Zachary Levi Teases ‘Chuck’ Movie Kickstarter

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chuck season 4 finale review discussion Zachary Levi Teases Chuck Movie Kickstarter

Taking a note from Veronica Mars’ successful movie campaign, Chuck star Zachary Levi seems like he’s willing to throw a lasso made out of Kickstarter funds around his show in an effort to bring it back from the dead.

While on Twitter, Levi fired off two tweets – one congratulating the V-Mars team and another urging Chuck fans to be patient.

Those tweets were only the beginning of Levi’s campaign, though. The actor, who has previously voiced support for a Kickstarted Chuck film, also spoke to EW about the Chuck movie, and his past efforts to put the lights back on at the Buy More.

“I went to both [executive producer] Chris Fedak and [Warner Bros. Television president] Peter Roth at the very end of the fifth season and said, ‘Hey what if we made an online movie and just sold it directly to fans? We could keep this going. It could be fun.’”

Obviously, the project didn’t happen, but Levi says, “Even though that was only a few years ago, we’re obviously at a different time.

chuck series finale jeff lester1 Zachary Levi Teases Chuck Movie Kickstarter

Levi also spoke about the possibility of finding a willing partner in the studio behind Chuck - Warner Bros.

 “All I can say at this point is that because Veronica Mars, like Chuck, is a Warner Bros. [production], and because Warner Bros. has now opened that gate, I feel confident in being able to get the same results for a Chuck movie.”

Despite Levi’s admirable enthusiasm and the Warner Bros. connection, the actor does acknowledge that nothing is officially in motion yet. Naturally, there are other cast members to woo (though, Captain Awesome seems to be on-board), a script to write, and while Levi was the face of Chuck, there is still the matter of getting Fedak and Josh Schwartz involved.

An executive producer on Hart of Dixie, Schwartz isn’t hurting for work and he seemed slightly non-committal on Twitter, joking about the size of the budget needed for a Chuck film and then letting fans know that he missed them, without really commenting on if he would be interested in the project if Levi’s efforts yielded results.

chuck series finale awesome ellie Zachary Levi Teases Chuck Movie Kickstarter

Speculating on why Schwartz feels the need to refrain from fully voicing his support is futile, but one reason could be the fact that Chuck came to a fitting end following five – hard fought – seasons on NBC.

Unlike some of the other shows that Kickstarter-enthusiastic fans have discussed, there is already closure for Chuck viewers. So, while those fans surely want more, and while they’re notorious for their ability to move mountains to get to more Chuck - standing out as a large factor in the shows ability to get to that 5th season – one has to wonder if that closure may be something that would give some fans pause.

One way or the other, there seems to be virtually no chance that this is the last we’ve heard about a Chuck movie, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye on this story as it develops.

Sources: EWTV Line

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  1. omg plz yes i love this show really hope this happens

  2. I would love to see a Chuck movie! ‪@Y_Strahovski‬ ‪@ZacharyLevi‬ @JoshuaEGomez ‪@adamsbaldwin‬ ‪@SarahMLancaster‬ @RyanMcPartlin

  3. As I said in another post, I hope this doesn’t give Hollywood any ideas. Since the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, suddenly several people are jumping on a newly formed Kickstarter “bandwagon”. There are some things worth bringing back, especially if fans have wanted it (this in my opinion is okay for kickstarting). I just don’t want studios to abuse this in the future.

    • Exactly. If they’re just gonna dangle the possibility in front of fans to extract some funding money from them, then keep the rest of the budget minimal and kill the production values, we’re just gonna end up with fans who lost money on a subpar movie adaptation.

      I agree that shows without proper endings could make for a good film, and get decent turnout. But a lot of these shows were also cancelled for a reason – it’s just that not enough people watched them. And if they couldn’t get enough people on TV, I’m doubtful that they’ll get enough moviegoers to make a good profit off of it. The intensity of the fandom will likely not be able to make up for that, which is also probably why the studios won’t pump more money into it – and again, we may have a subpar film. No thanks.

  4. THIS IS AMAZING. Chuck is in my top three all time favorite shows. I would definitely contribute as much as I could to this. I never did watch Veronica Mars, but, after reading about the whole Kickstarter thing, I definitely plan on catching it on Netflix. I don’t know how other Chuck fans felt about the last few episodes of season five, but I certainly didn’t care for them, so I feel like a Chuck film could put a few things back on track. I need more Jeffster!

  5. In the last couple of days… After the Veronica Mars kickstarter Success, It seems that a lot of shows have been looking into the possibility of revival… I am one of those fans, that cannot express how excited I am, of this development… Cult favorite shows such as Pushing Daisies, FIREFLY, and now CHUCK!! I am Fandemoniumly Ecstatic!! I believe there are only a handful of celebrities out there that are able to get this “For the fans” movement into high gear, and Zachary Levi is one of them.

    After the second season of Chuck was broadcasted, Levi along with the show creators and the rest of the cast rallied fans and with resounding success got a Chuck-Subway deal that pretty much convinced NBC not to cancel the show. Zachary Levi is also a founder of the american based company and website NerdHQ. This company runs their event a few blocks from San Diego Comic Con and can actually compete. (If you thought getting badges into SDCC13 was difficult, try getting into a panel for NerdHQ, almost Impossible) I cannot think of that many actors or actresses that is as deeply rooted or any more fueled by its fans that Mr. Levi.

    Mr. Levi, as a Chuck Fan, I look forward to your next Flash!

  6. I miss this show and would love to see a movie.

  7. As a huge fan of Chuck and the performers of the series, I’d enjoy seeing them all come together one more time. If nothing else, to undo some of the damage done by the yoyo that was NBC, never telling them if they were or were not going to be canceled. I think it happened to them 2-3 seasons and made for some abrupt stops and restarts along the way.

  8. When Chuck ended and the fans right away wanted a movie, I firmly believed then that if anybody was going to get a Chuck movie made it would be Zach Levi. So when this kickstarter idea for VM not only happened, but was extremely successful, my first thought was Zach Levi must be all over this. I am glad to see I was correct. If the VM movie is successful and WB makes any profit, then I see no reason why this cant work for Chuck as well. Especially with Zach Levi leading the charge.

    In regards to the so called “closure” that Chuck fans recieved, I dont know if thats entirely true. Yes, there was a planned final season, however despite having some good moments (after all, its still Chuck), I think its safe to say that season 5 was one of the weaker seasons (if not the weakest) of the series. As for the 2 hour series finale, despite great acting and some really fantastic moments (some of the best of the series in fact), the way the series ended left a lot to be desired for many fans, myself included. So, if Zach Levi can get a Chuck movie in the works and TPTB are able to follow up on the current state of the Chuck universe and maybe “right some wrongs”, I think only then will many Chuck fans recieve true closure.

    I am also aware that many fans didn’t have a problem with the way the series ended, so for them they are just getting more of their favorite show.

    If Zach Levi can get WB to pull a VM for Chuck, histroy has taught us that Chuck fans will show up and support the show.

  9. Huge Chuck fan, and when the Veronica Mars news broke, my third thought was was “What if they did a Chuck movie too?” (first thought was Firefly, and my second was Samurai Jack ;)), but then I immediately thought “Where would it go though? What story would it tell?”
    ‘Chuck’ had such an emotional ending that I think it would kinda be an injustice to make a movie that continues where that last scene left off.

    …But, if they can up with something that’ll work and not undermine the way the show ended, why not? I’m sure there’d be more than people interested in backing the project (I’d even donate if Kickstarter wasn’t restricted to the US & UK).

    • more than *enough people

  10. Just do heroes because that had to be the biggest cliffhanger ever and the thing about that is ….
    It wasnt an intentional cliffhanger

  11. This would be great! The series finale was fantastic, but very sad! I’d love to see what happens next!

  12. Poor Indiegogo.

  13. Loved Chuck when it first started, but slowly lost interest when they turn him from a bumbling, in over his head, everyman…into a…spy.


    I didn’t even watch the last season.

    RIP Chuck that I loved.

  14. I would LOVE to see a Chuck movie! Keep fighting. :)

  15. Yes I would donate money to continue to see Yvonne on TV.

    Next question?


    Fillian will be hard because of Castle, but Tudek is only in Suburgatory (thats.. eh) poor summer hasn’t been doing anything (.. whoever played zoe is in Suits)

  17. “…there is already closure for Chuck viewers.”

    I disagree. There is definitely NOT “closure” with Chuck. It was a five year roller-coaster ride, that ended with an unresolved, completely vague and melancholy smooch on the beach. Did Sarah actually lose her memory, and have to get to know Chuck, and all her friends, all over again? Or does she need to go off and have the spy life she remembers and not be burdened with all these strangers having feelings towards her that she doesn’t share? That’s not closure, that’s a gigantic question mark!