Chris Nolan Gets Quizzed About ‘Dark Knight Rises’ At The Oscars

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Inception writer/director Christopher Nolan was at the Oscars supporting his much-lauded science fiction opus, which was nominated for eight awards but ended up winning only four (although, it was one of the big winners on the night).

Talk obviously turned to Nolan’s next directorial effort, a little film called The Dark Knight Rises. The director remained tight-lipped about the project, however that won’t stop fans looking for hidden meanings within his limited comments.

When the British director was stopped on the red carpet by MTV, he was quizzed about the theme for the movie. The interviewer mentioned that the theme for Batman Begins was fear and that for The Dark Knight it was escalation, so what would the theme for The Dark Knight Rises be? Nolan was coy (or evasive) in his response:

“Wow! That’s a tricky one. I actually don’t have an answer for you today. I’m gonna have to really think about that.”

The interviewer then asked him why Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy were chosen for the roles of Selina Kyle and Bane. Again, Nolan didn’t give too much information away, but he did smirk when he said:

“Once you see the film in 2012 you will completely understand why they were the perfect choice for these characters.”

Nolan was finally asked if he would be willing to produce (not direct) another Batman film, with Christian Bale in the lead once he completes The Dark Knight Rises. Again the director gave away very little information when he said:

“Well, I’ll say this: We’re very much excited about really finishing a trilogy and giving a conclusion to our story. And that’s what we’re doing.”

So, what does all of this mean for fans of Batman‘s cinematic exploits? Well, in true Christopher Nolan style, it means everything and nothing. Possibly.

Like the characters in the director’s film The Prestige, Nolan is a master of misdirection. He keeps his cards (and plotlines) close to his chest, revealing what he wants, when he wants. For Nolan, not to know what the central theme of The Dark Knight Rises is, is just too silly to imagine. He has worked on the script and plotted the storyline for his trilogy for nearly a decade. To give it away before the film starts shooting (to an MTV reporter no less) would be unimaginable.

Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight Chris Nolan Gets Quizzed About Dark Knight Rises At The Oscars

Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight

The casting of Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy is also an important factor, something that Nolan knows. He has something special in store for the characters of Selina Kyle and Bane, something that hasn’t been seen in their previous screen incarnations. Remember how amazed audiences were when they saw Heath Ledger’s Joker? Think about that and then expect something along those lines.

As for Nolan leaving  Gotham for good once The Dark Knight Rises is done and dusted? I wouldn’t imagine that he’d sever ties with the Dark Knight totally. The Batman franchise has offered him the enviable position of being able to make any film he wants (see Inception) and even stepping back and producing the series like he is doing with Superman would keep Warner Bros. happy. It would also afford him the opportunity to keep making personal projects, no matter how big the budget.

There’s not much to go on, but just be willing to expect the unexpected from Christopher Nolan.

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Source: MTV

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  1. Still feel he got completely robbed for Best Original Screenplay last night. Let’s hope TDKR will finally get this fantastic filmmaker a statue.

  2. This is what I love about Nolan, he keeps the details to himself. It makes the movies a mystery, and we actually think about every answer he gives. We know nothing until Nolan tells us, and that gives him the ability to surprise us when he wants to.

    Today with the digital ages, if a little leak of information gets out, it’s out to everyone. It’s impressive how little we know about Nolan’s movies before it’s official.

    I can’t wait for TDKR, hopefully it will be as fantastic as TDK.

    • yeah.. he creates that hype always and most of the time our expectations will be surpassed.. great response from Nolan:-):) can’t wait for the announcement of entire cast..!!

  3. Nolan is truly The Riddler. Love how he keeps things close to the chest.

  4. Even though I didn’t learn a single thing coming out of this article, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  5. Wow. I got chills when I read what he said about Anne and Tom. I know that he will surprise us. He sounds like hes really “ending” the trilogy makes me think he kills batman or something lol.

  6. ^ Nah WB wouldnt let him do that.

    • Yeah I think youre right.

  7. Wow! That’s a tricky one. I actually don’t have an answer for you today. I’m gonna have to really think about that.”

    anyone thought that what he might have said at the academy awards about the central point of TDKR could be confusion? Like if both of the female characters in the story could be after bruce and tricking him in some way. Or both females could be after batman or both bruce/batman. Something along those lines..

  8. Thats overanalysis.
    its just tricky because he diodnt want to answer the question.

  9. man Strandi U litteraly took the words right out my mouth. Thats what my comment was gonna say until I scrolled up and saw yours. Great minds think alike I guess.

  10. At this point, I wish Hollywood would stop asking the guy what he’s going to do. What, do they think they’re the first ones to ask the guy?

    “You know, -insert generic entertainment reporter-, I’ve never been known to spill information about any of my films before, but you seem like a really special guy, so I’m gonna tell you the entire plot right now!”



    Seriously, I wish people still appreciated being surprised the way they did before the internet existed to spoil almost everything.

  11. I just hope they don’t reboot it. Follow these three films with a new story with new actors but keep it in the same universe, maybe through in a little more fantasy to the mix to allow for more villains like Mr Freeze and Clayface. Maybe even keep some of the actors for continuity’s sake.

    • Let me know how that dream ends.

      • WHy is it a dream exactly?

        They have done it with Batman before. Batman Forever is a sequel to Batman Returns despite having a different actor.

    • Why do they need fantasy? You can do every character in the Batman universe totally realistic. Mr. Freeze for example could be just another hitman, a diamond thief, or just a professor using a liquid nitrogen container with a spray gun attached to rob or kill people. Clayface could just be someone who’s a master of disguise not a big mud monster. Killer Croc could just be some crazy cannibal with a skin condition not actually a lizard man. Man bat and killer moth could be villains that dress up as animals and commit crimes, so on and so forth.

      • Hmmm, maybe because that’s not the characters. Fantasy is a part of Batman, just not part of Nolan’s Batman, so they should try something different when his holiness has departed the franchise.

        • His holiness lol! I agree DSB. Including more fantasy elements would make it fun and leave room for Freeze and Clayface. At that point you could bring in the Lazarus pit and Raw/Ducard back too.

        • Fantasy is what ruined the first batch of Batman films. So if you would like another Batman&Robin good for you. Personally I don’t think fantasy belongs in the Batman universe. The DC universe definitely but certainly not the Batman universe. And yes I know that Batman is part of the DC universe but I don’t think he should be. He should be his own separate galaxy while all of the other DC characters should be solar systems in the DC galaxy. Together but separate, different and the same. Do you understand what I mean.

          • I know exactly what you mean. You’re definitely entitled to your opinion for sure. I wouldn’t use Batman and Robin as an example though. The animated series had lots of fantasy elements and it was critically acclaimed and still one of the best adaptations of Bats to this day.

            • IMO, its the best adaptation. It got everything right. Mask Of The Phantasm is my favourite Batman film.

  12. I don’t know he was probably really surprised that an MTV reporter asked him what the theme of TDKR is.

  13. I think Batman will die in dark knight rises.
    “We’re very much excited about really finishing a trilogy and giving a conclusion to our story. And that’s what we’re doing.”, He says and the only way to conclude the story of batman is to kill him.

  14. Every time you guys post up a Heath Ledger as the Joker picture it makes me sad to think about how he won’t be involved anymore with the rest of this franchise. I really, REALLY think that if Ledger hadn’t died, Christopher Nolan would have been on board for more than three Batman movies.

    C’est la vie…

    It sounds as though there is not really so much a theme for this third installment as it is just completing the story that began in Batman Begins. The theme is probably nothing more than just “let’s bring this story to a close, guys, and give ‘em a memorable finale.”

    The second question, when he smirked, he probably just smirked because he started to realize the reporter was trying to pull spoiler information out of him about the movie.

    He’s just not ready to reveal anything right now. I don’t blame him. The movie is still a whiles off.