Christopher Nolan: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Will Be My Last ‘Batman’ Film

Published 3 years ago by , Updated July 19th, 2013 at 1:34 pm,

As if anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t already at a fever pitch, director Christopher Nolan has now proclaimed in no uncertain terms that he will not be directing a fourth Batman film.

Though he and others, including star Christian Bale, have hinted at this eventuality for some time, Nolan’s recent statement has finally eliminated any ambiguity on the subject. It seems TDKR will be the last opportunity for fans of the series to witness Nolan’s unique interpretation of the Batman mythos, which will no doubt heighten the film’s audience anticipation even further.

According to Deadline, Nolan made the announcement during an appearance at the annual Produced By Conference. He explained that, though he never knew exactly where his Batman saga would lead, he had always envisioned the character’s story arc as a trilogy. He went on to say that he didn’t want to hold anything back in terms of plot in this third and final installment, including loose ends that are necessary to justify a sequel.

It’s refreshing to see a filmmaker manage to garner so much commercial success while still sticking to his guns creatively. So much of Hollywood’s bread and butter seems to come from unnecessary sequels these days. Practically every time a film performs well at the box office, it feels like the studios strip mine it of all its originality in order to manufacture a franchise, regardless of whether or not the original movie actually warranted a sequel (or prequel). There’s a time and a place for truly justified plot continuations, but SIX Pirates of the Caribbean movies, for example, seems excessive at best, and at worst, cynical – at least, in this writer’s opinion.

Dark Knight Rises Final Nolan Film Christopher Nolan: The Dark Knight Rises Will Be My Last Batman Film

Of course, TDKR is a sequel, but after the (nearly) universally loved The Dark Knight, can anyone call it unjustified? Besides, there’s a big difference between concluding a story arc and ruining an entirely self-contained film by tacking on a forced sequel purely for the sake of profit. The bottom line: Christopher Nolan is committed enough to his creative craft to wrap this series up in a dignified manner, even if he hasn’t squeezed every last drop of monetary value out of it.

Anyway, it’s not as if Nolan’s entire career is tied to his Batman franchise. He broke into the film industry in a big way with his acclaimed psychological thriller, Memento (2000). Later, he left Gotham City to pursue other successful cinematic ventures with The Prestige in 2006 and Inception in 2010, the latter of which received much critical praise, not to mention strong box office returns.

Therefore, as tough as it is to accept that TDKR will mark the end of Nolan’s wonderful superhero saga, it will be intriguing to see where the filmmaker decides to go from here.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th.


Source: Deadline [via IndieWire]

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  1. As a big Nolan fan, I am very excited to see his last Batman Movie. Jonathan is a Genius when it comes to writing, Christopher is the Genius when it comes to Filming. A good pair who completes each other. I have High Hopes for the last One. I won`t put them to High to not be disappointed but I will be there for the Midnight Screening. On July “0, Nolan or Batman haters from all over the world, Together WE WILL RISE!!! lol :)

    • *July 20

  2. I am most definitely seeing this film at the midnight showing. I have loved Nolan’s interpretation of the Batman mythos. Its his spin and its what makes it different than the others. The best thing is to hear this arc conclude in the realms of a true “curtain call” rather it Batman dying, retiring or turning over the mantle to another hero. Personally, I am looking forward to the film being a tragedy of sorts, which would give a fitting end to a tragic beginning for Bruce Wayne.

    In terms of post Batman films, who knows what will happen. Since Warner Bros are aggressively pushing (see desperately trying to catch with Marvel) the Justice League, the idea of seeing a Dark Knight Returns film is probably out of the question. I wanted to see Sean Bean tackle the seemingly mad, older Bruce Wayne. But since they want to build a DCMU, its safer to say they will look for someone to carry the franchise into an intersecting storyarc ala Marvel’s films.

    Nonetheless, as a comic book and film fan, I am super loving this year. Great article

    • After being married and having little kids, Midnight showing is no longer an option for me.

      • yeah no 12am showing for me either, too much stress for it and with the chance of tech issues and crappy theater managers midnight showings are too variable. Id rather go to first matinee and pop my shoes off and relax with out having to fight for an armrest. But yeah gonna be great.

        • I have to be at work at 8am the next day. When you factor in the trailers at the beginning, there’s just no way I can commit three hours to a midnight showing, then drive home from the good theater an hour away. It’ll almost 4:30 by the time I get to sleep.

      • I hear that.

    • Catching the midnight IMAX as well, going to put in a day off request, use a vacation or PTO day. Make it a 3 day weekend.

  3. I’m looking forward to this film :-)…and his future projects.Simply can’t wait.

  4. This is extremely old news and a complete waste of an article.

    • Tell that to the person holding a knife to your throat and forcing you to read it.

  5. So we’ve seen the campy early Batman, the tim burton weird, dark, odd Batman, the Kilmer/Clooney/Schumacher return to camp, and the ultra-realistic and violent Nolan Batman. Which direction is next for Mr. Wayne?

    IMO, I’d like to see Bats go more the detective comics route, more like a who-dunnit? A crime mystery, a riddle. That would fit with the next villain, hopefully RIDDLER, and also Bats’ role in the Justice League was the strategist/tactician, a good fit for a possible JL tie-in down the pipe.

    But I can’t wait the see TDKR, Nolan made 2 very good batman movies and there’s no reason TDKR shouldn’t be as good. In the end, I like all things batman.

    • Agree with you completely about the next incarnation of Batman. That version was always my favorite–sort of a cross between film noir and superhero, with lots of spooky atmospherics.

      I’ll definitely go see Batman 3, but I’m expecting it to be an overworked mess.

      Unlike most, I did not feel that The Dark Knight was a good film. Nolan tried to fit too many subplots in. There were lots of good parts in it, but it didn’t work together as a whole film. Ledger was brilliant as the Joker, there was no need to throw in Two-Face as another villain. Also, killing Batman’s girlfriend seemed totally unnecessary.

  6. nolan f’d up batman. batman wasn’t intelligent calculating (always three steps behind of his opponents), he wasn’t a ladies man, he wasn’t scary, he wasn’t badass, he almost never had his cool (as in calm), he was barely a detective, and the cookie monster voice was just the big f’n cherry on top of it all.

    not to mention, it felt like nolan was ashamed to have been making a superhero film half the time with all the changes he made.

    and THAT my friends is the true reason he doesnt wanna direct batman 4. he was almost a nobody when he came into this franchise, and now that he is somebody he feels he doesnt need to associate with the caped crusader anymore.

    • Even trolls have opinions…so ill let this one slide….

      • you think i’m just trolling? did you WATCH the damn movies?

        batman begins was still ok despite these flaws, but batman’s incompetence against joker was unforgivable.

        i’ll give nolan this though. he definitely had one of my favorite versions of the joker ever. and i’m not just limiting that to live action.

        • Too campy, too realistic, too dark, too colorful, not enough of this, not enough of that. Trolling fanboys can never be satisfied. To answer your rhetorical question. Yes i did watch both of Nolan’s movies. Arguably it was a better take if laid side by side next to Burton’s and Schumacher’s.

          Of course it wasnt perfect, if you really want to put it in parallel with the immense amount of info from its source material. He took his own artistic spin to weave a number of Batman’s traits and character and in essence managed to fit it all into a plausible, if not highly enjoyable, rendition of the bat….in limited amount of film time of course.

          You can nitpick on everything all day. It will remain a solid two movies to me and whatever flaws you are saying he has made, it is totally forgivable in my books.

        • So basically what you are saying is that Batman isnt capable of making mistakes. The first two Batman films in Nolans universe are during his early years. It was good to see his incompetence against the Joker was a sing of him not being able to control his frustrations against a worthy foe. It was called character flaw and associated with him being a HUMAN BEING AND NOT PERFECT.

          And Nolan was a nobody? Nolan was a director with a small falling but a lot of talent and proven record. Batman just made him a big name and a bankable director/screenwriter. Him not wanting to do more Batman could be him wanting to move on to other projects and films, not because he thinks he’s to big for the franchise.

          You come off as a smartass little basement dweller who likes to talk garbage with no real logical argument and its annoying to see your name in these threads. How about you read a book on film and these stuff you bash before you open that dumb little mouth

          • You reap what you sow, Timmy. You may not be a random “post & go” merchant, but you do seem to revel in being needlessly confrontational, aggressive and insulting. That’s textbook trolling, no matter how often or lucidly you post elsewhere.

            • @The Big Dentist – Timmy has been banned.


              Paul Young

          • You are extremely confrontational and immature. And the fact that you respond with explicit words and names only proves it. I love Nolan’s work. He has flaws yes and I will never say otherwise, but Im a big fan so of course I will support his work. If you dont like it, fine. But you act as if these films have no merit of being serious films that do the Batman mythos justice. Batman is very much captured well under this director.

            Again, you are extremely rude and I feel like you lack of a lot of intelligence. The proof is in all your silly little comments. But when I need a good laugh, I will be sure to look your comments up. lol

        • “you think i’m *just* trolling?”

          Well atleast you somewhat admitted to trolling, lol. Yet its strange how you’re all over the place with your anti-nolan diatribe. On one hand you assert that Nolan screwed up Batman despite the factual contrary , but then in the same breath chastise him for concluding a 3 part trilogy of films…..WTF?! The proverbial damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Perhaps the man doesn’t want to be relegated to directing Batman films his entire life, a character you assert he “f’d up”.

    • totally agree , he shouldn’t just scrap the series

    • Then tell us, Wise Timmy, how would you have interpreted Batman’s complex story arc and actually come up with a story to compress into a trilogy better than what Nolan has done?

      Chis Nolan has stated time and again that this was HIS interpretation of the Batman mythos, and I would definitely say that it is better than MOST Batman comic stories written before. You know why Batman sounds like Cookie Monster? Cos maybe he thought someone might recognize his Bruce Wayne voice, Nolan thought that through, that wasn’t random.

      You think him leaving the franchise is arrogance? It’s a creative choice. He wants to stop at a trilogy, maybe because most acclaimed franchises stopped at 3 movies. Da Vinci never painted a second Mona Lisa because one Mona Lisa was enough. You want to make Star Wars 7 too? Or Lord of the Rings 4?

      • If you read one of the newer batman and robin graphic novels robin even states, “Batman sound like clint eastwood” which you can agree is batman making his voice seem different so no one is to recognize it…. Come one people I even got that the first time I seen this.

      • Agreed. Like cartoonist Bill Watterson said, “I thought it’d be best if I left the party early.” I.e. Don’t beat your art to death, or else it’s no longer enjoyable, for both the audience and the artist.

      • You said he screwed up and stated how his Batman story didn’t quite follow the comic books. So basically, you have your own idea on how to do it. Then let us hear it then. Nolan has stated before that his Batman movies are not supposed to be Superhero movies but more on the Crime/Thriller genre.

        But like I said, this HIS interpretation. It’s HIS trilogy. Let somebody else make a 24 movie series about Batman and see how many fans still follow it after a 3rd movie. Not all of us do things for the money you know. Marvel movies can have all the money in the world and most would still consider it inferior to Nolan’s Trilogy.

  7. I’ve already got my advanced IMAX tickets for midnight show for July 20. I’m fine with Nolan’s decision to end the batman mythology as a trilogy. I think he knew from the beginning that he would end it with the third film. I respect that unlike others that would try and sqeeze every dollar possible(I’m looking at you twilight) he’s come forward and confirmed TDKR to be his last batman film. I’ve gotta say Mr. Nolan its been one awesome ride but like all things it must come to an end. I can’t wait to see how he ends the dark knight legend. :D

  8. still not sure about this, I am definitely sure that he would return to make it, because Warner Bros , won’t just scrap the series

  9. still not sure about this, I am definitely sure that he would return to make it, because Warner Bros , won’t just scrap the series. Batman will return after THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and it would be with Mr. Nolan

  10. I know I’m going to get flamed for this, but even though I love Nolan’s Batman films as much as the next guy, I hope DC takes a much different and more true-to-the-comics approach. I’m not trying to troll, but as great as the films’ acting, script, and effects are, it still doesn’t feel like the Batman that I, and many others, know and love.

    The thing about Nolan’s series is that its best quality is also its worst: the dark, gritty, realistic world that the films are set in. The tone of the series makes it very unique, but on the other hand, Nolan has basically backed himself in a corner with what he can do. I would place money on that being a main (if not THE main) reason why he was at first skeptical to make a third movie, and does not want to make a fourth. In truth, Nolan is limiting himself, whether we fanboys realize it or not.

    I mean, to me at least, a perfect Batman series would do several things Nolan’s movies do not. They would show Batman utilizing more amazing gadgets, because Bale’s Batman is forced to use the most realisitc stuff that the scriptwriters can think of. Hell, he didn’t even use ONE Batarang in The Dark Knight. Also, the series would use a lot more of Batman’s rogue gallery, like Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Poison Ivy, and a REAL interpretation of Bane. Basically, the series would have to let us suspend a bit of disbelief while still being dark and grounded. I mean, the Batman: Arkham games have done it twice, so I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard for a movie, either.

    Like I said, Christopher Nolan is an awesome director and his Batman movies are great, but I have to disagree with the people that say “OMG CHRIS NOLAN’S BATMAN MOVIES ARE LIKE PERFECT!!!!!” To me, we have yet to see a Batman movie series that has really reached its full potential.

    • Completely agree!
      I love Nolan’s Batman movies and I am sad to see him leave, but at the same time I feel ready for a new interpretation (something a bit more true to the comics like you mentioned)

      • I firmly agree, Nolan’s flicks are awesome, but they are the celluloid equivalent of the graphic novels that inspired them. Also Nolan insists his Batman and Gotham exist in a contained universe anyways, so…

        …time to nail down a more ‘DC Universe’ compatible Caped Crusader then.

        • I also think WB is rushing their hand, and that if they were smart they would follow up Man of Steel with a Batman v Superman flick. Focus on making that film compelling, and build from there, on a nice strong foundation. That way they’d still have the Justice League film up their sleeve, where as, if they lead with the JL movie, it kind of negates any excitement (and potential revenue) for a Batman/Supes film.

          Not to mention it would provide some time for the audience and filmmakers alike to get established with the tone and feel of the DC universe and provide some character development before launching into the full ensemble production.

    • Let’s insert the “KABOOM!” “KAPOW!” and “KABLAM!” at fight scenes to make it more true to the comics. Revert back to the tight cloth body suits of grey and blue. Maybe bring back Mr. Freeze for the cheesy puns. We’ve seen Batman movies more true to the comics before, and I think most of us agree that it didn’t KICK SOME ICE.

      • Don’t you think you’re being a little unreasonable?
        Movies like Iron Man and The Avengers (and games like the Batman: Arkham franchise) have proven that you can go a little far out and fantastical yet still remain true to the source material and the character.

        If you can’t picture an epic Batman movie where he uses martial arts and gadgets, but still having the real-world feel to it and darker tones, then (with all due respect) I don’t think you can truly call yourself a fan of Batman sir…

        • I’m a Batman fan, but after what Chris Nolan has done to Batman, I don’t think I can watch one of those fantastical interpretations anymore. I consider myself an adult now, and those kiddie Marvel movies don’t impress me and I like my Batman dark and gritty, the way he should be.

          • Well saying “I consider myself an adult now, and those kiddie Marvel movies don’t impress me” doesn’t really sound like something an adult would say ;) -ironically, it actually sounds kinda childish.
            There are literally MILLIONS of well adjusted adults who very much enjoy the Marvel movies (they aren’t “kiddie flicks”, they’re flicks that appeal to all age groups), but according to your logic, I guess adults can’t enjoy Star Wars or Indiana Jones either…

            Back to the topic though: like I said, the future Batman movies can still be dark and gritty – and have all those great undertones that make Nolan’s Batman movies so fantastic, BUT they can also incorporate some of the other elements that make Batman, BATMAN (his detective skills, gadgets, fighting skills, more “out there” villains, etc.)
            It can be done… so instead of already shooting down the idea of a new Batman movie, why not wait and see what they can come up with huh?

      • I’m pretty much in agreement with those sentiments too. I’d like to see the Dark Knight Detective in a noir-esque setting that combines the reality of the Nolan-verse with a calculating, cool Batman using his intellect and intimidation.

    • I’m with you. I love Nolan’s interpretation of Batman; similar to Frank Miller’s Batman which is based on. Whoever is gonna re-boot it is going to have his hands full.

  11. I can’t be the only one that can see him becoming the uber-producer for the Jusitce League movies and build-up, can I? I mean he’s already producing Superman…

    • That would be amazing to have two CBMs every year, one from Marvel and one from DC, and one pure fun escapist action, and the other dark and thematic. Best of both worlds!

  12. Its funny, normally I would hate for a character I love so much to die, but if it comes to that in this movie, I’m ok with it. If Batman sacrificed himself, it fits. Hell it’d even make the movie better PROBABLY (depends on what they have planned for the ending already). I’m psyched for this movie.

    Can we give Nolan a handjo.. err just a hand, please!?

    • I think it would be very ballsy to have the movie end with Bane breaking Batman’s spine and fade to black, then have a replacement that would be used in the JL movie. Years later, Nolan and Bale could return for a single feature with Wayne healed and back in the fray – collecting blockbuster green.

    • if Batman freakin dies in this, TDKR will easily make $2 billion, just cause people will pay top dollar to witness the first time a superhero has died in a movie

      i know i would, anyway

      • On the other hand, if he just decides to retire, it’s gonna piss ALOT of people off, me being one of them. In fact, I would go so far as to say, if he DOESN’T die I will be upset. The way this franchise has been handled, it’s the only way that would feel right. If Batman retires, quits, just calls it a day, it would go so completely against character that it would border on blasphemy.

  13. TDK was a great movie. My only problem is all the people babbling about Heath Ledgers performance. He acted the way he was told. Its not his portrayal but the writers.

    Thats how the joker is in the comics. The majority of people never having read the comics only know of the Joker based on past movies and tv. They think he’s some kind of clown who makes jokes and traps thats about it.

    Heath Ledger the painkiller addict doesn’t deserve any credit and trying to push the fact that he was a drug addict aside in favor of creditting him for his role is absolutely wrong.

    • It was a great performance, was it not? Fact is, you couldn’t tell it was him, never once did it seem like an act, it always seemed like a natural fit. He deserves all the credit he gets and not because he’s dead either. One thing I disagree with is people saying he sold the movie, complete bologna.

      You don’t give him enough credit, sure it may not be HIS joker, but who could pull it off better? You have to admit, he was entertaining as hell to watch. And seeing Jack Nickelson’s Joker compared to Heath Ledger’s, I think its safe to say Heath embodied the dark and gritty mannerisms perfectly.

    • Heath Ledger’s Joker was absolutely amazing IMO and I think he deserves every bit of credit that he got.

      He made the Joker his own and took the character to a place that no other actor has taken him (the Joker) before.
      And if you think he only followed and did what the script told him to do, then you need to learn a bit more about what he went through to achieve his performance.

      P.S. what does addiction have to do with this? It sounds to me like you have some bias towards the man and the habits he had…

    • Hey buddy, scoreboard. Who received a posthumous Academy Award for his performance? Heath did. And those votes aren’t cast by popcorn munching schlubs like you, thank God. No, they’re cast by members of the Academy, actors and directors who are students of their industry! Experts, even. I think much more than pleasantries and appearances go into awarding an Oscar.

      And, to counter your drug addiction point, Ledger reportedly suffered some sort of psychosis from the role, a head tick caused by “slipping deep into character for his roles [which] often exacted a personal toll” (Time, January 23, 2008). So yeah, maybe he did overdose because he really felt sick, lost or whatever. The point is he gave himself up for this role, put everything into it, and ultimately paid the mortal price. If that’s not willpower, I don’t know what is. But no, you’re right, he’s just a pill-popping amateur.

      Don’t forget some of Hollywood’s most famous and most talented have their vices. Robert Downey, Jr., for example. I hear no one considering his Iron Man, Avengers, Tropic Thunder and Sherlock Holmes success as paltry solely because he has a drug history.

      Lighten up, toots.

    • Drugtaking aside, Greg, I’ve rarely seen an actor disappear so completely into a role as Ledger did with the Joker. Having a good script to work from is one thing – voice, delivery, timing, mannerisms, body language and sheer presence is another matter entirely. Not to mention the character hasn’t exactly been portrayed consistently in the comics for the last seventy years either.

    • @Greg: I completely disagree.

      Heath Ledger locked himself in a hotel room for a month to get the role down. He tried different voices and came up with an incredible, twisted man. (And I’m not making any of this up. Here’s the link to the interview:

      When you watched the movie, you didn’t think “Oh, that’s Heath Ledger playing the Joker”, as you did with Jack Nicholson. When you watched the movie, you thought “That’s the Joker” (At least that’s what I thought) Heath was so deeply immensed in the role, not only did he look different physically, but he psychologically and mentally transformed himself. Heck, there’s even speculation that his depiction caused personal psychological damage that contributed to his untimely death.

      Also, there’s the whole thing that Heath was an Academy Award for his performance. Not an insignificant task.

      And there was no reason for you to add in “painkiller addict” at the end. Even if that’s true, that has no connection on whether he’s a great actor or not. It seems you just added that in there to paint him in a worse light.

      So, you are entitled to your opinion. And here is my respectful response to said opinion. Feel free to reply.

  14. Well, I hope some of these crazy theories will be lain to rest.
    TDKR is the end of Nolan’s Batman… but on the upside: it’s not the end of Batman! We’ll get a reboot in a few years that’ll hopefully be just as epic.

  15. What a stupid headline. As if Nolan hasn’t ALREADY SAID this was his final Batman film. Duhhhhhhhh.

    Some people never learn……

  16. At least he is willing to end it and not let some moron like Joel Schumacher ruin it *ahem* Batmans flying nipple suit. -.-

  17. Glad he cleared that up. As if he hasn’t been clear enough already. Any, Christopher Nolan along with Jonah, David and co. have given us a what should be an excellent Dark Knight trilogy. And I’m grateful to them. It’s wonderful when top talent comes together to produce such wonderful work.

  18. NOOO!!!! i want to see the riddler, and Harley Quinn.then maybe madhatter,Ventriliqius,and poison ivy these villians fit perfect in these films.

  19. not before the riddler

  20. The only problem I can find with Nolan leaving the franchise is, who replaces him? Warner Bros is going to have to look long and hard to find someeone to pull off a Batman movie. If it’s not properly handled, Batman is easy to turn into a campy action movie. Marvel seems to be taking the pick any director and go with it attitude with their future movies. Although i liked ” Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” he’s still unproven as a director. Alan Taylor has done a decent job with ” Game of Thrones”, but hasn’t directed a full length movie. And the Russo brothers have done community, but that doesn’t meant hey can handle a Captain America movie. My hope is Warner picks another young talented director to take up Batman and all their future films. If they go with young directors like Neil Blomkamp, Carey Funkunaga, Matt Reeves, and Duncan Jones then I’m all for a reboot. But if Warner decides to hire television writers or commercial directors like bay or burton then I’m not giving this reboot any hope.

    • I’m not a huge fan of most of Marvel’s phase 1 movies, but it seems clear to me that they have been good at picking directors, even if they do “hunt for bargains.” I wasn’t crazy about Thor, and I don’t think Branaugh brought anything unique to it. To me, he provided a simple clear Thor origin, along with some name buzz. But that wasn’t a bad choice. If they’d gone with someone like Guillermo Del Toro (he’d have been way too busy and expensive probably), I might have preferred that, but Thor steadily did it’s job.

      Also, had you heard of Nolan before Batman? How about Peter Jackson? I knew of Memento and “Heavenly Creatures” but those movies didn’t strike me as obvious choices for Batman and LOTR, not really at all. Not saying this always works, but it can.

      • I just named 4 directors that are unknown, but showcased immense talents at their young age. And yes i’ve known of nolan through momento.

  21. Well, ok then. Thank you. See ya! Come on next Batman series.

  22. This is a great version of Batman, and I wouldn’t want it spoiled with any “farther-out” villains. But it can’t go on as it is so I’m glad it’s coming to an end.

    As for a reboot, I hope they stick with a lot of what Nolan has done, only turn it a few degrees towards Burton’s version. Just a few degrees.

    • I should add that I think they should skip a reboot and just alter the existing Batman for future movies. If he dies in TDKR, than just alter him enough to make it clear it’s a different Batman in a different world, but he’s still Batman/Wayne/Gotham/Batcave etc.

  23. Hope the new batman reboot is ‘noir’ style, like sin city. Only with murder mysteries, mad scientists, alien conspiracies and occult magic, in that way it wood easily fit into justice league world

    • Isn’t Nolan’s Batman kinda “noir style” anyway?

  24. I’m happy that Nolan is not making anymore batman movies. I would rather him make only three amazing film than to make three amazing films then make three more crappy films that do not do the first three movies justice

  25. I would love to see Nolan do a light-hearted, funny or family movie; show off more range. Even Martin Scorecese did Hugo. Nolan is already one of the great directors of our generation, but by showing that he is capable of something other than dark and psychological thrillers would be a nice change of pace.

    • I’ve enjoyed all of his movies, but they can lack humor and even convincing humanity.

      What I enjoy is that his movies can be like intricate puzzles. Setting up the unusual and complex premises in movies like Memento, Inception, Prestige, and Batman can take away from time needed to simply focus on characters. Insomnia is probably his most straight forward drama, and I thought it was very good, but it would be interesting to see more range from Nolan.

      Scorsese movies are certainly complex and intricate, but the twists and turns in his plots spring forth from the characters themselves, the things they do and say. In Nolan’s movies, they are mostly driven by larger schemes beyond their control. In the end, his movies seem inorganic compared to Scorsese.

      Hugo is definitely a Scorsese movie before it’s a family movie. I loved it. He also directed “After Hours,” a comedy from the eighties (I almost wrote “an eighties comedy,” but that is something different).

  26. I’d love to see Batman set in the 40′s shot in a film noir style
    where the vision of a man as a bat could actually be intimidating
    and detective skills could come to the forefront driving the narrative.

    • Hmm, that sounds pretty cool.


    • Only if Bale gets to plays the Hulk.

      • OK, but have you seen his acting ability in Munich, if I spelled that right? Or even in Troy as prince Hector??? That alone says action hero… Come on He is the man for it

        • Bana is a fine actor. I even liked him in Hulk. That movie was it’s own thing, and he played the appropriate Banner for it. He would make a fine Batman, although he is in his 40′s now. But he’d do a good job.

          I was only joking about Bale as Hulk. I really can’t see that.

  28. If Batman is continued after Nolan, which of course it will, it would make sense to just have him appear first in JL. Then a whole new strand can be created relating to his role in the Justice League instead of having something in common with Nolan’s films. I do hold out hope that someone, someday does the Dark Knight Returns in proper fashion…

  29. Check out the many mistakes on TDK. Who does the editing? Especially when they transport Harvey Dent to the county jail when they are underground. Continuity anyone?

    • Thank you so very much for going off on your cute, little troll-tangent…

    • Yeah, it really doesn’t hold up to more than twenty-seven viewings.

      • Well, and not that I’m trying to defend the troll, I’ve watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight about 7 times each and the plot-holes and small editing issues started to become “visible” after about 2 or 3 viewings each…
        That still doesn’t matter to me though (obviously, since I continued re-watching the movies after I started noticing the flaws).
        It IS just the movies (not reality) and even the best of films have a few flaws here and there…
        It’s no biggie, and ‘hirolla74′ shouldn’t be making a “biggie” of it either.

        • Most movies (from “Gone with the Wind” to “The Avengers”) have holes, editing mistakes, etc. (and, yes, that obviously includes BB and TDK), but that had nothing to do with this article…nor was it hirolla’s intention to connect his comment to the article; he could have done so very succinctly. He simply made a random stab at a film…that is mere trolling and not worthy or justifiable IMO.

          • Oh, I know… I was actually going to respond to his message saying “And how does that have ANYTHING to do with this topic? – Quit trollin’”, but then I saw that you already “addressed” the issue so to speak…

            • Fair enough.

        • I’m the same way. I notice little things after the third viewing. But that’s because….It’s my third viewing! Obviously the director and editors did something right to get me to watch it multiple times. Enjoyment had. I’m milking it. I just don’t let these things bother me either.

          We both also follow news and pay attention to “making of” extras.