New ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ Movie in the Works

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aslan1 New Chronicles of Narnia Movie in the Works

Three years have passed since 20th Century Fox released The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader to a less-than-expected box office take and mixed reviews. That film marked Fox’s effort to resurrect the franchise after Disney – which released the first two films – passed on the opportunity to develop a third adaptation of the novels by C.S. Lewis. Collectively, the three Narnia films have earned more than $1.5 billion worldwide, but the future of the franchise has remained hanging in the balance since Dawn Treader failed to live up to expectations (it’s worth mentioning that the film still managed to bring in over $400 million worldwide).

Last we heard, The Magician’s Nephew – the first film in the series chronologically – was in line to become the next Narnia adaptation. However, Walden has since undergone restructuring and will instead focus on third-party productions, essentially meaning that the company is out of the Narnia business. It appeared as if fans’ hopes for another film were fading fast, but just like Aslan famously returned to the world of the living in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the Narnia film series will indeed live on.

The C.S. Lewis Company has announced a partnership with The Mark Gordon Company to develop and produce a fourth film in the series. Rather than going the prequel route, the companies are instead bringing The Silver Chair to the big screen. Originally published in 1953, the novel is set after the events of Dawn Treader and features the return of several of its key characters, though there’s no indication just yet if any of the cast or crew of the previous film will return. Gordon’s film production credits include Source Code and 2012.

magicians nephew narnia aslan New Chronicles of Narnia Movie in the Works

This news certainly comes as good news to fans of the acclaimed seven-book Chronicles of Narnia series and means that there’s still a possibility that the entire saga may make its way to the big screen someday. Still, the announcement curiously makes no mention of Fox producing The Silver Chair, which may indicate that the studio has yet to commit to another Narnia film. The partnership between The C.S. Lewis Company and Gordon’s is a critical first step in backing the new film and starting it on its way to theaters, but until cameras start rolling, there’s still a chance that The Silver Chair may hit another roadblock, as such production difficulties have become especially commonplace for this franchise.

Are you looking forward to another visit to Narnia, or would you prefer that the powers that be give the film series a break? Sound off in the comments section below.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for all the latest on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair as this story develops.

Source: The C.S. Lewis Company

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  1. May need to edit the article description since it tells us which book is being turned into a movie in the title.

    I liked The Silver Chair though (the best two in the series are The Magician’s Nephew and The Last Battle though) so hopefully it’ll turn out good on film but I still hate the fact that the first few movies were too cartoony and goofy looking.

  2. I didnt know this franchise still exsisted.

  3. Not a fan of series after the radicalization of Lewis’ subtext from ‘Horse and His Boy’ onward. Not a fan of the films. Just my personal opinion.

    • Radicalised in what way?

      You didn’t know from the very first book that it was a retelling of the Christian theology with Aslan as Jesus? The fact that he was sacrificed on that table and then resurrected days later?

      I’d say that Lewis remained pretty consistent throughout and as a non-Christian who doesn’t ascribe to any religions (I find religions to be outdated and existing only to label people into separate groups rather than one global community), I have no reason to believe the Narnia books are radical or offensive in any way.

      • Yeah, it doesn’t get much more radical than the theology in both The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe as well as The Last Battle… the rest in the middle only deal with minor theological themes.

      • Calamorens (spelling?) are analogues of Muslims and Hindus and they’re the ‘bad guys’. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a well written series. But being a non-practicing Muslim myself you might see where my discomfort with series’ message stems from.

        • If I may, naledge, Lewis’ theology might not be as black and white as you think. In the Last Battle, one Calorman was specifically told by Aslan (God), that he had been serving Him all along. Certainly Christian, but it’s a far step for painting all Muslims as being evil and doomed for hell. This Calorman was supposedly a kind individual, devoted to his religion, and fought against Narnia because he was taught that it was evil. Ultimately he is let into Aslan’s Country (heaven) without any penalty.

      • He is Risin –Aslan Livs!

  4. I enjoyed Dawn Treader for the most part, although I have not actually read any of the books. However, the possibility of all of the original cast members being phased out, and Eustace being (a/the) lead does not exactly sound appealing to me.

    • Aslan is still there. You can’t go wrong with Liam Neeson :)

      And the other characters are only phased out for this book. Most of the main characters from throughout the whole series return in the final book. If we do get all of the books adapted into films, then we will be seeing some of the older actors and characters again.

      • In the books it was a sign of maturing if Aslan didn’t invite you back to Narnia. He had done what he needed to do with you there, now its time to live in the real world.

        Besides, Eustace is practically a different character in the Silver Chair.

        • Yeah, I do understand the thematic progression in the books. It’s just the actors.

  5. I enjoyed the second and third. DO IT.

  6. OMG! I WANT ANOTHER ONE AND MORE AND MORE!!! Narnia used to be one of the best movies I ever saw along with the best, most beautiful soundtracks I ever heard, and it still is one of my best movies. Nothing made me love Narnia more than the films, they even encouraged me to read the ‘Silver Chair’ book! I’ll be more than glade to watch this franchise until the end. For my love and excitement to be complete, they must bring back Harry-Gregson Williams as a composer for the fourth installment. The beauty and the magic of his scores are indescribable! I’m listening to one of his scores right now 😀

  7. Are they going to film that with a consumer video camera again, like they did the last one? At least that’s what it looked like, thanks to amateur hour in the DP department.

    • Bingo.
      The first one looked epic and the second was still very enjoyable, but the third looked like they had to hire the Xena film crew who also brought their own production equipment.
      The entire time I felt like I was watching a TV Series.
      I enjoyed it only for the fact that I loved these books as a kid, but not for the films own stand alone merits.

  8. I only kind of enjoyed the first one and was bored to tears in the next two. Love the books, though. I can’t even point out really what I thought they did wrong in the movies, I was just bored. But a lot of people seem to enjoy them, so it’d be cool if they did the whole franchise just for the sake of it.

    • I’m pretty much the opposite, hehe. I guess it really just depends if you’re a visual person or more of a reader. I don’t read very much, the only books I was ever really able to get into were the Harry Potter books and a few of the Narnia books. I was very bored reading about half of the Narnia series, and nearly hated two of them (Horse and his boy and Voyage). But for me, I’ve actually enjoyed all of the movies. I think it just depends on the type of person you are, not necessarily the quality of the books or the movies.

  9. I was actually a fan of the last 2, i dont mind seeing another

  10. The third was actually my favorite so far. I am definitely willing to watch another. I’m a BIG C.S. Lewis fan.

  11. For sure looking forward to this film. I always hoped that the silver chair would be the next in the franchise. Narnia is a favorite childhood series of so many. Not making these films would just be like leaving a chest of money unopened.

  12. I actually never thought they needed to do all of the books (probably considering the only books I really liked were the first two and the last one). But the film adaptations of Prince Caspian and Voyage really surprised me (especially considering how much I disliked the book Voyage of the Dawn Treader). I absolutely welcome another one of these books being brought to the big screen (although Magician’s Nephew and The Last Battle are the only ones I’m really looking forward to).

    That being said, if they do adapt all of the books, I think they’ll really need to put a lot of work into the book “The horse and his boy” which I thought was pretty bad. In fact, it wouldn’t mean anything if they just skipped that book altogether (it takes place during the events of Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe, and doesn’t really add anything to the story).

    • The Horse and His Boy sets up the villains of the Last Battle: Calormene and Tash. And we get this cryptic line:

      Rabadash: On this venture you are to regard every drop of Narnian blood as more precious than a gallon of your own. On this venture, I say. The gods will send us a happier hour….

      Considering they practically brought about the end of the world, yikes. They’ll need a retool to differentiate them from Muslims though.

  13. The first one was good and entertaining. The second was boring and i fell a sleep in the middle of it but the third one was way better and more interesting and i think it was the best in the series.

  14. I’m glad to hear this though I probably would watch it later when it hits home video, but my nephews love this franchise so yeah, I think this will make them happy. The 3rd one had signifincant changes from the actual book though (seriously, I don’t know why Fox did that), hence it’s probably the least entertaining of them all.

    • They did it because the book was a bunch of disjointed adventure island stories. That looks messy on a film screen unless there’s some kind of plot tying the whole thing together.

  15. I might be wrong, but wasn’t it reported a while ago that the next movie would be The Magician’s Nephew?

    • Whoops! I guess I should’ve read farther into the article.

  16. Despite my preference of Phillip Pullman’s work, the first film was watchable. The second was some sort of audio visual cure for insomnia. Fearing the drool stains on my shirt if 3 were as bland and forgettable as 2 I never dared it. I couldn’t care less of they make one or not. Would love to see The Subtle Knife get a go though.

  17. Crap…. They should have done ”The Magician’s Nephew”

    You could have had the birth of Narnia, The Rise of Both Aslan and The White Witch, not to mention the creepy as hell scenes of the Witches home planet.

    (Which she killed her own sister an life on the planet to win the war) you waste that on the Silver chair?

    My opinion… Mehh……….

    • They’re adapting the books in the order they were originally written:

      The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
      Prince Caspian
      The Voyage of The Dawn Treader
      The Silver Chair
      The Horse and his Boy
      The Magician’s Nephew
      The Last Battle

      Besides, I’d prefer them making the prequel right before the big conclusion. Making it during the middle of the series would just be weird.

  18. I think there’s a need for more family-kids oriented movies. I SAY, LET’S DO IT! I enjoyed the first movie when I was younger, but now I hope they come up with something similar for my kids to enjoy.

  19. I say this is only a good move if they plan on adapting all of the books into movies. We have three out of seven done, if they want the other four, it makes sense to keep adapting the way they’ve been (in the order the books came out). The only problem there is no one is going to want to see “A Horse and His Boy.” I didn’t see Voyage yet, but I thought the first two movies were pretty boring to be honest. I like the books, but the movies were just bland.

    Regardless though, I’d see The Magician’s Nephew in a heartbeat. It was my favorite in the series, and I’d be surprised if they found a way to make me not enjoy it on film too. So if they’re not doing every book into a movie, I say they should go for The Magician’s Nephew next and then call it a day. I would say do The Last Battle too, but that doesn’t really make sense without doing all of the other ones too.

    • The Horse and His Boy is mostly filler, but it does establish Calormene, which has a huge part in the Last Battle. What they can do there is play them up as villains in the promos.

  20. I enjoy all three movies. So am looking forward to this one even though its not the prequel I was hoping for.

  21. The third one was the most fun of the series. I hope that they continue it with this one.

  22. Just make Skulduggery Pleasant into a franchise, unless they are going to be butchered the please no.

  23. The first two I really liked. The third one… not so much. And I say why not for a fourth. Might as well not stop now!

  24. I really liked The Silver Chair but I think it’ll be a tough sell to audiences, who may still be expecting the older principal cast – effectively only Eustace will appear in it, and while I liked his character’s growth, it’ll be hard to see him lead a major movie on his own. Yeah I know Aslan and Caspian appear, but those are pretty much cameo roles. I can see why the original plan was to go with The Magician’s Nephew. But hey, let’s wait and see…

  25. I got 3 Chronicles of Narnia on DVD’s.

    1. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
    2. Prince Caspian
    3. Voyage of the Dawn Trader (The whole package)

    I cannot wait to see The Silver Chair

  26. Prince Caspian is the superior movie adaptation so far. Just a shame they released it in the summer rather than the Christmas season where it would have grossed a lot more at the box office for sure.

  27. Heartening and encouraging indeed to hear that THE NARNIA SAGA is moving forward.For me as an avid cinema viewer of all kinds of cinema, all the 3 movies were good and appealing for sure as charcters kept growing physically.And the most charming ASLAN with a voice was sure the backbone and must truly say , yes it will be welcomed by all fans to watch clean entertainers than the routtine bang bang stuff…Sure looking forward to THE SILVER CHAIR AND MORE…REAMINING 4 :) Until then Cheers to Narnia and team behind moving it, worth the effort and wissh the best

  28. To be honest I’m not bothered which new narnia movie you are going to make, i just want to hear Aslan’s voice and follow the story of Lucy and Edmund.

  29. These movies are just meh, I laugh everytime people try to compare it with TLOR.

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