Chronicles of Riddick Sequel Begins Location Scouting

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chronicles of riddick 3 Chronicles of Riddick Sequel Begins Location Scouting

For those of you looking for the return of Vin Diesel as arguably his best on-screen character, Riddick, it looks like it’s one step closer to reality.

On his Facebook page yesterday, Diesel put up an update which included a line revealing that the team behind the next Riddick movie were scouting out locations already – a great thing to hear for those of us anticipating the sequel to 2004’s Chronicles of Riddick.

“The Riddick team is in New Zealand location scouting already… that’s exciting”

The last we heard on the Riddick 3 front was from writer David Twohy, the man who wrote A Perfect Getaway in addition to writing and directing the Riddick films. That was back in August and at the time, he was working out two ideas for the sequel, one of which that would be Rated R. There was studio interest in another PG-13 version, but he said it was a mistake to go that route with Chronicles of Riddick and that they may aim to go independent this time around.

The scale of the film would be closer to that of Pitch Black than its high-budget, special effects laden sequel. More money is generally good but in this case, I like the idea that the priority is on telling the story the right way.

I really dug Pitch Black and I even enjoyed its sequel, though there were many out there that did not. I’m also liked A Perfect Getaway so it’s no secret I’m excited to see Chronicles of Riddick 3.

Are you excited for Riddick’s return?

Source: Vin Diesel (via AICN)

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  1. I’m very excited to hear this. I was worried I might not ever see another Riddick movie! I have always been surprised by the fact that a lot of people didn’t even know about “Pitch Black”. I liked them both and I can’t wait to see another instalment of the series.

  2. i actualy liked the second 1 more. its one of my favorite movies. i also liked pitch black a extremly excited. i think vin diesal does a great job as riddick in both the movies and games.he is actually 1 of of my favorite characters of alltime. cant wait for the next movie.


  4. Pitch Black was one of the best Sci Fi movies in the last few years.

    Chronicles was also REALLY good and underrated, although I can see why it rubs ppl the wrong way.

    Either way, they created a very memorable characters in Riddick.

    The games were both EXCELLENT and developed the character even more.

    What I’m trying to say is that I’m really excited for this movie and glad they found a way to continue the franchise bc Chronicles did not do so well.

  5. Ogb is the latest Riddick video game any good?
    I too am looking forward to a new Riddick film…

    Anyone see Babylon AD, what a piece of crap that was, a retarded version of “Children of Men.”

  6. I have been waiting for more Riddick. It’s about time.

  7. Yes, the game was GREAT.

    I stopped playing because I don’t like those “types” of games, just a personal preference, but it really is an amazing game.

  8. Is it true that one of those scripts entertains the notion of Riddick conducting a search & destroy mission on the screenwriter(s) behind The Pacifier? :)

    I can’t say I’m necessarily looking forward to a third film but that isn’t to say that I wouldn’t watch it if/when it happens. I enjoyed Pitch Black – expressly, the character dynamics between who the good & bad guys really were. Never really got the entire point of Chronicles of Riddick but it looked cool and there were some good performances.

  9. I’ve been waiting for this sequel since the last one came out.Hope I get to see it before we all perish in 2012. :)

    But seriously,does anyone even know what the story will be about this time around?

  10. Longshanks, It’s interesting you brought that up, because I was just thinking and hope it will be a stand alone story. I like the Riddick universe but see no reason why it has to follow the standard progression, picking up where the last one left off. I just hope they take it somewhere really good. Twohy, Diesel if your reading this don’t fail us!!!

  11. Good points guys, as much as I loved the 2nd movie, it would be great to see Riddick thrown into a “smaller” scenario like the one in Pitch Black. In Pitch Black he REALLY stood out. One of the most badass characters on on film. That was lost a little bit in Chronicles.

  12. Make it in New Mexico!!!
    Lotsa sand (see “Transformers”, “the Year One”, “Terminator”, etc)
    Puts money into the U.S. economy, not a foreign country… We have experienced crews and LOTS of background people.
    oh, and… I’m really excited about more of Riddick. “Pitch Black” was an awesome movie! (but y’all know that…)He reminds me of Conan… very uncomfortable sitting on a throne after he kicks everybody’s @$$.
    …”It’s an animal thing….”

  13. Chronicles really isnt that bad, there was a great film in there just waiting to escape.
    I think for a sequel, go back to the series roots and make it a smaller story, I’m not saying small budget or effects, but keep it simple. The character of Riddick is one of the best for years, and I think this has real potential to come back and surprise a lot of people.

    Also, if the ever get round to making another Superman, and they want to do Lex Luthor in a robot suit. Hire Vin Diesel. Sorted.

  14. Both Pitch Black and the Chronicles were excellent and original, but completely different films. I particularly enjoyed the desolation of the planet and character development of Pitch Black, but also favored the great effects and visuals of Chronicles. I hope this third installment captures the best elements of both!


  15. Vin is an idiot. I think he waited way way too long to reprise these roles..

    the one im waiting for the most is Trip x. I dont know if they finally cut him a better offer, or he finally realized that hes got a unique style of movie that he needs to stick too and better not get punchy with the contracts.

  16. Hi,My names BlueCollar and I’m a “Chronicles of Riddick” movie fan.

    I know the sequal to Pitch Black feel short in many ways but I don’t see it being as bad as it often protrayed; there are many far worse films just as there are far better ones of thee genre. I like the idea of going back to a PITCH BLACK type of film though, especially if they get that hottie Claudi Black to come back even though she died in PB.

  17. I also didn’t mind the sequel to Pitch Black, although some FX were a bit lame (the CGI monsters in the prison) — but I also would like them going back to a modest budget.

    They say they will go indie but I’m sure Universal (or its sub-line Rouge) will distribute.

  18. YAY! I’ve wanted to see another Riddick movie since TCOR came out!

  19. I agree with you ,old man.I think that the next movie should not directly follow the plot of the last movie.

    I think almost by definition,by calling them “chronicles”,they could go in any direction with the story and as long as there is some sort of continuity,it would work out just fine.

    As much as I don’t like prequels,I wouldn’t mind seeing one here.Ultimately,I think they will go this route just because the foundation has already been set and Hollywood writers are lazy.This would be the easiest thing for them to do instead of having to write something totally original.

  20. Agreed! Keeping it as a chronicle is the best way of keeping the franchise alive. The one theme that was in both movies and the Anime is Riddick is at his baddest when he brings the lights down. Of course both movies also had the signature chase and pursuit scenes. But hey, all is good if they can reignite the chemistry. They can take it where they like, just get it in the theaters…

  21. @ Longshanks,

    They did make a prequel in the form of the video games where Diesel was heavily involved.

    The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay & Assault on Dark Athena.

  22. Both games were excellent! Very difficult though.

  23. @ Rob

    To those of us who DON’T play video games that’s not much use :)

  24. Well, I know a lot of people don’t want the next film to follow the last but I would still want to know what happened after Riddick became emperor. I would assume he wouldn’t want it but I would want to see what he does, maybe give it to Karl Urban’s character. A prequel would be something I would be interested in because I don’t know exactly what happened to his people and how he got captured in PB.

  25. Well John “Kahless” I think many fans would, but being a chronicle allows more diversity and now is a good time to use it. It would give maximum possibility to the story your talking about too, rather than driving it into a trap where Riddick must confront the realities of the underverse, and possibly have an entire society strapped around him that can’t be shed. I think the story your talking about should be far more lavish than this team should attempt right now too.

  26. This is good news. I would like another Chronicles film and I also agree with the consensus here that it should be a smaller, stand-alone story. I vastly preferred Pitch Black to it’s sequel, but I still enjoyed the sequel. I think part of it was the Pitch Black was an extremely original idea (like The Matrix) and the sequel just “Hollywooded” it up (like The Matrix sequels). This sequel NEEDS to be rated-R and return to it’s roots.

  27. Pitch Black was great but Chronicles was epic, much better… (IMO)

    Ogb, can you go from first person to third in the new game?

  28. I liked both of the Riddick films, and even the animated one in between the two live action films.

    Easily Vin Diesel’s best role. Iron Giant was a close second.

  29. Yes, but you have to enter a (cheat) code

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