Christopher Nolan Talks ‘Batman 3′ Script

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christopher nolan filming Christopher Nolan Talks Batman 3 Script

Christopher Nolan’s psychedelic drama, Inception is less than three weeks away but that doesn’t mean the critically acclaimed director isn’t looking toward his next project – Batman 3.

Nolan has been extremely tight-lipped regarding the future of the Batman franchise but now, with his work on Inception nearly finished, he is beginning to open up about Batman 3 – revealing that work on the script is definitely underway.

Nolan spoke with MTV News at a recent press junket, elaborating on the progress of the Batman 3 script – which is based on a story by Nolan and David Goyer (who is also working on the new Superman reboot):

“We know we’re aiming for 2012 [as a release date]. That’s been talked about. We’re just working on the script, really. My brother [Jonah Nolan] has been hard at work on it for quite some time. It’s based on a story that myself and David Goyer have written.”

Check out the interview below, if you’d like to hear the words direct from Nolan himself:

As for the silent approach on Batman 3, Nolan reiterated his dedication to Inception:

“I’ve been very completely in this movie. In a couple of weeks, I’ll surface and figure out what I’m doing next and how I’m going to approach it.”

You can’t really blame Nolan either, considering both the level of expectation going into Batman 3, as well as the logistical complications of losing both Ledger, the actor, and killing off Rachel, the character, in the previous Bat-installment.

batman 3 movie announcement Christopher Nolan Talks Batman 3 Script

Certainly several characters will return, Lucius, Alfred, and Lieutenant Gordan, (and possibly the Scarecrow) – however, a lot is going to hinge on what new characters join the franchise (as well as how these characters inform the story). So, it goes without saying, as a fan of his previous Batman films, I’m happy to hear that Nolan is going to allow the space and thought necessary to get it done right.

The director already confirmed that Joker will not make an appearance in the film, though I’d be surprised if there weren’t a few nods to the impact the prince of crime had on Gotham City  - as well as at least a couple of super-villains scrambling to fill the “better class of criminal” the Joker proposed. In addition, sending Rachel off in a fiery explosion certainly opens the door for a new love interest and, if you ask me, it’s likely that Batman 3 will re-introduce audiences to Gotham Gazette reporter, Vicki Vale.

batman 3 vicki vale1 Christopher Nolan Talks Batman 3 Script

I know a lot of fans are hoping to see Catwoman, but I’d be surprised if Nolan will simply follow the same chronological progression laid down by Tim Burton – not to mention the fact that audiences are probably still getting over Halle Berry’s interpretation of the character.

In the mean time, we’ve still got our eyes locked on San Diego Comic-Con with the hopes of a more detailed announcement, but it’s definitely exciting to hear Nolan starting to open up about Batman 3.

Got any ideas as to what direction you’d like to see Nolan take Batman 3? What characters are you hoping to see brought to the screen?

Batman 3 has a tentative release date of July 20, 2012.

Source: MTV

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  1. Edwin no dear god please no. Depp would not only ruin the movie but the integrity of the entire franchise.

    • I think that the “better class of criminal” would be great but with the Joker behind the scenes directing all of it. It would mke a delightful twist,and his lover harley quinn helps him escape in the end. sn:Johny depp would be probably the best person to play the mastermind. I really wish Tim burton were still directing it, he has such a wonderful portrayal of chaos.

  2. one more time david tennant as the riddler

  3. Robin Williams as the Riddler
    I heard he wants to do it and I think he’d be good. But he does seem too old

  4. I would really like to see Black Mask in the 3rd film, as the new mob boss, plus he’s a perfect follow up to the Joker. Next the Joker he’s known as one of the most brutal criminals in Gotham.
    Plus i really don’t like the idea of the riddler as the main villain,he’s too campy to fit in the Nolan universe, we’re talking about a guy who leaves clues behind at the scene of the crime to get caught, also they guy to his butt kicked by poison ivy hardly a worthy foe to allow Batman to redeem himself to the people of Gotham

  5. I would love to see a film based around the Batman: Arkham Asylum game. I think it would be an explosive end to the series. Even though Nolan said the Joker wouldn’t make an appearance in the film, he could add things like the Joker’s name on a prison gate or something like that. There can be a couple of main villains (I would like to see Riddler and Harley Quinn) but with some background villains as well. I think that there shouldn’t be a love interest in the film, because he’s only just getting over Rachel’s death. But, if there were to be a female figure, it could be Harleen Quinzell, Harley Quinn’s true identity, without Batman knowing. And at the end, Batman should win, but, I like the rumour of the SWAT team capturing him and sending Gordon, Fox and Alfred in jail with him. That would end Batman, not just as a film series, but would put an end to Christian Bale’s Batman character.

  6. The best way to end Batman is to let Bane break Batman’s back. How epic would that be? I would love to see Bane as Bane was in the comics, as one of Batman’s most intelligent and physically powerful foes. I just hate what they did to Bane in Batman and Robin…..(a mindless henchmen)….Why was that movie ever made? With that kind of ending we could see something like Batman Beyond and have a new batman like Terry McGinnis but with that said, there is no right way to bring an end to an epic hero as Batman. It will always end in backlash from the fans…So lets just hope “The Right Fan” Will come up with the right ending. He has proven to us that he cares about Batman with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, So Lets hope he gives the movie “The Right Ending”….. I have faith.

    • Awesome comment, couldn’t have said it better.

  7. Personally, I would like to see Robin’s character revamped; he has always been this sort of capmy, pathetic satire of what Batman was intended to be all about. They could do so many things with that character.

  8. i have an idea of how to introduce robin with the same Nolan spirit.

  9. I would be really happy to see Harleen Quinzell. There are a number of differnet ways to introduce her without having Joker in the film. Granted it will be more of a challenge but it is possible so I would love to see the Harley Quinn character break out in her full potential. And I like the idea of the movie being something like the game and have a lot (not all but a lot) of it in Arkham. I think that would be truely epic.

  10. Lets be honest as is all over the net Nolan had a great story base the Dark Knight was based on The Long Halloween which means there’s a good change that Batman 3 will be based on Dark Victory and Rachel won’t be dead and Harvey will be back.

  11. Anyone noticed on IMDB that someone is rumored to be cast as Dick Grayson?

  12. The Batman franchise is going to go down hill (sorry bat-freaks). It is going to be hard to introduce characters like Bane and the Riddler with the same ammount of “realism” that Chris pumped into the first two films. There are only three villians that could exist in Nolan’s vision of the Batman Universe: Black Mask, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn. I doubt the Black Mask because he’s too new as a villian for people to know who he is. That would mean that Nolan would have to actually read a Batman title not written by Frank Miller. Harley is out because that would have too much of a continuation of the Joker feel. That could get stale half way through the new movie. The logical choice would be Catwoman, which I highly doubt would work on the grounds that a love/hate relationship would be too predictable. Any other villans would be just too much of a stretch for Nolan, and would further distance the comic book fans.

  13. Sorry bass but that’s completely wrong there are still plenty of rogues that will fit in to the Bat universe. Bane in fact fits in just fine just make him a very very strong man with a smart strategic mind that’s addicted to a drug. That’s not unbelieveable at all in the real world people like that actually exist.

    Also wrong about Nolan only reading Frank Millar since Begins was based not only on Year one but also the man who falls which was not a Frank millet book. TDK wasn’t based on Miller either it was mostly inspired by Long Halloween which wasn’t Frank either. He also stated he read alot of Joker books like man who laughs and killing joke to better understand the character. By the way those are not Frank books.

  14. @ bass-man

    I still read a couple of Batman titles and they are very much steeped in “realism” so I don’t see a problem.

    Daniel F has already alluded to the fact that Christopher Nolan is very well versed with the history of the Batman mythos.

  15. Actually bass-man has a point about what villains could appear on film in a Nolan/Batman film. You gotta admit, the way Nolan intends to make his films the way he does, it put limitations on what characters, especially villains to be used in a film. Nolan himself can’t said Penquin would be too complicated for him in his world, same with Mr.Freeze. That probly goes for villains like Clayface, Killer Moth, Killer Croc, Man-Bat, leaving only villains like Mad Hatter, Ventrioquist/Scarface, Firefly, Lady Shiva, etc. depending if fans are interested in those kind of villains. Bane can be done, hopfully the right way next time. So far Batman begins was really the only film that shown new villains on film we havn’t seen yet while TDK & mostly Batman 3 are showing villains already seen in the previous franchise. Id like to see Black Mask & Deadshot and if re-use a villain again, use Bane properly this time since he deserves it much more. Heck maybe make everyone happy by having Riddler & Bane, Brains & Brawn vs. the bat. But mostly id rather see villains not seen on film yet again if this is to be the last film which i hope because i dont wanna wait 10 years for this franchise to continue.

  16. I just love Batman, I got a recent email form someone gave me links to a bad guy who I was not aware of called Hush,, it was very very interesting stuff and i want to thank the person i just cant recall the persons name but i am sure they visit here allot so thank you for the info on Hush.. I was so impressed with the background story on him God it made great reading. I wonder will this Hush charector make a show in the next Batman,, it could be quite possible and their is a Great link that tags him with the Riddler.. well we will see who ever posted the info on Hush ,, thank you once again….

  17. Ile have to start reading the comics I seem to be missing a great deal here,, I love all the comments, there giving me food for taught.. I have to say I just saw the red hood on dvd i was awestruck by it,, God it was close to what Nolan would sort of do. It put a new spin on things ,, It must be very hard to come up with a good Batman 3 script I wish the best ahead for Nolan and his team…

  18. Dval if you liked Hush I suggest picking up the comic Batman Hush. It was fantastic. Sadly once you read it you will see the many reasons that he wouldn’t work in this film. What makes the character great is his connections to Bruce as a child but it’s already been shown Racheal was his only friend as a kid. Also Hush used a disadvantaged man named Harold to help him. Harold helped Batman rebuild the bat cave and he doesn’t exist In this world. Everything that made Hush great in the comics would have to be removed for the film. With out his back story he’s just a regular bad guy with bandages on his face.

  19. I have read alot of interesting comments but one thing I disagree on is some people have said that the Riddler would not be a good fit in the Nolan universe…I disagree…Nicholson’s Joker isnt a good fit either…I think that Nolan is brilliant enough to make the Riddler a bit darker if need be. Besides, you need a big enough villain to carry the film and EVERYONE that knows Batman knows that the Riddler is a Batman villain..I believe that this is one of the MANY reasons why Dark Knight was successful, because EVERYONE knows the Joker…You could say that Batman Begins didnt have a popular villain and that is true, but the film was based on how Bruce Wayne became Batman..I would personally like to see the Riddler as the villain…One thing is for sure, however Nolan does this film, he will do it Right and not finish it like the OTHER Batman series of movies, you know, the lame one with Clooney as Batman…I am also looking forward to his Superman reboot…NOLAN, you are the MAN!!!


  21. Please Nolan – Catwoman done RIGHT!

    With Angelina Jolie, preferably.

    Yes – she was BORN to play that role – are you CRAZY?



  22. I think you could do interesting things with Harley Quinn, where she’s never met the Joker but is like those women who send love letters to Charles Manson. I’ll admit that’s just because I want to needle the Joker fangirls.

    I’d like to the the Ventriloquist. I’m probably in the minority here, but I like him, he’s not supernatural or hard to take seriously, and he’d fit pretty smoothly into the whole mob subplot.

  23. It amazes me how everyone has an opinion on how the movie should or shouldn’t be when no one on this website is a professional writer or filmmaker. The fact is, no one is going to be happy with this movie no matter how it turns out. Every time I see a good movie, there is nothing message boards upon message boards attacking it. Black Mask would be awesome to see. He’s one of Batman’s better villains. The Riddler would be awesome to see as well. But whatever happens, just realize the professionals did what they thought best, and whether you think so or not, they will probably be right

    • How do you know no one on this website is a professional writer or film maker?

      Some may well have worked in the film industry for a while and possibly still do.

    • “It amazes me how everyone has an opinion on how the movie should or shouldn’t be when no one on this website is a professional writer or filmmaker.”

      “Black Mask would be awesome to see. He’s one of Batman’s better villains. The Riddler would be awesome to see as well.”

      Well since you just rendered TWO opinions on the film, I guess you’re either a professional filmmaker or writer…


      If not, don’t tell other people THEY are not entitled to their opinions.



  24. I thought they said BB was based of The Long Halloween and Batman Year One. I still think if you found the right people the Pengiun the Riddler and Catwoman could work. The could always have Bane break Batmans Back and introduce Azrial but I would prefer it end with him like BB did.

  25. here is an Idea that Could work which is having The Riddler and Killer Croc with Poison Ivy as The Villains of Batman 3 Because if they were nolanised they would be like this now Lets Start with The Riddler he could be a upstarting but Professnal Lawyer or a Cop who’s Girlfriend or Wife depending on The Story falls ill to a disease and in order to to make more money he goes beyond the Law to save his Girlfriend or Wife only for her to die tragically on the hospital Bed however he loses himself to his obessive Comupultion Disorder after her death he rids himself of the pain by becoming a The very People he has seen as a cop or put away behind bars as Lawyer. now Killer Croc, Waylon Jones is a Body Bulider with the fighting skills of a Crocodille as well as holding his breath underwater incredibly long Hours and has huge Crocodille like Teeth for Teeth who becomes an Freelace Mercenary working for anyone who pays him. and Finally for Poison Ivy, she should of course be a Fiery Redheaded but Smoking hot Ecno Terrorist who uses Love Dust instead of posioned Lips to make men and only Men fall in love with her however her lip colour should be Black and shiny and she should wearing Revealing Clothing made out of Plants and her Beauty should be so Sexy and her plan should be fighting for Plantlife and she would if given the Chance kill off any man with Torturing him by whiping his lower half with a whip while the man is tied to a Chair to secure her Plans for Saving Plantlife will come to life. however she turns To The now Computer hacking criminal Genius with an obession for Deadly and Sinister Riddles and Complex Puzzles who has the obessive Comupultion Disorder who dresses like a Gentleman in Buiness suits and Bowler hats that are Plain Bright Green and is covered in Plain Black coloured Question Marks and has short orange coloured Hair and has a Number of Question mark shaped Canes known as The Riddler to discover who is Batman while Killer Croc is his Mercenary who works for him. so enjoy this idea of mine if you like it Just send me a message if you like.

  26. well since last time I have a anther Idea which is The Black Mask as The New Mob Boss or Mafia Don of Gotham who deals with a leader of a rival mob who owns The Iceberg Lounge Night Club who wears Tuxes and has obession for Birds however he is not Fat instead he is Tall and lanky with a Penquin shaped human nose Who is called The Peguin so he brings in His Mob’s faithful Computer Hacking financial Accountant who has a very severe case of OCD Named Edward Naston to lower the acounts of The Peguin’s mob of which he does no problems however when that is done he catchs The Black Mask in his office talking to his mob and says truthfully has no intention of giving Edward the chance of saving his sick Girlfriend’s life with the Mob’s Money as it belongs to the mob and not Edward and so Edward Naston after hering this Vows to make the mob pay with their life and vists his Hospital Bed ridden current Girlfriend and tells his Girlfriend that he has anthor way to save her expect of how after that he goes home and puts a floppy disk in to his Laptop and downlows the stolen money on it then transfers to the bank then he waits in his house until it night and dons a ski mask and a voice distorter and a plain black Jumpsuit and a pair of black leather Gloves and loots the transferred money from Bank besides the fact he had to killed the sercuity Guards and find and steal the money and escaping without being caught however just after he arrives at the hospital with money his now already dieing Girlfriend tells him that she knows that edward loves her and even would do everthing to save her and that she loves him and edward says don’t leave me I love you he says in sorrow and the last thing she says just befoe she died due to illiness is you will always be be in my Heart Edward as you are my whole world edward and I love you then she passes away then Edward then screams No while tears pore down his face now deatasted with his loss he goes to a bar and gets drunk then atempts to commit suicide off the Bridge however he is pervented due to flashbacks of him and Girlfriend when she was alive and starred by Krisen Bell [including and the otner scenes befoe that] and hit him meteorically that his undieing love for his girlfriend is stronger and he transformed via by his OCD into The Riddler and this time he wants Revenge on The Black Mask and his mob.

  27. well to be honest I think they should introduce vickie vale or tailia al ghul as the love interest. I would actually want Harley quinn to be in this movie to avenge her puddin. I also do want her to join Tailia’s operation and learns how to fight by her. But I trust Nolan to make a very awesome film