Chronicles of Riddick 3 Plot Details

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chronicles of riddick 3 Chronicles of Riddick 3 Plot Details

To no surprise, Chronicles of Riddick 3 was just confirmed a few days ago with its star Vin Diesel set to return in one of his career-defining franchises. At this point, the film’s tentative title is simply Riddick and it’s set to be distributed domestically by Universal and internationally by Lionsgate if things go according to plan.

And going according to plan is exactly what’s happening at this early stage. According to THR, the Riddick property is hot in demand and Lionsgate was able to get a bidding war happening in Russia for the rights to its distribution where the asking price has jumped up past $2.5 million for that country alone. This was after a late-night presentation to buyers that Diesel himself attended.

The most interesting part of the report however, are the details about the sequel’s plot that were revealed. If you’re interested, skip on ahead after the jump to check it out.

The following snippet is from The Hollywood Reporter’s latest report on Riddick which refers to a part where they feel the movie is “tailor-made” for the Russian market which is currently eating up sci-fi flicks:

“Riddick” delivers on both counts. Though billed as a back-to-basics approach to the character popularized by Diesel, the script features the character — the most wanted man in the galaxy — left for dead on a barren alien planet, dealing with “trisons” (three-legged bisons) and “mud demons.” He must then contend with two squads of bounty hunters, one of which ride rockets called jetcycles.

Barren alien planet with crazy aliens hearkens back to the plot of Pitch Black. As for the jetcycles, I’ll have to wait and see.

As I said above, the confirmation of Riddick’s return is of no surprise as Diesel has continuously expressed interest in making another film, especially during and after his involvement with a pair of well-received video games to go along with the franchise.

A year ago, leading up to the release of the game titled Assault on Dark Athena, Diesel revealed that David Twohy was working on the script and last summer we found out that Twohy had two versions of said script to pitch to the studios; a PG-13 one that studios would like and a more hardcore truer-to-the-character-and-story Rated-R version which Vin and Twohy want to stick to. They didn’t like having to make that concession when they did Chronicles of Riddick and this time they want to go back to the basics as they did with Pitch Black and make it properly without the need of an over-inflated budget.

Combine that with Diesel’s facebook message from early December about them scouting for shooting locations in New Zealand for the new Riddick movie, and we knew it was happening.

Twohy, if you’re unfamiliar with the name, co-wrote and directed both previous Riddick films and the more recent thriller, A Perfect Getaway. I’ve actually enjoyed all of these and I’ve not hid the fact that I’m excited to see another Riddick live-action feature film.

What do you think of the plot details for Riddick?

Source: THR

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  1. sounds like a great direction for the franchise to go
    it needs to be R rated to stay true to the original.
    no more of this PG-13 crap

    till next time

  2. I saw the PG-13 theatrical version of The Chronicles Of Riddick, which was okay, but it seemed to be a bit confusing. I've also played the Assault On Dark Athena videogame, and always thought that it should have been the sequel to Pitch Black.

    Looking forward to the third installment with anticipation.

  3. Assuming this one takes place after Chronicles, I hope they explain what happens to the big army that he ended up with. That & it does need to be rated R.

  4. yea they better explain what happend to his army of nekromungers.

  5. So where does this fit chronologically? Before Pitch Black? After Chronicles? I like the idea of getting back to basics but you do kinda have to honor the timeline…

  6. i love absolutly love the riddick films and i cant wait. this one sound pritty good but i think they should turn escape from butcher bay into a movie.

  7. i dont understand how the that plot follows chronicles

  8. I could see this plot fitting into the story. Perhaps Vaako or another Necro tryed to overthrow Riddick as the Lord Marshal and left him for dead on some random planet, where now he has to fight his way off the planet and get revenge on Vaako for taking his place. Just a though based on what was in this article.

  9. I'd assume it is before pitch black…

  10. Man I hope its not a prequel. I liked both the first two and had no problem with the scope of the second one. Im not the biggest fan of prequels considering you know how the end. I liked the idea of the Chronicles of Riddick the Underverse then a follow up by Return to Furya.

  11. Wow, great news all around. Did we actually just witness the director and the star learning from their mistakes?

    I like Chronicles a lot but I LOVE Pitch Black. Most fans of the character feel the same and looks like Diesel and Twohy understand that. Something probably did happen with Chronicles that made the end product not up to Twohy's standard and I'm glad they're going smaller budget, focusing on the character.

    Glad to see them not going for BIGGER IS BETTER (*cough Michael Bay). If we learned anything last year it's that budget does not equal quality. District 9 and Avatar were both AMAZING movies but apples and oranges when it comes to budget. There's a time and place for both.

    Can't wait to see Riddick on screen again kicking ass !!!

  12. What happen to Riddick army ? I bet you 30$ that he got bored and kill them all.

  13. Woohoo!! Another Riddick movie!! Yes, let us return to the badassness of “Pitch Black” and hope our anti-hero finally gets the girl, instead of girl growing up and getting skewered. I loved “Chronicles” and thought Karl Urban and Nick Chinlund were fantastic and hopefully Mr. Chinlund will return to the wonderful role of the pugnacious Toombs!

  14. I saw Pitch Black when it opened 10 years ago and loved it immensely. I also remember seeing some bad Vin Diesel movies, like xXx. While I enjoyed Chronicles of Riddick, I think going “back-to-basics” is the best thing. Twohy has always delivered a great film, imo (haven't seen Getaway yet), so I'm pumped for this re-teaming.


  15. this movie will flop

  16. Count me in. I think Ridddick is one of the most underrated characters in modern sci-fi and can't wait to see him in action again.

  17. another one of twohy's great movies is the arrival. charlie sheen stars, and its about aliens

  18. why will it flop.chronicles with the high budget and low reception didnt even flop.(dvd sales were fantastic) so why would a lower budget and better recieved movie flop

  19. sounds good to me

    i would love to see another Riddick movie

  20. Like others have already mentioned, it seems like they should maintain the storyline from TCOR. Even though that movie wasn't perfect, it was a new story and not the refurbishing so common today. If that planet is somewhere connected to the Underverse storyline then I'm game, maybe where Riddick needs something from that planet, but I hope it doesn't just ignore the last movie.

    That being said, I welcome Riddick's return.

  21. To be perfectly honest, I loved Pitch Black but not because of Vin Diesel or his character Riddick. I loved the world that Twohy created for Pitch Back and its monsters. I always wished for a return to that world, with or without Riddick.

    I mildly enjoyed The Chronicles of Riddick film, though the ending was so weak and obviously setting up for a sequel of sorts that it ended up feeling more like a TV pilot than a satisfying “whole” film. Again, I wouldn't mind seeing the end of that story, as the movie just stopped halfway through the “real story”.

    I see the two films (PB and CoR) as two completely different vehicles. Each deserved a sequel. And each deserved to be quite distinct from the other.

  22. First off this movie needs to be rated R like Vin and Twohy want it to be! Second they need to rap up what happened at the end of the last movie before they move on to some other storyline!

  23. I'm very curious how they continue off the end of the last movie as well.

    • The necro’s are said to desert Riddick and after that Riddick sets out for revenge.. Or atleast thats what i read a few months back, not sure if its changed or if that was just rumor…

  24. I'm very curious how they continue off the end of the last movie as well.

  25. A lot of people don't like Vin Diesel for some reason. Most people don't give him enough credit. I liked all of the Riddick films, a played a beat both Riddick games. Hopefully Riddick 3 will sell enough movie tickets, and dvds to warrent a video game sequel.

  26. A lot of people don't like Vin Diesel for some reason. Most people don't give him enough credit. I liked all of the Riddick films, a played a beat both Riddick games. Hopefully Riddick 3 will sell enough movie tickets, and dvds to warrent a video game sequel.

  27. aw man i cannot wait to see this!!!! the 2nd one left me with a hole in my heart lol. i just have to know if he became the rule of the necros. wish jack and the holy man didnt die. :-(

  28. i think its a great idea; the Chronicles of Riddick is one of my favorite movies; im excited to see how this one comes out and hopefully its entertaining and interesting.

  29. The Chronicles of Riddick is now my favorite all-time movie based on how many times I’ve watched it and the fact that I still cant get board with it. The imagination that went into the plot, the set and costume design and even the outfits worn by the commanders wife was really unique. But I completely agree with what others have said before me…We need to know what happened after Riddick became king of the Necro’s. Seriously, what bounty hunter would even attempt to go after Riddick now? Only the one they left in a cage on Crematoria is crazy enough to steal a prisnor from the necro’s. Finally, they shouldn’t have never killed off Jack(aka kira)! I liked her. I really really really hope the budget department, the writers and the director dont screw this franchise up!

    • I watched this movie a dozen times and still love it. Let me know more about the sequel. I am kind of new to the chronicles of riddick but I love the Necromongers I am stuck on that race. eef