Christopher Nolan in Talks to Direct Sci-Fi Film ‘Interstellar’

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christopher nolan interstellar Christopher Nolan in Talks to Direct Sci Fi Film Interstellar

After bringing his triumphant Batman trilogy to a conclusion in July, Christopher Nolan is now setting his sights on the world of science fiction. According to new reports, Nolan is in talks to direct and produce Interstellar, a sci-fi project written by his brother Jonah Nolan.

The story focuses on a group of explorers who travel through a wormhole and is based on the scientific theories of Kip Thorne, “a theoretical physicist, a gravitational physicist and astrophysicist at Caltech.” Nolan has dabbled in the sci-fi genre with projects like Inception and The Prestige, but this would be the director’s first attempt at a pure sci-fi film.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to break the story, noting that Steven Spielberg was originally attached to direct the film. It’s unclear at this point if Spielberg will stay on in some capacity, but with his Robopocalypse being indefinitely postponed, perhaps there’s room on the project for the multiple Academy Award-winning director to participate.

Science fans are likely familiar with the works of Kip Thorne, who, along with Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, has helped to popularize many of the theories about the universe that populate science fiction. If you’re unfamiliar with Thorne’s research though, check out these videos from Closer To Truth (Part One and Part Two) on the subject “Is Time Travel Possible?”

Christopher Nolan and the Bat Signal Christopher Nolan in Talks to Direct Sci Fi Film Interstellar

Most would agree that Christopher Nolan has yet to release a bad film, particularly when he’s worked with his brother Jonah, so this seems like a slam dunk for Paramount and Warner Bros. It would be great for audiences as well. After all, who doesn’t want to see Nolan bring his incredible ability for complex narrative storytelling to a hard sci-fi story about time travel and wormholes?

Of course, there are still plenty of folks out there who are hoping to see Christopher Nolan sign on to direct Justice League. Unfortunately for them, the director has been pretty clear that his involvement in the Batman franchise is finished and said this past summer that he has no plans to direct the film. I guess you just have to take what you can get.

What do you think of the news that Christopher Nolan may direct Interstellar?

There’s no word yet on a release date for Interstellar, but we’ll keep you posted.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Nice!

  2. im still holding out for a nolan james bond movie with michael fassbender

    • YES. YES. I agree completely.

    • Absolutely! Everything you said.

      The time frame might be just right.

      Craig is signed up for two more Bonds, which means Fassbender will take up the mantle of Bond in about 6 – 8 years.

      That should be enough time for Nolan to get “Interstellar” done with a little time off to boot.

      • Craig wants to do more though and if he’s still got it in him, MGM will probably let Craig do a few more if they want him to do more and if he wants to more when the time arrives

    • As soon as Craig is done with Bond I think you’ll get your wish.
      Nolan has been pretty vocal about his desire to do a Bond film I think he’s just waiting for the chance to start from scratch.

    • Oh yes please.
      Watched Skyfall the other night and just said to my husband that Craig will do a few more and then Fassbender (the sexy beast) should be the new Bond.
      And directed by Nolan – I will frickin wet my pants!!

  3. Interstellar.. Starring the cast of Chris Nolan’s previous movies. lol.

    Looking forward to it.

  4. Sounds good to me! And I’m calling it now, JGL will star. :)

    • I’ve been wondering about this film ( Interstellar ) ever since Spielberg was attached.

      The subject matter seems PERFECT for Mr Nolan.

      I’m just hoping that he does use different actors. Something totally fresh.

  5. So Spielberg was originally attached to direct the film, how about he produce it with a good amount of creative capacity and Nolan directs it and then ill give em my money!

    I swear that would be a dream team! Imagine the trailer: “From director Christopher Nolan and producer Steven Spielberg!”

  6. Interesting. Since it’s a Nolan brothers project, you can guarantee my butt will be firmly planted in the seat of my local theater to see this movie when it first comes out. I look forward to hearing more about this as.

    The only downside is there goes any sort of rumors that Nolan is involved in any more DC projects. (Although I realize that many Ranters would consider that GREAT news.) ;)

    • *more about this as time goes on.

  7. Awesome!!! News :D

  8. This man has made bad films before. He’s so overrated and his fans are the worst.

    • I agree with nearly everything you said. I like his films. Havent seen TDKR so I cant comment on it.

      • TDKR is the worst in the series. The last 30 mins was a mess. JGL’s character was annoying. Bane isn’t even the man behind the plan.


        • Hes made one bad movie IMO TDKR. I thought it was horrible and I was a huge fan of the first two.

          What other films did he make that u didn’t like? Rises was his only bad film. And Dark Knight & Memento was his only great films in my opinion. Nolan’s 6 other films range from OK to good.

          • You may not personally like Rises, but how is it, objectively speaking, a *bad* film? Acting was fine, music and cinematography was fine, writing could be better but it’s certainly not BAD – and whatever you may find lacking in terms of a more cohesive plot, it’s still pretty entertaining. So I’d say it’s definitely a flawed film (what film isn’t?) but it’s far from being objectively bad.

            I don’t think Nolan has made a bad film yet. People may find Insomnia a little weak, but it’s not bad. I even find The Prestige a little underrated. He hasn’t made a bad film. He’s made OK to great films which are solid and not always everyone’s cup of tea.

        • Although I agree that TDKR is not superior to TDK, I don’t agree with this being Nolan’s worst and still think we have to see a bad movie from this director (obviously, we hope not). TDK is probably impossible to overcome by any Nolan, or any movie at all, because of Heath Ledger’s roll. I don’t even think that if he were alive, a TDKR film with him would’ve been superior. People had the irrational expectation that TDKR was going to trump down TDK. If you relax this demand you might have seen the film (or the entire trilogy) with different eyes.

  9. I look forward to whatever film Nolan does next.

  10. Now he has got that Bat crap out the way he can start doing what he does best, Inception is one of my favourite movies ever and has quite a complicated and intricate story line, I’m sure he can pull off time travel and wormholes in his ‘sleep’ ;-)

    • get it! ‘sleep’ cuz of… inception… never mind.

  11. After seeing “Inception”, I’m convinced time-travel is the very sci-fi topic that Nolan should try. As smart as his scripts are, I can’t begin to imagine how a time-travel from Nolan would look like. Can’t wait for this!

  12. Complete win win scenario! Original sci-fi content and the Nolans with the camera and the pen!!! Sad it seems like Spielberg is burnt out but what a replacement. Good times

  13. This sounds like right up Nolan’s alley. I’ll definitely be seeing this. Looking forward to following all the updates!

    Too bad Spielberg dropped out of this and postponed Robopocalypse. I’m sure he’ll find something interesting to work on soon enough though…

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  15. this could be awesome i love how sci-fi is coming back with a vengeance!!

  16. As time goes on, I’m actually happy that Nolan isn’t doing Justice League any more, and is focusing on more independent movies. Better to do something new and interesting, I say, rather than to rehash yourself.

    This one sounds interesting!

  17. I want Nolan to direct 3 movies:

    Star Wars
    James Bond

    Enough said!

    • I’m still hoping for neil blomkamp for halo. He is perfect for the job. D9 was incredibly awesome and Elysium looks great.

      • Totally. Blomkamp is my top choice with Speilberg as Producer.

    • Nolan directing Bond, yes please. Nolan directing Halo and Star Wars, not so much. I’d prefer Blomkamp for the former, and Matthew Vaughn, Brad Bird, or others for Star Wars.

  18. Both TDK and TDKR sucked. Can’t believe how that second one is so overrated.

  19. awesome!!

  20. I hope he takes Leo for the lead !

  21. So, even though he’s technically “in talks” IMO that means Christopher Nolan will be directing this movie.
    He’s one of the select few directors who can name his next film at anytime he wants. Especially for Warner Brothers. After the money he made for them with TDK series and Inception I’d imagine the studios only request will be a budget under $250,000,000.
    As always, you can call me a Nolan fanboy or whatever else. That’s fine. Just let me know the premire date and I’ll be there. ;)

  22. Wormholes and time travel subject matter in the hands of the Nolan brothers?
    I don’t know if my brain will be able to handle all the impending mind-f***s that the movie will certainly deliver, but count me in!

    Nolan is a fantastic director IMO. At this point I’d watch any movie he directs. (I still want that Nolan-made Bond movie though).

  23. Christopher Nolan would make one of the worst James Bond films in history. I enjoy his films and I agree he’s a great director…but his Bond film would be terrible. He can’t direct action sequences and he’s too much of a big name to direct one, in my opinion. I like Nolan…but I hate seeing his name plastered on everything.

  24. I agree, I think best to stick with what he is best at!