NBC

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  1. holy crap! What an unexpected, unanticipated season finale! For a while it looked like this was the end of Chuck completely, but for him to take over where his dad left off next season leaves this viewer in TOTAL anticipation!

  2. No joke I can’t wait until next season… I hope that they add Casey’s daughter.

  3. I have to say I was pleased with the season finale. Though I was saddened that Chucks Dad had to die. I always liked Scott Bakula (hopefully they will somehow show that the GOOD guys saved his life. Anyhow, from the looks of things, Season 4 will be terrific.

  4. I loved it ! and cant wait till we see more. Chuck rocks and the end put me over the top with excitement. whats Chucks new install ? got to know!

  5. Wow this was such an amazing, intense episode! Does the crew have to get a new Castle since the Buy More blew up? I really hope Alex stays as a regular!

  6. very good season finale for chuck. Loved the stuff going on with his dad, sad to see him killed off. The chuck/shaw showdown was pretty good. Also pretty funny morgan caused the buymore to blow up, and jeffster got blamed for it lol. The ending was pretty interesting too. Cant wait to see how season 4 plays out.

  7. Hold on, Spinewall gets it but others don’t in advance? How does that work?

  8. I agree with what all of you are saying and again i think they’re going to be taking the show to some really interesting places now since they are going to be bringing in Chuck’s mom and since Ellie knows that Chuck is a spy.

  9. That finale episode was f***n FANTASTIC from start to finish. What a sendoff, can’t wait for more!

    • MikeL, I have been a big Chuck fan since the pilot episode three years ago. I also can’t wait for the season 3 Chuck DVD set to come out. This message is not only for you but all fans. I bought the Chuck season 1 and 2 DVD set wholesale from dhgate dot com. I saved a ton of money. Yes it’s in China but the factory is there. The only drawback is that it takes two weeks to ship from China. It’s the same DVD sets in stores as that’s where they buy it from.

  10. I thought that season finale was unbelievable. I wan’t to be able to watch Chuck again next monday. I wonder who is going to be playing his mother? Plus all the stuff his dad was working on should give us some real interesting story lines next season.

  11. i do have to say that even though its only been 3 seasons Chuck is a show that gets better with each season. a lot of other shows don’t really improve on their last season. the only other one that comes to mind is Supernatural

  12. I loved this!!!! But sadly I feel like chuck is ending for three reasons…
    1. Now that Ellie knows, everyone that chuck had trouble keeping his secret from now knows it, taking a lot out of the series
    2. Ellie doesn’t want chuck to be a spy anymore… So will he?
    3. With the buy more and jeffster gone, chuck has basically lost all of the nerdy buy more chuck that we met in the first season
    4. The series has taken a much darker turn with the death of chucks father, the only good charachter that died before him was bryce, bit I feel that chucks dad was a bigger charachter

    But all in all I loved it and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next season

    Ps… Who else loved the references??? Here’s a few things I noticed….

    1. The return of the crown Vic!!!!
    2. Caseys signature grunts
    3. Chucks picture during the hearing being his old buy more photo id
    4. Chuck being contacted by his dad the way Orion contacted him in season 2
    5. Morgan breaking his thumbs to get out of the handcuffs was a reference to chuck season 2
    6. Pineapple!!!!!!!!!!!

    Some extra stuff I loved:
    1. Awesome accidentaly spilling chucks secret to Ellie
    2. At one point a camera angle on shaws face looked like a superman reference
    3. Chuck and shaw doing an intense intersect to intersect fight to a jeffster song
    4. The fact that chuck was actually the first intersect ever
    5. As sad as the buy more blowing up was- the scene was freAking hilarious
    and finally….
    6. I noticed when Morgan found the first bom in the buy mire, he was in the spy toy section ;)

  13. Ok first when I sed 3 things I meant 4

    and there’s one mire thing I had to say

    I thought the scene with chucks dad was heartbreaking and….
    Another reference is when shaw called Sarah Sam

    Oh and I loved beckman telling Morgan and awesome that the fate of the country rested in their hands followed by their rescue mission for chuck

  14. ow about beckman saving on a video loop over and over youre our only hope .

  15. WOW!!!! Just watched it… i have to say im really DISSAPOINTED… total let down… i mean really how could they do that to me???? there is no way ican wait now! that finale was awesome! now i have to wait for season 4… like i said… DISSAPOINTED

    • Kenny, I can’t wait for season 3 to come out on DVD. Here’s a secret not only for you but all Chuck fans. I bought season 1 and 2 of CHUCK on DVD from dhgate dot com for wholesale price. It’s in China but that’s where all stores buy it from factory direct. The total price including shipping for both Chuck DVD sets is cheaper than buying one in a store. I’m just waiting for season 3 of Chuck to come out on dhgate so I can buy it there and save money. Yes it takes two weeks to be shipped from China but late Chuck is better than no Chuck. I also been buying there for three years and own 56 sports jerseys(mainly Yankee jerseys), and the Beatles Anthology DVD set along with Pink Floyd oh by the way CD box set. I saved a bunch of money.

  16. does anybody know thw song they played after the first hour after they morgan and dude blew up the truck chuck was in? it went something like “please dont give up on me now”. thats all i remember

  17. Great finale, but please bring back the BUY MORE!

  18. All I could say was wow.. I had to cover my mouth alot I was that much in awe.

    My question is.. Did they really kill off the Papa B? I mean he died in front of the very room shaw was Resurrected in. And people tend to do that alot on this show.

  19. I agree with Brett, Dad died next to the cellular regeneration room, so yeah here’s raising my morning coffee to hoping that he somehow got in there and isn’t dead, but watching and helping Chuck from his other secret base. I am also wondering if the contractors that will build the new Buy More are going to be CIA, building a new and stronger and more wicked Castle underneath it.
    Season finale was, well, Awesome.

  20. The CHUCK finale was GREAT, better than expected. CHUCK has definitely become THE show to watch in our house! Sorry that his dad had to die but didn’t we know eventually someone close to Chuck had to go? AND now that they are bringing on his mom that should be a whole new dynamic…any thoughts as to who will play her?

  21. I was so awestruck watching the ‘CHUCK’ finale–I was expecting great things, and it far exceeded my expectations. I loved EVERY moment of it! It was a very intense & emotional episode for me, as I have come to love and care about these characters. I’m extremely excited at the prospects for next season, it’s full of interesting possibilities! ‘CHUCK’ keeps growing & changing in a great way–the writers & cast are so talented, it is my ONLY ‘must see tv’ show.

    And what about that Crown Vic??! Awesome!

    • Rose I’m also a big fan of Chuck. I’ll let you in on a secret as I already own Chuck season 1 and 2 DVD sets that I bought for wholesale price. It’s from the factory on dhgate dot com. Yes it’s in China, it takes two weeks to get here but that’s where all the retail stores buy it from. The two sets plus shipping was cheaper than buying one set from the stores.

  22. I thought it was an amazing finale. I really hated seeing papa Bartowski die, but the Shaw/Chuck battle at the end with Jeffster in the background was awesome! And, having Alex in the picture would add to the already great chemistry between Casey and Morgan.

    As far as Chucks mom goes, am I the only one that thought she looked and sounded kinda like Lynda Carter? If she isn’t, she should be! It would be an amazing casting! But, is she good or evil?

  23. I loved the finale! Brandon Routh was fantastic as the villain. Hope he returns next season.

  24. Shaw looked like a punk.

  25. I LOVED it! Nuff´ said.

  26. WOW, awesome finale, i can’t wait for another season. will there be jeff, lester and big mike? that 3 guys are very funny. i hope they can bring them in season 4 but the buy more was turned into ashes. please bring those 3 guys.

  27. Nice to see all the comments about Chuck being so positive. This finale was absolutely amazing, I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish.
    My favourite moment was after Morgan breaks his thumbs and is about to pull the fire alarm, only to find out that Jeff hits it moments before. I could just see a tiny part of Morgan die when it happened. Funniest bit for me, by far.
    I’m pleased that Chuck is a progressing show, and not something which stagnates with recycled storylines. Certainly adds to the excitement of what’s to come next season.

    Come on Season 4! Anticipation is already killing me! :p

  28. I loved the season finale. I especially loved the line in the Buy More when Chuck wakes up and says, “I just needed a reboot” that had me rolling on the floor.

    as for who I think should play his mother; I think Linda Carter would play an awesome mom to Chuck and Ellie. I am sure there are many other wonderful actresses out there, that I cannot currently think of, but I just thought it may make an interesting turn about to see her there as the person being moved around :)

    I cannot wait for the fourth season :)

  29. I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said about how great this episode is. Both of them, the last two episodes were amazing, clearly. And I’m really glad that they kept Shaw alive, wouldn’t it be great if he dwindled off in everyones minds during season 4, but then make an out of nowhere comeback? If theres one thing everyone can agree on that they love about Chuck, it’s that any character thats ever been mentioned dead or alive can come back at any time! I really hope they bring back Agent Barker as well for an episode , he was great