Rumor: Christopher Nolan Approached to Direct ‘James Bond 24′

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The influence of the James Bond franchise has been readily observable in the recent blockbusters directed by Christopher Nolan – be it the vast global canvas of Inception or the opening plane heist sequence in The Dark Knight Rises – and the filmmaker has expressed interest in putting his spin on the Ian Flemming’s secret agent character multiple times in the past.

Fan demands for Nolan to direct the 24th Bond movie installment began to spread like wildfire over the Internet, once Skyfall director Sam Mendes revealed that he is passing on the opportunity. All in all, it comes as little to no shock that Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson are rumored to have approached Nolan about the directing job.

The Daily Mail is claiming that “informal talks” have begun between Nolan’s reps and the people behind the Bond property, to have the filmmaker tackle Bond 24. However, the publication also points out that, in all likelihood, nothing will come of it (right away); that’s because Nolan will begin shooting his next big-budget sci-fi project, Interstellar, this summer for a Fall 2014 release dates.

Similarly, the amount of time required for pre-production and filming on Bond 24 – which, combined, may be upwards of 18 months - would make it near-impossible for Nolan to both make Interstellar and meet MGM studio’s demands for 007 (played again by Daniel Craig) to return to the big screen within the next three years. Nonetheless, as the Daily Mail’s sources were keen to point out, there’s no harm in planting the idea in Nolan’s head for down the road. (See what I did there? Moving on…)

Daniel Craig Skyfall Rumor: Christopher Nolan Approached to Direct James Bond 24

Now, there’s little need to make the argument that Nolan directing a Bond movie is a very good idea. Mendes has, in the past, openly admitted that the way Nolan used grand action-packed spectacle – in combination with a cathartic and relevant story – influenced his approach to making Skyfall (a critical hit that grossed $1 billion worldwide in theaters); that alone makes Nolan an appropriate fit for the Craig-era of Bond cinema.

As a counter-point: Skyfall feels the game-changing installment in the current run of Bond films (call it the Dark Knight or Empire Strikes Back of the series). Hence, some people might prefer it if the next two installments – both of which are going to feature Craig as 007 – were to take a different approach than Mendes’ on Skyfall (maybe even closer to Martin Campbell’s on Casino Royale), and Nolan might not be the best man for that job.

How about it – are you for or against Nolan directing a James Bond movie, sometime before Craig’s run draws to a close? Sound off in the comments section.


Source: The Daily Mail

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  1. He should wait, nolans brother and himself write his film. Some other guy writing doesnt work. Bond 25 yes, no to 24

    • Exactly right about the script. But isnt Craig on for 25, as well? So, that would make it Bond 26.

      • I was unsure about his contract. Would he be like 60 by bond 26?

        • I think the article says that Craig will be doing the next 2. That is all I was going off of.

          • I hope im still alive when they make Bond 69. Tihi.

  2. WHOA.

    How Dark and Gritty would Bond be under Nolan.

  3. I, without a doubt, want to see Nolan direct a Bond film. BUT, I want it to be on his terms. I want him and his brother to write the script, and I want there to be a new actor playing James Bond. Like someone said in the Open Discussion. Michael Fassbender.

  4. Not surprising. As much as I love Nolan, I really hope we aren’t creating a
    ‘Nolan bubble’ with all this sudden confidence (overconfidence?) in his abilities. Then again, the guy’s a genius so… I hope he gets the job. I’d like to see what a Nolan James Bond movie looks like.

    • Sudden confidence? Man, Ive been confident in his filmmaking the minute I first saw Memento.

      • Sorry, what I meant was the way studios are handing him such big projects now. He deserves them though. I guess despite my faith in him, I still worry that with all the movies being thrown at him, I’m eventually going to see a Nolan movie I DON’T like.

        • Okay, I understand now. I totally get your feelings on that. I really hope he doesnt do anything lackluster, as unlikely as that is. He is easily my favorite writer/director right now.

        • What I like about Nolan is that he’s pacing himself, he simply focuses on one movie every two years allowing him to put his all into them. I mean there’s always a pretty good chance of Nolan or any director for that matter to deliver a lack luster film. But I find Nolan is slimming those chances by focusing on one film at a time.

          • Agreed. I think that is why he makes better movies than some other extremely talented directors, too. He isnt concerned about making the most money he possibly can. He has a goal in mind going into every movie, and that is to tell the best story he can, while still making the movie as visually satisfying as possible.

        • Huh? You prefer he doesn’t get big projects?

  5. I want Nolan to direct a Bond film with Idris Elba as 007. Now, please feel free to either tell me I’m awesome or make the ridiculous claim that “Bond can’t be black!” Believe me, if it’s Elba, oh yes he can!

    • Id love an idris elba bond

    • It would definitely rub a lot of people the wrong way to see Elba as Bond. Personally, I think he could be the most bad ass Bond we have seen to date. Especially with Nolan at the helm.

    • That would be intense and awesome, I’m all for!

    • Ha, I’ll take a third route, huntress: I would be fine with Elba being the next James Bond, but you’re going to have to post more gems for me to deem you awesome :)

  6. It’s on his bucket-list. But I don’t think he’ll do the next one. 25 I reckon

  7. Wait until Daniel Craig is done, then have Nolan do Bond. There is a certain quality to the current 007 Craig has defined and I really don’t want Nolan to drastically change things now that everything has been smoothed out in the past 3 films.

    Should Nolan direct a Bond film? Absolutely. Just not now, I think

    • +1

  8. Christopher Nolan is a big James Bond fan and has expressed interest before in directing
    a Bond film with the caveat that is was after the current run (meaning Craig as Bond).
    I do not think Christopher would do this unless he had his usual ultimate control
    which translates to creating his Bond vision with his casting of James Bond.

    His favorite James Bond movie is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service BTW.

    On a personal note I give Christopher very high marks for always dressing well.
    In a word where everyone looks like a gym or mall rat Nolan dresses like
    directors in Hollywood past including wearing suits while directing.

    • Exactly, it could be a bad mixture of having Nolan’s vision on Craig’s era of the Bond universe, which has pretty much officially been set in stone.

      Extreme 50/50, I would say

    • And why is that Nolan’s fave Bond movie?

      Because Bond’s wife dies and he gave up his job. The black sheep of the Bond franchise but also happens to be the darkest and most personal story.

      If Nolan brought a story like that with the kind of visual look that the Casino Royale movie had (the actual one, not the 60s spoof) then that would be immense.

      • OHMSS is definitely one of the most dark and personal stories ever, but I don’t think it is the one that really hits home.

        “Casino Royale”, IMO, does that more than anything. And this is coming from someone who has read all of the Bond books and watched all of the films.

        • Couldnt tell from your name.

          I think the James Bond character and “genre” is perfect for Nolan.

    • “I do not think Christopher would do this unless he had his usual ultimate control which translates to creating his Bond vision with his casting of James Bond.”

      Which scares me. While I would like him to direct it I do not want him to have any type of overly creative control.

      • Why is that, exactly? He hit a homerun with the Batman movies, in my opinion, even if some did not like the portrayal. The James Bond character is already tailored to fit his style, I dont think there would be many “changes” that he would make. He would just want to write the script, and choose the actors.

        • I think he means make changes as of right now. Craig has at least 2 more movies in his contract and the world his Bond lives in has already been established. The personal qualities have been pushed to the max; he is now on the track of being 007 and stopping another dangerous threat.

          While it may be true that Bond fits his style, we already have this modernized version with Craig that everyone expects to see now. Once Craig is done, Nolan can go in and do whatever changes he wants as long as the Broccoli family thinks it’s okay

        • I did not enjoy his Batman movies as much as everyone else. I did not like the changes he made and would not like to see him make changes with the Bond Franchise just because.

          Changes like Q and M made sense and still kept the characters (more or less) as they have been. Other then that the Bond films have been fine over the years.

          Someone like Nolan (IMO) would come in and make sweeping changes much like he did with Batman.

          Direct it? Sure. Write/Direct his own movie using his own characters? Sure. Taking something that has been around and worked for quite a long time no thank you.

          The issue with Bats is it had to be better then the previous 2. Heck I probably could have hit a homerun with a new Batman movie considering what it was following.

          “as the Broccoli family thinks it’s okay”
          This is probably the thing that will keep him away.

          • Nolan has always been an avid James Bond fan, he was never a Batman fan, or a comic book fan for that matter. I think because of that, and the fact that the James Bond character is already tailored to Nolans style (completely unlike Batman), he wouldnt make these sweeping changes that you speak of.

            • So what would be wrong with a great Director (such as Nolan) just Directing it?

              Thats all im saying. If he is an avid fan he should be happy with the Broccoli story approval and direct it.

              • The only problem with that is that Chris Nolan writes his own scripts, sans Insomnia.

                I know this shows my ignorance on James Bond, but what is the Brocolli stuff being mentioned? If it is someone who is approving the script before the movie is made, what is the problem with him/her/them approving a Nolan written script?

                Nolan doesnt film stories that are someone elses. He tells his own stories.

                • Albert R. Broccoli (better known to Bond fanatics as “Cubby” Broccoli) was one of the founding members of EON Productions, the company in charge of the Bond franchise. He served as a producer ever since the beginning of “Dr. No” all the way to “Licence to Kill”, aside from being a consulted producer for “GoldenEye”.

                  Ian Fleming, the author who created James Bond, trusted the Broccoli family to do what he felt was justice to the character (questionable trust after Fleming died before “Goldfinger” was released and the quality started to decline for a bit, but I digress).

                  Barbara Broccoli, Cubby’s daughter, has served as a producer ever since “GoldenEye” was released.

                  In other words, this franchise was built off of the Broccoli family. They have in mind what Ian Fleming would want because they do have a history with him. So they have always had a MAJOR impact on what goes on in each film, even realizing the “Casino Royale” reboot was a must.

                  • Thank you for the Bond lesson, sir.

      • Don’t worry, the Broccoli family still has a major influence on what they think Fleming would want to happen.

        There are going to be limitations. Nolan has already passed one barrier: being British (I’m not kidding, they are strict on having people of British or similar nativity).

        • @ACW 007

          That’s what I was saying though, OHMSS didn’t connect and it was maybe because it just wasn’t the right time to tell that story. Plus the fact Connery was associated with Bond at the time.

          You know, people say Nolan should wait until Craig is done with the franchise but I think he’d be the perfect candidate to write and direct Craig’s final outing as Bond.

          As for the Idris Elba comments, I like the theory that 007 isn’t just a single man but a psuedonym used by multiple agents over the years so Idris could slot right in if that were the case.

          • The ending? Yeah, that could work I guess. So…either Bond 25 or 26, depending on what he works out with MGM and EON. There are days Craig wants to go on as long as he can and there are days he just wants to stop as soon as he can.

            Who knows, maybe Nolan could deliver a brilliant send-off to Craig’s Bond. Well, you can’t really have a finale per say, but something that would satisfy 007 fans. I REALLY don’t want Daniel to leave, but it has to happen sooner or later

  9. a bond movie with nolan?? hell yes

  10. It probably won’t be the very next Bond film but at some point Nolan will do one. Probably when Craig is done so Nolan can start fresh and isn’t beholden to any of the other films.

  11. Skyfall was inspired by Nolan’s work so why not get the guy himself. Hope he takes the job.

  12. Matthew Vaughn to direct, he’s Daniel Craig’s mate

    • If thats what Nolan needed in order to take his mind off of Bond, I’m actually scared to see what the Bond film would turn out to be

      • There were a couple parts of Inception that seemed “Bond-ish”. And he didnt just come right out and say that, it was a leaded question he was asked.

        No quote will change my opinion that Nolan would make an incredible Bond movie.

  13. If i remember correctly Nolan has stated he wanted to do it with Tom Hardy, soon to be the new Mad Max! I think they are setting up the franchise for Daniel Craig’s replacement in a couple of years. I think DC has been a really great Bond and probably has 1 or 2 more in him, but to quote one of the characters ‘it’s a young mans game, and he should go with dignity’.

    Should be good regardless, not yet seen a bad Nolan movie..

  14. man this would be epic if true – especially with craig as bond he’s most definitely my fav bond. if nolan can’t fit it in his schedule the rumors of Michael Fassbender as the next bond with nolan directing would be pretty awesome too!

  15. Yep. Wait out Craig – should be done after 25, then Nolan steps in to direct with either Fassbender, Elba or Cavill (if he’s not to big-headed from Superman)

    • *too

  16. True, Cavill has expressed interest and was a contender originally, see who is on the hot list when the time comes needs to be the right age for a 3-4 movie deal and starred in recognised hit movie (i think Layer Cake got DC the gig).

    • I think that Cavill would be a good Bond.

  17. Oh man…so torn on this one. I’d have to say… no.

    Gathering from the comments I seen thus far, that only cements my assessment. Here’s why:

    “Nolan should have full control” If that’s what Nolan really wanted, he would never get it. He would be better off going the way of Thunderball/Never Say Never Again if this were the case. With the exception of that, Bond control is in the hands of the producers – that being Eon/Broccoli family. That said, Nolan is generally open to collaboration.

    *Other projects – and with WB in specific.

    * “He loves the franchise” And…I betcha he loved Jaws too. That does not mean he’ll direct/want to direct Jaws 5 should it ever come about.

    * He isn’t needed.

    Now, that’s not suggesting that if, by some magic wand, he was hired to direct a Bond film during the current Craig films or after that he wouldn’t do a decent job. Far from it. So please, folks, don’t get in a tither. What I do think is that he didn’t direct the last three Bond films and they did just fine without him. (yes, I’m including Quantum Of Solace)

  18. C Nolan. if allowed to do it his way would no doubt make one tons of people will go see no matter what

    • Tons of people already see Bond movies to begin with, “Skyfall” is the 7th highest grossing film of all time. The numbers kept growing and growing when “Casino Royale” started Craig’s era.

      But I do get you’re saying

      • *get what

  19. bet if nolan does Bond he always picks somene he use to worked with.

    Bet his choice will be Tom Hardy

    • Nah, I’m betting Christian Bale. Nolan has a very different mind than most people think and I don’t think it would bother him to have his Batman also play James Bond.

      It would bother the hell out of me, but Bale would’ve been a great pick had he not already been Batman.

      • I like Bale and bond more than Hardy.

        If Human Torch can be Captain America, anyone can be anyone. I for one have no problem with Batman being Bond. One has no bearing on the other.

    • Never even considered that, but he’d be PERFECT!!!

  20. I think he would be a great choice but I struggle to see him having any time to do Bind right nowhe seems pretty wrapped up with Interstellar ah well, maybe in the future

  21. I’d like to see Christopher Nolan directing a bond film with Michael Fassbender as the new Bond.

  22. Prescribing to the idea that James Bond is a code name, and that each actor is playing a different character under the code name James Bond, Idris Elba would be awesome as 007.

    • James Bond is not a code name. That was debunked a long time ago.

      There isn’t a need to explain why Bond looks different. He’s James Bond; the quality doesn’t matter in how he looks, but in how his character should be.

      The skin color of James Bond is also never mentioned; it is assumed to be white by many due to the fact that Ian Fleming modeled Bond in his own image.

      So yeah, there is absolutely no issue with Idris Elba playing James Bond.

  23. Chris Nolan and Daniel Craig collaboration on James Bond would require 007 to evolve from a Jason Bourne to a far more mature and resigned agent leaning toward retirement. (Craig will be at least 48 years old when Bond 24 is released.) Keep in mind, Nolan is also a writer; he knows the Bond he wants to direct. Otherwise, Craig will be replaced or Nolan will wait for Bond 25 (…and see what happens). Keep a good thought.

  24. Noooooooooooooooooo!. He’s the most over rated director in the history of film.

  25. Im not ashamed to say that I am a Nolanite. Let’s face it, this director got talent. But as much as I am a Fan, I also know that Chris won’t be able to direct Bond 24 due to scheduling conflict. if he accepts or Broccoli signs him, we are definitely heading to a mediocre Interstellar and Bond 24. My Hope is that he directs Bond 25 or the last Bond with Craig. If not, then I hope he does with the Bond with a new actor preferably with or without Fassbender. But I hope it’s Fassbender. :)

  26. I prefer Chris Nolan directing it in a fresh reboot … Like what he did what TDK trilogy…

    This, I think, good because Nolan can actually make Bond as his own and therefore has a certain degree of artistic freedom…

    Directing a sequel would mean a Bond film that is somewhat confined to the world that has been introduced by its predecessors…

    • ‘Like what he did *in TDK trilogy

      • We just GOT a fresh reboot: “Casino Royale”

        A reboot is pointless because there is no reason for it now that “Casino Royale” wiped the slate clean. They did that because Pierce Brosnan’s run post-”GoldenEye” was not well-received and pretty much made the franchise a joke by that point, bringing back the haunting essence of Roger Moore’s era.

        Keep going, do what they want, and don’t screw up the character. Craig has established his past and character; keep going with the same background only with someone new

  27. Nolan should Direct the next Star Trek movie! “Into Darkness” was terrible.