New ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ Movie in the Works

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aslan1 New Chronicles of Narnia Movie in the Works

Three years have passed since 20th Century Fox released The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader to a less-than-expected box office take and mixed reviews. That film marked Fox’s effort to resurrect the franchise after Disney – which released the first two films – passed on the opportunity to develop a third adaptation of the novels by C.S. Lewis. Collectively, the three Narnia films have earned more than $1.5 billion worldwide, but the future of the franchise has remained hanging in the balance since Dawn Treader failed to live up to expectations (it’s worth mentioning that the film still managed to bring in over $400 million worldwide).

Last we heard, The Magician’s Nephew – the first film in the series chronologically – was in line to become the next Narnia adaptation. However, Walden has since undergone restructuring and will instead focus on third-party productions, essentially meaning that the company is out of the Narnia business. It appeared as if fans’ hopes for another film were fading fast, but just like Aslan famously returned to the world of the living in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the Narnia film series will indeed live on.

The C.S. Lewis Company has announced a partnership with The Mark Gordon Company to develop and produce a fourth film in the series. Rather than going the prequel route, the companies are instead bringing The Silver Chair to the big screen. Originally published in 1953, the novel is set after the events of Dawn Treader and features the return of several of its key characters, though there’s no indication just yet if any of the cast or crew of the previous film will return. Gordon’s film production credits include Source Code and 2012.

magicians nephew narnia aslan New Chronicles of Narnia Movie in the Works

This news certainly comes as good news to fans of the acclaimed seven-book Chronicles of Narnia series and means that there’s still a possibility that the entire saga may make its way to the big screen someday. Still, the announcement curiously makes no mention of Fox producing The Silver Chair, which may indicate that the studio has yet to commit to another Narnia film. The partnership between The C.S. Lewis Company and Gordon’s is a critical first step in backing the new film and starting it on its way to theaters, but until cameras start rolling, there’s still a chance that The Silver Chair may hit another roadblock, as such production difficulties have become especially commonplace for this franchise.

Are you looking forward to another visit to Narnia, or would you prefer that the powers that be give the film series a break? Sound off in the comments section below.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for all the latest on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair as this story develops.

Source: The C.S. Lewis Company

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  1. I think they should make another movie soon because if they don’t soon everyone wont remember what the first 3 movies were about. And they should try to get most of the cast back. I would be glad and I bet every other fan would be too.

  2. I love The Chronicles Of Narnia I own the book and all the movies so far that have been made please keep making them God Bless you all and thank you

  3. I’d always assumed that since The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, and The Dawn Treader were made within a decent amount of time of each other that the “powers that be” in the movie industry were planning on seeing the entire series through to the big screen. I can see where there would be issues involved; they needed to be made a quickly as possible–so that the kids wouldn’t appear to be growing up too fast–but without sacrificing quality. The next movie in the series SHOULD be (in my opinion) The Silver Chair, not only because Eustace needed to be as close to the age he was when he was in The Dawn Treader, but because it makes much more sense to have them continue in the order they were written, for ease of understanding. (Not everyone has read The Chronicles of Narnia, but I think everyone should!!) But then I remember one of the books that takes place during the reign of the Pevensie children, which is The Horse and His Boy, which is a great story, but it takes the focus (for the most part) off the Pevensie kids and instead is a tale about the plights of two children from different backgrounds and their talking horses–it’s a story that is entirely in the world of Narnia. So, that one I think should be made last, instead of The Magician’s Nephew, which tells the story of how Narnia came into being and why it was up to children from our world to correct a wrong done by two other children from our world during it’s creation. The Last Battle should be made right after The Silver Chair. So the order that would make the most sense would be this: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe; Prince Caspian; The Dawn Treader; The Silver Chair; The Last Battle; The Horse and His Boy; and The Magician’s Nephew. (Or, the last two I mentioned could be reversed; it wouldn’t hurt the story.) SO….while I really hope that the rest of the stories will be transferred onto the big screen, I’m not going to hold my breath. I can see why there would be issues involved in the whole process.

  4. Please keep on making the narnia movies. I have all the books and so far I have the 3 movies. It wouldn’t be right to leave everyone hanging.

  5. I was initially fearful that any film version of the Narnia Chronicles would fatally water down the Christian content. On the whole, I have been pleasantly surprised, though there has been a bit of hedging. The Last Battle, esp. at the end, is perhaps the most explicitly Christian of the books, and that may present problems for those in the film industry unsympathetic to such.

    • I feel like they have watered down the Christian content, personally, especially after the first one, and they certainly have drastically changed the storyline. The books from here on out touch on themes (the climax of The Silver Chair clearly is addressing atheism, for example, and The Last Battle not only is a Christian view of the end of time but also will be seen as anti-Muslim) that unless they are going to have the guts to address these issues as C.S. Lewis did and the artistic sense to keep to the storylines (the last movie was so distant from the book it should have been called “based on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”), I’d rather see them quit where it is, as much as I would love to see these books come to the big screen. And I don’t want to wait until 2018….I don’t see how they could do that, given the characters’ ages, and be at all consistent with the story…if they’re going to wait that long, maybe it’s best to call it quits.

  6. Another movie PLEASE!!!!!! I love this series! Every one! Please make another one!!!!!

  7. I am a Mom who when her boys were growing up read all of the Narnia books, a chapter at a time, for bedtime. Now I am a Grandmother whose sons own the Chronicles books and read them for themselves over and over again and read them to my Grandchildren. I am a huge advocate of reading the printed Word and the Chronicles of Narnia have touched our family’s life to promote reading. But in this high tech world I have also been pleasently surprised by the 3 Narnia movies that have been produced! Just last night my husband and I, 64 and 55 years old, sat and watched Prince Caspian, AGAIN, for the ?th time, and I wondered and hoped for the next movie to be made. The Silver Chair would be the next in line with Eustace, before the actor gets too much older, and if he agrees to make the movie. And a HUGE “Thank You!” to the stars who played Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy for your hard work and servants hearts in the making of the first three movies! God bless you!

  8. I personally think that it works better for The Silver Chair to be made next and that may result in The Horse and his Boy being made into movies.

    For a start I think that the cameos made by Tilda Swinton as the White Witch in both Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader suggest that witches never really die and that you can always get them back as the Hag says in Prince Caspian. And the movie version of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader suggests that she might even be the large sea serpent that the characters encounter. So perhaps The Silver Chair may portray her as a smaller version of the serpent who is seen poisoning Prince Rillian’s mother and then in her witch shape persuading Rillian to give her a drop of his blood so that she can come back under the pretext of offering to help him avenge his mother. Then when she takes serpent shape again later in the movie she could be shown as getting bigger and bigger so that potentially she could become as big as the sea serpent except that Prince Rillian manages to slay her before she gets too big.

    Meanwhile, I do not think that it is too much of a problem that Will Poulter will be into his twenties by the time that the movie starts shooting. Both Peter and Susan easily looked like they could be in their last couple of years at school in Prince Caspian as did Edmund and Lucy in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. So The Silver Chair could easily get away with having Eustace being in his last year at Experiment House.

    The book The Silver Chair also makes some references to The Horse and His Boy, which was apparently written at the same time as The Silver Chair. One of these references is about how Eustace and Jill hear a blind poet tell the story when they are staying at Cair Paravel. Perhaps in the movie version they could have a scene where the blind poet is seen finishing the story and Jill asks Eustace if he had ever heard it before and he could say that he had heard it from Peter and Edmund and Lucy. Then there could be a scene where Peter, Edmund and Lucy are seen finishing telling the story to Eustace at which Susan enters and comments on what wonderful memories they have and how they still think about all the funny games that they used to play when they were children.

    The effect that such a cameo could have is introducing the premise of The Horse and His Boy, which, if it is made, could open in Cair Paravel where Peter as High King could be seen bidding farewell to Susan, Edmund and Lucy as he readies himself and some troops to push back against giants of the north who have crossed into Narnia. During this he could be seen strongly advising Susan to not go with Edmund to Calormen saying that he did not trust the intentions of Prince Rabadash, which Susan could then be seen rashly retorting. Then the scene could change to Shasta setting off on his travels with Bree, which could be interspersed with Aravis setting off on her travels with Hwin. Then as Shasta and Ararvis are seen make their journeys and joining up with each other there could be interspersed scenes of Susan and Edmund and their entourage, which includes Prince Corin and Tumnus, going to Tashbaan where Susan discovers the truth about Rabadash. During this she could have an encounter with Aslan in the temple of Tash where he reveals to her that in fact Tash is really the White Witch in another form, during which Tilda Swinton could make a cameo as The White Witch, which she could also do during the night that Shasta spends amongst the tombs outside Tashbaan and encounters the ghouls, while he waits for Aravis, Bree and Hwin to join him. Then later on at the end of the movie Susan could be seen being repentant to Peter for not taking his counsel to not go to Calormen. Then Tumnus could enter and tell them that the white stag had been seen. And Peter could say to Susan that it is now time for them to have a new adventure. Then Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy could be seen riding from Cair Paravel going in the direction of Lantern Waste like their older counterparts in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie. And this would all work because the actors by then could be something like the ages that Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are when they end their reign in Narnia and return to their own world.

    Following this The Magician’s Nephew and The Last Battle, if they get to be made, could be made as companion pieces, which could have The Magician’s Nephew opening with Lucy trying to persuade Susan to join her and the others to talk about Narnia, which Susan refuses to do. Then Lucy could be seen at her parents’ house joining the Professor, Peter, Edmund, Eustace and Jill, during which Mrs Macready could enter and ask if Susan was joining them. Then Lucy could say that Susan still no longer believed in Narnia. To which Mrs Macready could reply that one day Susan will again like she herself did again adding that when the Professor told her about their adventure when they went through the wardrobe and she saw the transformation that happened to Edmund she started believing in Narnia again and realised that she had been silly to agree to live with the Professor as his housekeeper when he had said that that was unnecessary after she first became widowed. Then the Professor could say to her: ‘Come on Polly. Let us tell them again how Narnia began’. Then the movie could portray The Magician’s Nephew as it is told in the book, during which a statue of Tash could be seen in Charn near the hammer and bell, which Digory strikes. Then the movie could finish with Digory or the Professor, Polly or Mrs Macready, Peter, Edmund, Lucy, Eustace and Jill sitting at a table where Digory and Polly are heard finishing off the story. Then a noise like an explosion could be heard. Then a wall could be seen opening to reveal Lantern Waste, which has everybody exclaim and then they could all be seen entering Lantern Waste at which point the movie ends.

    The Last Battle could then open with Susan amongst the debris of her parents’ house where firemen and police officers are seen speaking to her and explaining how an unexploded bomb from World War II which had landed in the drains during the Battle of Britain had gone off destroying the house. Then the scene could change to Lantern Waste where Digory, Polly, Peter, Edmund and Lucy could be seen appearing and wondering where Eustace and Jill are. Then Eustace and Jill could be seen making their way towards the Larnp-post, at which the scene could change to Puzzle and Shift seeing a lion’s fleece going downstream. Then the movie from there could portray The Last Battle as it is told in the book with Eustace and Jill next being seen when they come to Stable Hill and free Tirian from being tied to the tree, during which they tell him how they arrived in Narnia and had spent several weeks looking for the others to no avail and had seen that things were amiss in Narnia. Then the movie could continue portraying The Last Battle as it is told in the book with Tilda Swinton doing a cameo when Tash transforms into her after Peter tells Tash to be gone and to take Rishida Taarkan away. Then Tirian could be seen meeting up with Eustace and Jill who introduce him to Digory, Polly, Peter, Edmund and Lucy who tell him that they had spent what they supposed a long time looking for Eustace and Jill upon arriving at Lantern Waste. Then there could be much confusion about where they are until they realise that they are in the New Narnia, during which the movie could continue as in the book. The movie could then end with Aslan explaining to everyone how they died in the explosion. Then he could be seen changing into a man. Then Lucy could say to Polly: ‘If only Susan was here’, to which Polly replies that she will come sometime, which will not seem long to them but will to Susan until she joins them again. Then during the subtitles a scene could happen where Susan is seen amongst the debris of her parents’ house, during which Aslan in his man shape comes to her and puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her to come with him and let him help her, at which they walk away.

  9. I really want to see these books come to life as movies hopefully with the same original people, because that is one of my biggest pet peeves is when a series uses different people. I have read all the books except finishing the last battle bc I honestly don’t want Narnia to end.!

  10. I wish there was more I interest from the studios for this. The Silver Chair is more adaptable than the Dawn Treader. It is a good choice to go this way instead of prequel. If you are trying to revive the series, this has a better chance, with a clear plot and sequences that lend themselves to action, without as much distortion of the story that was happening in the last two movies. Is there a petition or something floating around to show the extent of fan support?

  11. I am absolutely not a religious person but I have always enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia just because it is a good story. You don’t have to be a christian to enjoy the characters. Not everything is about religion even if it was supposedly written that way. Sometimes good entertainment is just that, good entertainment.

    I do wish they kept the original cast similar to the Harry Potter movies. It would have been nice to watch the characters grow.

    • All 3 movies have been awful. The Dawn Treader being the worst of the 3. Can you imagine if Peter Jackson had been allowed to make these movies! Now that would be something to get excited about. As it is, I will not see another Narnia movie unless all reviews say they are amazing. I love the books so much and have read them multiple times since my teenage years so it really pains me to see the stories being so screwed up.

  12. It would be a grand shame if the Narnia series on film wasn’t entirely completed.

    It is a classic & is on par with Harry Potter for me.

  13. We need the full Narnia series on the big screen. It is a favorite children’s series and influential in Christian thought, so not having it on the screen would be a tragedy.

  14. The Narnia series is so amazing. Seeing all 7 books as major movies is a must!!!!!

  15. Yes , indeed, would love to see more of Narnia…Simply simple and cativatingly moving for all ages and global peoples…Rickkey

  16. I loved the Narnia books, but the movies have been horrible adaptations of the book, almost worthy of being “based on” the books. There is a reason that fans came out in droves and left in droves. The movies have no resemblance to the books and were oftentimes the opposite of the feelings and attitudes that the book portrayed. There is still a huge fan base that want to see the movies made. The stories will sell themselves. Hopefully Walden Media stays as far away as possible. Bring it on!

  17. I am massive fans of the books and find the stories one of the very best ever. They deserve to be made into movies. I am looking forward to the next movie and I hope all the books get made into movies. P.S. Dawn Treader is my favorite book and movie. :)

  18. I have been a fan of the Narnia story’s since I was at junior school and I am now 60. It would be a real shame if they stopped making the films as the story’s are so good. I’m sorry they are not making The Magician’s Nephew next as I think this is one of the best stories.

  19. I would love to see each and every one of the books in the series made into a movie! I LOVE everything Narnia! My four sons absolutely love and adore the movies and the books. I hope and pray that they’ll be able to keep the same cast if at all possible.

  20. YES, YES, YES! I LOVE all the Chronicles of Narnia and will greatly anticipate the next film. There are so many levels of meaning in these books/films. There is something for everyone to think about and enjoy.

  21. I would love to see all seven stories on the big screen. Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think anyone has accomplished this. I’ve only seen the old movies, which stopped with the Silver Chair. Additionally, I believe the stories should be presented in their original order–NOT chronologically. It just seems more exciting that way.

  22. I’ve been waiting since my childhood to see these all make it to the big screen. as a fan of fantasy, a fan of the Narnia books and a fan of the movies, I would love to see them all make it up there someday. I don’t care in what order, as long as Last Battle is made some time after Silver Chair. I just want to see these make it ont ot the screen someday.

  23. Yes, I personally would love all seven of the Narnia books to come out on film. The series is an excellent read and at least, so far, the film’s have been awesome. I don’t really care how good or bad the ratings were. My opinion of them stands, to me.

  24. Please, please, please do another movie. What a wonderful way to get the message of God’s love out to the world.

  25. I really hope they make The silver chair. I have seen the other 3 films so it would be good to see this one is well.

  26. The reason “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” didn’t do as well as expected is because the script for the film wasn’t super strong. I felt that too much emphasis was put on expensive special effects, and not enough was was put into making the story touch the heart. (Too bad John Lassiter from Pixar couldn’t have a look at the script before it went into production. He’s the best in the business, I think.) “Silver Chair” needs a great screenplay before it gets green lit. That will be the key to success. I hope it will happen.

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