Christopher Mintz-Plasse Talks Kick-Ass 2

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kick ass red mist1 Christopher Mintz Plasse Talks Kick Ass 2

At last month’s South by Southwest Film Festival, Christopher Mintz-Plasse told an audience that he expected Kick-Ass 2 to be “very, very dark.” For those who have seen Kick-Ass already (see our review here), that news was a bit of a shock, especially considering how insanely violent the film already is. In a recent interview with io9, Mintz-Plasse expanded on his remarks and discussed some of Mark Millar’s plans to make the second comic and the second movie even more extreme.

Please be advised that there are TONS of spoilers in the io9 interview and some in the following paragraphs as well, not to mention some NSFW language. If you don’t want to know anything about Kick-Ass before you see it in theaters, STOP READING.

When asked about his character’s ass-kicking potential, Mintz-Plasse was hopeful that Millar would turn him into something a bit more menacing for the sequel.

io9: Do you think you have this stigma attached to you now that you’re this giant ass-kicker in the film, but in reality you don’t fight that much? You’ll have to really bring it in the sequel.

CMP: Everyone keeps asking me, “Dude, I can’t wait to see you in this action movie,” and I keep saying, “You’re going to be a little let down.”

io9: So now you have to kill someone in the sequel. Have you asked [the comic creator] Mark Millar to make you more of a bad-ass in the second comic series, or maybe even the second movie?

CMP: He [Mark Millar] already knows completely. I don’t even have to tell him, he knows he’s going to make the character really dark. Knock on wood — I want this film to do really well, so if there is a sequel, my character will be really dark. Hopefully I get to bulk up, force myself to go to the gym.

io9: What, pull a Taylor Lautner [in New Moon]?

CMP: Oh god, no. He got grossly ripped for that movie.

Mintz-Plasse also discussed how Red Mist will be undergoing a makeover for Kick-Ass 2 and that he might even have his own ridiculously named sidekick to help him.

io9: Mark Millar mentioned that he wants your sidekick in the next comic to be called The C**ts?

CMP: He wants something to be The C**ts, he wants the name The C**ts somewhere in the comic. And he wants to change my name to The Motherf***er. So I become very evil, which I’m game for. But who knows, because Mark talks, and we won’t know until he puts it on paper, what he’s going to do. He could come up with a totally genius new idea that we’ve never heard of.

kick ass red mist Christopher Mintz Plasse Talks Kick Ass 2

To most of the movie-going world, Mintz-Plasse is known simply as the uber-nerd McLovin from Superbad. With Kick-Ass, I believe Mintz-Plasse has taken a strong step out of the shadows of that character and proven himself to be more than a one-note actor. Granted, he’s still playing a nerd of sorts in Kick-Ass, but the character definitely has more depth, and, when the sequel comes around, I’m confident that Red Mist (or whatever he ends up being called) will be even better.

If you’ve seen Kick-Ass, what do you think of Mintz-Plasse’s interview. How could you see his role becoming even darker for Kick-Ass 2?

Kick-Ass opens today in North America!

Source: io9

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  1. Going to see Kick-Ass this after noon.

  2. This movie kicked so many boners into my ass when I see it that I cant sit down for days and also it kicked so many boners into my heart

  3. Saw this movie last night and it was everything I hoped it to be and more. Honestly I knew it was gonna be brutal but parts honestly shocked a tiny bit haha Great movie and I can hardly wait for the sequel!

  4. I saws this last night as well. It was awesome. I hope they start on a sequel soon before Hit Girl grows up too much.

  5. Finally, Kick-Ass is in theaters TODAY!!! Order your tickets online at then take a photo of yourself at the theater in costume or with your ticket stubs and post it on twitter with the hashtag #KickAssSwag for a chance to win cool Kick-Ass swag!

  6. I loved the movie it was great top 3 comic films for sure. Though I have to be honest in my eyes and in most peoples eyes even after this movie he will still just be mclovin. As soon as he appeared in the movie everyone just started laughing and all they saw was his face coming out of a limo. Half the crowd yelled Mclovin and every time he showed up all I could think was Mclovin. He did great the movie was great, but he is still Mclovin maybe in the next one if he beefs up a little and is more serious that might change, but doubtful.

    still love when him and Kick Ass first meet and he says “Kick Ass” in a heroic pose and kick ass says “Red Mist” in a heroic pose and then Red mist hurts his leg that line right after he hurt his leg had me laughing my ass off, but reminded me of Mintz from Role Models majorly. “Ahh my F**Kin leg.”

  7. How hard would it be to make his character darker? All his character did that was even remotely evil was attempted murder. To make him darker this time he actually has to get the murdering right and insure some one actually dies from his direct and personal attempt.

    The film overall was worth a watch, not worth owning personally. It held my attention and can have my $7.

  8. His comments just make me that much more eager for the sequel.

  9. Right up until his final line in the movie I would have disagreed with the possibility of his character (and the actor himself) getting darker. But that final line (not just the homage to another great movie bad guy) but the delivery sold me…… So could it be done? Yes! can he do it yes! will it deliver? I hope so.

  10. Darker and more intense? That didn't work so well with Crank; I thought Crank was OK but the sequel, IMHO, was garbage. I wouldn't mind Red Mist being more evil and actually a good fighter but I wouldn't want them to screw up the already proven formula.

  11. I have been inspired by this movie and just so happens I've created my own costume. Maybe you'll see me around someday.

  12. how the hell are you going to adapt a movie from a graphic novel then say oh lets make more!
    im sick of Americas friggin supply and demand
    if your gonna make another atleast give some time for the ORGINAL artist to make another novel

    • Bro…the original writer IS writing a comic-sequel first. Then they will make that into a screen play and then a movie. You should look that stuff up before you make a comment like that.

    luv this movie although i do not like the fact that they killed off the girls father i really like him my fav part was when she was killing all the dudes and they were playing the song “I dont give a damn about my rep.” it was the best :) please do a second one and i like to see the girl kicking people's asses at school too like how they had it at the end of the movie maybe start off wit that :)

  14. Easy, Plasse will become like his father- he will take the helm and start killing people for real, he will take revenge on Hit-Girl for killing his father (or try), possibly even on Kick-Ass [dead girlfriend?] It isn't hard to imagine how he will become darker, overall the film won't be darker though because I think Nic Cages character was what made the film so gruesome, at most 2 will be as dark/violent – but probably even slightly less. Either way I WANT A SEQUEL!

  15. I thought CMP did a pretty good job in this movie but IMO mr ass kick himself carried the movie as a whole. I didn't for one moment think mclovin or here anybody laugh or make a comment. I don't think Superbad is that fresh in everybodys mind unless you watch it all the time. I was reminded more of his role in role models since he was more of a loner just like red mist. But yea this character had way
    more depth and I can easily see how they can make him darker he didn't do Jack in the movie just sorta fought kick ass at the end. Everything about this movie rocks( acting, editing, choreography, music. Writing) and it all fits together quite perfectly. A true comic lovers delight I wish they made this when iwas in high school!

  16. Just saw the movie, I thought it was gonna be a spoof, but it was a awesome action movie. I give it 5 stars and hope that Kick Ass 2 will be here soon!

  17. Loved the movie. It had a lot more heart than I was expecting. HOWEVER, I hated the jet-pack. The movie did such a great job of anchoring the story to real emotions and real physics…and then they introduce a jet-pack that can carry 60 pounds of weaponry AND 2 people (jet-packs of that caliber are still a physical impossibility)?! It was the only part of the movie that I hated.

  18. They better do whatever they want to do soon if not Hit Girl won’t be kid or that short any longer eh…

  19. Kick ass is the best damn movie i’ve ever seen in my life. It has everything from comedy to action to suspense to thriller. I freaking loved mina she’s my potencial best actress… Cant wait for the sequel.

  20. kick ass was awesomee man seen it at least 6 times now lol still love it cant wait for the sequal

  21. ah, christopher is so cute!

  22. I think kick ass and redmist were such a good team i am gonna be soooooo pissed if they make them pretty sure darkning the character would be good last movie chris came iff sorta whiny and gay not really tough so yesh!!! And the movie itself every other fivemins sommone died i tink were good on dat othrwise bring it on and mame another kickass femake becos hit girl needs a sidekick other than kickawss

  23. Christopher has always been my favorite acter, ever since I saw the kick-ass movie last year when I was 17. I never heard of him until i seen the movie. For my 18th birthday my dad bought me redmist posters that say “I can’t read your mind, but I can kick your ass”. To see Christopher play a more evil character, would more more epic. Im more of the gothic type, i always ware mostly Black, or Black and red together, so im realy into the “Dark side” as some people say. But on the other hand, i can dress more womenly. haha. lolxD!!
    But realy -.-
    If Kick-ass2 comes out, I am totally watching it.
    Rock on!
    -Blue Mist-