Christopher Nolan: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Will Be My Last ‘Batman’ Film

Published 3 years ago by , Updated July 19th, 2013 at 1:34 pm,

As if anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t already at a fever pitch, director Christopher Nolan has now proclaimed in no uncertain terms that he will not be directing a fourth Batman film.

Though he and others, including star Christian Bale, have hinted at this eventuality for some time, Nolan’s recent statement has finally eliminated any ambiguity on the subject. It seems TDKR will be the last opportunity for fans of the series to witness Nolan’s unique interpretation of the Batman mythos, which will no doubt heighten the film’s audience anticipation even further.

According to Deadline, Nolan made the announcement during an appearance at the annual Produced By Conference. He explained that, though he never knew exactly where his Batman saga would lead, he had always envisioned the character’s story arc as a trilogy. He went on to say that he didn’t want to hold anything back in terms of plot in this third and final installment, including loose ends that are necessary to justify a sequel.

It’s refreshing to see a filmmaker manage to garner so much commercial success while still sticking to his guns creatively. So much of Hollywood’s bread and butter seems to come from unnecessary sequels these days. Practically every time a film performs well at the box office, it feels like the studios strip mine it of all its originality in order to manufacture a franchise, regardless of whether or not the original movie actually warranted a sequel (or prequel). There’s a time and a place for truly justified plot continuations, but SIX Pirates of the Caribbean movies, for example, seems excessive at best, and at worst, cynical – at least, in this writer’s opinion.

Dark Knight Rises Final Nolan Film Christopher Nolan: The Dark Knight Rises Will Be My Last Batman Film

Of course, TDKR is a sequel, but after the (nearly) universally loved The Dark Knight, can anyone call it unjustified? Besides, there’s a big difference between concluding a story arc and ruining an entirely self-contained film by tacking on a forced sequel purely for the sake of profit. The bottom line: Christopher Nolan is committed enough to his creative craft to wrap this series up in a dignified manner, even if he hasn’t squeezed every last drop of monetary value out of it.

Anyway, it’s not as if Nolan’s entire career is tied to his Batman franchise. He broke into the film industry in a big way with his acclaimed psychological thriller, Memento (2000). Later, he left Gotham City to pursue other successful cinematic ventures with The Prestige in 2006 and Inception in 2010, the latter of which received much critical praise, not to mention strong box office returns.

Therefore, as tough as it is to accept that TDKR will mark the end of Nolan’s wonderful superhero saga, it will be intriguing to see where the filmmaker decides to go from here.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th.


Source: Deadline [via IndieWire]

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  1. Lol commenters make me laugh. Look I’ve sed it b4 cnt ne1 jus njoy the movie for wat it is instead of tryin to bash it like seriously we r lucky to even b gettin these movies in our lifetime n u wanna complain? Smh.

    • Guy, you’re not texting your girlfriend here. Do us a favor, use correct grammar or don’t bother posting.

      • @Speshlk37 – Calm down. He can post how ever he wants as long as he adheres to our rules – plus he is probably posting from his phone so some abbreviations are understandable.

        Paul Young

        • Yeah, I definitely wasn’t overexcited but Paul works here so I apologize. I just hate texting grammar, especially when used anywhere but texting, it just seems lazy to me. Next time I will keep my opinion to myself.
          And for the record, I am posting this, like all of my comments before it, from my cell phone. Just sayin’.

          • Oh how I agree

          • @Speshlk37 – No harm. No foul. We welcome your opinions on our articles, our viewpoints and other readers viewpoints – just not them personally.

            Thanks for reading. Look forward to many movie-related discussions with you in the future. :)


            Paul Young

        • ThAt post was horrible…grammatically speaking of course…I couldn’t read most of it to be honest…How could anyone tell if he was playing by the rules.. ;)
          From my cell too. Good grammar is possible from a cell phone although sometimes I feel like the Thing in FF trying to use the tiny pads for letters..

          • @greenknight – lmao!

            Paul Young

  2. I wonder if Jonathan is done writing though. hm.

    • This can be his shot to direct a reboot, usually writers become directors afterwards having his brother at his side to produce the film.

  3. Is it possible that Nolan is doing this as a way to sell more advance tickets and make everyone believe that he is finished with the whole DC world. There is a small chance he could be helping the Justice League movie, right? He “godfathered” the Man of Steel movie and right now he is saying he is done for good with the BATMAN SERIES…not the DC world. I’m just hopeful I guess.

    • I disagree, Chris Nolan loves Batman. He used to make Batman home movies as a kid.

      • Where’d you hear that?

        • I read it in Empire magazine about 6 months ago, in an article written by Jonah. It was a retrospective of working on The Dark Knight with his brother, and he touches on how even growing up as kids, and making their home movies of “Batman”, how Chris “always had a plan”. It was really cool, I’ll see if I can find it online.

          • here it is -


            I must have re-read it first time round, Chris just buys Jonah Dark Knight Returns Comic book, it only really mentions them filming a ‘science-fiction spectacular’ as kids.

            Sorry my bad. The point remains though that Nolan had a passion for Batman as a young man, and actively sought out the material as a film maker. To say a man who puts that much hard work into obtaining and building something, is actually ashamed of it, just seems silly.

            • After reading the article, I wouldn’t say Chris Nolan had a “passion” for Batman as a kid – it seems like a normal thing to do (buying a comic book). If anything, Johnathan Nolan seems like a much bigger Batman fan than [Christopher] Nolan…

              Still, it was a nice read, maybe a little exaggerated (he is a writer after all ;)), but still very nice…

              • That is because the article does not include anything about Nolan being a Batman fan. Hence the apology.

                However, Nolan was definitely a Batman fan growing up, I have read it many times. However seeing as though my credibility is somewhat questionable after my previous error, I will endeavor to provide some back up.

                • excerpt from the following link:

                  QUESTION: You are following Batman Begins with The Dark Knight. We were just wondering whether you were a Batman fan while you were growing up.

                  NOLAN: I was a Batman fan when I was a kid. I think the comic book superheroes fill a gap in the pop culture psyche, similar to the role of Greek mythology. For me, Batman is one of the most fascinating of those characters. He is a marvelously complex character. There is something extremely accessible about him that is timeless and universal.

                  • Cool.
                    But just to make it clear: I never Nolan wasn’t a Batman fan (I mean, what kid ISN’T fan of the world’s #1 detective! :D), but from my own experiences reading articles and interviews about the Nolan brothers, I just think Johnathan might be a bigger (and slightly more enthusiastic) fan.
                    “Passion”? I dunno, I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to “showbiz”: a lot of actors and directors sometimes exaggerate the truth a bit to win over people’s views of them.

                    I will say this though, it’s awesome that you go to these lengths to actually include sources when you’re writing about something – not many people (including myself) would go through the trouble of submitting proof… and I applaud for doing so sir.

    • You should watch Nolan’s first film, Following. He gave a brief homage to Batman in it.

      • That was actually the actor’s doing, being that they were using one of the two actor’s (not sure if it was Cobb, or the lead) apartment for the shoot. Apparently the actor had stuck the sticker on his door when Burton’s 89 Batman had been released, so it just happened to be there.
        Coincidence or what, ha.

        On that note, ‘cobb’ or ‘cobb-ler’ is basically a derived word for ‘bag-handler’ or ‘bag-man’, or even ‘thief’, just in case anyone has wondered about Nolan’s penchant for that particular moniker.

        • Point being, if Nolan was embarrassed to have any part of Batman that logo would have been removed.

          • Ah, indeed…

  4. wow, there is alot of love and hate for Nolan going on in here. That said Dc/WB has already stated that they are doing the reverse of Marvel. They stated that they where planing on doing the JL movie first followed by solo Movies. Im not sure this is a great Idea but with Dc’s history in movies, I guess its the best Idea, cause lets face it if it bombs like most Dc films have , then they can always fix it with new actors in the follow up solo films with out destroying multiple franchises in the process. I mean lets be honest it worked out for Marvel, but it could have gone horrifically wrong with just one bad misstep. Oh and I happen to very much enjoyed every minute of Nolans Batman, and I hope the next that comes along respects the characters as much as Nolan has, cause like him or not he had mad respect for the Franchise.

  5. urm, first of all Star wars isn’t a trilogy…secondly, you attack something/someone that a lot of people like and then you bet they are gonna attack you? OF COURSE they will attack you. Btw, I think Nolan is great. His movies are unpredictable. I look foward to the Dark knight rises

  6. hmm i wonder whos gonna direct the batman reboot =0

    • J. Nolan

  7. I definitely see your point, that many people irrationally support Nolan and his movies, and to some extent “worship” him and refuse to admit that anything is wrong with them. They think they’re perfect and anyone who says anything otherwise is blasphemous.

    But come on, there’s definitely a nicer way to get your point across. Resorting to name-calling and profanity is never the way to go. You’re just going to appear to be a troll and people will either ignore you or yell profanity back. If you want to get a point across, just say it in a respectful manner.

    • @ezra… very well said good sir.

      • Thanks man. Btw, big fan of your posts. You’re respectful and get your points across clearly and logically, something that is lost on many fans here.

        • (This was intended for @TheAvenger)

    • I’ll never understand why people get so upset about Nolan being praised for his work. There’s nothing irrational about it. He’s excellent. I consider myself a big fan. No one is perfect. Not David Fincher, not Darren Aronofsky, not Spielberg, nobody. But so many people are so offended by his popularity. I’ll never get it. I can already see no matter how TDKR turns out, it’s gonna be one of the most reviled movies on the internet, just coz it’s directed by Nolan.

  8. I am a huge fan of Chris Nolan’s movies, and especially his Batman movies. I really like his direction and take on the Batman films, and they are among my favorite movies of all time. I am sad to see him go, and appreciate what he has contributed to the Batman universe.

    I also very much respect that Chris is willing to tell a good story, and then leave the series, without adding unnecessary sequels that are just there to make money. I’m sure Warner Bros has pressured him, but I appreciate him being dedicated to the art of film-making, rather than the “art” of money-making. Hollywood’s big guns have a lot to learn from this man.

    But of course, if Chris ever DOES return for a sequel, consider my last point to go out the window. I will probably lose a lot of respect for that man.

    • Somebody please convince Christopher Nolan to change his mind about Batman. I want to see another triller of the dark knight. Does anybody know Christopher Nolan? If they know him and seen him in person, please someone convince him to do another Batman movie. I want this series to continue ALAP (As Long As Possible)


  9. I’m a big fan of the guys work. I appreciate it. I think the stories he tells are decidedly more personal than a lot of money grabbing films made today. I also think the term worship gets thrown around a bit too much, usually from detractors. I mean I didn’t need to worship Michael Jordan in order to recognize that the man kicked ass at what he did.

    Chris Nolan has managed to find himself in a position of favor with studios, critics, and the audience whilst maintaining an uncompromising stance towards the integrity of his work, just 12 years after releasing Memento (so if people seem impressed, it is with good reason).

  10. What are you like 12? You are probably the outright rudest person I have ever seen post here and it’s frankly uncalled for.

    I’m surprised Vic hasn’t perma-banned your IP address.

  11. After watching Troy I got to say Eric Banna has the voice as well as the acting ability and body type for a batman. I think he could do excellent in that role. Any thoughts???

    • yeah i acutally agree. I loved him in Troy. Good call.

      • Now that is an interesting idea…

  12. Well said my good man. Well said.

    • @Samba that is.

      • cheers

  13. With this being the last of Nolan’s batman, and DC wanting a justice leauge movie, are we going to see another story arc batman film?

    They should continue without Nolan, but use his universe he created. Of course profit is in mind, do you think he did Batman Begins with WB not expecting to make money?

    Just saying there is much to work worth here, now just find a suitable director. I don’t think the fans wish to see batmen re-created again.

  14. Nolan thinks to much for batman. Good riddens.

  15. I think that Darren Aronofsky would be the next suitable director to direct the Batman movies; He has that dark elements that Christopher Nolan has given to the franchise and would be interesting to see the movie from his perspective.

  16. Great director! So many fantastic movies, and I’m looking forward to many more. Here is some interesting information about him:

  17. instead of recreating batman or any super hero just go right into the villans and have flash backs. if we want to see them b4 there heroes or villans,thats what tv is for…………..

  18. I’d really LOVE to see how Nolan would interpret Penguin and Riddler. After seeing those two villains in ONE MORE Dark Knight film, I’d be satisfied. It just doesn’t seem right for Nolan to not cover two of the most iconic Batman villains.

  19. If this is truly the last Batman then I don’t understand the whole introduction of Robin at the end of Dark Knight Rises. Plus there was a man they showed for 1 min in the movie that i thought fit in perfect as the Riddler.. I dont remember what scene it was but this guy didnt seem to fond of Bruce Wayne.

    • It wasn’t an untroduction, he was Nolan’s version of Robin the whole movie. And if you are referring to Dagget, he is already a character from the Batman mythos.

  20. I think Nolan should rise up like batman did and make another film. The way he ended it had loose ends and room to expand. Its not trying to squeeze profit out of a trilogy that people loved and respected each movie in it. It was a more modern batman that exceeds the level of George Clooney or Michael Keaton. Brought in a Joker that put one of the most famous actors (Jack Nicholson)’s joker to rest. I could not see Nolan failing at making another dark night, but only exceeding what he thinks is the end for this incredible mind blowing trilogy, that shouldnt be just the end….but the beginning.

  21. Bring back batman Nolan. Your our last hope

  22. So sad that Dark Knight Rises will be the last film. :( It’s a shame to see such a wonderful franchise end. But if it had to end, they did a really fantastic job of it.

    The sad part is not getting to see more Joseph-Gordon Levitt. :(

  23. that’s the difference of christopher nolan..What a man..what a director!

  24. Christiphor Nolan,pleeeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeee can you make batman 4.I love your batman movies so much that infact your batman movies are the best movie I have ever seen.So I am begging you to please can you make Batman 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I dont know what to say im really upset now. There really should be a 4th movie 2 reasons, 1 because the movies blew my mind because of how great they were and still are today and the 2nd reason is because at the end of TDKR it shows a scene where the cop said his name was robbin and that right there just tells you theres going to be another movie. I really hope nolan changes his mimd about making another one because im having withdraws from not having good movies to watch lol yeah that was stupid but you get what i mean:-)

    • Then you missed his whole point about the closure that the the end of TDKR offers. It is that The Batman is just a symbol and that anyone can carry on his image (although John Blake may fail because he lacks the training and dedication of Bruce Wayne). Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy was about the character arc of Bruce Wayne, who now, in his opinion has found closure with his legacy.

  26. I was really hoping for one last move with robin and batman, if there is no more batman y lead robin to his cave to discover the batman suit and gear and y fix the bat symbol spotlight it’s ashame but Christopher Nolan has succeeded batman and his own reputation in the making of the trilogy I’ve watched all 3 movies over 45 times total

  27. robin’s last scene was little astonishing nd that gives a loose end to TDKR come on nolann m biggest fan of you come with a bomb again we r waiting till ourr last breath!!

  28. i understand what Nolan is trying to say but he should not stop it. he should at least make a fourth just to fill in the gaps. ending a movie the way that he ended TDKR is just not right. they were all fantastic movies. all three of them. even if the fourth isnt good Nolan should at least fill in the gaps.