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chronicles of riddick 3 Riddick 3 Title & Script Review

Even after Chronicles of Riddick became a big box office disappointment for Universal Pictures and actor/producer Vin Diesel, there’s been talk of Riddick 3 for years. Diesel is passionate about the character which is exemplified in his work on the video games and voicing the character in an animated feature titled The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury.

Diesel, along with Riddick’s most loyal fans, knew there was opportunity to make another great film along the lines of his introduction in Pitch Black. So, working with director/writer David Twohy, the plan is bring Riddick back to his roots in a lower budget and grittier, harsher take on the character with no concessions being made for the big studio mainstream mentality.

As it should be.

Corona Coming Attractions posted an exclusive review of the script for Vin Diesel’s third Riddick movie which is now titled Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking and we have the juicy details on it for you.

The last we heard on the project was that they were scouting locations in New Zealand a few months back and that the Riddick 3′s story would follow Riddick on a barren planet playing the survival game. In the film, Vin Diesel’s character would reportedly be combatting three-legged bisons (“trisons”), mud demons and bounty hunters who ride in style on jetcycles.

Reading through the script review, we know a lot more details about the movie now, including specifics as to how Dead Man Stalking will fit in with the events of Chronicles of Riddick which saw the title character seemingly become Lord Marshal to the Necromonger army by the end of the movie. There are definite spoilers and revelations about the story if you read on so be warned.

Riddick 3 early creature concept art 570x342 Riddick 3 Title & Script Review

Riddick 3 early creature concept art

[Spoiler Alert]

We’ll go through this bullet form to keep it short and to the point. Here are some key details about Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking:

  • Movie starts with Riddick on the ground of a barren planet, near death as he’s surrounded by creatures that deem him as prey.
  • There are flashbacks to when Riddick took over the Necros which feature Karl Urban’s character, Vaako.
  • Riddick has not fully accepted leadership and some aren’t pleased. Assassins continue to come after him.
  • Riddick offers to give Vaako command if he takes him to his home planet of Furya.
  • Vaako agrees and on their trip, things go bad and he ends up where we see him at the start.
  • There’s a big reveal about Riddick in the movie about a connection to a character previously seen in the franchise.
  • The script certainly earns its hard R-rating – violence and language is authentic Riddick.
  • Riddick is finally depicted as the hardcore human hunter he was hinted at being in Pitch Black.

It sounds to me like us Riddick fans are in for something special if this movie is done right. The film reportedly has a $60 million budget which isn’t as small as I expected it to be, but that’s a good thing with a lot of the scenes being described. It seems the investors Diesel sold the ideas and story on are very confident about the 100-page script.

I’m also very supportive of Twohy’s and Diesel’s strictness on bringing the character to screen the right way this time and that Riddick 3 have that R-rating.

Diesel is making his comeback and now that he’s fully accepted the idea of sticking with the franchises that treat him well (Fast & Furious, XxX) I think there’s a great opportunity with the next Riddick movie.

What do you think about the story of Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking?

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Source: Corona Coming Attractions (via IESB)

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  1. Just waiting for Aliens… :-)

  2. I love Riddick!!! I don't know why Riddick 2 failed at the boxoffice. The fans will love it so I can't wait!!!

  3. I can't wait for Riddick 3. I don't know why the second failed at the boxoffice, it was great.

  4. Does anyone remember a rumor from a while back concerning a Conan the King movie? That movie would have been about a lone warrior who somehow seized the crown of Aquilonia single-handedly. Now, look at the final scene from Chronicles of Riddick and compare it to one of the covers from the 70's series of Conan paperbacks whick shows King Conan sprawled out on his throne. Robert E. Howard never quite got around to writing that story so some AH in Hollywood wrote one of their own and then re-purposed it as a Riddick script. That story was neither Conan nor Riddick. I would really enjoy seeing a back to basics Riddick movie more like Pitch Black and I hope it gets made.

  5. How much did the 2nd movie make bc I remember the theatre being packed and crowded

  6. I'm a bit on the fence about this.
    Of course, as a die-hard sci-fi fan, I'm actually quite excited about another movie.
    And as a HUGE fan of the original film (Pitch Black), I've always dreamt of a real sequel to the film.

    That said, to me, Pitch Black was not about Riddick. He was just one of the characters. He survived. That's pretty much it. I found most of the non-survivors far more interesting. I was always hoping for a return to the WORLD of Pitch Black rather than a return to one of its (in my opinion) secondary characters.

    That said, I actually did like Chronicles of Riddick… although, it probably could have been pulled off better. It felt, and after repeated viewings still does feel, like part of a franchise that never existed. Other than the character of Riddick, I just don't see CoR as being set in the same universe as Pitch Black.

    I would have liked to have seen a series of films developing the material from CoR, that's for sure. There WAS great material there, but it felt just… dumped in our lap.

    Lastly, I simply don't find Diesel a convincing enough actor to support a film on his own. As part of an ensemble, sadly, I find that he tends to be outshone by the dimmest bulbs in the chandelier. His personality just doesn't come through. I KNOW there's something there, below the surface. I've seen hints of it in the different films he's done. But it always ends up being drowned in a morass of clich├ęd “action hero” shtick.

    As I said, I'm quite torn about this. I wish I could be really excited and love the idea, but I don't. I'm sure it will make a great popcorn flick.

    In my opinion, Pitch Black was far better than a mere popcorn flick. It really deserved a well-thought out sequel. CoR wasn't it. As things are set up now, this 3rd film will begin anew. A new planet, a new situation, but the same (again, in my opinion) not-so-interesting character (who could have been interesting, had he been developed differently). This film will probably fall as flat as the 2nd one did with audiences. They are being asked to start over from scratch far too often.

  7. @lastdrag
    it made 24 million first week in NA and 107 million total worldwide off of a $120 million budget.
    anyway i loved both movies and i cant wait for this one.

  8. also i think a $60 million budget is perfect not to little but small enough that they could make a good profit.

  9. I was kind of curious about that, too. I checked Box Office Mojo just now and the combined domestic-foreign total came out to a little over $115 million. Now, for what I've heard, TCOR did really well in DVD sales, so they kind of made up for the $105 million budget.

  10. Interesting, it appears my idle prediction/hopes for what would happen from the one piece of early concept art (from the previous post) ended up being pretty close to what they're doing. That in itself reassures me. I just hope it doesn't come across as forced decisions by Vaako just so Riddick can be thrown onto another planet, but that there's some believable rationale behind it all. If they're keeping the story more controlled and centralizing it then that hopefully shouldn't be hard to do.

  11. What the heck? I thought I posted that comment in the blu ray thread… I was wondering why I was getting notifications for this article, I kept thinking, “what did I comment on that one???” lol Oops…

  12. Thanks man

  13. Wow, It totally bombed. I remember watching it in a crowded theater but i guess it was the only one.

  14. Reading this article has me very excited to see the next installment of the franchise. Very few franchise films are worth my while since the market is inundated with so many sequels and spin offs. I think there is one franchise per decade that I really enjoy from the 80s, 90s, and naughts. This would be the latest exciting installment.

  15. That budget was originally intended as 110 million but it ended up at 150 million

  16. Hard to say. I think the theater I was in then was filled up well enough, but I was more inclined to say its problems had more to do with how it was marketed. I never entirely felt like the advertisements established just who the intended audience was. It wasn't quite to the extent of almost faulty advertising as happened with Watchmen (hard enough a story to peg down, much less a viable audience), but just lacking somehow.

    You'd get the Fast and Furious/XXX fans who expected it to be one thing, but it never really reached the more sci-fi crowd who I think might have given it more of a chance. Notwithstanding the fact it was a film with Vin Diesel, and he hasn't been able to shake the image of being just muscle. This movie may not shake that image much, but I think Riddick as a character and the universe established in the last film has a lot of potential.

  17. After reading this article, I am officially looking forward to Riddick 3.

  18. Sounds great!

    A logical continuation of TCOR without the big budget to do the Underverse story. Maybe they can do that in another sequel or in a different medium (game or comic).

    Dark, brutal and Riddick as the cool antihero. I like the Mad Max – Road Warrior analogy and anti-Star Wars. Now I know why Vin said “Rambo (First Blood) in Space”…

    I guess “Dead Man Stalking” was just a working title ^^

  19. I wish Kyra could come back, the movie just won’t be the same without her she and Riddick definitely had a connection that should be continued. And what harm could a little romance do, right?

    • You have hit upon a key element really… this movie is flashbacks and the thread is woven through his struggle to get Kyra back as a part of going back through himself to reach the underverse… a process which he will reject in some form or fashion as Kyra was able to do…

      I am speaking about this as if I know for certain but truth is I have only heard bits and pieces about production… along the lines of seeing 3 different characterizations of Riddick as past present and becoming self

  20. Bring us the Riddick!!! Been waiting far too long for this one and it looks amazing!! If you are a pitch black fan or a riddick fan definitely play CoR: dark athena. The game totally optimizes the character and is a must play for any sci fi fan!!

  21. pb is the best, but cor is good in it’s own way. everyone i talked to likes these movies. escape from butcher bay is my favorite game in the series. haven’t played the sequel, but heard it’s ok.

  22. By all means, bring back Riddick. A great character with a great story. I loved the two films and the animated DARK FURY. RIDDICK 3 sounds fantastic.
    Bring it on, Vin !!!

  23. I have been waiting for YEARS for the next Riddick movie! I can’t Wait! I only wish though, that the story was about Riddick traveling to the Underverse to rescue Kiara’s Soul and bring her back from the dead… Killing necromungers and evil spirits all along the way!

    • OMG Thats totaly wat i said!!!

  24. I agree with Caleb, I really liked Kiara’s character. I had no idea until now that they were coming out with another movie. I just watched PB and CoR and decided to search to see if they were gonna make a new one any time soon, and now I know.

  25. heres the problem- the character is a confused study- Hollywood has been waiting for a racially ambiguous,sexually ambiguous, theocratically ambiguous character to try to impose their confused misguided arrogant beliefs on the world for quite a while- and they thought this actor and character was it.they thought wrong,- the anti-hero thing works because we care about the reason- this character has no reason-therefore he is not an anti-hero,but something else quite undefined and that is why it wont work-ever no matter how much “cool” stuff is in the flick.

  26. So has anyone else wondered why Riddick was blinded with light in Pitch, yet in Chronicles he hardly wore his goggles at all? Please go back to basics Pitch Black is a great film!

  27. Watching riddick right now!!! Cant wAit for fast five, return of Xander cage and new riddick they should go to the underverse and look for jack and can’t wait for rated r riddick

  28. so please please tell us when we might see the latest Riddick fix on our silver screen????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    sincerely a couple of die hard Riddick fans in Colorado

  29. I like everything I’m hearing EXCEPT the title.