Fox Unhappy With ‘Chronicle 2′ Script’s ‘Evolved’ Story

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Chronicle 2 Script Fox Unhappy Fox Unhappy With Chronicle 2 Scripts Evolved Story

This year’s found footage flick Chronicle surprised many for being one of the better stories recently seen in the genre, due in no small part to the strength of the script. The success quickly spawned rumors of an imminent Chronicle 2, with screenwriter Max Landis signed on to continue the story.

In a candid moment, Max’s father Jon has explained things aren’t going as smoothly as one might think. Those hoping to see the premise and mysteries of the original explored further seem to be out of luck – apparently, Fox wants more of the same.

The news comes from an interview conducted by ThePlaylist, covering several of the projects being developed by the veteran writer/producer. During the discussion, Landis commented on the various difficulties and artistic disagreements that can bring even the most promising films to a screeching halt.

Take, for instance, his son Max’s Chronicle 2 script being met with resistance from Fox:

“He wrote a sequel, and it’s amazing, and the studio read it and said, ‘We want ‘Chronicle’ again!’ And he said, ‘No, this is the sequel, it’s the evolution, and they said ‘No, we want that movie again!’ So it’s difficult, we’re dealing with a difficult business.”

That admission is going to disappoint plenty of fans, and we don’t just mean of Chronicle or the found footage genre. It’s not a bad thing that Fox wants to repeat the surprise of the original film, as the super-power-infused coming of age story was artfully handled by both Landis and director Josh Trank. But hearing that the proposed script is actually attempting to evolve the story beyond a simple origin, and perhaps delve into the ‘alien’ technology, was exactly what many had hoped for in a sequel.

Michael B Jordan Dane DeHaan Alex Russell Chronicle Fox Unhappy With Chronicle 2 Scripts Evolved Story

Besides being disappointing from a story standpoint, this news seems to make the odds of Trank returning even less likely. With a job helming the Fantastic Four reboot and the task of developing Shadow of the Colossus for Sony taking his time, Trank himself had expressed concerns that a Chronicle sequel might have to struggle to avoid being a rehash. His desire to focus on more original properties might have made an evolved sequel a possibility, but not a trip down the same path.

Of course, that’s assuming Landis cooperates. The screenwriter has plenty of buzz backed up by an uncanny ability to have story pitches optioned, so this situation could play out any number of ways. We’ll keep you updated if Fox provides a response.

What do you think of Fox’s decision, assuming Jon Landis’ comments were accurate? Could there be a chance to see the superhero-evolution film we’ve been hoping for, or is Chronicle 2 bound to follow the Paranormal Activity route?

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Source: The Playlist

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  1. I think it should def be a sequel to what already happened in the first movie and the kid that survived should be evolving with his powers.

  2. I think the sequel should do what Matt said. It Should be about him evolving with his powers and discovering the origins of them. I don’t think they should have another group of people that has the same thing happen but with a different outcome. That would be a horrible idea… The story should be him discovering the origin of their powers and if they need too bring in a new character with the same powers.

    • Totally agree. It would ruin everything if they did the same thing all over again with new people and it wouldn’t really be a sequel then, more like a completely different movie from the original. The logical thing for a sequel would be exactly what Matt said at the end, to find out more about what happened at the cave and to find the truth. Anything else would just ruin the point of Chronicle in the first place.

      • yeah you are right and maybe he finds someone else who also got the powers or something like that …

    • i think that u should atleast let chronicle 2 show on theaters cause im pretty pretty sure that there is a lot of fans waiting for chronicle to show up.besides u could ask for votes

    • I totally agree with you Andrew

    • Look, I know everyone wants to see Matt discovering his powers. But I think there can be more to this then just this. My suggestion would be Matt comes home after laying low from what happened. After Andrew and his mom’s funeral, Richard (Andrew’s alcoholic dad) is still drunk but then he sees the meteor that crashed in his backyard, he gets those powers from it and starts using it for evil. Matt doesn’t know that Richard is cause havoc and killing innocents cause he’s drunk with power because he and Kacey are researching the meteor. Matt watches footage from Andrew’s camera and saw the scenes where his dad attacked him and lied to him about everything. Matt feels guilty for saving him and he shows the footage to the police. Richard then finds out Matt exposed him and decided to hold Kacey as a hostage on the hospital building. Matt tells Richard not to do it, he tells Matt “give me the camera or else she dies” Either way, Richard kills Kacey by dropping her from the building and Matt could save her.Thats when Matt gets angry and starts to clash with Richard.

      • That’s just too stupid. Are you 12

      • Not bad. Well thought out, (don’ listen to the person below you). I’d also like to see something happening on a global scale.

  3. just make a part 2 please its my favorite movie it would mean a lot to me and all the another fans if the story kept going

  4. I think it the sequel should take Place with Matt Figuring out the origin of the powers but the adventure is also with Matt’s girlfriend and they find another cave and she gets powers too and Matt becomes stronger and might be able to revive dead people? Just some ideas…

    • I like that idea

  5. I think that the sequel should be where Andrew didn’t really die, as he has developed his powers a lot quicker than the rest. I think that Matt should try and discover the origins of his powers, whilst Andrew is looking for him. Just a thought, that would be an awesome movie.

    • +1

  6. I have to say as a fan of Chronicle I would definitely hate to see a reboot of the series. No offense to Fox but they have been widely known to greatly ruin movie sequels and they need to leave Josh Trank and Max Landis to their own mechanisms. Chronicle was a huge hit and Fox needs to have more faith in these brilliant men to produce a sequel that is not only more of the same but delivers an even more intense mind-blowing experience.

    I really do not want this series to die out. This movie needs a sequel. If not a sequel at least a videogame series. If Max Landis persued a videogame sequel he could script it entirely as he wanted.

    • Agreed

  7. You have the exact same name as my father, unrelated.

  8. Of course leave it to Fox not to listen to the fans. Bloody wankers, give the fans what we ant and you get more money. No one cares what Fox wants

  9. I have an idea of how they could do the sequel. Maybe Andrew is believed to be dead but because his powers have evolved more than expected and he is considered an apex predator as he explained in the first film he somehow managed to survive or heal from his apparent death. Meanwhile Matt is continuing to search for answers as to how they received their powers and the origins of them. With no one else to stop Andrew from his continuous destruction Matt suddenly discovers something that might just change everything.

  10. why dose FOX always screw the best movies and TV shows up.i agree with Jon, if they just want more money than just give the fans what they want and they’ll make more than screwing around with he movies.

  11. Just pick up where the first movie left off. I like the idea of matt’s GF somehow getting powers. Throw in another person with powers that becomes the crazy one, but atleast have him/her smarter because there older now. Or just flip the script, and do on in the future where matt’s gone off the loco train, and have part 3 answer the questions. staring with his GF, getting killed cause of someones powers. what ever works, the first movie was boss.

  12. I like the idea of having Andrew coming back to life to but at least bring Steve back to u guys for got all about him I mean without Steve most of the powers (like flying) would never have been discovered without him as you saw in the film he was actually finding out what else he can do with his powers faster than Andrew and Matt and besides Steve and Andrew were really close in the film and after Steve’s death he got more emotional than ever and gone a rampage so maybe they can have Steve come back to life but since he didn’t get far with his powers like Andrew did he takes awhile to heal and come back life so like in the 30 minutes of the film you see him again and Andrew

  13. Okay, so what I think would be a cool sequel is if Matt became a scientist to try and figure out what happened and find his way in to a job where he would be investigating meteors and things from outer space. While checking out a new meteor he could discover it gives a telepathy ability. Then he ends up realizing a group of friends checked it out and they already have the town under mind control or something.

  14. Okay, so what I think would be a cool sequel is if Matt became a scientist to try and figure out what happened and find his way in to a job where he would be investigating meteors and things from outer space. While checking out a new meteor he could discover it gives a telepathy ability. Then he ends up realizing a group of people from near the landing have checked it out and they already have the town under mind control or something.

  15. I agree with fox.
    I don’t wanna see a movie about super heroes and the world struggling to accept them. I wanna see normal teens like me doing exactly what me and my friends would if we had powers.

    I don’t wanna watch a damn x-men spin off

    • I think Andrew and Steve should come back, Matt should b more powerful and explain to Andrew what happen is in the pass. Then both Matt and Andrew bring Steve back to life and from the effect of bringing him back they use so much power that the alien orgin finds them through telekinetic. After being found by the alien they want to know more about it, they capture the alien and, matt having not been dead picks up the ability to mind read… He uses the powers on the alien not fully understanding the powers he mistakenly kills the Alien which starts a war between them and the alien race!

      • While I think that is a good start to a storyline, I don’t think it would fit well with the first movie, it would stray too far from the first plot, but not a bad storyline for an original film or something

  16. I think a sequel of any kind, either forward with Matt/ discovering the origins would make a great movie.

    (spoiler alert)

    I also like others ideas saying maybe Andrew didn’t die. At the end Matt just lays there and fakes dead and flies away, who’s to say Andrew doesn’t use the same trick once the police pull him off the spear? They keep it quiet to not have people panic and the movie could evolve from there( I’m obviously no movie writer). I think anything which progresses the movie would be good at this point.. Even leak a script just so I can finally get some settlement on it lol

  17. When they were bringing Andrew to the cave, they said, “A bunch if people were over here. They were obsessed with the thing.” Then the government covered it up, which also leaves potential for others to have got powers.